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[eBay Plus] MasterPro The Ultimate Pizza Oven $67.20 + Postage @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


A few years ago, we bought a version of this pizza oven, and had excellent results. It finally died, so hopefully this new model might be equally as good or even better. For the money and convenience, I think these units are pretty impressive. More energy efficient and cooks quicker, hotter & faster than a conventional oven.

EDIT: Better deal via Amazon. https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07KKHB268/ref=ox_sc_ac...
Should come down to $71.40 inclusive of postage if you have Prime.

Are you in need of a device that can cook perfectly crisp pizzas in just five minutes? Well lucky for you, with The Ultimate Pizza Oven this dream can finally come true. This wonderful oven features dual cooking elements that heat up to 400 degrees Celsius. The bottom element heats the removable ceramic baking stone to achieve an evenly cooked pizza base while the top element simultaneously cooks through toppings for professional results.

Now, you can eat pizzas all day! How could you say no?

Could also pair it with this pizza paddle :) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/264846259372 $12.80 delivered with code (Ebay Plus)

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          That's because unlike you jv not everyone complains

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            @Mr Frodo: LOL
            Frodo Baggins!
            First you destroyed Sauron
            and now jv

            Keep up the good work

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    I used to own one of these and I would cook pizzas on it every week twice. They are FANTASTIC

    • -2

      cook pizzas on it every week twice

      Why would you cook the pizzas twice?

      Doesn't it get hot enough?

      • +43

        Cook them twice and they become as dry, stale and crusty as your jokes.

        • +3

          JV is really getting crushed in this post

    • Frozen / fresh store pizzas or ones you made yourself? Any tips on use?

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        If you buy frozen pizza, add extra toppings.

        • +1

          Cool, the local fruit shop / deli has some really tasty looking fresh cook-your-own ones, but obviously a regular oven (even with a pizza stone) doesn't get hot enough. Am tempted!

    • Honest question. Do you make the dough/base too or use pre-made? If you make them yourself, have a recipe?

      EDIT: Yes I can use Google but would prefer one others have used multiple times.

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        This is the best dough recipe I have ever tried. Makes 12 bases, freeze what you don’t use.


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          Or if you have the time (24 hours): perfect no knead pizza dough.


          • +1

            @tomlut: I've been using this dough for a while. It's certainly easier and yields great results

            • @DeepDreamer: Yeah works fantastic if you have the time to plan ahead.

              Just let time develop the gluten.

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        3 medium pizzas:
        Flour 500g
        Water 312g
        Salt 15g
        Yeast 1.5 tea spoons
        Sugar 6g
        Olive oil 15g

        This is what Ive come to use for my oven pizzas through trial and error. I keep forgetting to convert the yeast from volume to grams, and maybe could use a touch less salt. Also make sure to not include salt if your flour is pre-salted like some are. The flour is 00.

        As for method nothing special just standard double rise

      • +2

        Check out Tom Lehmann dough doctor. He's got some great YouTube videos with tips on dough making and proofing (just as important) techniques.

        This is his basic recipe and method in a stand mixer (I use about half the salt and sugar, tweak it to your preference)

        100% flour
        1.75% salt
        2% sugar
        0.375% idy
        2% olive oil
        60% water

        Water first then salt, sugar, yeast & flour
        Knead 2 min low
        Add oil, knead another 2min low
        Knead 8min next setting up

        I use 1kg flour for 6 bases.

  • +2

    $71.40 delivered through amazon.

    Shows as $84 but has a Voucher: $12.60 coupon applied at checkout

    May be for prime members only - not sure

    Link below from potplant who took more time than me on this post ;)

    • +1

      Obviously we share a strong passion for pizza :)

    • Not available anymore.

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    Just noticed this is even a better deal….includes delivery for Prime Members and its down to $84.00 but then there is an automatic $12.40 coupon to apply. Plus obviously use amazon gift cards etc. Bargain! Maybe someone can edit post.


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    I cook pizza all the time, this is pretty tempting…pretty sure my folks had one years ago, really made delicious pizzas.

    • +1

      We cook pizzas every week on these things mate… I have two of them and pizza night is a lot quicker when you're punching them out 2 at a time.
      They aren't big, 30cm diameter… dominos pizza size, so either be prepared to sit there cooking 3-4 pizzas for the family and eating separately, or buy two of them.

