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$199 Sennheiser Adidas HD25 Originals w/ FREE Express Shipping!


Please read:

The cheapest price you'll get for these just about anywhere. We've checked!
Even from overseas they'll cost you around $250 before shipping and taxes without any warranty and will take ages to get here!
In Australia you'll commonly find them around the $400 mark ($300 from cheap retailers), at this price they're an absolute steal.

For those not in the know the HD25 are the benchmark in DJ headphones due to their accurate sound, fantastic isolation and durability.

Price includes GST and express shipping.
PO box and locker addresses will be sent via regular post however because we'll have to send it via good ol Australia Post.

Offer available until the end of the long weekend or when allocated stock is exhausted (more likely).

This offer is also extended til the end of Easter!

We're also giving away one soon on Facebook, try your luck!

P.S. If you've purchased the HD25 originals from us no longer than 2 weeks ago at a higher price please contact us at [email protected] and we'll take care of you =)

Edit: Use D4VB9GOU712T to get $20 off the Hippo Pipe or ORQLNHRARZEI for $20 off the Go-Vibe Mini Box when you're buying either with the HD25

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  • Planning to pick my pair up today :)
    Was good timing, and the cheapest around.

  • +1

    Great price. I recently bought one at JB for $250 with free shipment.
    Great headphone but you will need a good amplifier to drive it.
    Portable mp3 player is not powerful enough to drive this headphone to bring out the best of this headphone.

    • +1

      A good amp definitely helps bring out the best out of it although they still sound pretty good out of an iPod/iPhone etc.

      If anyone reading is considering an amp perhaps consider the bundle, the Pipe is a great match with it!

      • +1

        The bundle appears to be $299, yet the headphones alone are $199, and the Pipe amp is $49 on its own.

        EDIT: My bad, missed the added headphones.

    • +2

      They're great on a Cowon ;)

    • I down-voted your comment due to a factual error (full disclosure, nothing against you!)

      These headphones have an Impedance of 70ohms, but a very high sensitivity of 120dB (per what I assume is 1mW)

      What this means is these headphones don't need an amp for two reasons: Their impedance is high enough for an even frequency response from even moderately high output impedance devices (Ipod Touch - 7ohms). and they are sensitive enough to get loud enough on low voltages from small devices (0.5V from an Ipod or Sansa Clip+/Zip) to cause permanent hearing damage.

      This means they don't need to be "impedance-matched" or made to go louder with portable devices. I own the HD25's, and using them with an ipod, a Sansa Clip Zip, and a Galaxy S II, they get loud enough to block out everything on a busy train and cause discomfort. An Amp would not improve anything here (barring the Galaxy SII's absurd output impedance, in this case a better player is the solution, not an amp).

      • I have compared the same music while playing on the Galaxy S II and Sony walkman 828 and I can tell you, it sounds so much difference when driving this headphone with an amplified dac. The sound is much more dynamic and the drum is so much true and solid as compared to the portable player. As I said, you won't understand what I mean until you are actually test this out on a good amplified DAC.

        • You assume I haven't. What is a good Amplified DAC; E7+E9, Burson 160D, iOS LOD+O2?

          "The sound is much more dynamic and the drum is so much true and solid" What does this mean? A sound cannot be solid.

          I have an Objective 2 portable headphone amp, and access to several high quality DACs and DAPs. The Galaxy S2 has a terrible DAC (it's placed poorly, lots of interference), and a terrible output stage, with over 50ohm output impedance. It doesn't sound nice.

          Iphone's have a great DAC, and a respectable headphone out (which can be avoided with a LOD), and the Sansa Clip has a great DAC and output. Using these, as well as a E7+E9 DAC/Amp combo all provide great sound, and measurably good performance.

          Both Objectively and Subjectively they sound good; can you objectively justify your opinion?

  • +1

    Keep bringing the Deals, Jaben! Good work for the past few, and for the customer service.

