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Panasonic Eneloop AA/AAA Batteries, 4-Pack $14.50 ($13.05 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Title says all. Cannot have enough Eneloop.
Basically repeat BF lighting deal which is expired.
Good to use your $5/$10 credit

S&S for $13.05

Eneloop 4x AAA

Also Eneloop Pro 4x AA — $17.55

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Given Ikea sells their rechargeable 4xAA 2450mAh packs @ $12 - not sure why I would go with this.

    • +8

      Don't. I prefer mine delivered… :)

      • +2

        This is why I bought them on Cyber Monday, but I'm still waiting for them and I live literally 5 minutes from Ikea..

        And I was there yesterday 😬

    • Does the IKEA one hold charge if you don't use the battery for awhile?

      • +2

        The IKEA ones are generally accepted to be rebranded Eneloop Pro's, so they should be identical batteries to those. I believe the Eneloop Pro's have slightly higher self-discharge vs the standard Eneloop's (the ones in this deal) as a side effect of their increased capacity.

        • +11

          Standard eneloops have 2500 charge cycles, the pros only 500. Not that you'd really come close to 500 in most cases unless someone is using it for high powered massaging purposes… and frequently…

          • @ATangk: This is confusing. So the standard is better than the Pro then?

            • +1

              @ozbargain-pashim: Depends what you classify as better. If you want more recharge cycles, then yes, if you want your devices to last longer per charge cycle, then no.

            • +1

              @ozbargain-pashim: They dont last as long per charge, but you get essentially a lifetime of charges out of it. Once a day usage, you'd get 7 years out of it. If you discharged a pro fully once per day youd only get 1.5 years.

              • +1

                @ATangk: i hope most people here will have longer lives!

                • @chickenface: Haha, I have enough eneloops that I could cycle through batteries around the month and still have some. That would be a real extreme user to have to use all the batteries once a day…

                  • +1

                    @ATangk: uh they have a limited life regardless of use, you're not passing unused ones on to your grandchildren

    • +1

      How much for delivery?

      EDIT: "Currently not sold online".

    • Ikea isn't in every state, so you'd need to include delivery.

    • No Ikea in Tassie and never will be :(

      • Just you wait until we reach a million population!

    • +2

      because I aint going to bloody ikea just to pick up batteries

  • +1

    Good deal if there's no Ikea in the state (Tas), but last trip to Queensland stopped with the wife at the store, picked up like 8 packs. The xray machine security guards were laughing at all the batteries in my carry on on the way back.

  • +1

    who would subscribe for delivering rechargeable batteries for every 2 week?

    • +3

      Are you kidding? OzBargainers, of course!

    • +1

      Creators on Lonelyfans.

    • I saw that, and that's the default cart option. I laughed.

    • you underestimate the determination of an OzBargainer to squeeze the best out of the best deals

  • +5

    I feel like I am living under a rock, but what do you guys use these for?
    the only things in my house that use batteries are my wall clock and my tv remote (showing my age) and standard batteries tend to last a long time

    • +5

      Kids toys, mostly.

    • +8

      Tv controllers, Xbox controllers and portable sensor lights

    • +8

      It's addiction thing. Obsessive habit of buying electronic gadgets, once you buy and when it arrives at home it give you a little joy. First world habits where income is plenty, stomach is full and nothing else to do

    • +5

      Certain special toys..

    • for your applications non rechargeable will work out better for your wallet and the environment

    • +1

      I just buy them whenever I see a deal for eneloop

    • I felt like that for a long time but just got on the Eneloop train because a set of scales I bought a few months ago are going through non-rechargeables unreasonably fast. It's upsetting enough to confirm that I am putting on weight without also having to constantly pay for the privilege. ;)

      It's presumably also less wasteful than either normal alkaline batteries or non-replaceable built-in rechargeables, so I can feel self-righteous about it too.

    • scales, xbox controllers, label printer, torches. My camera's battery grip also has an option to use 6xAA's in place of 2x camera batteries.

