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Free 3 Months Amazon Prime or $15 Amazon Gift Card for Westpac Credit Cards @ MasterCard


New-to Amazon Prime customers will enjoy 3 months (90 day) membership. Existing Amazon Prime customers will receive a AUD15 Amazon gift card directly into your Amazon wallet.

Offer subject to change. Terms and conditions apply. Offer is available to eligible Westpac World Mastercard, Platinum Mastercard, Titanium Mastercard, Mastercard Standard cardholders (“Eligible Cards”) signing up to Amazon Prime Australia or existing Amazon Prime Australia customers only. Eligible customers who nominate their Eligible Card as the relevant payment method will receive 3 months (90 day) Amazon Prime membership courtesy of Mastercard when they sign up for a new Amazon Prime account, or existing Amazon Prime customers will receive an AU15 amazon.com.au Gift Card. After the 90-day promotional period, you authorise Amazon to charge $6.99 AUD/month for Amazon Prime service. Cancel anytime by visiting ‘Manage Prime Membership’ in ‘Your Account’ on Amazon.com.au and adjust your membership settings. Amazon.com and its affiliates are not sponsors of this promotion.


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  • Anyone know what if you got the 3 months free from another 3 month promotion (the commbank mastercard one)

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    Card generator anyone?

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      I doubt that would work this time around, because my Westpac Debit Mastercard was charged $0.00 by Mastercard Benefits in San Francisco (even though it was not eligible for the deal), so Mastercard seem to be checking whether the card details provided on the website are actually valid.

      • Wait does this work for Westpac debit card holders who don't own a credit card?

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    6 months free if you have an optus account


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      i have an optus account + Westpac Mastercard CC holder + NOT an existing Prime member.

      Set up Optus Subhub to get 6 mths FREE Prime membership, and get $15 credit by linking my WPC CC to Amazon.

      • Did this work for you?

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          Yes, it's solid.

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    Unsurprisingly, Westpac Debit Mastercards and PayWear cards do not work. I thought I’d mention this to save anyone else from adding their Debit Mastercard or PayWear details on the website…

    I will also add that my Debit Mastercard was charged $0.00 by Mastercard Benefits in San Francisco (US), so Mastercard are checking whether the card details provided on the website are valid.

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      Yep. It seems like authentication is happening this round.

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      was about to test this myself until I read your comment. You are a gem, thank you for your hard work.

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    does this include Debit Cards?

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    Cheers op just claimed my $15 gift card

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    Cool free $15

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    thanks, easy $15

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    OP, Just wondering how you found out about this offer?

    I have a Westpac MC and can't see this in the rewards section of the app (trying to be careful before punching my CC details into a website).

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      It's the official Mastercard.com website dude

      • Yeah fair enough.

        I just found it a bit strange it's on the MasterCard.com site and can't be found on the MasterCard.com.au site

        • I called Westpac and they don't seem to know about this and I gave him the link to ozbargain. phone hang off in between, I didn't try to call again.

        • I recently got into fake website and buy and bought things successfully and only knew it was fake after 10 minutes.

          original website was .io and fake website was .com

          everything seem genuine but little careful.

          • @Ryoon: I understand your pain.

            To be fair though, the Westpac call center people won't usually know about these rewards

            • @Kit666: Ye I understand and expected him to check but phone was disconnected, bottom page says terms and condition but there's no end date.

              @kit666 have you applied and received $15 in Amazon account?

    • I'm on same boat, people seem to be all claimed and should be fine but want to see little more to ensure it is genuine mastercard website.

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      I received this link through the Westpac website.


      Clicking ‘find out more’ will take you to the MasterCard website.

      • Thanks!!

        • Thank you

      • Thank you!!

      • Legend, thanks @Denyol

    • Saw the offer just now on Facebook.

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    Thanks OP. That was a quick and easy $15

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    easy $15!

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    Thanks, free $15!

  • Sweet post, thanks OP!

  • Its a bit hard with no generated Wespac MC and only one banks MC working for this deal .
    How the `^ are the poor burner boys expected to survive ?

  • Says already redeemed for my Altitude Black.
    Must be from previous rounds. SAD

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    Thank you OP

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    Thanks OP. Just claimed.

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    Thanks OP. just claimed

  • I redeemed this using my HSBC account a couple weeks ago, now it won't let me apply my Westpac bonus to Amazon account. I could get 3 months free prime second account but seems pointless

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    Thanks OP. Just Claimed

  • Thanks, $15 profit. Total profit from mastercard (Shopback, Amazon offers) in last 3 months : $100

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    If one is on prime trial, what happens? $15 or 3 months of prime?

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      I was on trial - it cancelled trial - now shows "Your Prime membership is activated through Mastercard. For any membership billing questions, contact Mastercard" with no
      membership expiry date showing & only option to end membership so I guess have to remember and manually cancel closer to the 3 month time

      • Thanks nvox.

      • I am in the same boat. Since there is no expiration date, how do you know if you are on free trial at all? Also, as some comments below indicate, there is no way to cancel the membership - the option is shown, but it is greyed out. I went to Amazon chat with no success - they just said to contact Mastercard. From some of the comments here, that won't work either.

      • I contacted Westpac using their feedback form, they said its Amazons problem which I replied Amazon said its the Banks / mastercard problem so the Westpac rep said they will look into it.
        I have low expectations atm.

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    I love these random deals that I happen to qualify for! $15 for nothing!