  • great price! definitely recommend these at this price.

    any chance you'll get the non-adidas ones? i would potentially impulse buy a set of regular HD25's, but i just can't do the adidas blue!

    a deal on DT770 would also potentially make me spend money i shouldn't…aha :)

    • Hi mate, unfortunately not anytime soon and they won't be at this price =(

      DT770… maybe, send us an e-mail or give us a call!

    • Your thoughts echo mine. If it weren't for the obnoxious blue colour I'd impulse buy. Great price for those that don't mind the colour though!

      • Haha we love them!
        If it's any help they come with white velour pads in the box… White/blue/black > blue/black?

  • +6

    A big '+' for doing your homework first!

  • Woah that's cheap! I paid about $400 for my originals many years ago :( Thanks rep, will hopefully convince a few ppl to grab these, definitely the best headphone bargain on here lately

  • Is there any difference between the look/sound of these? Is it just the colour difference?
    Personally I've got the Technics RPDJ1200 headphones and I LOVE THEM!
    Excellent price by the way :)

    • Everything is exactly the same as a HD25-I-II except for the colour!
      Thanks! We do our best =)

  • I am planning to get a ATH M50s. Could any one tell me which one is better, M50s or HD25?
    If M50s is better, is it any store near SYD CBD?

      • thx

    • +4

      They're different headphones! HD25 is smaller and on ear, the M50s are over-ear and a fair bit bigger.
      The HD25 is neutral and the M50 is quite bassy.

      Not disputing the website below, but there are no opinions on what each headphone sound like.
      A few people on this thread will be able to confirm the HD25's durability, many people (me included!) have abused them for years and they're still performing like a champ.
      The plastic it's made out of is amazingly durable and flexible. You bend the headband an unbelievable without it breaking!

      Graphs and specs are nice and all, but they don't tell you much about sound "quality" at all.

    • +2

      I wouldn't call the HD25 neutral, but the M50 is indeed bassier.

      There is an Audio Technica store in the basement of Westfield, near Superdry, from what I remember. They are probably more expensive than other places, but they have display models you can test. Some have been there for a long time, so you'll have to judge whether the headphones are defective, but you can at least test whether isolation, comfort, clamping etc. meet your requirements.

      • Thank you very much. I heard about asking for price match in the store, is it works or not?

        • They do price match even with online offers. Picked my m50 there a few weeks back for $169

      • The basement of which Westfield may I ask?

        • +1

          Sydney CBD, beneath what was once the Centrepoint Tower.

      • Yep I've tried the Audio Technica store there.. I don't think they had the M50s as in the exact model :|
        I found the models I tested to be a little… grado'ish is what I'd call them, they've got nice bass and relatively crisp sound but the mids and highs just needed a bit more clarity I reckon.
        I used to love Sennheiser HD228s until Sennheiser Australia sent me a 2nd pair under warranty and it was different to the 1st pair (warranty no.1, from Sennheiser AU) and the original pair (from mymemory) I sent in. They must've changed factories or something cause the HD228s I have now sound like the singers are all pinching their noses to sing :|

  • edited.. same as above.

  • I believe Sennheiser is bringing out a new HD25 this year with low ohm for portable media player.

    • Yep, the amperior. It'll be $350 retail in the US so perhaps around $400 by the time duty/taxes are applied?

      • I sure hope the Amperior will smash beats to pieces..
        It's about time Sennheiser finally mixed in some good looks into their average-looking but awesome-sounding products.

        EDIT: HD25 vs Amperior in terms of SQ, would there be any difference?
        M50s vs HD25, which one wins :)

        • Different purposes, but for the hip-hop/bass-head market, the M50s are superior

        • +1

          …from the pictures I've seen (assuming I was looking at the correct pictures), the Amperior looks the same as the basic HD25-1 II, except with a coat of paint, which has the effect of making it look even cheaper than the basic black plastic?

          It's time Sennheiser hired some industrial designers to bring it into the 21st century. Their designs give the impression that they were left behind in the 90s, with the exception of the HD800.

