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100 LED Motion Sensor Solar Security Light 2pack $13.90 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Findyouled Amazon AU


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  • 3 Intelligent lighting modes - sensor mode: auto turns on at night when it detects motion and stays on for another 15s after object leaves. Constantly on mode: auto turns on dim light at dusk and turns off at dawn. Dim light sensor mode: auto turns on dim light at night and turns brighter when it detects motion.
  • Brighter and wider - equipped with 100 powerful LEDs and wide range design, solar lights provide excellent illumination of up to 1000 lumens, increasing both the angle and area of illumination.
  • All weather-resistant - waterproof IP65, made of durable ABS material, these solar lights are solidly engineered to stand any weather (either rain, sun, wind, or snow) and will last you for years.
  • Easy and convenient to use -compact design makes it easy to mount on the wall with two included screws. As they are wireless, you can install these lights anywhere, be it an outdoor gate, driveway, fence, patio, or garden.
  • Solar 100 LED 270-degree wide angel upgraded wall light illuminates your space providing a secure environment for you and your beloved ones. The devices can be installed on any wall from hallways, walk sides, garage, patio, backyard, etc… Modern design, efficient energy saving, maximum usages.
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  • Anyone care to share actual use review of this particular light?


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      I bought this same model from somewhere else and it works well. Sensor is accurate (no false flags) and it lights up quite nicely. Doesn't stay on too long though, so might need to check the settings.

      • +1

        auto turns on at night when it detects motion and stays on for another 15s after object leaves.

    • +1

      Using the same model for 5 months, hasn't failed yet. Can recommend.

    • Bought similar ones last month. Been working fine for me. Weatherproof as well so no complaints.

    • +8

      I've bought two sets of these from two different sellers.
      The first set of two (from this seller) is working after 18 months and is brilliant.
      The second set all died within a few months.
      A potential reason is that the first set get morning sun and then shade in the afternoon. The second set get all-day sun and did not survive Summer.
      All of them pretty much get full exposure to weather. One of the failed ones got partial cover from rain.

    • +1

      Yeah same as everyone else - they work well. They also come with 2 replaceable 18650 batteries so pretty good value.

    • +4

      I bought 4 from this seller a while back, two of them died in a couple of weeks, the cells were stuffed, trying to charge the cells on a smart charger they would appear fully charged at 4.2v, as soon as they were off the charger they dropped to 1.5v… I replaced the 18650 cells and they've been ok since..

      The 18650 cells that came out of them were crazy light, I suspect they were actually a smaller cell mounted inside an 18650 housing or the likes…

      Also, they are not very water resistant, the water drains out their leaky design ok though… Best to keep them undercover…

    • First one died after a month outside in rain, all three remaining were dead with 2 months of purchase

  • +3

    Fire hazard and not for outdoor use according to reviews, where else would we putting this?

    • +4

      Fine for outdoor use. Not much of a fire hazard, has a tiny li ion battery so maybe that would be it.

      Mines been out into the rain and still works nicely.

    • -1

      Li-Ion is more of a smoke hazard than a fire one, if they go bad.

  • +43

    I was keen, until I saw the reviews on Amazon eg:

    Don't buy this product, its poorly designed. Dead after 3 months, reason - cant stand the heat.
    I pulled it apart to investigate the issue and found the following:
    1. No weatherproofing at all. Not suitable for outdoors. Components will corrode with rain.
    2. Battery is lithium, which means if you live in Australia and put it outdoors, it wont last due to the heat.
    3. Circuit is poorly designed, in that they have chosen some incorrect resistor values which result in the control circuits receiving too much amps resulting in critical components getting too hot while running (120deg C). This has resulted in failure of the control circuits (lights now only activate for 1 second before shutting down) and overcharging the lithium battery (up to 5v).

    Dumb luck is the only reason why this didn't catch fire.

    • +13

      See here's a good reason to read comments before ordering.

      Read this and immediately cancelled. Thank you!

    • +1

      YMMV. But I Had mine for more than 4 years. X2 near the garage door and x1 on our front door. All outdoors which it needs the solar to charge. Hasn’t missed a beat and the sensor still works fine - arrived from work last night and lights up as usual when it detected my car. Every situation will be different though but mine so far serves me well.

      • +4

        But I Had mine for more than 4 years.

        Same seller and same model?

    • Have (had) the exact same one and 100% concur.

      • 100% concur.

        Not to buy?

