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POCO X3 Pro Global Version (6.67", 6GB/128GB, SD 860, 48MP, NFC) US$196.99 (A$275.20) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood (App Only)


Checking BG's previous deals on this phone they all shipped from HK, so with US$196.99 being the cheapest price yet plus free shipping from AU, thought it is worth posting again. With an estimated delivery date of the 16/12 you should also get it before Christmas.

Note: Need to purchase via the Banggood App to get price in title (US$3 cheaper than the desktop site).

Specs: gsmarena

  • 6.67" 120Hz FHD+ Display
  • Gorilla Glass 6
  • Snapdragon 860
  • Android 11 MIUI 12
  • 6GB + 128GB or 8GB + 256GB
  • 48MP Main Rear Camera
  • 5010mAh mAh Battery with quick charge 33W (Charger included)
  • NFC
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • MicroSD Slot
  • IP53 Splash Protection
  • 4G: FDD-LTE: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/20/28 TDD-LTE: B38/40/41

To get price in title:

  • Purchase via BG App
  • Select ships from AU
  • Remove shipping insurance

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD. Stackable with cashback.

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  • +2

    been some reports of the phone dying- check reddit - careful if no local warranty…

    • +1

      I dropped it and the main camera stopped focusing. Very annoying

    • +1

      It seems in the margin of errors for the Xiaomi. Is not the only model with serious issues. The 9 and 9T series have similar issues.

    • Very unclear if most cases are using the Indian variant and what version(6/128 or 8/256).

      The common thread was certain 12.5 firmwares…

      I wish every owner good luck tho…

  • +3

    Amazing value to be had in phones these days

    • +4

      How come? I have never purchased off Banggood before..

      • Warranty most likely, i'm honestly suprised at the amount of upvotes these deals get when compared to the same phone off Amazon…

        • Because it's cheaper…

  • Do people use Poco phones without custom firmware?

    • I'm using the OG Poco X3 NFC with stock firmware. Am I missing something?

      • You're missing a lot of smoothness.

    • I don't use Xiaomi phones but would install a custom rom lending how easy it's to pass safety net and all.

      • +2

        custom rom

        Can you get auto update with custom rom? Don't want to do manual everytime have updates

        • I think ota update is common now, just that it's a pain in the butt to root Xiaomi phones.

        • +1

          Yes, auto updates work on Lineage ROM

    • +3

      3 year F1 user here with stock

    • Yes, I and many I know do. I used to mess with custom firmwares but can't be bothered anymore, there was always an issue or bug that got in the way.

      Modern Miui is solid, quick, and with a different launcher, a real nice user experience.

      • Have they sorted the notification lags with whatsapp, FB messenger etc?

        • From memory it was just something in settings to stop it from closing them all the time and from then it was fine. My notifications are instant, phone gets everything about 30 seconds before my Lenovo tablet.

    • +1

      I'm using the 8/256 with lineage os, too bloated for my liking with MIUI and I've been using AOSP for years….

  • aaahh man I just bought my kid the Redmi Note 10… This looks better

    • +8

      Better than your kid ?

      • +1

        other people's kids always nicer

    • Yes, this is a better phone except for the Screen :(. Note 10 has a great AMOLED screen.

    • +2

      I wish I got the Remi note 10 over this. The poco is damn heavy

      • Redmi Note 10 has a flimsy plastic frame as opposed to rigid metal frame on Poco X3. Poco is better in every way


        • Except weight and screen.
          The poco is just to heavy for my liking. I got a poco x3 nfc, same weight and I dont like it. I got it for its specs, thinking it would be great to use with my xbox controller and the mobile phone clip….nup, it sucks! Its so damn heavy you have to rest it against your leg and even then its a pain. That other phone is 37 grams lighter, damn I wish I had that. Even just carrying this thing around sucks, especially when Im wearing shorts.
          Then theres the screen. The one on the poco can do 120hz, ooooh isnt that nice….except it sucks. Alot of things just wont go that high to start with and if they do its mostly a blury mess coz the response rate on it is crap. The other phone has amoled so Im assuming its response times are awesome.
          Specs are nice and all and if your just after something that can game and dont mind getting wrist strain then get a poco. If you just want something that works and isnt a pain to carry then get something else.

          • @PAEz: I also have Poco X3 NFC.

            "its mostly a blury mess coz the response rate on it is crap"
            That doesn't happen on a custom ROM. I use crDroid and there is no blurring. Unlike on stock Xiaomi ROM, screen refresh works properly. As for weight: all big phones with big screen and a big battery are heavy. You can't have it all. You may want to look at Mi 11, however, it costs a lot more.

  • +2

    I got this from last Amazon UK deal, phone is good, camera is good, quite too vibrant greens.
    I personally appreciate more the almost vanilla Moto experience, but not too many apps to remove on this one.

    good for video streaming,

    IT'S BLOODY HEAVY , but battery last more than a day of use

  • +2

    hey Steve Jobs! why you cant make a phone and sell at this price ? less profit is not good ?

    • +20

      Probably because he dead

      • +1

        Wow. That escalated quickly.

    • +1

      Do you see dead people?!!

    • +2

      If you can sell something at $2500, why would you want to lower the price to $270?

      • Precisely, horses for courses. In this case, phones for those with more dollars than sense.