        • Apparently the Amperior is designed to work without a driver? (iPod/iPhones)

        • +2

          Do you have a link to that? The drivers are in the headphone, one on each side. They move the diaphragms which vibrate to produce sound. Or did you mean amplifier? According to my limited knowledge, portable music players have in-built amps. Turning up the volume control tells the amp to feed more power to the headphones. That, in turn, increases the volume of what you hear.

          Sometimes, you'll see people talking about bypassing the iPod's internal amplifier by using a cable that plugs into the dock at the bottom of the iPod. This then connects to the external amplifier. The amplifier is supposed to provide the headphones with power, but different amp designs result in colourations in the final sound that many people like.

          In any case, from what I know, you need an amp to control the volume, whether it be the in-built one or an external one. There are also things called pre-amps but my knowledge pretty much ends there. Head-fi is a great source of information if you want to know more.

        • OH WOOPS I mean without an amp (external) on it sorry!
          The dude talks about it in here

          Probably a Sennheiser rep at their stall at CES 2012?
          Yeah I meant amp… not a driver, not sure how a driverless headphone would work ahaha

        • +1

          He didn't really give much detail lol.

          I think he meant that the headphones are easy to drive from an iPod whose amp does not provide all that much power. You'll find that with headphones that require more power, the frequency response may change depending on how much power it is fed. Unless it gets the power it needs, certain frequencies sound louder or softer, and the headphone does not represent the sound intended by the engineers.

          I'm not sure whether it is actually designed particularly to sound well with the DAC+amp combination in Apple's portable products, or whether he was just appealing to Apple's user base. Maybe he meant that they're also selling the mic that works with iPhones.

          Have to say that I don't think he understands the meaning of the word "luxurious"… Looks rugged enough to be thrown inside a bag though, which is probably more appealing to the target market than if it were "luxurious".

      • Edit: deleted - replied to wrong person

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO just got a vmoda crossfade :(:( why do i always miss out on the good sales

    • That's ok, from what I've been reading the vmoda are excellent! Have you got them yet?

  • This is a good price. Bought mine for over $400 10yrs ago. Used by sound professionals the world over. Be advised, these are very accurate headphones which will expose the deficiencies of any equipment you plug in to.

  • Any deals on the new Sony earphone range?

    • Sorry mate, we've only got a couple of pieces left!

  • +6

    I bought these last friday, and wanted to add that it's great that they offered me this price even though it was a few days early. Any other shop would've happily taken the extra $50.

    So a big plus for jaben customer service & their integrity.

    edit: forgot to mention, quite enjoying the hd25 + pipe amp combo.. =)

  • +1

    what the different between this and the HD 25-1 II ? are they the same?

    • I believe they are same, only cosmetic different.

  • I've had these too - exceptional. And if you've never had proper reference headphones these are a revelation.

    Will add that I frequently used them with ipods etc and they're fine….better with an amplifier sure, but no slouch on their own either. Don't be put off! Awesome cans! 10/10 - and super cheap!

    Also paid $300 plus years ago!

    • Just a question… whats up with using an amp, is it just an extra power boost?
      I.e. if I use this with a laptop, would I need an amp?

      • A DAC would be advisable first as your laptop output is very likely bad. You can buy a half decent DAC+ amp combo such as the Fiio E10, it would work wonders if you never used any thing like that before.
        In direct answer to your question an amp provides more power which allows the headphone to perform better so not necessarily louder (might be loud enough) but the sound quality will improve.

        • Why would my laptop output be very likely bad? Just out of curiosity :)

        • use of cheaper components than they put in high quality stuff.
          Of course there are exceptions but most laptops would be using cheap outputs and not the ones they put in professional equipment.

        • +5

          Why laptops have bad sound quality? sadly because manufactures don't consider the audio output to be an important part of the design of a laptop.

          If you can be bothered reading:

          Let's just say that above is best case scenario (Apple Macbook Air). If you have any windows laptop expect your sound output to be even worse (simply because Apple pay at least some attention to this aspect of their designs whereas other manufactures simply don't show any form of caring).