    • Thank you. I’ve cancelled my order.

  • +1

    Have had these before from another seller. One lasted a few weeks, the other 2 months. They cannot handle weather and will die easily if fully exposed so not make sure they are undercover.

    • I have six around my house and two in the garage, they are all working. The first two I bought have been two years already. I replaceed the batteries after I bought. They are not waterproof, so it’s best not to put them where the rain can get.

      • Problem is they are usually stated to be waterproof..

        • Yes, but they are not.

    • +2

      so, if they're "under cover" that would mean some sort of shade. How are they supposed to get charged without sunlight?

      • Under cover doesn't mean sun never reaches it. Under cover usually for rain/water

      • Position, position, position. The sun moves. :)

      • They don’t need direct sunlight to be charged. You can put them under the eaves or pergolas.

  • +1

    Purchased 2 before, one in shade away from weather is still going after 12months, but the one under the sun died after a few weeks

  • +2

    They work ok initially. None of the 6 I've bought lasted past 12 months. I have them placed in a variety of direct and less direct sunlight and neither setting has changed how they end up failing in the end. YMMV.

  • Mine 3pairs are doing good still after 6months withstanding all the weather changes. I recommend..

  • +4

    Not sure of the brand, but I have two that look exactly the same. Have lasted well and are bright, but have one major fault. If (and when) the battery runs flat, the light reverts to off-mode. As in even when the battery gets charged up the next day, the light will stay completely off until I press the little button in the front to actually turn it on and enable the motion detection again. Not sure if this one has the same silly logic, but sure looks similar.

  • i have the mini version. the unit is fine but after the harsh suns the transparent plastic cover over the solar panels on the top tends to get murky, hence doesnt charge the unit as well.. the other problem is the battery.. has issues "recharging". head to bunnings and got a replacement battery. works like a charm now. issue still is the murky plastic cover…

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! For under $7 each will give them a go

  • it is good use, but the quality is not consistent. depends on how luck you are.
    bought one set from Amazon, one die after 3 days. returned.
    bought another one set. one keep flashing ( when detecting, come with flashing light not stays on). returned

  • +11

    I have 2 x Blitzwolf versions of these (W-OLT1 Solar Power 62 LED PIR Motion Sensor Wall Light). I can't speak for this brand but the Blitzwolf ones have worked for at least 3-4 years now and gone through a few Aussie summers and they still work great. I was lucky to have them in the perfect spots (top of the fence with good sun all day).

    I also ordered 2 knock-off versions like this and they both only lasted about 6 months and replacing the battery in them worked until the solar panels started to haze over.The knock-off ones would fail to charge properly in winter.

    I recommend spending a little more and getting the proper blitzwolf ones they are just better quality all around and last for ages.

    source product I'm talking about: https://au.banggood.com/Blitzwolf-BW-OLT1-Solar-Power-62-LED...

    • +1

      I second this, I bought one of the ones from bangood (link above) and it has worked flawlessly for the past couple of years. It is installed on the side of my kids cubby house, exposed to all the elements and hasn't missed a beat.

    • +1

      I also have 4 blitzwolf's and they have been going great for the past 3 years

  • If you put any solar light (with a battery) in Australian sun, you are asking for trouble. Most batteries will fail with such severe heat!!!

    I am considering getting a few of these, taking them apart, waterproofing them and connecting them to DC power supply and seeing how they go. I need some DC/DC voltage convrters as I will supplying 12V….

    I do like the idea of low light when there is no movement.

  • +1

    Would not waste money on another solar light again. have yet to purchase anything that lasts.

  • I'd previously got their string lights, https://www.amazon.com.au/Komak-Outdoor-Lighting-Waterproof-... , landed up getting 3 sets over time.

    For this I got 1 set (in Oct) that was/is still working great
    So I ordered a 2nd set ; both units were wonky, 1 had a side panel that didn't work (no big deal as I could still use it in one location and figured it probably increased the battery duration) but the other was totally DOA, fortunately I kept the box/packaging and Amazon returns is amazing and quick (first time I had to use it)
    I promptly got the 3rd set and that is working wonderfully

    Checking the comments above, my units are place at railings of a balcony and will get rained on, but not directly , nor do they have to deal with a steady steaming from a wall above , but even then I don't see any problems

  • Boss, why don't you have any real photos of the product. All are digital/ fake photos. Alwsys a red flag regarding product quality.

