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MSI GP66 Leopard 15.6' 240hz, i7-11800H, RTX3080, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD Gaming Laptop $3199 + Delivery or $0 C&C @ Umart


Unless you needed type C/TB4 ports, or wanted the 2k screen-even though its questionable how well a 95w 3070m could handle 2k gaming (it does worse than a 130w 3060in all games except ones where you exceed the 6gb vram) or really care about the ~300g of extra weight and slightly larger dimensions. This is the a better deal raw performance wise than the other deal.

For the record, the 11th gen tigerlake chips are based on the 10nm superfin process node, and unlike 11th gen desktop chips, they definitely go toe to toe with equiv. amd chips productivity wise (albeit maybe at the cost of power consumption) and would actually see some improvement in gaming thanks to the bigger L3 cache (24MB vs 16MB).

Of course, lets not kid outselves here. In this day and age, one would be foolish to think that 3.3k is enough dollaroos for a full fledged rtx3080 mobile. This isnt to say this machine is too shabby since at this pricepoint this is the highest powered 3080m you can find. At 140w with 8gb vram instead of the 16gb variant. It leads the pack compared to 130w on the strix scar, aorus 15p yd and 125w on the m15r6. The GP66 also have a mux switch so thats a major plus.

  • If you are willing to pay extra for full performance 3080m, the cheapest was the legion 7 for 3.9k last month, but it had been going down to 3.6k on the lenovo edu store back in September. Since you are prepared to pay top dollars, I would also advice waiting-if you dont need one urgently- for Feburary next year when we will be getting our first shipment of new laptops annouced at CES 2022, with both intel 12th gen and zen3d mobile looking at major gains and equipped with 30 gen mobile TI cards.

One thing stands out with this laptop, and while its not much-it is good to see the unit been shipped with a pcie gen4 ssd-since quite a few of intel 11th gen laptops even at around this price ships with pcie3.0 ssd in the 4.0 slot (since its the 'default' m.2 slot) even though thats a selling point for intel 11th gen compared to zen3 mobile.

Not much to say else about this laptop, its a pretty standard 1080p 'near 100% SRGB' 240hz panel, with a per key rgb keyboard and no other rgbs bars anywhere (it is a 'value' model compared to some of MSI's other gaming laptops). It doesnt get type c/TB4 ports-as I mentioned at the start-as it seemed to be reusing an older chasis. CPU cooling also doesnt seem that adequate but giving its intel, a bit of an undervolt does the job perfectly and MSI's bios is very good for the job.

This is the only review that I found with basically the exact make and specs on this machine, if you are so interested.

Oh and last but not the least, do take some time to shop around though, since this deal runs for a whole month.



  • Tiger Lake i7-11800H


  • Windows 10 Home


  • 15.6" FHD (1920*1080), 240Hz, close to 100%sRGB


  • Intel® HM570


  • RTX3080, GDDR6 8GB


  • DDR IV 16GB*2 (3200MHz)
    2 Slots Number of SO-DIMM Slot
    Max 64GB Max Capacity


  • 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen4x4 SSD (new)



  • Per-Key RGB Backlight Keyboard


  • Gb LAN (Up to 2.5G)
    Killer ax Wi-Fi 6E + Bluetooth v5.2


  • 1x Mic-in/Headphone-out Combo Jack


  • 3x Type-A USB3.2 Gen1
    1x RJ45
    1x (8K @ 60Hz / 4K @ 120Hz) HDMI
    1x Mini-DisplayPort


  • 65 Battery (Whr)


  • 280W adapter


  • 358 x 267 x 23.4 mm


  • 2.38 kg


  • Core Black

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    +1 for the write-up

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    Upvote for the write up.

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    WOW. You are awesome.

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    this or legion 5 pro with 3070 for $2500?

