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Google Pixel 6 128GB $399 Upfront with Telstra Plan 80GB $69/Month for 12 Months (in-Store, Porting Customer) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just saw this at JB Hi-fi @ Cockburn WA.

They had some offers for Samsung S21 range. I didn't manage to snap photo.

Note: Pixel 6 and 6 Pro only comes with a USB-C cable. USB-C 30W wall charger and Pixel Stand 2nd Gen wireless charger is sold separately.

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  • +1

    hmm what samsung plans do they have, my sim plan expiring this month

    • Also interested in knowing about their Samsung deals. I did a customer order for a S21 Ultra at $600 off price but it has yet to come in. Might be able to get a better deal this way!

  • +9

    equates to $600 discount off the phone

    • $400 off the sale price

      • Where are you pulling that number from?

        • Telstra was selling it at $200 off the day it came out.

  • +27

    Hehe.. cock burn

    • Well, it is a pretty hot price…

    • love cock …..burn

    • +1

      Slow down

      • slow then fast then slow down.

        • You're doing it wrong.

    • +7

      Just near Spearwood, their town planners must have been on the piss when they were coming up with names

    • +4

      The people who live there call it coburn - so you can have a lot of fun with them by pronoucing it like you wrote. They don't like it.

      • +1

        I have family near there and they hate it when I call it by it's correct pronunciation of cock burn! It comes from a river in the shape of a rooster tail, hence cock
        burn not coburn

    • +2

      Always get these jokes about the suburb…what I can't understand is it's pronounced "co-burn" but then there's Cockman Rd which is pronounced "cock-man"

      • The origin stories and variations of the name can be quite interesting

    • Damn this price got my cock burning

    • They've got a sign that says City(?) Of Cockburn but the kerning for the r and the n are close enough that some hooligan combined them and it says Cockbum now

  • Oh so tempting but just bought a 12mth Boost sim.

  • Got the same $69 deal but with 150gb per month for 12 months. Great phone!

    • How did you get that deal?

      • +2

        It was the JB/Telstra offer that ended on the 31st Oct. They gave me a $600 JB gift card when I switched over from Aldi to Telstra. I regret not getting my wife the same deal at the time :(

        • +4

          did Ur wife kill u yet?

          • +4

            @duodeta: Not at first…only after I bought her a Samsung A21s 🤣

        • +1

          Yikes that's was the awesome deal, thought it was 500 gift card amazing value if you got 600

          • @lerkyp: Yeah, I actually went in to get that deal cos it was advertised but the sales chick told me about this last minute offer and I jumped on it!

            • +1

              @jono1971: Hm… you jumped on… ?

            • @jono1971: Which JB Hifi does the sales chick work in? Keen to meet her ;)

              • @b0b0: You’ll find her on the GC…pretty sure she’s all outta deals though!

        • It was $99 with $discount

  • +1

    Anyone know if we can get another $200 off with this trade-in deal

    • I can't see why you cannot. Unless it is mentioned in terms and conditions. You are buying phone outright at lower price the discount should still be applicable

    • +1

      You sure can. Just did this myself. Trade in for $110 + $200 credit. Pixel came to $89.

      • How did you get $200 credit too?

        Edit - nvm I'm stupid. Gunna suss tomorrow!

  • +3

    No deal on Pixel 6 pro?

  • +15

    Unless you are after a mobile plan with huge data, and plan to use your mobile internet for your home internet too, I don't see how this is a good deal. $400 plus $69/month for 12 months equals to $1228 .
    Retail price is $1000, if you get a plan from kogan, or any other cheap provider you'll spend much less than $228.. where's the deal? Can anyone explain? Honest question.

    • +16

      Well yeah, the deal is you're getting 80gb a month for $228 on Telstra. That's pretty good.

      • +2

        Ah ok fair enough. I have a kogan plan and I think I used less than 80 gb in a whole year, as I have wifi at home and at my workplace, so I can't find good reasons for having a huge data plan on my mobile.
        Do people use mobile data for their home internet? In that case 80 GB per month would be quite limited, especially if you use it for streaming 4k through Netflix or Amazon prime, or torrent..

        • +2

          I know quite a few people who use their cellular data for internet after being screwed over by the NBN. If you're not a big Netflix streamer 80 GB can get you by comfortably.

          I'm in the same boat as you. Bought a 250 GB plan in 2019 but ended up only using 7 GB through the whole year with lockdowns. Learnt my lesson then.

      • +2

        You forgot to add 5g

    • +5

      5G on Telstra. Better service (particularly important for WA's large FIFO industry where other service providers don't have anything) comes at a cost.
      In comparison, Kogan's 80gb prepaid is $40/month, $1480 by the time you add the phone. So you'll save $252 on this deal, get Telstra's coverage and 5G service.

      I probably use 40gb/month working in the city now but when I was FIFO, 60-80gb per month was the norm as the wifi on site generally isn't great or could cope streaming HD/4k content. I can't really justify a large plan like this anymore either but if getting a 5G phone, I'd want 5G service so you have to go with one of the bigger providers.

      • +1

        Well but you can get Boost, which has Tesltra coverage, for a fraction of the money . No 5g but I can't see too much value in that in the short term.

