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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max $53.10 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Key Features

Our most powerful streaming media stick - 40% more powerful than our previous Fire TV Stick 4K

Stream more than 200,000 movies and TV episodes*

Watch favourites from Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Prime Video, and more, plus listen to millions of songs*

Watch in vibrant 4K Ultra HD with support for Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10+ and immersive Dolby Atmos audio

With Wi-Fi 6 support, enjoy smoother 4K streaming


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  • Different link and store?

    • Cheers, I updated link.

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    That's a funny looking stick.

  • I just bought it today. Thinking I’ll ask for the difference refund tmr.

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    Got it for $53.10, thanks.

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    My vodafone tv has become laggy recently.Would this be a good alternative to it?
    Can i cast with this from android phone (media+yoga app)and chrome browser (win)?
    Im guessing it doesnt run android apps?

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      It does the job, but it doesn't support Chromecasting, it only runs Android TV apps

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        If you press down the home button it will activate a quick action menu where you can activate display mirroring (Miracast). Not as elegant as Google Cast but gets the job done. The Firestick supports casting from YouTube though which works perfectly.

        • So you can cast from YouTube and the Fire Stick will stream from YouTube and you can use your phone to do other things?
          Do you know if any other apps support casting as opposed to mirroring? Eg can I cast from Chrome/Firefox?

          • @TurnipHead: Casting from the Android YouTube app allows you to do other things as Chromecasting is designed to do. I can also cast from a Windows PC when on the YouTube web site with Chrome, but sadly it does not seem to work with other apps or web sites that I have tried such as SBS which I sometimes like to cast from.

    • Vodafone tv seem to have stopped updating. Can’t get latest version of ninenow and 7plus, which are currently buggy. Anyway to fix this?

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        You could try aptoide or side loading?

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        Install the aptoide TV app and use that to install the latest version of apps.

        Unfortunately Vodafone has abandoned the device even though it still runs great.

        • I’ll give it a try. You guys seem to know what you’re talking about. Any ideas how to block those annoying ads when streaming ninenow or 7plus?

          • @bOngOCaT: Using a Pi-hole device, amazing thing to setup :)

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            @bOngOCaT: Yes, I use Kodi addons for all the TV channels and no ads is the best!
            Send the guy a coffee for his great work :)

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              @billy_bob: Thanks for sharing this. I tried it out and NO ADS! Watching catch-up tv is now pleasurable.

    • Good thing about the Vodafone TV was that it also had free to air tuner. I have it connected to older TV that does not have an HD tuner and the input for the antennae is kaput so the Voda TV does well for me for now. I have Fire TV on other "non-smart"TV's with HD input although I do like having the one remote of the Voda TV.

  • Just bought one from the Amazon deal for $59, grrrr…

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    Do these gizmo's connect to a local NAS by any chance?

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      You could sideload Kodi, Plex or VLC onto it depending on how you prefer to access your media. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to cataloging things so I just use VLC which supports adding SMB shares into it and I can freely browse my NAS to play whatever I want on it.

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      I use the Plex app on this to play stuff off my server without any dramas

      • Same on my FireTV Stick. As well on my MiBox and VTV. Should I upgrade to this version? Mmmm.

    • I use this paired with a plex server running on my DS920+ for 4k movies

      • Support hevc x265 10bit?

        Also, i read it supports Atmos but only DD+ format not lossless TrueHD format.. shame if true

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    How is it $53.10? Says $59 for me.

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      Apply the code in the OP.

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      Use the code

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      Use CodeyMcCodeFace

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      You're gonna need to go ahead and use the code.

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      I would go out on a limb and say use the code plz

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      Yeah using the code might help. Thanks all.

    • The code, help it will.

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      Use the Code Luke.

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      Come with the code if you want to live

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    Can confirm this can the the official PSP emulator but you would need an OTG Splitter Cable connected to an external USB if you have Roms. I tried it and worked well with an Xbox controller. Going to try RetroArch with Mame2003 core.


    • Hey mate any link for the OTG cable? Looking to add a USB 64gb

    • Is the controller a wired one?

      • White wireless one. It supports Bluetooth.

    • I'm assuming the ROMs are too big to fit internal you need to attach a USB stick or External HDD for those but install emulators on the unit side loading with Downloaded or file explorer etc

      • More or less yes. PPS and Sega Dreamcast ROMs are big. Others are a few MBs at most. There are apps that let you send files over wifi such as SFTTV (send files to TV).

        Theoretically this can work as a mini computer because you can use a wireless keyboard mouse sideload a good browser like Firefox. I haven't tried installing office apps to it. Firestick has a way to use USB as an expansion device which acts like it's exclusive storage so technically you can add quite a reasonable amount of storage to it.

        • And that’s probably an advantage over Google tv

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    Item continually on sale from October to December 2021

    Below are previous posts & comments which could be useful reading to those who have various questions about the item.








