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$140 off 1st Box, $20 off 2nd Box and $20 off 3rd Box ($180 Total off) + Free Shipping (New Customers Only) @ HelloFresh



Just noticed that Hellofresh increased the new sign up credits to $180 using referral codes, essentially a totally free box as shipping also comes out as free. Although you (the sender / referrer) only get $50 credit.

Referral Links

Referral: random (691)

Referrer gets $50-$59.99 credit (active subscription req.). Referee gets $50-$70 off their first box

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    Keep Hitting random untill you get the latest offer. Many referrals by OZB users are not updated. Yet!!

  • don't forget to check classifieds for free boxes as well

    • I'm a noob customer. Can you please explain which is the better deal. I'm thinking of giving them a crack for some work meals.

      Also interested in finding out if the meals can be frozen.

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        Also interested in finding out if the meals can be frozen

        You make the meals yourself. Ingredients should all be fresh so you can freeze after cooking.

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        This is a better promotion imo, as it gives you 1 free box valued up to $140 plus 2 discounted boxes.

        To maximise the value of free box, I'd recommend order 2 people x 5 meals (10 serves in total) or 4 people x 3 meals (12 serves in total). Both work out to be free, other options above that will incur extra cost per serve.

        The meal box came with fresh produce, so you'll need to cook the meals first then freeze.

      • You might be better off looking into food prep rather than these. I've always found these to produce so much cleanup.

    • Gave away 2 free boxes in the classifieds and neither were used
      Unfortunately Hello Fresh doesn't let you "re-claim" free boxes

  • What is the qualification for being a "new customer"?

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      You haven't been used yet.

      • its the delivery address only.

        • How does this work? What if you move houses?

        • I don't know if this is true since my partner and I both used referrals to get promos while using the same address. We used different cards though.

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          Actually, to be more accurate, it's not delivery address. I've had a few free boxes sent to my delivery address, just with different identities. The driver never actually checks the identity so feel free to use a fake name. I'd say a different name, phone number, and card would fool them.

          If they actually don't deliver, you can claim and say you just moved in. However, note that you can't get a free box too often because the story doesn't live up if you have someone move in every week lol.

          Also, they're kinda weird in that they don't actually tell you if they've cancelled your mealbox due to suspicion of fraud. They just cancel it and leave you waiting for a box that you think is coming.

  • Couldn't get $140 off. Only $100 off

    • Keep hitting Random from above referral!!

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        I hit Random till my access was denied for being rate limited and still haven't got one tho. Bad luck I guess lol

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      Keep your OZB Private Message active and some1 can DM you.

  • Logged into Hellofresh and my referral link was $110, not $140. Updated my referral link to that anyway :)

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    I ditched it. Last few boxes had rotten vegetables and seriously damaged products in it. Customer service didn't seem to care much.

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      I tried them twice. First time we got wilted vegetables and a tin of tomatoes with a dense layer of dust on top. Tried it again a few years later, and 2 out of the 3 sweet potatoes in the box where rotten and a zucchini had a solid chunk taken out of it (at least an inch in width). Zero quality control. I then had a salesman come to my door a few months later and after I told him how bad both my experiences had been, he flat out accused me of being unreasonable for not wanting to hand over my money a third time and give them a chance to redeem themselves.

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      Personally got quite good quality fruit and vege with my 2 Hello Fresh free boxes I got, they were on the small side though. No bruises or wilting. This was earlier this year (February-April or so).

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      This is my exact experience. Over time HelloFresh seem to lower the quality is fresh fruit / vegetables. Then when I contacted them they would offer me $0.30 for the issue. Also, they would leave things out from time to time.
      We moved to Dinnerly and haven't had any issues in over 6 months. Produce is fresher and not a single missed item. We’ve even been given free (promotional) stuff, on occasion, too.
      I can't recommend HelloFresh.

      • Dinnerly is the cheaper version of marley spoon. Same company.

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          Yep! We didn't enjoy Marley Spoon’s meals. Dinnerly is yum tho!

    • I still use them for the convenience but their veggie size is quite small or crap. I often have to top up with my own grocery items and the overall portions are small and will leave you hungry.

    • I do get occasional broken/missing/wilted ingredients but I've found the reporting is pretty good at https://www.hellofresh.com.au/contact-page/self-report You just say what the issue was and they instantly apply credit to your account (a few dollars for each one) - no approval by customer service.

      • Nice enough… but how does that help when you're about to start cooking and multiple products are unusable? Do i do something myself? Do i go to the shops and get replacement stuff?

        The convenience is gone.

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    Yay, found one for $180. Keep trying

    • People with these referrals are gonna get a lot of credit haha

      • I got 1 during last offer… Perks of been active OzB member & guide the newbie ;)

    • Better off posting a link when you find one that hight. best I've got is $110

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    Kept hitting random and now I'm getting Error 1015 from cloud flare temporarily banning me because they think I'm spamming the site lol
    $110 was the highest I got from about 40 attempts FYI

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    For anyone that just wants the easier meal planning aspect and doesn’t mind doing a grocery shop, check out an app called Mealime (there’s probably others too). Basically you pick from a range of recipes to make a meal plan, then it builds a shopping list for you based off of your selected recipes (combining common ingredients into a total amount). Then just pick your meal for the night and followed the recipe in the app. Much cheaper option that might suit some people better.

