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Unlimited nbn 25/5 $50, 50/20 $60, 100/20 $70 per Month for 6 Months (New Customers Only) @ Dodo


Saw this deal when comparing NBN offers online. Looks pretty good, not sure about how's their service though. I'm looking to churn from superloop.

Edit: I opened a forum post to discuss about this and from the comments, Dodo doesn't seem to have much of a good reputation.
You might want to check it out before switching.

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    Dodo nbn Nbn25/ $60, Nbn50/ $70, Nbn100/ $70 - $15 off for 6 Months

    Superloop is cheaper, better speeds and better service…

    Nbn25/ $54.95, Nbn50/ $54.95, Nbn100/ $69.95 - for 6 Months

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      For a change agree with JV

    • Made a mistake on the pricing, updated.

      • Why were you considering dodo in the first place

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      SL cheaper for new customers, I'm looking to churn away from SL.

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        Dodo prices are for new customers too…

        Compare apples to apples…

  • What's wrong with super loop?

    • Nothing, just that I'm paying $70 just want a cheaper option.

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          Deal suits me. Also with superloop. Normally I'm fine with you jv but this time your mood isn't helping.

      • For what speeds?

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        Hey, just letting you know if you call Superloop up saying you want to switch away, they can likely apply a $5/mo discount for 6 months. Still not cheaper than the new customer deals but something to consider.

  • Is this applies to fttn ?

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    Dodo's customer service is terrible. Stay away if possible.

    • In my experience Circles.Life and Telstra are worse.

  • thanks, also looking to churn from superloop as promo finished.

  • Great deal to switch away from superloop since the promo has ended, thanks for this

  • Im with exetel and the deal is ending in couple of weeks. I already have exetel modem , do i need to buy another dodo modem as it says if i don't buy it i have to configure it?

    • Can I ask how is exetels service?

  • it drops out quite a bit

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