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[Pre Order] PlayStation 5 Console $749.95 ($200 Deposit Required) @ EB Games


📣 PlayStation®5 Disc Consoles are available to preorder online now for instore pick-up, arriving by 31 December!

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      Cheaper than scalpers!

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        I will not buy another console, from another retailer, until they eliminate the scalper market. The solution has been simple yet neither retailers or manufacturers will put these practices into motion.

        We can't stop 100% of scalping. But they can get it to 80%. Force sellers to advertise the serial number of the console is a start.

        • How is forcing the serial number to be displayed going to stop scalping? It might deter people selling stolen consoles but if people buy them simply to resell, it won't change a thing.

          Edit: Scalpers pi** me off too (some of them have bots buying as soon as they are available), I have been trying to buy a PS5 for a while and finally got one from EB. If the retailers want to stop bots they would implement things like Captcha on their sales portal. But they won't as that will potentially stop a sale and they don't really care as long as they get thier money.

        • It is a demand and supply world, if we are all not desperate to buy one the scalpers won’t be able to resell them at higher prices, or simply gets Sony to boost up the supply which it struggles to do so at the moment. There is an interesting YouTube video, without any solid evidence, points out that the chips shortage is not where the problems lies with the chip manufacturers but the ‘middle person/distributors’ pile them up to artificially create a shortage to inflate the prices.

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    Thanks OP! I super appreciate this post!

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    Thank you so much OP

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    Looks like I got one. Thanks OP, I wish you the same happiness that I got from this.

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    Good luck to everyone, it's a great console and well worth it.

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    Posts like these are what helped me get one a while ago, so good job op! I am sure at least a few people will be thankful.

  • Got one! Nice to see the delivery date isn't too far away. Thanks OP!

  • Thank you EB!

  • and i just missed my XBOX :( gone in 2 min

  • I got lucky months ago with the Good Guys muckup. Can't believe these things are still so hard to get.

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      I still think the best one so far was pre order through Amazon with $70 off. Got it so quick

  • Is it easy to get deposit back if change of mind?

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      Yeah. I got one back in July (ordered in May). When I put down the deposit they said you can cancel and get the deposit back if you change your mind. If you decide you don't want it then they won't have any trouble at all finding somebody else willing to buy it.

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        Thanks! I have applied for approval to the Finance controller but if rejected then will need to cancel… ;)

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          It's 700 bucks. Does the finance controller really need to know. Besides, tell her that you are selling it for a profit afterwards.

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            @Punknerd: Ha I rather tell upfront than never hear the end of it. It's good to be honest with each other. Not selling else the profit will go to her and not me! Lol.

      • did you had to go in-store or cancel via phone/email?

  • for those who buy to sell, shame on you. there are regular jill like me who really need one. Thank you OP

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        Need LOL

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          need for speed

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            @00: Could probably sell some of that to get one.

        • -5

          There is actually a very small number of people need video games due to different reasons.

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            @windwai: Literally nobody needs video games.

      • Maybe he's a game developer and doesn't have access to a PS5

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        Show some respect

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      Well if you need one, grab it? They're still there. lol

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      yes need it for mental health :)

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        If your mental health is tied to a video game then I have bad news for you

      • Are tax payers picking up the tab for this one?

    • *want

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      I can sell one from my scalper stock?

      Special price just for you @$1,300.

  • Thanks! Managed to get one - new years sorted

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    got one

    thanks op

  • Can I use gift cards to pay the deposit? Only see credit/debit card option during check out.

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      Refund the deposit when it arrives and pay the balance with GC

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    Still the best value gaming device, even if retail price. The controller/graphics combo are awesome IMO. Check out the Unreal Engine 5 demo if you haven't already: https://youtu.be/WU0gvPcc3jQ

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      I think an XSX or XSS with game pass is unbeatable value for gaming. But I got my PS5 as it has a few games I really want to check out and having an XSX and PS5 for less combined than a graphics card that could play these games makes it the better option for now.

      Really want a new gaming PC. But somehow managed to order a PS5 at RRP before a decent graphics card.