    • +5

      For most people l5p will be better simply for the 800$ cheaper price tag and the difference in performance is much smaller than the difference in cost while the l5p makes up in other parts:


      • better GPU performance

      • better CPU performance

      • more CPU tuning options

      • ‘better’ screen only if you are only interested in games where fps is important(csgo/valorant/fornite etc)

      • Per key RGB lighting

      • PCIE 4.0 nvme ssd

      • killer ax wifi 6e


      • $800 cheaper

      • much better battery life

      • better port selection

      • better screen specs all around except refresh rate

      • physical webcam switch

      • internals are easier to access

      • So for someone who is only going to game with a power socket and an external monitor, this seems like a better option than the L5P, though it can be argued that why not just buy a desktop at that point haha.

        I just feel lazy to move my rig 5,000 miles away…

        • +4

          If you are using an external monitor, prepared to pay the 3.3k for this machine and dont mind the loss of some ray tracing power. I would also suggest the the rog strix advantage edition(its the one with 5900hx and 6800m 12gb). It’s not on a sale right now but costs only 2.9k, factor in another $300 dollars for a ram upgrade. And you can net yourself a system that is only second to full powered rtx 3080 laptops.

          Please refer to this video for the full details.

          • @Brrrrt: Thanks, will check it out.

            • +1

              @raptormesh: Hey mate, not sure if you went for it but if you bought the strix advantage for full price I would recommend getting a refund, because Umart is now selling it with a 150$ discount for $2750 including free shipping.

              • +1

                @Brrrrt: Hey thanks for the update, I decided to wait for CES before I buy but appreciate this ping.

                • +1

                  @raptormesh: Ah fair enough mate Im waiting for CES2022 as well ;) hope there’s good news with intel 12th gen chips

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    I would say save ur money and get a high tdp 3070 or 3060.

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    The write up is better than the laptop

  • this or Legion 7i ??

    • Do you mean the 3080 model? If thats the case I would recommend holding off until early next year for newer machines to come out.

      • yah - ok will do then

        • Nice, you wont have to wait long, CES2022 is just a month away. With any luck we should see new laptops coming around Feburary :)

          • @Brrrrt: I do like how this unit has some key ports on the rear such as DP, HDMI, WLAN, USB though as others have pointed out, bit of shame no USB C on it.

            But again, love to see lappies with the rear port design as stuck on the side IMO is the sheets, and a negative for my liking, but certainly look forward to what prices and design and specs CES2022 will bring.

            Keep posting any deals similar to this and from CES2022 speculation. :)

  • this or Razer 14 3070?

    • +1

      Razer 14 is for people who really needed the on-the-go portability while still having decent gaming performances.

      So it’s up to you. Do you mind portability more or your fps more?

  • All round nice laptop. Although a larger battery at this price point would be nice.

    • Yeah, the 65w battery is a bit of a let down, certainly not helped by the fact that 11th gen were already behind in zen3 with regards to battery life.

  • nice post mate

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    Razer Blade 17 pro with 3080 is $3900 at centercom

    if you're bent on getting a 3080 laptop before boxing day, might as well just go for gold, it's only 20% more

    • +1

      Not trying to be rude but the 17 pro is anything but a top end 3080 laptop, its comes with a 10th gen chip with a 100w 3080 that is very questionable and definitely fells quite short of the gp66 here. Razer's usual mobility aspect is also gone here since this is a 17 inch laptop and not very portable at all so all you are getting is the brand name.

      With that said, my advice to anyone looking to pay top dollar aiming for a top tier laptop is that they should wait until early next year, when new laptops annouced at CES2022 are avalible before making a decision. The price of the older tech will only fall by then.

      • +1

        yeah come to think of it it is 10th gen. I thought I say 11th gen models too? maybe seeing double

        but as a person who guts laptops for a living, I would comment that I wouldn't buy MSI even with someone else's money. sinking 3k+ into one just seems unhealthy to me, is all.


