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Fire Stick 4K Max $59, Kindle PW $169, Echo 4th Gen $74, Echo Dot 4th Gen $39, Echo Show 8 $99, Echo Dot $19 @ Amazon

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    looking for good affordable cover for kindle PW 11th gen

    • The reviews on the new official (cover) are terrible by comparison to the older one

      • The reviews are terrible for the leather version of the cover - they are good for the fabric version.

        • I have the leather cover for the new one as well as the 10th gen model, don't really see the difference TBH. The leather cover has also held up well to a drop onto tile already.

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    The 4k Max for $10 more than the normal. Bought thanks

  • I literally just looked the app an hour or so ago, because waiting for Black Friday deals and seeing them advertised in my google need feeds as active.. But they were not showing.

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    Just ordered the new paperwhite and 7% Cashrewards cashback. I’ve been hearing some reports of dead pixels on the new paperwhite, so I’d rather order through amazons replacement service cause it’s just too good. Just in case.

  • Thanks OP. Just got a Firestick Max.

    The Good Guys still haven't even dispatched the one I bought for $94 two weeks ago. I'll see if I can cancel it.

  • Does this (4k max) support trued hd pass through?

  • Is it better to buy kindle on AMAZON?

    • It's not 'better' as you gain no additional benefits. But it is 7% cheaper due to cashback which brings it to like $158 on Amazon.

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        What about 3 mont free Amazon unlimited?

        • What about it? I'm not going to go through every additional perk/benefit; and personally, I don't consider subscription services as a deal, more like on-selling/promotional (especially when you're locked out if you've previously accepted any free trials).

          You can read more here: https://www.amazon.com.au/b?node=8129921051

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            @TogTogTogTog: I mean you don't get that via Myer ?

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              @life is suffering: No one mentioned Myer, you're asking leading questions when you clearly know already know about the Unlimited 'promotion' and that Myer/JB are selling the exact same product for the same price.

              Fundamentally, if you don't care about Unlimited and can get more than 7% cashback (<$158) at another retailer (Myer/JB etc.) buy it from them.

  • Can I connect a USB hard drive with Firestick Max to play videos? It seems that it doesn't have a USB connection.

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    Been considering the signature edition but boy I can't justify that extra with these specials

    • same,dont like ads but the price is sweet

      • I believe it's only US Kindles that have ads.

        I was hanging out for the Signature Edition this Black Friday, too, mostly for the wireless charging.

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          Wireless charging is overkill imo

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          Kindles now have ads!? Oh god. I'm never upgrading.

          • @pikapika: Did you even read the comment by pinkapple?

            • @inasero: Yes. Mine is US version 🤷‍♀️

              • @pikapika: If you had the US version, then you would know they have ads?

                • @inasero: 🙄 No. I haven't used it in years so I had no idea until now. It's a first Gen.

  • Been hanging out for an echo studio. Price is good ($179) but eoJanuary delivery!! (Perhaps is sounds better than ooStock)

    • I'm tempted to add a second in to the bedroom at that price.

      • We have an echo dot (gen 3) which we use to play nursery rhymes. Interested in a studio to get better quality (streaming from Spotify). How do you find the sound quality?

        • +1

          It's good, but you have to remember it's still a smart speaker. It can't hold a candle to a proper stereo system no matter how much Amazon spruiks its audio quality. It's claims of immersive 3D sound from what is basically a point source is a bit far-fetched. The real advantage for me is the form factor: a black cylinder is much easier to hide in your bedroom than a pair of bookshelf speakers and an amp.

          But it is miles ahead of its smaller siblings. The echo dots sound like a fart in a tin can in comparison.

          It's even better when partnered with the Echo Sub, although that seems to have disappeared from Amazon.

          It's been price-matched at JB, so you can walk in and pick one up right now rather than waiting for Amazon delivery. Or try and get the TCN gift cards in a couple of days to take it down to $152.

          • @Astronaut Joe: Thanks for both the comparison and the jb reference. We have a decent 5.1 but I’m happy to get a better speaker for background music

            • @roonie: TBH I use it mostly for sleep sounds or listening to random songs before bed. With the echo sub, thunderstorm "songs" sound awesome.

              • @Astronaut Joe: Echo studio is now showing up as April/May delivery. Picked mine up from JBs (at the same price). Good value for the price- would be a tad disappointing at RRP

  • Previous similar deals on Amazon Fire TV Stick
    Some comments to read..



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    Some Amazon devices deals at Kmart:

    Kindle $89 https://www.kmart.com.au/product/amazon-kindle/3904314
    Fire Stick 4k 59$ https://www.kmart.com.au/product/amazon-fire-stick-4k/390431...
    Echo dot 3 19$ https://www.kmart.com.au/product/amazon-echo-dot-3rd-generat...

