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nbn 1 Month Free, Free Modem, Free $80 Belong SIM for New Sign up - 25Mbps $60/M, 48Mbps $70/M, 95Mbps $90/M @ Belong


Seems like a pretty decent deal from Belong.

  • Unlimited data
  • Free standard activation
  • Free mobile SIM with $80 credit
  • Enjoy the freedom of month-to-month plans
  • Free Wi-Fi modem offer
  • Available for new Belong nbn customers
  • Get one month on us
  • Use code GIFT4U

Terms and conditions:

  • Applies to new Belong customers who sign up to an nbn service with Belong by 13/01/22.
  • Offer applies to plan fee only and will appear as a credit on your next month’s charge.
  • This offer can’t be used alongside other Belong offers, such as the Introduce a Friend offer.

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  • Month to month - Wow

    • +46

      Yeah Belong's billing date is on the 1st of every month. If cancelled before the first invoice, you will get billed 1 month usage.

      Pro tip: Activate your nbn from the 2nd of a month to get the remaining of that month free, your first invoice at the 1st of second month will cover the full length of the second month.

      • +23

        This guy ozbargains

      • +1

        Pro tip: Activate your nbn from the 2nd of a month to get the remaining of that month free, your first invoice at the 1st of second month will cover the full length of the second month.

        This trick still works? They closed that loophole with their mobile service. You get charged on the day your service is activated. No more billing dates whereby you could pull the same trick as above for NBN.

        This means 2 months free with this offer then? 1 month free (as above) + 1 month free from Belong.

        • +1

          Worked for me, I activated mine beginning of last month and my first invoice this month covers 1 Dec to 31 Dec.

          • @brick007123:

            Get one month on us

            Could you please confirm that you will get another free month from Belong as per your deal description?

            • +1

              @DoctorCalculon: Hmm… How can I confirm it? I am currently with Belong, not a new customer…

            • @DoctorCalculon: I asked a rep and they said they charge the part month before the first invoice.
              On the webpage it also says:
              "So if you signed up for Belong nbn on 15 November, we’ll issue your first bill on 1 December. This bill will include your full monthly charge, plus a part month charge depending on the number of days between when your service activates and the start of your bill cycle."

              • @ValuexHunter:

                I asked a rep and they said they charge the part month before the first invoice.

                So, no more free billing months from Belong.

      • doesn't make sense to me, isn't it you will be charged the 2nd month as well while getting 1 month credit only.

        • I have previously taken advantage of a similar offer and can confirm your contract does not begin until the beginning of the next month as previously mentioned. So start today, your contract and billing will actually start 1 January for which you will receive a billing credit. So effectively two months free.

          Also 25 Mbps is actually the 50mbps nbn plan throttled to that speed. So upload is actually 20mbps.

      • Love it! thanks for the ozb tip!

  • +1

    Were they charging 55 for 30Mbps previously?

    • For a 12 month contract - Yes but 30Mbps no longer for new signups it seems

  • +3

    The free modem I got from Belong is Technicolor DWA0122 / VCNT-2, root is supported.

    • +1

      Can you please elaborate a bit more in this? I got same modem as well, what does root do?

      • Mostly to unlock functionalities such as using a modified GUI with extra features.

        • Interesting any idea if theres a root for 4353 modem? I wasn't able to find it when I looked for it previously

        • Thanks that's really helpful. How do I know if Technicolor DWA0122 works with other NBN carrier without rooting?

          • +1

            @kelasen: Technicolor DWA0122 from Belong is not locked, so it will works with other NBN provider out of box without rooting.

      • Usually unlocks options which the ISP might have restricted, like being able to change configuration so you can use the modem with other ISPs, or even access to the USB port if they had locked that.

        It also opens up the opportunity to load custom firmware onto it.

  • +8

    $90 for 100/20 is robbery

    I paid $99 for 250/20 with superloop

    • +2

      $90 for 100/20 is robbery

      Did someone say Belong were the cheaper cousins of Telstra? They just forgot to mention the daylight robbery part.

      • Belong is a full subsidiary of Telstra, they keep it distant to avoid losing customers to their cheaper brand.