      • +1

        I live on my own…one in the oven, one going in the belly ;)

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    Kmart has a simple little unit similar to this, for $39.00, but it has a teflon non-stick cooking surface, for me, that makes it a no deal. Gotta have the stone surface like this one…the more pizza's you churn out, the better they taste too, as the stone gets more and more seasoned over time.

  • +1

    If you have a Weber Q buy a pizza stone and you're as good as gold! πŸ•πŸ»

    • +1

      This shits all over the Weber pizza stone.
      Weber simply does not get remotely hot enough.
      Weber pizza is dried out cause of the lengthy cook time.
      This is gets a crispy shell with puffy inside and pizzas are cooked in under 5 minutes.

      • -1

        Well that sounds supreme let's see if it delivers. Have a slice day!

  • +4

    Rather put the money towards a Roccbox or Koda, if they ever get more stock..

    300C is still not hot enough. My oven does 250C max, pizzas always taste good but I want the pizza perfection you get with Neapolitan style long ferment dough, where high heat and live flame are a must.

    • Who cares if 300C is enough? This one goes up to 400C

      • +2

        Interesting - eBay description says 400C. Amazon description says 330C. It looks like it is the same item.

        Amazon description for red variant with a window says 400C.

        • Dimensions of the Amazon one is slightly different too so maybe they're not the same item. Wattage is the same though.

        • +2

          I've had the black one for a few months…gets up to max of around 370⁰C in 15min.

    • +1

      Obviously that would be a great setup. However, making a pizza with that method in those ovens almost becomes an "all afternoon thing" and even if its your passion, sometime you just don't have that kind of time. Or space. If its rainy outside, or blowing a gale, or if you have run out of wood, this is a handy alternative. And its $70 bucks.

    • +1

      I just bought the Monro one from Coles which was selling for $299. However I got it today on clearance for $249. It claims to reach 500odd degrees in 20 minutes and that pizzas cook in one minute. We'll see about that when I give it a crack. Much cheaper than the two you mentioned. My neighbours have a Roccbox which is great, but I couldn't justify spending that much.

      • I saw few units of the Monro pizza oven at my local Coles but I cannot find any information or review for it. Can you let me know how well that performs?

        • I'm not sure when I'll get to use it, and by then it may be gone as they are reduced to clear. I am in the same boat as you, there are no reviews. I figured you can't buy these gas pizza ovens anywhere near this price, and I wasn't willing to pay $600ish ever, so I just pulled the trigger. I'll pm you if I get a chance to use it in the next few weeks, but like I said it will probably be too late to buy it then.

        • +1

          I used the Coles Monro oven last night. It worked really well and is great bang for buck. The temp gets really high for preheating, so you need to turn it down for optimum cooking temps. A thermometer is not included but would have been handy so I think I'll buy a temp gun.The 12 inch space is big enough for 1 persons serving at a time being cooked. I'd recommend buying 10 inch aluminium trays as they keep the stone cleaner and pass through all of the heat. You will need a pizza spatula with a narrower head then the one provided.The provided spatula is big and, although it fits inside, it could /should be grinded down to better facilitte the truning of the pizza. An arrow shaped head is prefered as it will more easily allow you to turn the trays inside the oven.

          Using this oven was far superior then a bbq box which I have. The bbq box tends to burn the bottom and leave the top undercooked. The Monro does well to cook the top of the pizza and does not burn the base at all. Overall a pleasing experience and I'd recommend it at it's price.

      • Wow, never heard of the Monro, just looked it up and looks almost identical to the Ooni Koda. I would be willing to give one of those a try at $249. Never seen them in any Coles around here though..

        • There were still some at my Coles (Tarneit West) yesterday for this price.

  • This is probably the cheapest ever price for this model. I am currently heating stone inside hooded BBQ and cook home made pizza (including dough) in 4 min. I am tempted to buy this model but not sure if will make any better than current setup. Also some review says you need to rotate pizza to get even crust and limited space from pizza topping to top element? Any one have and used it can provide feedback. Thanks

    • +1

      With the old model we had, its true, we found doing a quick rotation of the pizza helped the base cook even more evenly. The trick was to do it as quick as possible, to retain as much heat as you can. But hey, you have to rotate the pizza in a fancy wood fired oven too normally!

