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WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine with Phone/Tablet Holder $1478.00 Delivered @ Harvey Norman


The version of this stupidly expensive rowing machine with the phone/tablet holder was further reduced by Harvey Norman overnight, now 20% off with free delivery, which is cheaper that the version without the phone holder.
Normal price is $1,847.50 plus $100.00 for delivery gives a total of $1,947.50, current price $1,478 delivered.

But Shop Back also increased their cash back on Harvey Norman vouchers to 10% overnight, so by buying $1000, $250, $100 and $100 vouchers with the $5 Master Card bonus gives $150 cash back.
This gives a final price of $1,328.00, which is a $619.50 or 31.81% saving.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +2

    Looks like something my Dad would have knocked up for the cubby house.

  • I don't know much about them, but there are similar looking items elsewhere for about half the (discounted) price.
    Plus it is HN.

    • Very true. I'm sure the fanboys will tell you why the cheaper ones are inferior, but my thoughts were if I don't use it as much as I plan to I should be able to sell an "official WaterRower" for a lot more than I could a cheap copy.

    • Get a concept 2, a known brand that would shit all over this

  • $1478 delivered

    I've reported the missing decimal point to the mods…

    • Fixed, just for you :) One thing I was unsure of is should I quote the HN price or the price after ShopBack, what do you think?

  • +3

    We bought one of these (at full price) a few months back and it gets a lot of use - the build and materials quality are fantastic, it provides a good workout, and the 'whoosh' sound of the water is surprisingly relaxing. I did quite a lot of research before buying and the decision for high-end rowing machines was down to this one or the Concept2. The WaterRower can be purchased with XL side rails, so if you're tall like me you're not constantly slamming into the end stops.

    If you want the 'water' feel/sound like we did, this does seem to be the "go to" rowing machine. The cheaper machines just didn't seem as sturdy to me.

    • +1

      Did you get the phone mount? I have the Water Rower 129 GX Home and there was no such thing back then. Do you think it would be compatible? We've been attaching the cheaper flexible mounts to nearby equipment but this wooden one looks good.

      edit: Just checked and it is compatible with almost all models. Might get one for the wife for christmas. She uses the rower probably 95% of the time.

      • +2

        I didn't but in hindsight kinda wish I did. We have bought a crummy 3rd party metal arm that bounces around a bit but after shelling out ~$100 for the Bluetooth unit I couldn't stomach the price of the genuine timber arm no matter how nice it looks!! I did just take a look thru the HN site to see if they were selling just that part at a discount but doesn't seem so. I've been using EXRgame.com and a bigger screen on a solid arm would be just wonderful.

        In a year or so we'll be moving into a nice architectually designed home (all going well) and the rower will be a bit more "on display" than it is in our current home. I might convince myself to buy the timber arm at that point…

        • +1

          I've found this one on the qantas store at 20% off cyber monday and I can do points + pay so I'm tempted but just researching a bit more. There are a whole heap more options since last time I looked - we don't even have the bluetooth unit!

        • What Bluetooth unit was $100?

          I know they have a trick pulley, but that’s a fair bit more, no?

          • @Manny Calavera: There's two separate options.

            The 'best' is the power meter pully, which is more like a power meter on a road bike. It broadcasts realtime power data via Bluetooth and should be pretty accurate. If for some reason you had to compare your rowing output to other rowing machines this would be the way to do it.

            If you're having fun in EXG or just want to capture rowing data via Bluetooth, there's a Bluetooth module that plugs into the back of the little computer. There are probably inaccuracies with the power reading / distance calculation (it all has to be implied) but it works pretty well for my use case.

  • +3

    Now i can channel my inner Frank Underwood.

  • But a second hand Concept 2 is cheaper and better??

    Resale value on this.. I don't think it would hold up well. For the same reason as the above.

  • I'd be buying a Concept2 if I was spending this kind of money (and am currently saving up for one). If you're after a water rower though, this looks like a good deal.

  • the Nohrd ones of these are pretty regularly restocked at Costco for $1199 inc delivery. They are OOS atm but generally I see them restocking relatively frequently.

  • +1

    this post made me search youtube videos for water rowers. 45 minutes of rowing videos later, i now want this thing. always wanted a rowing machine since i was a kid, but lack of space and fear of getting bored with it put me off.

    • They are pretty quiet and fold up against the wall very easily, they are also low impact and activate a lot of muscles in the body.

      I'm not a rower by any means but I've been using one during lockdown to try and not turn into too much of a fat mess.

      It probably would have been more of a bargain to just walk more and eat less but that wasn't going to happen.

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