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LG OLED65A1PTA A1 65" OLED 4K TV $2245.50 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hifi Currently has the A1 for $2,495 (down from $2,995). The coupon gets another 10% off bringing it down to $2,245.50. Seems like a pretty good price for an OLED 65".

Compared to the C1 the A1 should have similar picture quality however no HDMI 2.1 ports, and I believe may not support VRR.

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    Good as in-toilet TV? Asking for friend.

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      No, it’s not waterproof. And how big is your toilet?!

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      You need 5 in the toilet. And the best brand then is hitachi


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      Is he going to use is for porn? Asking for a friend …lol

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      Is your friend vietbargain?

    • Is it cheaper in Vietnam? Asking for a friend.

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    Could you bundle some 15% vouchers too?

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    has less HDMI 2.1 ports

    Less in this case being zero.

    Was interested in this one until I found that out. Pretty decent all rounder going off reviews though and looks solid for gaming too if you didn’t have a PS5/Series X and wanted that 120fps/VRR

  • 100HZ is this a deal breaker?
    i didnt buy the C1, not sure if this is worth for $400 less.

    • You mean 50hz

      • thought it was 100?

        • Says 100 in product details

          • @achyd1: yeah, hence i asked.
            not sure if its just a ozbargain smart arse comment i dont understand hahaha

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          Its wrong. It’s a 50/60hz panel unlike the more expensive models that have 100/120hz panels

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      A C1 for $400 more with HDMI 2.1 is worth that for being future proof

      • Where is it $400 more than this price?

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          C1 65 was below $2800 in ebay during black friday.
          probably another round special during boxing day, and it will be around similar price next year march when LG release C2.
          All C2 65 inch will use evo panel with software support (2nd gen WRGB OLED panel), which has around 20% more brightness and less risk of burn in, better lifespan.
          Besides that, C2 should be similar to C1 in other features, C1 pretty much supports everything, 4*HDMI 2.1,dolby vision, g-sync etc.

    • +3

      Get C1, if new stock, you may have a good chance of getting next gen EVO panel (same panel as G1)for 65 inch.
      which has much more burn in tolerance that's why LG providing 5 years for G1 which also including burn in warranty in NAM.
      If you have more budget, go for C1 77 inch, which are all EVO panels.

      • Is there any way to tell? Serial numbers etc.?

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          The burn in thing is not really an issue if you are just a normal user. My B8 is going fine with lots of TV usage and games etc since 2019.

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          There is manufacture or delivery date on the box.
          APT delivery date is normally one month after manufacture date.
          For 65 inch, LG started transition of all Oled to EVO since middle this year. And should be all EVO panel from next year.
          If the TV is manufactured in Oct/Nov, you may have a good chance of getting EVO panel.
          If TV is currently out of stock and you placed a pre-order. It's almost certain a EVO panel.
          Note even with EVO panel, it would be still same performance as non-EVO ones on C1 but longer lifetime and better tolerance for burn in.
          And you would have choice to enabled G1 mode on C1 in service mode, at your own risk. (eg void warranty) I don't recommend to do it.
          For 77/83 inches, all panels are EVO.

          Bottom line is if you could get EVO panel, why not. But even if it's not EVO, it's still a great TV with no performance difference on C1

          • @Mandalorians: Hmm my C1 is 09/21, wonder how to check if it’s the new panel?

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              @3L Milk: 1.get a service remote and check oled model in service menu, wbe is evo and wbc is non evo.
              2. If you see pink tint around the edges of your screen off-axis it's likely an evo panel

          • @Mandalorians: Awesome info, thank you kindly

      • how about c1 55 inch? any chance of EVO panel for newer stock?

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          Yes same case for 65/55 C1

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      For this model it'll be TrueMotion 100Hz. The panel refresh rate itself is not native 100Hz. It'll be native 50Hz with some software or backlighting effect applied to simulate 100Hz i believe. The TrueMotion thing is just marketing.

      If you want a native 100Hz panel you need to look into the ones advertised as TrueMotion 200Hz


  • Thanks op

  • +1

    Good enough for prawn

    • I also like chess

  • You can also get the 48” A1 for $1435 which is pretty cheap.

  • Any g1s going

    • Unless you want the wall mounting gallery mode, i would recommend to get C1 and one size up with same price.
      The difference between C1 and G1 cannot justify G1's price tag

      • 65 G1 at $3300 is good

  • +1

    This is not the OLED TV model you want

    • Not for new gaming consoles, but otherwise it’s fine.

    • if you dont plan on getting ps5 or xbox… if this can do 4k60… whats the problem?

      • +1

        Value vs performance
        If you already spend this much, better to get a future proof one. Hdmi 2.1 is not only for xbx/ps5, but also for future devices like next apple TV/nvidia shield etc.
        For non hdmi 2.1 and 4k 60hz, better to save money and get cheaper TVs.

        • where can u get a tv with oled performance for 2.2k? you would need a top spec led for similar performance.

          • @hippyhippy: Well, it depends on your need.
            If you mainly watch movies/sport games, then this oled is fine.
            If you play games, then better to get a non-oled tv with at least one hdmi 2.1, like x90j which was below 2k during black Friday.

            • -1

              @Mandalorians: way to lead people astray. this oled at 60hz will shit on any other gaming tv 120fps/VRR or not.

        • Explain how your concept of future proofing works when the TV has a port that is adequate for the resolution and refresh rate it supports? There is simply no need for HDMI 2.1 on this TV as it will never be able to use that much bandwidth.

      • Hardly any games besides a select few racing games and platform games will do native 4k @ 120fps. Majority of next gen games will target 4k60fps sometimes with dynamic resolution.

  • Tossing between this and a Hisense 75 U9G, better screen or bigger size?

    • Same went with the Hisense in happy with it apart from no Disney +

      • How's the contrast levels and blooming with it? I've heard that the contrast levels are supposed to be closer to OLED but have some blooming issues.

  • +4

    I remember getting absolutely shit on in the comments earlier this year for suggesting we'd see an $1800ish 65" OLED in this cycle.

    I think we're getting close now.

  • So how is a 50/60 hz panel good for sports????? I always thought you want 200hz for sports?

    • +2

      The 200Hz is fake… It's like those TV's from a few years ago that mentioned 600Hz etc, if you read closer, it's some gimmick called True Motion.

  • It will be great if you have second lounge room beside your main lounge.

    • I do, the only thing separating the 2 is a door.

      • Well often is the case 🙂

  • This or the LG nano91 ???

  • Please put the G1 back to $2888 and then deal :D

  • on the 50Hz vs 100Hz thing, my Dad is after a really bright screen as it's going to be in a bright room with a lot of sunlight. Is higher frequency going to help with this? I just changed from a Pixel 6 Pro to a Pixel 6, the 6 has a lower frequency screen and it seems to be not as bright, that's why I ask…

  • Hi guys, got it with 15% gift card at JB hifi. Was able to get it delivery for $30 as the guy was reducing the price of tv to 2470 before 10% discount. Hope this help for someone who needs delivery.

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