Fiskars SoftGrip Bypass Pruner $19 @ Bunnings


Got this today and though it's a good price. There's also medium head size (

25 years warranty
Made in Taiwan

Slightly large for smaller hand

Hope someone find this deal useful.

Edit: Mod: If this is not a deal, please move it to forum.

I have checked on Google and the closest ones I could find were listed on Amazon ($32.61) and Ebay ($39.90) , I can't find them listed in brick and mortar store. The Bunnings staff who helped me locate it said it could be a promotion item, so I thought it was a deal.

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    What's the normal price?

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        How is this a bargain then? _^_

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          OP is living up to their name.

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            @m9: Savage.

          • @m9: Lol

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            @m9: haha, been a member for awhile but still consider myself an amateur though.

          • @m9: Brutal.

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        Oh, snip

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        I've no idea what they've been recently, but I recall paying >$30 for these a few years back. They're lasting really well despite heavy use and abuse. I still think of them as good value at that price.

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    Any bargains?

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      Only the free comedic comments!

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        I come for the deal, but stay for the comments.

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    Love the pros & cons shared by OP. Thanks!

    • Sorry what’s does OP mean? Thanks

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        Organic Pre-emergent

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        "Original Poster"

    • Made in Taiwan in Con ?

      So there won't be any Taiwan in 25 years


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    The deal is knowing Pros n Cons. 😉

  • Is he kidding me?

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    Shear brilliance, thanks OP

  • Very useful. Thanks OP

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    FLYBUY points tho

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Post this on

    • That would be

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      Well, we need more people to contribute, isn’t it? OP could just buy it and go his way, but he took time to share a good deal with the community. Thanks OP.

      Sometimes it takes people a while before they decide to give back to the community. I see you have also posted your first deal last year. Good job and keep posting! :)

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      Mate, I've been a member for 10yrs and seen numerous deals that were retail price yet lots of member consider it a bargain and found it helpful, hence why I posted the deal.

      You've been a member for awhile too and I've noticed you have made lots of comments but have not posted many deals :)

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        You posted.

        You didn't post a deal.

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        Thank you buddy man

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        Keep up the good work.

        Some ppl need to relax a bit. This is a community where we are trying to help each other. If it helped one person that's great. If you don't think it's a deal just keep scrolling instead of throwing shade (however a bit of banter is always welcome).

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    Got gifted one of these, doesn't work very well, rubbish design and quality. Get the ALDI ones, have been using them everyday and love them.

    Edit: ALDI branded ones are usually $5

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      Agree. They get lose their bounce very quickly and dull easily. Even the cheapo pairs from bunnings at around $4 - $5 last longer. These just look fancy. Grip part is better than cheap ones though.

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    Normal price, not a bargain and not a deal.

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    Fisker products are good quality in general

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      Fiskars aren't too shabby either…

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    normal price and average quality. I'd rather get a cheaper one

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    Regarding the quality of this item, I considered buying this last week, but the Bunnings staff member recommended Cyclone Heavy Duty for $27.90 instead. DYOR.

  • OP made the cut.

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