This was posted 5 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

Flea Market Remote Control Poo (2 Choices) $5 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheaper than the 1st deal
Then expired from the 2nd deal

Now this deal is back again and available store-wide. (No toilet paper just the poo version.)
2 Choices

Hilarious Sound
Remote Control Included
Drives and Spins 360 Degrees

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  • +18

    Flea Market Remote Control Poo $10

    Wow… I was just about to look for a good deal on Remote control poo for Kris Kringle gifts… Thanks…

    • +8

      You're so welcome JV

    • -2

      your humour is genius , awks. ..

  • +85


    • +66

      Username checks out

  • +27

    Crap deal

    • +20

      I’m herrrrreeeeee!

    • Crap deal

      Shit deal

  • +2

    Talk about pushing shit uphill

  • +39

    Wife's Xmas gift sorted. Thanks op.

    • +6

      username checks out.

    • +4

      ?ex wife

      • +2

        it's a running shit gift, so you can tell her to stop chasing your shit.

  • +6

    It also connects to the internet of stinks and all your other fart devices.

    • +2


  • +1

    Ooooh! The sparkly one will go with my old Glomesh halter and handbag

  • +3

    Good stupid kk present

  • Chocolate mud cake top up with this!

    • +2

      Just the right amount of evil.

  • +3

    I got this as a secret santa for a colleague but now I'm considering the remote control poo.

    • Looks tasty

      • you eat shit?

        • +1

          He eats maccas which pretty much shit

          • +4

            @rps: The fact that you've consumed shit and can compare it to the taste of Maccas is concerning.

        • +1

          I think @MaxDong69 meant lollies in the "Prick bottle" :-)

        • +1

          For breakfast

  • Nice toy if you are suffering from the sickness of Coprophilia. Pass.

    • You call it a sickness, but we call it a way of life

      • +1

        Some suffer it while others enjoy it.

    • Have you studied scatology?

      • +3

        “Bee bop be bada ba!”

  • +15

    Unavailable at my local store, assuming they're constipated.

    • +5

      Run out of remote control poo's to give.

      • +1

        How politically correct

  • +3

    why? just why?

    • Because reasons.

  • +4

    I bought it last year just for laughs. My then 11yo loved it, while it worked. Worked for 2 weeks I think.

    • Two weeks before it pops, those are selling words to me!!

      • You better get that checked out.

    • Glad it takes longer to expel, than my bowel movement

  • +17

    I love that there's a semi-conductor shortage and we are struggling to make cars and game consoles, yet we can literally make sh!t.
    Bought 3 for gifts. Thanks.

    • +1

      Kris kringle sorted.

      • Kris kringle sorted sharted.

  • Button battery? Avoid gifting to children…

    • +2

      Can't be sold in Australia unless it's secured with a screw. Plus it's about education.

    • +7

      We had button batteries as kids and knew the difference between batteries and food. As UFO said, much better off educating your kids than treating them like idiots.

      Babies and toddlers are different and obviously require more supervision.

      • +12

        much better off educating your kids than treating them like idiots.

        You mean to tell me as a parent im responsible for my kids and not the pollies? Get out of here.

        • +2

          Can be a difficult concept for some to accept in today's society. I'll see myself out.

  • +4

    This is the cheapest GPU deal I have seen on OzBargain for some time.

  • +2

    How are these shit comments getting through the profanity filter/censor?

    • how going to describe a crap deal….

  • +1

    typical of the type of shit JB sells

  • +5

    New meaning of shit posting.

  • +5

    Warranty service is great on these. They really give a shit.

  • Excellent stuffing filler, my 6yo will love this! (for some stupid reason kids are fascinated by poo!)

    • +5

      Given the comments on this post, adults are even more fascinated!

  • +1


  • +1

    Excellent stocking clogger!

  • are they 5G

    • +2

      No 2

  • Don't forget JB Hi-Fi gift cards on Shopback for further discount. 1.5% is crap on $10.

  • Any fart button or will it spread the smell as well?

    • +2

      Thats the upgraded model. It will leave skid marks and a stench of rotten eggs.

      • If you have kids you have the smell already.

        • Shame smell dont necessarily go away when they are teenagers.

  • +1

    Give meaning to the phrase ‘you can buy any sort of shit these days’ literally!! 😂

  • +1

    A remote control Scott Morrison. Amazing.

    • ……with Josh Frydenturd at the controls

    • +3


  • ordered thanks

    • who is the turd who neg me for saying I ordered one

  • +3

    These things are hilarious for the first 20 seconds, then they are basically shit. Mine is just abandoned in the corner looking pooped and giving me the stink eye.

    • +2

      Didn't you buy it for shits and giggles?

  • +4

    Does it have Browntooth?

  • when would anyone use this?

  • The gift you give to someone who has everything.👌🏻

  • disgusting!

  • Didn't see this shit coming

  • +5

    This stuff should be illegal. It's 2hrs of laughs and within a month it's in the bin and in land fill. Along with the batteries.

    • +1

      yeah sadly yes. worse part is that you can't say these things online nowadays, unless you want to become a left liberal green bastard pushing a leftist agenda.

    • +2

      They could have at least made it bio-degradable like real sh!t.

  • What does it do? Shit.

  • oh no, there is also a sparkle shit. Can I cancel the normal one and get the sparkly one?

    • Just buy some cheap sparkles from cheap as shit!

  • There is going to be a lot of crap kris kringles this year!!

  • I’m wondering if anyone is pooping in this shape these days? I remember my old days with this shape. With more fast foods and oil foods, these days rarely getting a good shape.

  • The comments got me dying I can't breathe

  • +1

    Next will be remote control toilet paper roll

  • what a shit deal!

  • You fools will buy anything these days!

  • Got mine for my daughter yesterday. The fart button works but the directional button doesn’t. She was really looking forward to a remote controlled turd but alas it’s gonna be sent back.

  • +1

    More landfill
    We should avoid these landfills.

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