    You get this RDY4ME?

  • Damn I already used my Westpac card in the general MasterCard last time… should have used my bankwest

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      Don't think you can use MC offer twice on same Amazon account. May be wrong but anyone knows for sure?

      • Yeah you can’t

  • Currently on a 30 days trial account. The message says, by accepting will cancel the trial and MasterCard will manage the subscription. Is that means that will get the $15 and lost the trial at the same time?

  • Word of warning: don’t be like me, if you lose your ‘continue to Amazon’ link you can’t get it back because entering your card details again counts as a new redemption rip

    • +3

      There should be a link on your email

      • Derp so there is, thankyou haha

      • This happened to me. When I first tried to redeem, mastercard said I am eligible and gave me the link. But when I tried to connect with my amazon, there were some system errors and I could not login to amazon. I tried 2 times the other day. Now when I am trying today again, the mastercard itself says, I am not eligibile because the card is already used. I haven't received any link in email also. Can you please check what was the subject or from where that email came from ? Or is there any way I can get the link ?

        @Mintchip @Nomoneynotalk

        • +1

          “Don’t forget! If you haven’t already activate your <name of bank> “

  • damn, debit cards dont work!

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    Finally, Free $15!

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    Just a word of caution. I signed-up for this previously, and then found out you cannot cancel. Amazon cancel option is greyed out (refer to your provider - Mastercard), and Mastercard only have the sign-up page. I contacted both Mastercard and Amazon and they just pointed the finger at each other. I ended calling the bank and getting a new card issued to prevent any unwanted debits going off. That was my experience. YMMV

    • Yep just tried to cancel and have got the same issue.

    • Same issue, wtf amazon!

    • Yep same issue, Amazon chat said the option is not there for them to cancel and MasterCard are useless and don’t respond to emails

    • Wonder if this is a problem if we are getting the $15 rather than the free 3 months.

    • Has anybody tried removing the card as payment method ?
      I seem to be able to do this (not tried, just signed up)

      • Thought I'd do that once I spent the $15

    • +7

      I had the same problem and finger pointing yesterday.

      Eventually, I used the Amazon callback facility here https://www.amazon.com.au/hz/contact-us?ref_=cu_surl&
      Within a minute, I got a call from a very helpful CSR, "Joel".
      He disabled auto renew on my Prime subscription and scheduled another callback in 2 days time to verify it has worked.
      He said that if the auto renew disable did not work and I was charged, he would refund me.

      5 star review for Joel, if it all works out ok.

    • I messaged Amazon and their CSR "Summer" said that Auto-renew was not activated already upon signup. So that's interesting..

  • My amazon account is ineligible as I have already used it?

  • Does this include people who used prime trial a few months before?

  • +1

    Thanks, redeemed $15 easy.

  • +1

    Brilliant, $15 credited to my amazon account

  • +3

    I love ozb!

  • +2

    WTF! somehow this activated on an amazon account I dont use and not my main, chatted with amazon and they gave me $15AUD credit on main account, but now I have this second prime membership and you cant cancel it, says to contact mastercard????

    But the promo page says "After the 90-day promotional period, you authorise Amazon to charge $6.99 AUD/month for Amazon Prime service. Cancel anytime by visiting ‘Manage Prime Membership’ in ‘Your Account’ on Amazon.com.au and adjust your membership settings. "

    I am literally left with an amazon prime membership that cant be cancelled and is going to start charging me in 3 months…dodgy as hell!

    • My Amazon app shows under ‘Manage Membership’ ‘Update your Settings’ an option to cancel.

      • +1

        Its greyed out, cant press "end membership".

        • +2

          Yup - see my comment above. I ended up cancelling my Amazon account.

  • +3

    Thanks for the Christmas present MasterCard.

    Visa no longer my best friend

  • Got it! Thanks. Didn't get any notifications from Westpac about this deal.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, free $15 (Better than 3 months prime hahaha), and I have used the credit already with purchase.

  • +1

    I wonder if 28 Degrees will have the same promo…

  • Amazing! Thanks for this!

  • Awesome…Easy $15…Thanks OP…The OzBargain Way ;-)

  • Yeah, I activated a couple of months ago with a different card - the end benefits button is greyed out.
    I suppose I'll have to call MC to end it.

  • +2

    I have the 3 months from the last MasterCard offer and currently still running 2 months to go….
    I tried again just now, it does not allow you to subscribe again…
    Something went wrong
    Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum quantity of 1 allowed for this product

    • Also got the other offer previously, and got the same error for this offer :(

  • Thanks OP - Easy $15

  • nice one, got $15, thanks

  • Wow free $15 amazon credit, cheers op.

  • Awesome. Thanks OP.

  • I keep getting "Something went wrong , Your card was declined. (CardException)" for some reason and a notification on my phone that $1.41 payment was declined.
    Anyone else seeing this?

    • I got that error message when I tried my PayWear card (not my Westpac Debit Mastercard), but I did not see any amount charged to my account after trying my PayWear card. I only got a $0.00 charge on my account after I tried my Debit Mastercard.

      • what's a paywear card? I am using an westpac altitude credit card

        • The PayWear card is definitely not an eligible card, as it is definitely not a credit card.

          It's a bit strange Mastercard tried to charge $1.41 to your account. My guess is that Westpac declined the $1.41 authorisation(?) charge, as it was coming from the US. (Well, my $0.00 authorised charge seemed to originate from the US.)

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