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[eBay Plus] Free - Bioworld Superman Wallet Delivered @ Iot.hub eBay


This item will help you to standout at the Ozbargain party meet ups.

Original coupon code.

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  • Thanks!

  • +8

    My 29 year old brother will love this for christmas!

    • +5

      This is not an age thing ok

  • Code not working..:(

    • +6

      unfortunately Its only 1 use per account and requires eBay plus membership

  • +1

    How will you stand out if every second Ozbargainer has one?

    • +7

      Everyone else will sit inside

    • +5

      Wear all of your Veeam gear that you somehow got, asserting dominance over mere L-Plate tightasses.

  • +1

    Can't believe I reminded myself to activate cashback for this..

  • +3

    Still in stock for me, free but I don't see myself using it. Leave it for the mates :)

    • +4

      Not all heroes wear capes.

  • +5

    Bought because I have a problem.

    • +9

      Admitting you have a problem is the first step towards recovery.

      • this is so freaking true, seen it with my own eyes on a friend.

  • +6

    Got one to match my undies

  • Nice. Got one for my son, thanks.

  • Thanks op.

  • +1

    Thanks Op, bought for the missus.

    • +4

      Missus gonna kick you out the house you titea$$

      • +2

        being a tightass is how I got us a house in this climate! Haha

  • +2

    I thought this was to ridiculous to post… I was wrong lol

  • +3

    I wasted my code on that stupid little perfume spray bottle, this is much better ;'(

  • my x-ray vision would be wasted on this …. I never have cash to carry

  • I think may because I have already claimed the coupon I couldn't see the eBay page anymore on the main page.

    Any link to the page directly?

  • Thanks OP :)
    fyi, it worked on other item too.

  • +2

    This item will help you to standout at the Ozbargain party meet ups

    Unfortunately, I don't think Ozbargainers like to pull out their wallets for anything, let alone at a party/pub.

  • +1

    Good for kids or older virgins

  • Even for free, that's a no from me dawg.

  • Free stuff? Cheers OP.

  • When does PLUS10XM expire?

    • +1

      eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

    • +1

      13/12/2021 unless withdrawn early

  • Cheers DB

  • Does the code work on anything else?

  • Is it real cork? Got one!

  • -3

    You would need to pay me to use this.

    • don't worry, you wouldn't have anything to fill it with.

  • +1

    Secret Santa sorted.

  • OZB! Got 2

  • +1

    Saving my one time use of the code for something that I might actually use

  • +1

    For which products does this code work as well?

  • +1

    This won't make you stand out.

    Having one of those casio calculator and two chick's on your arm (cause that watch is a babe magnet), now that will make you stand out!

  • mine just arrived, got the random DC team one.. looks cheap… like $0/free cheap.
    Thanks OP!

    • I just got mine too. Not sure I’d trust keeping funds in it, which is great considering I have no funds—thanks OzBargain!

  • Just gone mine too, looks absolutely nothing like the photo.

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