    Probably all not sold in SA nor in NT.

  • I’ve been a long term Google Home user since the first gen Home Mini came out.

    We recently switched to Apple Music from Spotify (bundled with other services to save $$$) and so I can no longer play music through any of my devices.

    The Amazon devices seem so cheap in comparison to the Google ones.

    If I link Apple Music, can I see the Echo Devices and beam Music to them? Or is it voice only?

  • Anyone comment on Alexa vs google? Thinking of switching but unsure

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      I've Portal from Facebook and using Alexa on it. I've Google Nest hub in the bedroom. I find Google much more capable than Alexa. Plus Google has better execution of voice commands than Alex. YMMV

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        I found the opposite, unless because my google home mini is the old edition (it's not even called nest)

      • +3

        Depends on your usage. I use Alexa and echo devices for home automation and it seems to offer more support for a wider variety of devices. Automation routines are better in Alexa for mine.

        I've still got a Google nest speaker for the occasional query because Alexa can be a bit obtuse or longwinded pointing you to sites or articles rather than just answering.

        I REALLY value being able to call the house from my mobile with Alexa voice dialling. I have this set up for elderly parents as well as a back up in the event of a fall or something.

        Both get use as internet radios. Amazon won't give you audio from You tube but will act as a Bluetooth speaker from your phone playing Youtube as a work around. Having said that the Echos all have a 3.5mm out so the cheapest one can make your home stereo from any era into a Bluetooth stereo you can cast to for very few $$. The sound quality of the smallest speaker becomes irrelevant in that use - it is just a cheap casting device.

        Chromecast pairs with Google well and Echo with firestick BUT the Google speakers have reports of lag when paired as stereo speakers. Lots of guys rave about the Echo's making for a very easy to wire (because you don't) stereo pair for a firestick. Popular for say a projector set up. Reportedly without the lag.

        In short, you don't need to pick a side. Just the best for you in each application.

  • Can someone confirm that if I have an NBA league pass, I can use it with the fire max 4k?

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      Can that still act as a zigbee hub? Is that the cheapest option these days?

  • Hmm anyone think it's worth upgrading to the 4k max firestick from the 4k stick?

    • Slightly faster processor and wifi 6 compatibility seem to be the differences. I have the original 4K one but also buying the max for another TV just as it’s on special otherwise I probably would’ve just got another 4K one

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    Looks like the Kindle Oasis has $100 odd dollars off too.
    Brings the base model down to $299

    • That's a great price for the Oasis!

      I would recommend anybody considering it to also consider the new Paperwhite Signature Edition, which seems better than the Oasis in many ways and has wireless charging. I've never liked the unbalanced weight of the Oasis.

  • +1

    Any deals on new paperwhite case?

  • Amazon won't ship these to NZ :(

  • Does anybody know if it's possible to use a Firestick Max to store up to approx. a thousand photos and display them randomly for say 10 seconds each. I want to set up a screen on the wall as a stand alone continually changing photo frame, and being able to double as a media streamer now and then will be useful too.

    • it has 8gb of storage minus the apps, so however many you can fit depending on your photo sizes. or you can get a connector and plug in a usb

      • Thanks for the reply. What I'd like to find out is if the device has the capability to do what I want. It's not something I can find in the sales description.

    • +1

      It is more a question of you finding the right ap.

      I have one installed on my android tv that pulls photos and video from an album on my Google photos storage. I have it set as a screensaver so it comes on after a few min of inactivity.

      That way I can add pics to that album from my PC or phone and they play on the tv. Pretty sure I can play from a USB as well as the source.

      No idea if the same or similar ap is on the Amazon app store. Could always side load it.

  • You can 10% cashback with Shopback.

    • it didn't track for me until now. Ordered in the morning

      • You can check your click activity. It's 4 days for the tracking.

        • I just get mine tracked, 5 box for the Fire stick 4k max.

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    JB have matched the Amazon prices.

  • Are these firesticks any good? How do they compare against the Chromecast Ultra?

    Edit: No Kayo? Deal breaker for me

  • Anyone have any issues with limited quantities on the Kindle deal?

  • How are people finding their new paperwhites?

  • +3

    So the 4k max came and it is really snappy to use. I added it and a pair of 3rd gen echo plus's I already had (cheap from clearance) and grouped them into a "Home Theatre" group in Alexa.

    Just wow. One remote. Huge improvement over the TV sound. No lag and a good utility to address it if it occurs. VLC streaming of a shared drive no issues. Super easy install. "I notice you have another Firestick lite - Do you want to replicate apps and settings?" and it did everything itself.

    So $59 and 2 times $30 has made for a huge huge improvement. Big spacial stereo sound and great media access. Just needs Kayo.

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick max $39 with little birdie

    Ozbargain link and please read comments


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