  • For $7 you can expect much, but you can make them last longer by making them more corrosion resistant… open them and vaseline the exposed metal.

    • +2

      True, you cant expect much for $7, but you should expect to get what is advertised: An operational and waterproof solar light, which these are not..

  • +1

    Fuggit I'll give them a try

    • +1

      This is the way.

  • -1

    bought 4 from ebay (from Ebay Plus seller), and they are crap. All died within 2 months.

    waste of money.

  • +7

    Kmart - Solar Light with Sensor
    4.7 star rating
    23 Reviews



    • +1

      I've had it zipped tied to my roof gutter for 2 months still going strong and its bright enough to light up medium size suburban backyard.

      • Did you have to drill holes in the gutter for the zip ties? Would love to see a photo if you can be bothered. Cheers

        • Me too. struggling installing them on roof gutter.

    • No stock.. :(

  • +1

    I bought a similar one from KMart a few months ago. Seems quite reliable and no problems with being exposed to the weather so far.

  • Is there equivalent light /brand sold at bunnings? I haven't really bought anything besides tissues and food stuffs on amazon before, so I'm not sure about their exchange /refund policy if these lights die within a few weeks. I've been looking at these for a few months. Not sure if I should buy because of the mixed reviews.

    • Amazon is very good, I have returned soundpeat trueair2 before after months because battery was not holding.

  • I always cringe at these landfill solar 'deals'. Any solar light sub $50 will not last. I have experience with $100 name brands that die in 2 years, it's all built as a throwaway sale. Especially the sub $20 ones, just a 3-12 month delayed land fill. If you need sensor lights on the side of the house etc, just hard wire it from an existing live circuit in the roof. If you already have a live sensor light at the front of the house, it will take an electrician 15 mins to wire it to several different spots to the side of the house. A sensor led downlight is $20-$40 on Facebook / Gumtree / online stores, 1.5mm electrical wire is $1.50/m. An electrician will do that job for $100 on Airtasker if you have an accessible live sensor light already installed so he just has to tap into it. Probably will be easier to get a cheap quickie electrician if you can snake the wires to the new holes under the eaves and just let him connect them. Do it once, do it right and never look at it again.

    • Probably will be easier to get a cheap quickie electrician if you can snake the wires to the new holes under the eaves and just let him connect them.

      All good in theory but no legitimate electrician will connect random cables installed by an unqualified amateur because that's illegal and they (and their insurance) take on all the liability…

      • Airtasker electricians actually encourage running wires pre arrival. So they can be in and out in 20mins. Just laying the cables, not connecting them for easy tap in jobs like this.

        • I assume they're not actually qualified then, lol, I find it hard to believe a legitimate electrician would risk their livelihood like this..

    • I need to put 9 lights at my property electricians a quoting $2k+ for this work… but agree most solar stuff is landfill quality these days.

    • um, no - the lifespan of a plastic fitting on a sensor light outdoors regardless of whether it was fitted by an electrician or not is about 10 years

  • Have had the same set running for about 1.5 years and still going strong. From 6, I had 1 start playing up (probably due to wet weather).

    Very bright if they get good sun during the day.

    Wouldn't try constant on Mode as I think they would die very quickly. When fully charged they will light up for 15 seconds brightly when detecting a moving object. You get about 2 minutes of bright light in total (8 movements) before the battery starts dying for the night.

  • I think I’ll buy 2 of these.
    One for the front porch (under cover so no weather issues) and one in the garage.
    Beats turning on the light for a quick garage trip for something like a screwdriver.

    • One for the front porch (under cover so no weather issues)

      also no sun XD

      • But sunlight.
        Won’t that charge it some.

  • I bought 4 these last year they still work. So I just bought 2 more lol

    • they still work

      Under the Sun and rain?

      • Yeah I was surprised myself. The screws I used to fix them on my wooden fence are rusted but the lights still work. All good.

  • Can this be used to deter bats and mice?

  • Garbage product, did not survive even 1 night. Reviews don't lie. Same Alibaba product result under Amazon.

  • Has anyone bought Bunnings ones with the solar panel that detaches from the light? Thought they might be a bit more durable

  • Yes as above comment do not buy.
    Mine also have meted, the solar panel has slid of both of mine, useless, lasted about 3 months as well. do not waste your money..

  • I find the trick with these budget solar lights isas others have alluded to, look under the hood, then - silicone. If you expect to just screw a $7 chinese solar light to your wall and expect stellar performance YMMV

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