    • is this like one of those annoying deals where you get 6 months at that price than it goes up? if not share the deal bruhh

      • -1

        Not sure about above deal but it’s $79 for 100/20 any day via Mate. So I am not sure where people are seeing the value in Belong, apart from one month free and a modem that is not so useful if you want proper speeds.

        If you really want 250/20, there’s a targeted offer of $83.30/month for 24 months.

  • +6

    Just keep a note that their support is not great and they don't have telephonic assistance. Call centers located overseas.

    • +2

      Agreed you can't phone Belong, but they do call back with sms notice a few minutes before they call.

      I requested to opt out of CGNAT via their web form. Got a call from the lower level call center staff who have no clue what it is, then escalated to another call from their more experienced Australian tech support to resolve the issue. Still pretty happy with the experience.

      • Was free to opt out to a public ipv4? They told me i have to go on the static ip for $5/month

        • Yes free for a dynamic private ipv4, mine was not static. Try talk to a different representative or escalate it.

    • yes but they were quick. few months ago on a friday nbn stopped working they had someone come out on a sunday and fix it

  • +2

    Is there a minimum stay period

    • If you are on month to month then no minimum stay. On annual contract you get $5 less per month.

      • It doesn't seem like they have the contract discount anymore :(

  • So can we sign up now - activate before the 13/01/22?
    Or better to wait and sign up around January if we want to activate then.

  • I pay 158 for a 250/100 fibre to the home connection. pretty sure none of these ISPs will offer me the same connection with the same upload speeds.

  • +1

    I have had nothing but poor experience with Belong, during Covid they turned off their telephone support and went to a "submit a service request" format. was constantly getting dropouts and by the time they would get back to me after the service request the internet would be back on and they would say there was no problem….

    switched to Aussie broadband who actually went through troubleshooting and organised for NBN to come out and look at my connection.

    • +7

      Belong is owned by Telstra.

      When I was with Telstra NBN I had continual outages. Each time I contacted them I had to deal with an Indian call centre, where I wasted between half an hour and an hour as they pretended to deal with the issue.

      I kept a log of it all - 23 times in 3 months.( Plus regular overcharging).

      It was useful to keep a log as I was able to send this to the ombudsman. Ended up with about $1500 in compensation.

  • +2

    I've used belong and they drop packets like crazy when downloading, causes big lag and DC when gaming, beware. Switched to aussie bb after and no problem, same house.

  • their billing system sucks

  • what is the catch ? Credit check ? Do we need to return the modem if we cancel from the 2nd month ?

    • +1

      Can confirmed there is no credit check. The modem is yours to keep, there is no term asking for its return

      • so are we getting 1 month NBN, 3 months Mobile, Modem for free ? :D

  • Is the modem worth anything on eBay?

    • $30 tops if you're lucky

      • Ha! thanks - you saved me some hassle. will give this deal a miss.

        I have accumulated a couple of various FTTN modem routers that I keep as backup over the years. But the oldest one (iiNet TG-1) is still going strong on the modem function (bridge mode)….. Perhaps it's time to just let others have these free modems.

    • will be nothing I suppose. takes 5 mins to boot up after a restart.

      • what is the model ? does it has wifi ac or ax ?

    • Modem is rubbish. I have lots of issues with it. I regularly need to turn it off and on again. It seems to stop transmitting internet to some devices randomly.

      I need to switch to a new modem.

      • The modem component for these combo modem-router-accesspoint is usually decent. Random lockups are usually related to the routing function. Put them into bridge mode and run a separate router goes a long way. Enthusiasts usually stay clear of the routers sold in big box stores (JBHifi / HarveyN,etc). Try use something like pfSense/OPNSense if you have the time to learn how to configure them. It's not uncommon for commercial grade routers to stay on for years except for some software upgrades requiring a reboot.

  • -1

    Belong are ruthless with their debt recovery.

    • +3

      Better pay your bills then?

  • +2

    If eligible, just get the Telstra 5G Home Internet
    $85/month also comes with 1st month free
    No ETC, just need to return the modem


    • This is what I thought as well, I have always >~700mbps speed on iphone 5G and never a single drama.
      Will get 5G for home soon; jbhifi deals come with free modem (value ~$600).