          If you can't be bothered reading, here are the main points of the article:

          FIRST CLASS:
          Very flat frequency response
          Very low output impedance
          Higher output than many laptops and most portable players
          24 Bit Support With 106 dB Dynamic Range
          Reasonably quiet on battery power

          One channel far more prone to noise and clips first
          Much higher measured noise with AC power connected
          Asymmetrical clipping into loads below 45 ohms
          Output unstable (oscillates) with modest capacitive load

          BOTTOM LINE:
          While there are some significant concerns, overall the Air mostly lived up to Apple’s reputation for better audio and outperformed typical laptop headphone outputs I’ve tested. It also has more output than most portable players including the iPod Touch and iPhone. I was disappointed the design (very likely the PC board layout—see the end of the Tech Section) is sufficiently asymmetrical to render one channel far more vulnerable to noise. I would have been much more impressed had Channel B lived up to the performance of Channel A. And the clipping behavior below 45 ohms and stability into difficult loads, are also potential red flags. But, with typical portable headphones, users are unlikely to encounter any significant problems except perhaps some mildly audible noise. For more challenging headphones, or critical listening, the Air may fall short but I don’t know of a laptop with better built-in audio at the moment.

        • Anyway to tell if my laptop's output is good?
          I'm using ASUS N43JF-a1, a laptop that has B&O Speakers with Sonicmaster software.
          Used a clean-install version of windows before -> sound sucked without the sonicmaster.
          After I restored from factory image on harddrive -> sound became awesome.
          With the B&O speakers + sonicmaster tweaking, the speakers are amazing, best I've heard from a laptop.

        • "…amp provides more power which allows the headphone to perform better so not necessarily louder (might be loud enough) but the sound quality will improve."

          This is not necessarily correct. An amp can do two things: Make the music louder, and change the output impedance. This is all an amp can do.

          If a headphone can already go loud enough, then the power part of an amplifier is not needed. An amp may be beneficial if the headphone impedance is low, and the player or output impedance is high, as the frequency response can be changed due to insufficient damping. This means the headphones and source are mismatched. It is estimated that a good match between these is an earphone or headphone with an impedence at least 8 times greater than the output impedance of the source.

          For example: These headphones have an impedance of 70 ohms, so would be good to use with any source that has an output impedance of 8.75ohms or less. An iphone is around 0.5-2ohms (depending on model), Ipod 7ohms, Sansa Clip+/Zip is 0.5ohms. All good sources; an amp would not make these headphones sound better. Incidentally, these headphones also get loud enough to cause hearing damage from these sources too, so an amp would not benefit a user of these outputs.

        • +1

          Anyway to tell if my laptop's output is good?

          My suggestion to you is to first purchase a decent set of headphones. The rule of thumb for audio is that it would sound as good as your worst part in the chain. Usually first that is the headphones themselves. Once you have a decent set of headphones you can have a listen and determine whether the sound is satisfactory to you. If it is, be happy! never look at an audio forum/review/advice again! (be happy in your ignorance! ignorance is bliss!)
          If it isn't - now comes the part where you look for your next weak link. In all probability (using a laptop) it will be the DAC and not the amp, however since you can get a decent-ish DAC+amp combo that would improve your sound tremendously.
          As an example to what I mean by "not satisfactory" I can't use my laptop (ASUS U80) to listen to music to, unless in the most dire circumstances… There is highly audible noise as well as distortion that is very clear to my ears. On the other hand out of my SGS2 the music sounds fine, especially with the in-ears that I use when out and about. I know that the SGS2 output is not the best, but it does not bother me as it sounds good enough for my purposes.
          Hope you get what I mean.

          If a headphone can already go loud enough, then the power part of an amplifier is not needed. An amp may be beneficial if the headphone impedance is low, and the player or output impedance is high, as the frequency response can be changed due to insufficient damping.

          How does this explain the HD650s which are loud enough connected to almost anything but improve tremendously with good amplifying? The power an amp supplies is not only for volume, it also determines the frequency response… e.g. under different loads the same headphones would have different frequency response.
          I have a pair of Ficher Audio 011. They are 160 ohms, 98db. They sound ok out of my Sansa Clip (loud enough!), but that is incomparable to how they sound with an O2 added in between… Definitely not an output impedance issue!