        • I totally get what you mean man. MSI's laptop internals generally look really dated, and GP66's internals are what I would only describe as 'ive seen better on 5 year old laptops'. However, this is the thing with MSI laptops, they are wickedly tuned pretty damn well that the final performance is well within what you could expect them to do as seen from reviews.

          BTW you are not seeing double haha. There is a blade 17 for 3999$ with 11800h, but thats with a 130w 2070 with only 16gb of ram. The 3080/11800h model costs 5.1k which is kinda crazy when in two months time you will get better performance with far cheaper the cost.

          • @Brrrrt: This GP66 has a display which only hits 210 nits.

            I’d seriously reconsider this machine unless its only used at night / otherwise plugged into a monitor.

            • @seerious: It is a gaming laptop after all so 210 nits wont be as bad as it seems with a laptop you would take outside often. Albeit it is definitely an achilles heel for this machine. It’s very weird as well-given quite a few other machines, MSI and razer laptops, uses the same panel without this low brightness problem. Not sure if its a ‘bug’ that can be fixed with a bios update or its just how MSI configured this screen to be.

          • @Brrrrt: yeah, for example I recently got blade 17 pro with 2080 super and 8-core 10875H for 2k. 300hz fhd panel, solid build (yeah the blade 17 is anything but portable, but I wouldn't have it any other way)

            last gen tech is often an answer, because the novelty tax is gone. but it doesn't mean that it's bad, it's just not latest and greatest anymore.

  • Trade your car for this

  • +1

    im calling questioning the 1x (8K @ 60Hz / 4K @ 120Hz) HDMI how can HDMI 2/.1 can do that!???!

    • If the display supports DSC, it should be able to

  • 210 nits.


  • Found this Gigabyte Aorus 15P with similar specs (i7-11800H, RTX3080P, 1TB SSD, 32GB RAM) for $3170 (including shipping) on Umarts ebay site, using the PLUSDEC5 code:


    • +1

      That’s not too bad a price, however, the 15p ships with a lower 130w tdp 3080m 8gb with no mux switch resulting in much worse performance in some games.

      • Ah thats no good then.. deffo makes sense to put a bit more and get the MSI

  • -2

    11th Intel is crap

    • +1

      Mate I reckon you confused desktop and mobile chips, because they are wholly different. Desktop 11th gen is based on 14nm+++++++++++++++ while mobile 11th gen is based on 10nm superfin which is actually very similar to TSMC’s 7nm fab used by AMD. And you can check this yourself, in all benchmarks 11th gen mobile is only better or equal to zen3 mobile and is only worse at restricted TDP workloads.

  • Friends don't let friends buy gaming laptops.
    With that said, the Cherry MX keyboards on the Alienware laptops are very tempting

  • +1

    Been using this model almost daily for work for 6 months now. Here are some thoughts:

    + Really good price/performance
    + Easy to tweak things around in the bios
    + Internals are all easily accessable if you want to upgrade storage, repaste the cpu etc.
    + Screen has good colours and viewing angles, keyboard is satisfying to use

    - Only parts of the chassis are metal, the hinges feel flimsy and there are many stories of MSI hinge failure out there
    - Touchpad isnt great
    - Disappointing IO, no usb-c connection means you cant use a dock
    - Abysmal CPU thermal peformance. Gaming laptops always have poor thermals but the i711800h in my model will hit 100c and throttle until it sits in the low 90s under heavy loads even with max fans and a cooling pad. Could have just been unlucky but I wouldn't expect to be able to get 100% out of this cpu under heavy loads

    • Thanks for sharing your hands on experience! Just wondering, did you try undervolting the cpu? Apparently it’s very worthwhile on the gp66 as the cpu barely gets any heatpipes.

      • No worries. Yes I have, but I ran into stability issues (random hard crashes) even at as little as a -30 offset, at which point there was negligible impact on temps anyway so I'm just running it at stock voltage.

  • Why don't you get a fully fledged max-p 3070 for even cheaper?