    • Seems like this is only available in metro areas…. can't get this deal in Townsville yet. Might be due to slower 5G or NBN contract does not allow for this.

  • +2

    I've been with Belong for a couple of years now, FTTN in Maribyrnong on their old $55 soft capped plan. Been quite happy with them including with their prompt support during a recent outage (got an NBN tech out to me within a couple of days who sorted it out).

    That being said, these new prices are pretty average. If I was ever kicked off the $55 plan I'd probably bite the bullet and go for 100/20 with Mate.

    • I signed up last September and got an email this Month saying my $5 discount will end next month :(

      • I'll have to keep an eye out then - as soon as my discount ends I'll be off to a cheap 100mbit plan (just re-read my post above and realised I'm repeating myself… At least im consistent I guess 😂)

        • I feel like I'm the only one that got my credit cancelled lol! I'm looking at plans atm, but I wonder how long it takes for Belong to recognise you as a new customer as I've been using the $80 sims to send data to my $10 plan

  • I was with Belong for 2 years, signed up initially for the free modem but never really had an issue with them.

    A couple of dropouts but that was on NBN's part (the cabling on my box need replacing).

    It was a good bargain at $55 for 30/20, but now you have to pay more for less…

    Worth signing up now though just for the free modem I suppose.

  • They are fine as long as you require no support - ticket only support/not being able to call them back if you miss their calls is why I left them.

  • +1

    Is the belong modem free to keep and 4g or 5g?

    • +6

      Shouldn't you know that?

      • +2

        Probably miskicked associated

    • The offer isn't for mobile internet (thus modem is NBN not 4g/5g) the deal includes $80 credit on Belong mobile as a separate thing to the 1 month free NBN

  • I haven't had NBN at my property before does anyone know how long it will take to get installed? I'm keen to give it a try and try to get my start date as close to the 2nd of January as possible?

    • do you have an old copper telephone line ?

      • Yes! It says I'm eligible for FTTC in my area.

    • if you already have an nbn connection id say the activation would happen fast if not you could be waiting up to months if a tech is required to come out to install a lead in. anyone know if you can post date the start date on jan 13 to feb 2 and still get this promo? btw not Associated just cant un do it.

    • How long is a piece of string? with NBN it could be immediately or like me it could be 9 months plus of calling every week and having to get in contact with the ombudsman and my local member of parliament to fix a simple issue like 2 connections(granny flat out the back) on the one property………

  • so i'm on fttp, i can just sign up for this on uni-d 2, get free stuff, cancel?

    • yeah i just got connected to them, using my old TP-Link modem router which is working, still awaiting free modem from Belong but it's not an essential equipment.

  • So I signed up today with the code. Will I get charged for the first month? If the billing period is from 1st of the month when should I cancel or churn to maximize the free 1 month offer?

    My understanding is if it gets activated today (3/12) I'll only start getting charged from next month. So effectively the Rest of December is free. But do I get the credit applied against my January bill which would make the whole of January also free? What's the cancellation notice period?

  • I used Belong for 7 years with lots of slow down and they supplied two modems to fix the problem. Sometimes I couldn't use internet due to slow down. A few month ago I switched other ISP and so far no issues with steady speed. I regret to switch early stage. Never recommend Belong.

  • I am a bit disappointed with all the upload speed cuts done recently. All the plans have very minimal upload speeds nowadays. Who are the providers with better upload speeds? even the 1000mbps connection has 50 upload speed.

  • -1

    How is this a good deal? Mate NBN is $79pm for 100/20 plan with no lock in contract? Typical evening speed of 83Mbps.

    • cancel after a month

  • +1

    Signed up 60mins ago and already connected to their base 20mbps plan. Speeds are horrific and my Felix 4g tethering was much better. Should have gotten the faster plan given first pre billing cycle is free and first month also free.

  • +2

    No 100/20 available for FTTN. This is horseshit…lol

  • +1

    i have $60 one for $55 running from nearly 2 years

  • Do belong have an option to delay connection date on signup?

    • Yes pretty sure they had a move in date selection.

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