        • I couldn't reply to your post, I think we have too many comments nested :).

          I see you're a fan of NwAvGuy, have an O2, a Galaxy S2, Sansa Clip, and HD650's as well! Crazy! Next you'll be telling me you have an E7+E9 and Koss KSC75s too…

          My experience with the HD650s and the Clip were it was not loud enough, and the audio would begin to "clip" (love the irony of an "audiophile" approved player having a name synonymous with unfavourable audio artefacts) at something that approached average listening level. So top explain myself better, the average volume that was good to listen to, was so close to the player's maximum that the loud parts of the song would push the player too hard, and sound like crap.
          BUT: this is just my opinion, could be my BRAIN playing tricks. Either the scenario above, or your brain playing tricks could both explain the scenario where the amp sounds better, where technically it shouldn't.

          Unless there's a property of the player-amp-HD650 relationship I'm unaware of?
          EDIT: "The power an amp supplies is not only for volume, it also determines the frequency response…" What power are you referring to here, and how does this "power" influence the sound?

        • Yes I think we are long into nested territory here… :-)

          I am a fan of nwavguy, I own an O2 (great amp btw) but not a HD650… The Sansa Clip I had long before I even heard his name. The pair of headphones I was commenting on were my FA-011 (IMO one of the better Head Fi FOM), I believe the HD650 are similar but I'm saying that not from experience but rather from what I've reading.

          What does nwavguy have to do with SGS2? </curious>

          I should confess at this point that I don't hold myself to be a huge technical expert on this area (headphone amplifiers), and am just expressing what I (think I) have learned in the years of having audio and headphones as a hobby (so still way more than the average Joe I'd expect).
          I am intimately familiar with the mind tricks you are referring to (obviously being mainly an objectivist) and all I can say is that the difference is too stark IMO to be fully attributed to mind games but of course cannot be proven without doing a double blind test.
          Also I think there is an audible difference between clipping and a "shallower" (not sure what the right word here is) frequency response. e.g. the bass would not sound the same, but definitely obviously not clipping. Hope I make it clear, always find it hard to express what I hear with words..

          What power are you referring to here, and how does this "power" influence the sound?
          I refer to the output power, my understanding/theory is that it does in fact influence the way the drivers react to the signal passed through them. If it does not, then there surely is another missing piece of the puzzle.

      • You won't understand until you listen with one. It was an eye opener and I could never go back to motherboard sound card. The sound reproduced with a nice DAC and Amp is very different.

        • Hmm… will device manager show up any model numbers? :P

  • +1

    It doesnt have the power to drive the headphones like an amp. That said, you will not be disappointed using these on a phone or computer. I promise!

  • Another awesome bargain from Jaben :D

    • +1

      I don't know whether it's legal to marry a company, but I'm willing to try :D

  • Excellent pair of headphones.

    Recently bought the non-adidas version for A$190 from the US. Amazing!

  • Can I get better price should I buy it together with Pipe amp? :)

    • +3

      Sure! Use this code to get $20 off the Pipe if you purchase a HD25.


  • How is it comparing to the Beats Studio?
    Seen a lot of ppl wearing the red B's on train and tram everyday…

    • yeah i have beats studio but i havent use them for two years, but are they better than beats?

    • +4

      Are you trolling?

      • no. just looking for the answer. don't know too much about headphones… saw the beats on sale on this site, almost half price but didn't make it. if this is way better i'm gonna buy this instead.

        • +2

          haha ease up guys.
          The HD25 will offer you a flatter frequency response compared to the beats, which is quite bassy. This means you'll get more detail out of your music and you'll hear things you've never heard in your old music!

          Can't say whether you'll like it better, but if the amount of bass in a headphone is not the most important thing to you then you very likely will!