  • +6

    Bought my wife this exact model a month back. We were both sceptical but at $280, we decided to give it a go.
    It took us by surprise; apps are snappy, screen is fine, battery is long. It works perfectly to the point that we will now never buy at $1000+ phone again.

    • +3

      Cameras are the only real feature that can be distinguished between these and flagship models, and even then in good conditions most people would still struggle to tell them apart!

      • Plus GCAM can improve quality for some people….

  • Is this dual sim?

    • +3


  • +2

    It was this price for the 256gb version on Amazon black Friday sale.

  • 256gb poco x3 pro who want to sell let me know

    • These can go pretty cheap already….. I wonder if someone would price their second hand unit within your price threshold…..?

  • +1

    Compact phones are dead.

    Long live compact phones.

    • But how can they be dead & live long?

      • +2

        Reference in case you genuinely don’t know it.

        • +2

          Wow thanks, I've learnt so much through Ozbargain.

  • I ordered the 256 version previously as my OnePlus 6 was playing up. Poco arrived and now my OnePlus is perfect again

    Don't suppose anyone has experience with the two phones? Not sure I can be bothered switching if there is no real upgrade

  • Bought the 256GB version during the BF sale at Amazon.

    • Any thoughts on the phone?

      • Better than iPhone 7+ for sure. Apple slow their old phones down intentionally every time a new model is released, very annoying. First time android user and loving it

      • It replaces my Wife's old LG V30+ whose screen broke, she seems to like it.

  • +1

    Been like almost 2 weeks, pressed express delivery, aramex has lost the item…

    • God help you if you didn't have parcel insurance like what is in this deal.

      • They are sorting it out. could be another 7 weeks way its going

      • Mmm.. i didn't tick the extra insurance… now I'm hoping to get the Redmi lol

      • +2

        You are still entitled to your purchase whether you're insured or not. Don't be fooled by the extra insurance cover they try to charge you with.

    • +1


      They are terrible.

      • Yep stuff always delivered like 4 weeks later

  • This should be called Mi Max 4

    • Nah, that will be 7.99" inches this time /s

    • I wish we had the MiMax4. 18:9 > 20:9. Gimme those 7 inches, Xiaomi Daddy!

  • +1

    Screen is too big, why are they all so big these days? Any good options for 5-5.5 inch phones?

    • Yeah, it is one of the reasons I am selling it, too.

  • Just wondering, anyone had any problems with Banggood? False shipping times? Damaged/faulty products?

    • +4

      The shipping delay is because of Auspost.

      Banggood always posted my orders quickly.

      Ordered 2 Xiaomi phones so far and all good.

    • I found their bubble wrap/inflated packaging to be pretty good at protecting phones and tablets….

      My two items have been working fine so far….

      They will most likely (depending on where you live) be safe dropped by either auspost or courier as my recent tech purchases haven't required a signature…..

  • Got this mobile from previous deal , similar to this offer.
    -long battery life
    -stays cool while gaming (compared to my other 2 android devices ; Huawei p30 & Samsung s10e)

    -need to deal with "permission" all the time (wait for 10secs and press "ok" )
    -no wireless charging

    • Why is wireless charging now a top end premium feature when it used to be in much more modest phones? Coming from a pixel 3 I've not got a few wireless chargers a d don't fancy then being redundant, but also don't want to spend $1000 on a new phone to be able to use them.

  • +5

    I bought this phone for $288 (I kept shipping insurance checked since I was a bit paranoid). It got shipped in just 2 days to Perth. Performance is unmateched for the price, but as a result other features/quality were sacrificed to make it possible. The screen is terrible compared to my old Galaxy A20 and auto-brightness doesn't work (too bright during day and too dark at night). It gets pretty hot when playing games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact for a long time and the battery drains pretty fast but in light games like Shakes and Fidget and AFK Arena it barely drains the battery at all. It also has a pretty good idle battery life. Sound quality from speakers and headset seem far lower than my old A20 though so if you want it for music it might not be a good idea, not sure why it's also poor from headset?
    The phone is absolutely massive compared to my old A20, not just in width and height but it's twice as thick! It also weights a tonne so don't even bother trying to put in a pocket unless you want your pants falling down…
    I was planning to install a custom OS but I honestly it's not too bad and I can't be bothered. It didn't come with an AU charger so I had to steal my brother's old Motorola charger since the only other ones I had were slow chargers.

    • Glad to hear someone in Perth get quick shipping for once…..

  • Just ordered, thanks! I somewhat doubt it will actually arrive in 6 days, but I certainly hope it does.


  • Absolutely lovely phone for this price. Only concern from me is lacks of 5g network support and warranty of the phone.

  • Been using the phone for around 5 days now, works wonderfully. Arrived within a week (or just about), through Aramex I believe.

    • You got lucky. Mine is still sitting in Sydney since 30/12

  • Has anyone received their device yet?

    Ordered on 10/12 and the tracking is stuck on 'Consignment Information Submitted' since 13/12.

    • +1

      CrispyChrispy has if you look at his comment…..

  • How's this phone comparing to Vivo y33s? Any user experience can share here?

  • How long did you have to wait to get it delivered from AU WAREHOUSE? I got the 256gb deal but it's been sitting in Sydney sorting facility since 30/12 with not one update yet!!!

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