    (Not affiliated with the app, just a fan)

  • I just added my referral, but it seems it only $100 off.
    Maybe because i am new account?

    • My account is about a month old and my codes are $170 off.

  • Has the referral link format changed? I have the $180 offer, but my referral link doesn't follow the same format as it did previously (or that is listed on the OZB referral page).

    • Yes! You have to remove everything after Unique Code.

  • Updated my referral code for free box.

  • Wooo new one

    I just updated my referral thanks OZB

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    FYI: You only get the full $180 off if you hit a certain $ threshold. We got the 4 people @ 5 days for the first week, and are going to drop it down to 2 people for the following weeks.

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    I have some of these new boxes. PM me your email for one.

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    Can you cancel it? (i don't want the 2nd, 3rd etc boxes)

    I only want the first $140 off

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      Skip the 2nd week and cancel your plan after you receive the 1st box. If you cancel straight away you won't receive anything.

      • What I did is I wait until the first delivery arrived and cancel it straight away on that day
        You have 5 days before the next delivery to cancel it.

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      i use revolut cards they cant take any money which isnt there

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        Pretty sure Hello Fresh is known to deliver the food regardless then sell the debt to collectors.

        • I'll cancel after the box is delivered :)

  • Does the person providing the referral get anything?

    • They get $50 credit

  • FYI I've got $180 off code and can confirm that $180 off code starts with FRB and normal codes start with HS.

    • Yup just checked and mine is $180 starting with FRB

    • Me three! Also have the $180 FRB code. I was wondering what they meant by 'HS" when I was adding it here

    • At the payment page, do you see offer being applied?

  • Please do not add comments asking other users to contact you for a referral.

    • My bad! I checked the referrals page and didn't see PM comments as banned (but now I know it's in the comment guidelines article).

      • Thanks for pointing that out. We'll add it to the referrals page as well then for clarity.

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    Mods should the referals be cleared out and everyone re-add theirs again?

    • Agreed, looks like you need to update your code for the higher $180 referral.

      • My referral shows I can only give 100?

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    I'm getting an apology saying "offer expired", anyone else?

    • Yeah same ..I had chat with rep and she said code has already been used. Generated another code, same outcome.

  • Seems like whatever code I use, I still have to pay $9.99 for shipping.

  • "You are being rate limited" XDDDDD

    • What's that mean? I used incognito if that makes any difference.

  • Pretty strange maths on my order:

    Classic - 5 meals per week for 2 persons $114.99
    Discount -105
    Order price (with discount) $0.00

  • Actually I tried a couple and $110 one worked. Free first box and cancel straight after.

    Thanks OP

  • +2

    Sorry, it looks like we can't apply this discount as the offer has expired.


    • Keep trying! After an hour I finally generated a code that wasn't used up

  • Hmm, my old referral is $110. New one is $100. So I guess I won't update mine? Such a weird system!

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  • The offer is now $130 off first box and $20 then $20, total $170

    • +1

      Still pretty darn good

      • Seems like code is broke.

  • My code is still working. Maybe you can only refer so many people before it reverts to $130?


    Edit: Admins don't want to clear the referral system, so unfortunately it is very difficult to get anything but the $100 discount.

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      Type a random email in the textfield and it will show that the offer is expired.

      • Oh damn. Thanks.

  • Seems to be working for me. Used a random reference code and gives me $180 total off as mentioned in the thread.
    I tried my reference code in incognito and gives $180 off as well

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    had a $180 code, went to type in email, went through okay then get a "sorry this code is expired" red banner

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    Expired it seems.. just registered an account and it was asking for payment in the end.

  • How is this deal expired?
    I just logged into my HF account and can still send my referral code/invite friends for $180off.
    I can confirm my referral code has "c=FRB-" indicating $180off instead of "HS" which was the previous $100off

    Can mods check that this deal is not expired?

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      You can still see FRB code via Your Account. However, those who sign up will not get $180 off. I am assuming, HF might have forgot to change back to original referral start with HF through their system.

      Note: use original referral code starts with HF, so you get $50 and they get $110 in 3 boxes.

      • Thank you for clarifying this. I gave out several of these boxes but only received one referral of $50. Then people reported that the links were not working and I contacted HF. They gave me a new code and swore that it would give me a referral bonus but again it did not work. Poor effort from HF.

  • all 3 boxes delivered

    cancelled the 2nd ones

    • Did you do them at the same time? Which one is the introductory one? How did it work?

  • 3 boxes? You ordered three lots of this?

  • On another note..
    I scored a $50 credit from someone using my referral but I think the only way I can use it is after the two small remaining $20 savings are used up from this deal.
    So basically, I would need top pay twice (- $20) to get to the $50 saving, three deliveries from now, thus not as good as it sounds

    • +1

      Don’t think that’s how the referral works. You can apply the $50 to any of your future orders. No min spend/conditions

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