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Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Charcoal Smart Speaker with Alexa $17.10 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Echo dot same price as amazon @ $19, 10% code brings it to $17.10, abit lower price than Bunnings deal.
Plum Fabric @ $17.10
Echo 4 @ $71.10
Echo 8 Gen 2 @ $89.10
Echo 5 Gen 2 @ $53.10
Echo Studio @ $161.10

Grab these echos to pair with the fire max 4k

Stack with discounted gift card for better deal or Amex offers.

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Just bought for a little extra ☹️, well worth it even just for multi speaker around the house, quite loud for size, but many many more features

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  • Great price, guess it's no point to purchase if you already invest in google home products

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      I bought a Echo dot 3rd gen from Amazon for $19 as it actually reads out aloud the reminders you set. I have 4x Google Nest Minis around the house but they don't read out aloud the reminders, they just say you have a reminder and then you have to ask it for it. For such Alexa is better at least.

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    if i wanted something listening and commenting on stuff at random around the house, i'd live with my girlfriend … i don't understand the desire for these things

    • I do live with my girlfriend, she can ask Alexa questions instead of bugging me. Bargain!

      • "Alexa, what's LowRange been up to when I'm not here?"

        • Yes lol, over the last 3 years i've installed that much home automation (a few hundred devices) she knows where in the house i am, what appliances i have on, what music/movies i'm streaming, what doors and windows i have open, who is here on the security system etc. Cant get away with anything these days :)

    • I have one in the en suite to play music while in the shower. Great sound quality for $17-19.

  • Can only pair one 3rd gen Echo Dot with Fire Stick 4k Max (by using Bluetooth), Max and 3rd gen Dot aren't compatible together for Home Theatre for anyone who might be thinking of buying them for this purpose (like I foolishly did)

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    You can also add a 800lm white LiFx bulb to the cart for $10.

    • $9… it also gets a further 10% discount.

      • Bugger. I got ripped off $1

        (I couldn't add the bulb to my online order as it said there was no stock. When I went into the store to pick up my order, they had 2 bulbs on the shelf, so the staff added it manually)

  • is it possible to setup 2 dots or more to run blutooth in stereo?

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