      Did not have any problem with toppings on the pizza hitting the top element, but then again, it wasn't this exact model. Hope this helps!

  • I have spent the last 30 minutes looking for details about it and couldn't find anywhere how big the baking area is. Would anyone know maybe?

    • I recall some review on Amazon mentioned 30cm, which is a bit tight!

    • +3

      Just measured mine… 30cm exactly. But the pizza itself would have to be a little smaller.
      It's probably like a dominos pizza size, quite small.

      But they cook quick so you pump through them. Alternatively buy two. I have 3 kids so between them, the mrs, and me, I run two ovens side by side and get 4 pizzas out nice and quick.

  • What exactly is included in the sale? It's the oven, the two pick up things? And the ceramic plate? How does one get the pizza onto it?

    • +1

      Make the pizza on pizza paddle directly (flour first) then easily transfer to the oven. Or, make on well floured bench, in one swift movement, transfer to paddle, then transfer to oven. Not too much flour though. Burnt flour will give a slight flavour you no want! Or maybe those two pick up things are a new invention….join them together, make the pizza on that, and then pick up and dump into oven, separating the two halves.

      • do you need baking paper and pizza pan?

        how does this method of cooking pizza differ in result compared to conventional/convection oven cooking?

        • +2

          Has a pizza stone so no need for a pan. Also probably best not to use baking paper at such high temperatures. Instead you could dust the surfaces with a bit of cornmeal/polenta, semolina etc if flour is not working.

          Also with pizza stones thought I mention for those who might not be aware only use a damp cloth or something don't use dishwashing liquid etc.

          • @dins: how does this method of cooking pizza differ in result (e.g. taste, quality) compared to conventional/convection oven cooking?

            Is the dough texture and taste same or different?

            • +2

              @pinkybrain: 5 minutes versus 20 minutes = crispy outer shell with soft, puffy inside versus a drier, bready crust.

              Also the direct radiant heat from the element versus convective heat from the oven gives leopard spotting on the dough for extra flavour.

            • +1

              @pinkybrain: The stone base on these units also helps to remove moisture from the pizza too, so the likelihood of soggy pizzas is rare!

  • +4

    There's also a red one with window on top for a bit extra. Red is almost always faster.

    • +1

      Jokes aside, Amazon description says "1200W motor". So you might be right.

  • +1

    Wasn't a fan of this pizza cooker.

    I usually buy the cheeky brothers pre-made pizzas, and they're too big and too high for this pizza cooker.

    End up with some topping on the actual element sometimes and the pizza stone stains very easily.

    • +1

      Even with my home made pizzas I found this. Had to keep opening it up to pop dough bubbles to stop it touching the element

  • +1

    I wish Peters of kensington Ebay also had in stock the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, priced at $999 with the same 20% off. (unfortunately out of stock) That would be the ultimate Pizza oven for $799!

  • +3

    Great price!

    I bought the red windowed version of this for a little over $100 plus delivery about 6 months ago. Terrific pizza results!

    I was using one of those pizza oven boxes you put into the BBQ previous to this. Took 20min to warm up and still didn't give as good results as this does.
    Cooks from top and bottom, but because I put quite a few toppings on, you need to use the lower heat temps. I like setting 3, but I throw on all sorts of meats and double cheese (basically heart attack on a plate) so the pizza stands quite high.

  • Wasn't planning on buying but remembered I had one of those $30 off a $50+ spend via Afterpay referrals and thought why not YOLO. Buy first think later. Hopefully it's not massive now to figure out where to put it cheers OP! πŸ˜‚

  • +1

    No more stock @ Amazon

  • This is a great deal. I am not an ebay plus member so I used the coupon code BF15OFF that was suggested on the page

  • I have one of these but don't use it any more. I get my best results using pizza stones on the BBQ. The temperature gets high enough and the reheat period is quick enough that I can keep churning them out.

    I've tried the oven at 250C with a one hour preheat with a stones. The first batch come out OK but after that the stone loses too much heat and takes too long to reheat. My first foray into using the BBQ was last weekend and it turned out vastly superior.