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      Are you a bot

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    With this device, will my TV be HDR compatible even though it doesn't have the feature?

    • No, your TV would need to support HDR to use the HDR features of this (or any) device.

      • Oh OK. Thanks for that info. Was gonna get it for that feature alone.

  • Can this device bought from Australia be used in any other country to watch Netflix, YouTube etc?

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      yep why not, its not region locked

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      You can also use it with VPN services anywhere in the world, and assuming those VPN services haven't been blocked by streaming companies, you can watch "local content" or otherwise geo-blocked content. For example, to get around YouTube geo-blocking, or to watch Netflix as if you were in America or the UK (see e.g. https://www.finder.com.au/netflix-australia-vs-netflix-us-tv... for a list of what is different on Netflix in Australia vs. America).

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    any reason to get this for LG OLED C1 TV?

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      Overwhelmingly yes. You can sideload a huge variety of other Android applications onto this such as Kodi, NewPipe, SmartTubeNext and others for better usability than official apps, and to do almost anything you could do with a computer plugged into the TV. For example, want to throw up the BOM weather radar? There's a Kodi addon for that. And you can do all of that whilst also being able to use official apps such as Netflix due to the Widevine L1 DRM certification of the device. WebOS that comes with LG TVs only has a small selection of official apps and you can't customise any of the apps in use.

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        Thank you, very useful info. Appreciate your help

      • @dhx and anyone else knowledgeab.

        Sorry to ask, I only had time to quickly browse some of the above links.

        I got a FireStick 4k for $49 recently, still unopened.

        Is it accurate to assume that the 4k Max is better than the 4k - any reason why someone might choose the older 4k stick instead of the Max? (Apart from $4 cheaper).
        Wondering if I should return the 4K and get the Max instead.

      • Hi dhx, I have installed Kodi and Oz Weather. However I can not work out how to enable the BOM radar as the script requires the skin to be writeable. Which it isn't in the Fire TV Stick. Any clues on how to achieve this?

          • @dhx: Thx dhx, already looked there. His suggestion is to root the device to get write privileges. From my understanding this is not for the novice on a Fire TV Stick. So am I screwed?

            • @garylovesbeer: It looks like his approach is to use root access to the device to modify an existing skins folder in the Kodi app. The Fire TV 4K Max isn't rooted yet so that isn't going to help. The better approach but more work is creating a custom version of an official Kodi skin, then manually patching the skin with the changes he suggests. After you've got your custom skin, you'd then import it into Kodi as a new custom skin variant. Refer to https://kodi.wiki/view/Skinning but I've never used Kodi before so can't offer too much help beyond this sorry

        • You can't beat these bluetooth remote controls with BT airmouse to control Android TV devices on which you also have sideloaded phone/tablet apps made for touchscreen. With these, no part of the visible screens unaccessible:


          If you don't need a keyboard and light, these also do the job:


          • @philart: How's the one with keyboard? Is it easy to use? Any issue?

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    Thanks, that's another Christmas gift sorted! Used Suncorp Benefits for another 5% off total cost including shipping. Got two for $108.48 ($54.24) shipped by Toll Express for delivery within 7 days.

  • Is the Ethernet adaptor a must for streaming 4K? Or would WiFi be sufficient? Just deciding if it’s worth the extra $ for the adaptor.

    • Strong wifi signal is perfectly fine for 4K streaming

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      I had a 25Mbs/ 10Mbs Wi-Fi from Aussie BB and had no problem with 4k movies.
      I Did however have a problem with the 100 Gb/ month plan after a few days (Throttling) so I had to go to a higher allowance of 500Gb that came with 2x the speed subsequently $10 more monthly. Still cheap entertainment.
      The max is a great improvement if you have Dolby Atmos Amp and the stick controller now does the Bose sound control.

  • Dang, not able to pickup at my local store. Including delivery is $59.09. Same from Amazon.

  • lol under cutting amazon at $59? Too bad still not cheaper than Black Fri for $39 with Afterpay

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    I missed the $39 deal and bought one from jbhifi @ $59 and already received cashback $10 from commbank. So I'll return mine, unopened, buy this one at $53.10, pay with 15% discounted gift card from coles which will turn out to be $35.6.

    • You are really dedicated!

  • Any better TV stick that is open to play store which allows to install any app on the stick ?
    need to run Kayo and other live news tv apps using .APK files

    • It's easy to get apk files on this

      • oh ok. what about apps like Kayo, which is not available on Amazon? Any weblink that i can follow to make it work ? Thanks in advance.

        • Yeah just search whatever u want on google, just search how to sideload apps on firestick, there's heaps of ways it's easy

  • Just bought one but figured out that I do not have an Amazon account. So, may I please ask if I can install some Android Apps on this stick to make it work? Thanks in advance.

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      Just create an Amazon account. Its free

  • Is it possible to sideload Genshin Impact on this?

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