    I have the AMD variant of this laptop which is even cheaper $2800(??) and it hammers 2k gaming easily. I ultra everything and I'm so surprised it takes it.

    This is the one I have…

    • Well I mean the link you shared did only have 512gb ssd and a single stick of 16gb ram vs 2x16gb. Yes its a 3070 max p but its still worse than a 140w 3080. Factor in ‘branding’ and the 300$ difference is easily justified.

      The amd one you have sits at 400$ cheaper, but at identical specs one would wonder why wouldn’t one just grab a legion l5p for the same performance (2k165hz /5800h/[email protected]/32gb) at only 2.5k on the edu store.

      • -1

        The 3080 is a max q yeh? If so then you should check your benchmarks compared to a 3070 max p…

        • Its not a ‘max q’ nor a max ‘p’ mate. Since nvidia dropped that branding. Unlike previous generations, cards don’t get cut back in cuda cores or rt cores or anything for that matter. The only difference between a ‘maxp’ card and lowered powered cards is simply that they get lower TDP. That’s it.

          In that sense, while this 3080m ‘only’ have 140w power and 8gb vram. It’s cuda cores and everything else arent cut back from a ‘max p’ 3080m. Which means, while it have the same tdp and vram as a ‘maxp’ 3070, it still have the 20% extra cuda cores which would bring an approx 5-10% performance boost in games.

          • @Brrrrt: Interesting to know! Thanks mate.

            Actually I'll run hwinfo and check out what the max TGP is in my infinity.

          • @Brrrrt: For the record the infinity has a 140w 3070.

            What makes you think the MSI comes with the 140w 3080 and not the 130w?

            • @Sirocco: It's listed on the MSI's product page for the GP66

              Also there isn't some 'set' value for TDPs, it just happens that quite a few laptops happend to have the same tdp. It can be anywhere from 80(or 60w in 3060s case) in increments of 5w all the way up to the maximum allowed by Nvidia.

      • Yawn, expired deal.

        • The l5p deals come around every so often. Not to mention you can always get the free edu discount from some helpful people here in ozbargain.

          Even without any code, its 2.9k on the edu store, and have 32gb ram with 1tb ssd which aint too shabby a deal.

  • I have a MSI GS65 and I don't really get this (and my own) form factor. You get abysmal battery performance (less than 1 hour gaming) and as a result, you have to carry the MASSIVE BRICK of an AC Adaptor which is an extra 1 Kg in itself and bulky asf. I've tried to optimise battery life but can't get more than 1 hour of gaming out of it.

    Happy to be educated/corrected here.

    • It's completely portable that's why!

      Are you going to lug around a full tower and associated screen and peripherals? No, of course you are not.

      Why are you gaming on battery that is just insane.

  • Not bad

  • Tldr

    • This is definitely the highest performance gaming laptop (or just laptops in general) you can find at this price. Unlike their desktop chips intel is quite competitive with 11th gen mobile CPUs. However, there are better performing, and more expensive laptops out there. But if budget and time is not a constraint, you are advised to wait until next year when new mobile cpus are annouced-and thats happening very soon at CES2022 so laptops with newer chips should come in stock around February earlier or later.

      • Haha you must love talking irl!

          • +1

            @FrozenFred: Im not so sure about that one chief:

            If we spec the metabox with near equivalent specs, with 240hz panel, 32gb 3200mhz ram, one stick of 1tb nvme ssd, killer wifi6, windows installation. It’s 2912$.

            Now, considering that both 11800h and 140w3080 is a tad bit better than 5800h and 140w3070, the fact that the gp66 have a mux switch while the nh58 dont, that it also have per key rgb instead of 3 zone rgb, and it’s a pcie gen4 drive. The extra 400$ is definitely worth it.

            If going for a ryzen machine, the l5p near have identical specs to the nh58 but comes with mux switch and better screen and is also 2.9k on the lenovo edu store (ask around in the forums there’s people who can get you access). If you can wait, it have gone down to 2.5k before.

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