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Pelican 1120 Case with Foam $40.36 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest it has been on 🐫🐫🐫. Been waiting for a small Pelican case for mobile phones and keys.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    "21.4 x 17.2 x 9.8 centimetres"

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    How does this compare to the SCA deal posted during Black Friday sales?

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      toolpro are nowhere near as good quality

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        I've got an old (maybe 30 years?) Pelicase and a few newer knock offs (branded Toolpro, Kinchrome etc.) and the Pelicase is undoubtedly better quality. Having said that, I think it's far higher quality than all but the most extreme use cases would require. For how most people would be using them, the knock offs are more than adequate.

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        I own both ToolPro and Pelican.

        No doubt if given the choice of a free option of course I'd take Pelican. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with ToolPro cases.

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          there are things wrong with them, they use a more brittle plastic. i've had them crack. obviously you get what you pay for nobody would expect otherwise, but i was responding to "what's the difference?"

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    Why put your phone in a pelican case?

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      Boat. Stop it getting wet

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        Hm… fancy… i used ziplock bags and taped to something that floats.

        Inside one of those plastic lunch box works well too.

        So far no issue with the phone keys and credit card.

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          Your username doesn’t check out. You are doing better. I like your idea👌

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            @spal: Ah but he didn't say where he goes. I like to believe that keyboardwarrior is just solving the problem of having to go offline while he has a bath.

        • and I use something similar to this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32992666500.html even went scuba diving with it.

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    Is this just for one pelican?

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      No, just one pelican egg.

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      One pelican, but Toucan also fit

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      • well done

    • Oh what a price is the pelican

  • a small Pelican case for mobile phones and keys

    Op, this.

  • Thanks OP, been looking for a couple of small hard cases.

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      There's a couple in the jockeys bar.

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    I don't even need one, but I'm considering..
    $89.95 RRP from Pelican

    Will this protect my lunch from Bin Chickens?

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      How big is your lunch?

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        More so, How big are your bin chickens?!

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    I wonder how many watches I can fit in there…

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      I looked at the same. There is a photo on Google. 4 I think

      • Sorry for the neg was actually going for the plus, my phone is in really bad shape! but yes was looking at pictures and Reddit 4 seems to be the consensus

  • I wonder when that third product photo was taken.

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      Me too. Have fleshlights been around that long?

      • That would be a pretty tiny fleshlight but I'm not judging man

        • True, I did consider that briefly after posting.

    • I think the Fuji film was only recently discontinued.

  • Does this fit a DJI Osmo.,?

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      Yeah, it should. Internal dimensions are 18.5 width x 12.1 Length x 8.5 depth (in cm)

      The DJI Osmo pocket is 6.18 width x 16.15 length x 4.82 depth, so it should fit quite nicely with room to also fit a couple of the smaller accessories

  • This could fit a Sony A7… probably?

    • Yes but I'd go a bigger size, taking lenses off all the time is a pain and lets dirt in

    • I assume this video is not NSFW?

      • NSFW video on YouTube?

  • maybe for gopros……cameras are too big for it

  • Need one just to feel important

    • Pelican is the new Ozbargain Global knives

  • Used my oculus credit. Thanks OP

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    Unless I am mistaken, these cases have a lifetime warranty. Pelican are very helpful when it comes to replacement parts.

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