    • I feel like I am living under a rock

      You practically are if you're still using a wall clock!

    • They are really great for things like bicycle headlights. A lot of bike lights these days come with built in batteries, and you're pretty much screwed if you forget to charge them up for a while. With the swappable AA battery versions, just wack in a fresh set and you're good to go. Then the flat batteries can then be placed on charge whenever it's convenient.

    • My Gameboy on long car trips to Nanas.

  • +5

    Too many rechargeable batteries… but 0 chargers :(
    Any deals on a decent chargers pls?

    • +11

      This is how I charge my battery, I hold each end of the battery with my Index finger and Thumb, after some hours, the battery is fully recharged.

      • +5

        How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

        • lol

      • How do you tell it's fully recharged?

        • -1

          he forgot to mention he put other fingers to the wall socket, now you know it's not only fully charge, but over-charged XD…

    • +3

      Nitecore D4 is a very good smart charger. Can be had for about $42 AUD delivered. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/313639050055

      • Do you know whether the D2 that's going for $28.99 has all the same features as the D4 (but with just two slots instead of four)?

        • +1

          Yeah it's 2 bay as opposed to 4 bay. Not sure how good the 'faster charging' component is on the Eneloops. I got my D4 from AliExpress with an au plug. Seems genuine. $27.50 with GST, Charing my Eneloops fine.

          AU $18.24 20%OFF | Nitecore D4 D2 I4 I2 Digicharger LCD Intelligent Circuitry Global Battery Charger 18650

      • Thank you, bought the D4 with the Afterpay offer for $33 in total!

        • Which afterpay offer?

          • @miinht79: I think it was my first time using eBay with Afterpay so it was a code for $10 coupon

    • If you are willing to spend then this one of the best chargers on the market…https://www.protog.com.au/maha-powerex-mh-c9000pro-aa-aaa-battery-charger-an/MHC9000PRO.

      It charges, discharges, break-ins and analyses your rechargeable batteries.

    • +1


      A great fast charger at an amazing price. Just be aware that the fan makes a noise.

      • +1

        That's a great price for the charger, just the high charge current concerns me for battery longevity.

      • Recharging in 15 minutes surely can't be safe. At the very least I think it would bring an early death to the battery. I don't see an option to lower the charge rate so AAAs would suffer greatly!

        I'll check for reviews later on YouTube.

    • The Panasonic "Smart & Quick Charger" (BQ-CC55) is good if you wanted a Panasonic branded charger.

      Battery chargers are either "dumb" or "smart". Smart chargers will prevent overcharging and damage to the batteries.

      Note: the model I recommended is designed for NiMH batteries like the Eneloop and Ikea LADDA. If you desire a charger that can handle a broader range of battery types look elsewhere.

  • OR you can buy essentially the same battery from IKEA
    $7 for the AAA

    or $12 for the AA (2450mAh)

    or $7 for the AA lower capacity (1900mAh)

    I've seen some places report that the lower capacity batteries can handle more recharge cycles. Regardless both versions of the AA will give you years of use.

  • Are these 1.2V or 1.5 V ?

    • +5

      yes, they are approximately 1.199999992347562938456789234659237846 volts.

  • +1

    Thanks ordered
    12 X AA
    4 X AA Pro
    4 X AAA for $75.50

    Costco have Eneloop AA X 8 and AAA X 4 and a Panasonic charger for around $50 in store or $57.99 free ship via Costco Online. It's a good option if you need a charger. Charger is slow/overnight charge and genuine Panasonic. I prefer my nitecore d4 is way faster.

    • Yeah, I got that pack recently. It was on special and cheaper than just buying the 8 AA/4 AAA.

      My Nitecore UMS4 is a much better option to charge. I was surprised to find that the Panasonic one cannot charge a single battery. It needs to charge in pairs.

  • What's this mysterious $5/$10 credit you speak of?

  • Cheers op

  • I'm a simple man, I see eneloop, I upvote.

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