      • I'm torn between the two. Reviews seem to be consistent in your comment that XSX + game pass is best value…I'd love to know if it's the better console option from the overall experience (games, subscription, performance, size etc) compared to the PS5. Haven't had a console since the PS3 and a subscription these days just to play online terrifies me(I miss the old days), but I get it. Also seems that ps5 requires a bigger ssd sooner

        • Although PS5 allows you to use off the shelf SSDs (that meet the necessary performance specs, of course), while I think XSX only allows you to use the Microsoft branded ones? Over time, this will allow for greater variety of size and price options than the official XSX option.

          I've had my PS5 since July and nowhere near filling it up yet. Although deleting Battlefield 2042 after 1 week helped free up some space :P

          • @AngusD: PS5 has Kraken compression, so if games make good use of it they should install smaller than other consoles.

          • @AngusD: I don't think anyone really needs a second SSD. Just buy an external HDD (far far cheaper than SSD) and load that up with installations, then have the active games on the internal SSD. XBSX internal 1 TB ends up with approx 800 GB available space, and I would be surprised to find many situations where players need at-call access to 800 GB of games on the internal SSD at any one time.

            It only takes a few minutes to move games to/from the SSD.

          • @AngusD: Warzone takes up 1/3 of the drive.

        • +1

          Had the PS5 since launch but still on the hunt for XSX. Game pass is insane value and well worth it just for that.

          Not that PS5 is bad, it's an awesome piece of hardware, specially paired with Samsung T7 that was on sales in recent weeks.

          • @Steakz: How much was it? That allows you to run ps5 games from an extnerla HDD?

        • +1

          Have both, XSX + game pass gets used way more than the PS5. I do prefer the PS5 controller though.

        • After being burnt last gen with the XB1 I just cant justify getting another one at this stage. Playstation just seems to have so many better (and more) exclusives, but with Microsoft buying up all of those AAA studios I think they'll make great strides this gen. Or at least I hope they do for their own sake, once Bethesda releases another Fallout I dont think I'll be able to help myself in getting one for that alone.

          • @theRev: Yeah it's a tough game indeed. Can't think of value too much, i think it's would be wise to focus on preferred titles as priority.

  • Thanks OP

  • Order received! Thanks OP! Can I just take my ps4pro in on the 31st to trade in for the $250 (correct amount or?) or do I have to lock that in now?

    • When I picked up my PS5 at launch, I brought my Pro in on the day. I didn’t need to do anything beforehand.

      Check the market though. You might get more for the Pro selling it privately rather than a trade-in.

      • I think subtle difference is that was a trade-in offer on launch so they had to honour the trade-in price advertised but here they can change the trade-in price anytime tomorrow onwards.

      • Yeah, especially since they've ceased production of the Pro - they'll be harder to come by than a PS5!

  • I love it how its always a preorder lol

    also they have BLACK PLATES for the PS5 NOW!!! w000!!!

    • +3

      $85 for the plates is pretty steep

      • its not just black though lol they have 5 different colours. but year I totally agree I wouldn't change the plate for 85 lol

        I actually like the white plates but if you want to "customise it" I guess thats a way of doing it right now, I am sure third parties will come out with cheaper options though.

        • +1

          I’d only ever consider the black. People complain about the stock white being an eyesore. I think all the other colours would be much worse

        • They did, Sold the plates for a year then were issued cease and desist from Sony lawyers as Sony patented the face plates. They changed the design and selling again, legally as the don't look like the PS5.

      • +1

        $85 is still cheaper than dbrands dodgy one

      • Why not just plastidip the standard white ones to any colour you want

        • because thats to much effort.

          • @kungfuman: Took 5 mins but fair enough ;-)

            • +1

              @onlinepred: it takes more than 5 minutes for someone to get off chair, go out and buy their preferred colour, then come back home and modify it, let it dry then put it back on.

              • @Blitzfx: I already had a can, so was 2 mins to do first coat, and 2 mins to the 2nd coat. 1 min to take the panels off and put back on.

                Will be done before your plates arrive in the mail!

  • Thanks OP, looks like I managed to get one.

  • It looks like they have got plenty of stock coming.

  • +1

    Good to see things are starting to open up on the supply of consoles

  • Thanks very much OP. GOT ONE FINALLY!!!

    Just ignor that looser that is whining like a 2 year old🤣🤣

  • +2

    Ooh this one is holding on… already told a couple of people and still going on. Love to see that!

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