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MSI Radeon RX 6600 XT MECH 2X 8G OC Graphics Card $800 Delivered or $779 VIC C&C @ Tecs


Only $779 if you are able to pick it up in Melbourne.

Not the biggest discount but $800 for a 6600xt is a pretty good deal in the current climate. $800 will find you an RTX 3060 if you're luck and the 6600xt is 10-15% better than the 3060 in non ray traced gaming.
You can enable DLSS to close the gap on the 3060 though so depending on the game you play it might be worth waiting for another 3060 deal.

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    Down to 779. This card is very hot.

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      Only when click and collect and when paying with Direct Deposit. Title indicates 'delivered'

  • Xmas is when people stay home to play games…

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    Where are you finding the 3060 for $800?

  • great deal either for $779 pickup or $800 delivered. this is also a super compact version which is nice.

  • The Mech runs quite hot right?

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      Most reviews say it's a small improvement over the reference design, so I'd say so.

    • Not particularly as the 6600XT is runs quite cool.

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    Tecs? Never heard of them. Anyone bought from here before?

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      in person I have
      It is quite a big physical store in central Melbourne, they mainly seem to have MSI stuff

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      can vouch for them

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    2.7% on total amount plus 30c extra charge for PayPal payment.

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    rather get a 2nd hand 1070/2060 for nearly half the price

    • dont think you can buy a 1070 for $400 now, around $600.

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      Where can I buy a 2060 for $400?

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          Noone is getting a 2060 in this market for 450. They're much more commonly selling for 500-600. And for that you're getting an old card of unknown provenance which uses more power and performs worse than this.

          I buy and sell used PC parts and graphics cards are far and away the most common component I see die (and is the most common component that bastard scammers try to flog off in broken/faulty form to desperate buyers).

          If you're building a new 1080/1440 gaming PC, this card is about as good as it gets for value right now.

          • @xyron: i guess im no one then, but if you negotiate and be patient you can easily get a 2060 for that price

            you can get a 1070 for 450 is better than this for 800 in terms of value, you should test the card before buying if you're worried about faulty components

            • @s1Lence: Bought a card just the other week that worked fine on the sellers test bench but died a few hours after I got home. It's all a huge gamble, one that I take because it's a hobby, but not one that most people should have to take just to get a good functioning gaming PC.

              I've also picked up bargains on the used market that are below market value, I don't go around telling people that that's what people should expect to pay though, because it's just entirely misleading.

  • Surprised its not oos yet, maybe not good for mining?

    • The card is good for mining. But the store's surcharge of 3.8% for Zip and 2.7% for Paypal and no guaranteed fixed shipping cost is off-putting and I would rather not use Direct deposit for a relatively unknown online seller. This is the shipping note: "Standard Rate - Price may vary depending on the item/destination. TECS Staff will contact you"

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    Just got an email from Tecs them saying out of stock

    • Still seems to be up, but price is showing $899

  • I bought from TECs and didn't see the paypal markup until it was too late, got slugged an extra $125. Delivery was also a tad on the expensive side. Customer service was good though.

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