        Edit: if wifi is no good at mining sites and towns then I guess a big plan is more justified, fair enough

        • +1

          It really depends on how much data you use per month.
          I do not think 80gb is enough for 12 months . For example, peolpe use phone watch YouTube, Netflix, use Android auto or carplay , listen online music, video chat.
          Even my father in law, only use Android auto , listen online music and video call 1 or 2 times a week, some light social media , never watch video , he use about 10gb per months. It about 120gb per year.
          Normal young people will use way more data than my father in law.
          By the way, you always can try online chat, and get 10 discount per month, make it 59 per month.

        • Yeah had this myself. Even though I didn't think I'd have wifi, still went for the 4G with the current prices. Plus the fact that the 4G coverage where I am is great, get a far better data rate on it than the provided wifi too (50Mb/s vs 25Mb/s down). Might be different if heaps of people came into town for an event and were using the network heavily.

          4G phones/plans are still far cheaper if you're going for a budget deal. If I was paying NBN at home as well as a phone then definitely can see the appeal, same if wanting to stream 4k over phone data connection or even if the 4G is just not that quick at the location.. but for me alone, 4G is 100% adequate when I'm mostly just working, listening to music and watching videos on my phone.

      • All that porn isn't going to consume itself!

    • I work from home as an insurance claims consultant so having 150gb mobile data as backup is pretty cheap insurance for me at only $69 per month. My home internet is 60-90 gigabit on a good day whereas my Telstra 5G can hit 650 gigabit in certain areas! Great to know I can still work if I lose internet at home!

      • -1

        Get out of here telstra rep!

        But seriously a backup would work easily on 4g with a much lower data limit. Unless ur home internet is super shoddy

      • Megabit. Megabit per second.

  • +2

    Has anyone had any luck getting these JB deals over the phone? The joys of living in regional WA include needing Telstra coverage and not having a JB Hifi within 400kms to get any Telstra deals.

  • Does anyone know if this is a Port In deal only?

    • +4

      Have you asked Mr Picture?

      • +3

        Bwahahahaha maybe I should have looked at the picture harder … LOL!

        For the record, I just gave myself an uppercut!

  • Was waiting for this for far too long until I ended up getting s21 ultra (because 5 was a joke). Ended up using the s-pen on more than one occasion as a workhorse…now I can't switch to anything else even it has a marginally better camera or battery T.T

  • +2

    $69 a month, nice.

  • +1

    wait wait…. there is a place called cockburn in Australia?

    • Yes

      • bahhahhhahaha :D brillant!

    • It has a silent ock, so pronounced co-burn.
      But everyone still calls it cock-burn

      • maybe they should spell it like Co-burn so people stop calling it Cock burn lol.

        • It's named after a guy called Sir George Cockburn.
          So yeah, if you think it's a bad name for a town, imagine having it as your surname

    • Yep, and Innaloo isn't too far away.

    • +1

      Wait till you find there are places called Spanker Knob, Bullshit Hill and Guys Dirty Hole

  • any discount on ETC?

  • Did anyone get an email from JB HIFI about this deal? it has the Samsung S21 FE 5G for $299 on this deal?

    • it has the Samsung S21 FE 5G for $299 on this deal?

      Are you telling or asking?

  • Can you start a prepaid sim, transfer that to telstra,
    then cancel your other telstra plan and port that number over the original prepaid one ?

    • +2

      1.Join this plan with new number
      2.go telstra store ask the sale to replace the plan with old number(ditch the new number
      3.take a bit looooooooong time to port it over, and some of them doesn't know how to do it
      Good luck

  • does anyone know if there is a deal for Pixel 6 Pro?

    • Went in store to ask. No deal for Pixel 6 pro

  • Any idea of this deal valid for NSW as well ?

    • +1

      I visit JB hifi store in VIC, they don't have a written banner up at top, but instead have printed brochure for this deal right next to where Pixel 6 is.

      Suggest calling or visiting your local store.

      • +1

        Correct, I didn't see a big banner like OP. Was a small brochure right next to the Pixel range. In NSW

        • Thanks both!

  • At Macquarie Centre JB Hifi I saw:
    P6 Pro 128gb $999.00 upfront on the $69 plan
    P6 256gb $529.00 on the same plan
    I forgot to ask about P6 Pro 512gb variant but I assume it's reduced as well. I guess it's nation wide.

    If you have your trade in credit $200 from the previous deal (mentioned in a comment above) applied at the checkout in-store. I used mine on the P6 256gb model and brought the price down to $329.00 + $69/month plan.

    I ported out from Boost 5 days ago to a cheap Optus prepaid. Ported my number across to this deal and process took around 30 minutes.

    Hope that answers some a few of the questions above.

    • Some JB Hifi stores are way fussier, they have informal 30 days port in and out requirement which is not written anywhere.

      Lucky you!

      • Wow 30 days is too long a wait, deals gone by then. Fortunate it worked out rapidly.

        • Yeah, in VIC avoid the Doncaster JB Hifi

    • Haha was just about to ask!

      The trade in deal don't work for pixel 6 pro right? Deal marked p6 pro was expired

      • +1

        Not sure mate, give JB a call to confirm. I believe the trade in credit period ends 14/12/2021 and you have up to 19/12/2021 to use it.

  • Anyone have any luck getting another $10 off from Telstra for porting in?

    • They told me after my first bill

  • wasnt this $0 upfront on black friday?

    • Yeah but it was 24 or 36 month iirc

  • +1

    Man, need a new phone but can't justify leaving the $39pm 40gb plan that im on… to pay $30 a month more permanently.

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