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Corsair Force MP400 8TB M.2 SSD $1899 (Was $1969) + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


This SSD is Gen3 which might turn off a few people. but if you really want the space, this is the biggest NVMe SSD you can get

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      PCIe x4 ≠ PCIe Gen4

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        My bad, still a fair bit cheaper

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    • Hahahahaha!

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    $1899 for 8TB QLC..why?

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      Mobile users are one market. Macbook Pros have the 8tb upgrade for $3300 to put it into perspective.

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        That’s a lot to homework you have stored there…

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          Some people prefer to save their homework for future viewing instead of streaming it

    • For all the extra-curricular activities

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    Corsair tax, big nope

  • 8tb wow. lol yeah I have a spare 4k why not buy 2. lol.

  • $1899 / 8 = $237.5 around per TB, I can get a decent quality TLC SSD or 2280 M.2+ external SSD portable…

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      Or even data centre grade ssd

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    all that money and its only a gen 3 not even a gen 4 so you not getting 7000mbps.

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      Honestly, my OS is no less laggy with a 5000mb/s nvme than it was with an ssd. Fresh windows install too.

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        lol if your using windows then you should put it on a sata ssd because there is no point puting it on a m.2 ssd you get not benefit with windows. Mac OS or Linux how ever its amazingly far on m.2 drives.

        • No point running nix or macos for me. I just want to game.

          It did, however, free up a sata port at least. I had needed one more.

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    Spend $1899 save $70… bargain

    • Amazon is $2,169, so it's much cheaper than most other places

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        You do realise this is ozbargain? Maybe try ozsplurge.

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    Yesterday we had a poo deal (literary) posted, today we have a very expensive high-end SSD deal. I feel like there are more and more OzB joke deals now a day.

  • Thanks OP, bought 3

    • /studio_laugh_soundtrack

  • But.. It's an mp400

  • I am just happy to see that it is possible to be moving away from the 1TB C drives that the majority have got.
    Cannot afford this today, but will eventually.

  • Can you run it in raid

    Raid 5 in my Nas that is.

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    There are 15tb for sell..

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    If this were a PCIe 4.0 drive I'd say this is alright but for PCIe 3.0 this isn't really good. An 8TB 870 QVO is more than half the price of this. I don't think NVMe speeds are worth paying double $900 for.

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      Sometimes the form factor is the selling point, like if you want this in a laptop

      • $900 though?

  • When you're spending this much, you could probably get this paltry a discount just by asking.

  • Honest question…. who would spent $2k for 8TB of storage?

    I mean I get it, some people have too much money to burn… but for peasants like me?

    • I could justify it as a business expense for my work laptop, but wouldn't spend my own money on it

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