    I should retry the pizza oven, but I would recommend people try a gas hooded BBQ

    • I tried pizza stone on hooded gas BeefEater BBQ and ramp temp high till reach red zone in 10/15 min, then put home made Pizza on top, take about 4 min to cook, So far I prep pizza on baking paper and slide on the stone for easy sliding. Next time I will try placing the pizza straight on stone without baking paper, but guess need to get pizza peel, to see if cook faster for better result. How do do yours in the BBQ?

      • I also use baking paper, but the edges of it turned to ash in the BBQ (not so in the oven previously) and so I had to blow it off the pizza afterwards. I'm keen to manage getting them on and off the peel and then the stone, using flour to stop it sticking, but that wasn't working for me at the time

        • +1

          Use semolina. The pizzas slide off with ease.

      • +2

        I just bought Pizza peel to try out different technique to place pizza on the stone it is from Amazon net price delivered is $12 with code for $18 off listed price of $29.99
        Wari Pizza Peel

  • +1

    Highly recommend. Great price. Great unit.

  • So tempting! πŸ™ˆ

  • +1

    The windowed version is still available on Amazon for $89 delivered.

    Personal opinion but a mate has these and they definitely make better pizzas than a Weber + stone. Highly recommend and just nabbed one myself from Amazon as that's a great price too!

    • +2

      I feel like the window isn't worth it because for me it fogs up when it gets hot!

  • +1

    I too own one, paid $120 and worth every cent. Crank that baby up and make some really good dough and it's a real winner. Don't throw a frozen pizza on it, that just doesn't work!

  • +1

    Black back in stock at Amazon with coupon code taking it a bit cheaper than ebay oncw you add delivery for ebay

  • What's the Amazon coupon everyone keeps talking about?

    • Referring to $12.60 getting automatically deducted from $84.

      • Dang it, I'm guessing the automatic coupon is over? I'm not getting anything added. It's staying at $84

        • So no discount shows up in checkout?

          Maybe it's for Prime members only then not so sure about that bit.

          • +1

            @dins: There's a check box on the Amazon product page for the coupon. I just ordered with the discount but it's on backorder.

            • @OzBragain: Yeah do you have Prime? I have Prime so can't really confirm whether it also works for those who aren't members.

  • +1

    Becareful inspect it when you get it, my Amazon order came with heavily corroded screws. Have no idea how that happened, as this was on the inside of the pizza oven. Suspect it must have been a returned item as well.

  • +5

    With all the talk about temperatures I thought I'd test my red windowed version of the MasterPro oven. I set a thermocouple on the pizza stone and measured how hot it gets. Graph is here.

    With the thermostat set to 3, it took about 7.5 minutes to reach 211 degrees, where the thermostat turned off.
    I then set it to 4, it took about another 2.5 minutes to reach 284 degrees, where the thermostat turned off.
    I then set it to 5, it took about another 2.5 minutes to reach a peak of 336 degrees, where the thermostat turned off

    The thermostat came back on at about 330 degrees. It stayed in that region for the next two minutes until I turned it off.

    It definitely goes much hotter than my normal oven.

    Hope that helps someone!

  • I bought SS pizza peel to slide the pizza onto the stone, I sprinkle some flour then place home made pizza dough on top. I find it very hard to slide the pizza as it often sticks, making mess. Not sure what is wrong, if meant to put more flour or else? Any tips from people who using the peel. Thanks

    • +2

      Try dusting with a bit of semolina instead.

      • Thanks will buy and try it. I found this at Woolies Maharajah's Choice Semolina Flour 1kg is this pack ok?

        • +2

          Yeah that should do. Try sprinkling a fair amount at first and then reduce as necessary. Also be mindful of the amount of toppings. If you prefer plenty on there then you can chuck some of it on quickly after sliding the pizza on to the stone.

          • @dins: I bought the Semolina and used it today, successfully done! I also found some tips on youtube where he said to dust under the dough and on the preparing board and the peel, also don't leave it too long on the peel, so moisture does not absorb the dust. I guess will make more pizza now. BTW I used stone in hooded gas BBQ. Cheers

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