  • -2

    Haha they matched it. Looks like I'll be getting it from these guys as it's much easier for me to pickup. Still bit iffy about the color though =S

    • +6

      With free express shipping why pick it up at all? =)

    • +2

      I think you should support the seller that brought you these at a great price, not the company that priced matched!

    • Ended up getting something else, but never the less, great deal =)

  • +1

    And ordered, cheers Jaben! :D

    • +3

      Thanks buddy!

      • Not a problem, I've been looking for something to pair with my trusty Cowon D2 + UE TF 10's for a few years while on the go. This should do the job nicely. Pretty likely these will rock up before the end of the week? :)

        • +2

          End of week? Only if you're unlucky… They should arrive on Wednesday, Thursday at the latest

  • can you do a cheaper price with these headphones + the GoVibe Mini Box? :)

    • Sure! ORQLNHRARZEI for $20 off the Go-Vibe mini box if you purchase it with the HD25
      Let us know what colour you'd like the amp to be (black or red)

      • Just put the items in the cart, but sorry if I missed it - where can I apply the code (paying via PayPal)?

        • Just checkout normally, at the very last step there will be a field where you can put in the code!
          You'll be able to choose paypal as the payment method at the end.

        • Ordered! Thanks Jaben, and thank you for doing a discount on a bundle. Looking forward to it :)

  • If your a basshead pair these up with digiZoid ZO2 and your in for a treat!
    Not that they lack bass imo. Great job Jaben these are fantastic prices, would of got one
    if I didnt already have em.

    • what a coincidence, we just got a sample of these and we're fairly impressed.
      Not really sure how it works though, you may see it in our store soon

  • whats the difference between the two amp Go-vibe Mini Box and Hippo pipe?

    • The Mini-Box is in a metal casing and is a bit larger, to me it's quite neutral and sounds pretty good!
      The Hippo Pipe adds a bit of bass which isn't a bad thing to add to the HD25. It's a bit smaller but is in a plastic case.

  • +2

    Wow, this is the height of customer service. Well done Jaben, you have earnt a customer

  • I heard you could buy these for $5 at Dick Smiths.

    … sorry. :-)

    • +2

      Haha the mystical dse sale… on the way in to work today i saw some people leaving my local one quite empty handed.
      Was considering queueing for a couple of hours, so glad i didn't

      • +1

        Hey for what it's worth I got a couple of bargains out of the DSE fiasco, but I'm glad I was at a regional non 100+ people store.

  • You guys going to increase your DAC range sometime?

    • Yep! We've got a couple of portables and one or two desktop DACs coming soon.
      Firestone Spitfire is in but I've forgotten to put it up on the site. Coming tomorrow!

  • Just bought one of this amazing stuff + mini go vibe amp! Cant wait to try this cans. Hurm, what is the estimated delivery time in Sydney area?

    • If you ordered it earlier today or yesterday you should receive it tomorrow (Wednesday)

  • Yeah these are well reviewed here:

    Recon I'll pick one up.

    • Yeah..

      • Sennheiser HD25-1 II
        Build Quality (10/10)
        Comfort (8/10)
        Isolation (9.5/10)
        Sound (9/10)
        Value (8.5/10)

      • Audio-Technica ATH-M50
        Build Quality (9/10)
        Comfort (9/10)
        Isolation (8/10)
        Sound (8.75/10)
        Value (9.5/10) - cheaper than HD25-1 II

      • Monster Beats by Dr Dre Solo
        Build Quality (7/10)
        Comfort (8/10)
        Isolation (8.5/10)
        Sound (6.5/10)
        Value (6/10)

      • Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio
        Build Quality (7.5/10)
        Comfort (8.5/10)
        Isolation (9/10)
        Sound (6.75/10)
        Value (6/10)

  • +2

    These guys have great service, and generally great prices. Thanks!

  • I can vouch for the Sennheiser HD 25s. Top quality headphones.

    Also +1 for this comment from the rep:
    "P.S. If you've purchased the HD25 originals from us no longer than 2 weeks ago at a higher price please contact us at [email protected] and we'll take care of you =)"

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