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Free - 300,000 Rewards Points (Redeemable for $30 Amazon Gift Card) with Referral Sign Up @ TikTok


Sign ups via TikTok rewards are boosted to $30 worth of points which can be redeemed for a $30 Amazon Gift Card.

  1. Open Tiktok, sign in and visit the rewards icon.
  2. Create a new account on a family or friends device and enter your unique sign up code from your main account.
  3. Claim the points in the app and link your Amazon Account. The gift card balance will appear in your amazon straight away!

Edit: for those wondering how to enter the code after sign up, go to the rewards section of the new account and click Earn points - then there will be a field for the referral code of the main account, then an option to follow that account. Points should show up instantly.

Edit 2: users are having issues because they are not using a separate device new to TikTok

Referees can receive 5,000 Reward Points for creating content on the Platform and using the hashtag #GiveJoyGetRewards in the video caption during the first 10 days on Platform, starting from the day of registration.

Referral Links

Referral: random (446)

Referrer gets points worth $1.

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          • @conducked: I redeemed twice in the same home wifi, same Amazon acct, different device.

            • @InfinityXLR: Was it same tiktok or 2 different ones

              • @easternculture: I registered new Tiktok acct on every new device. I am not sure whether this is necessary, but Tiktok accept email registration, then this is quite easy for me.

            • @InfinityXLR: tried last night and it didn't work i'll try again today :)

        • Worked today! I may ignore the second 300000 points if you did not share this info, thanks a lot !

      • Still not able to withdraw :(

  • -3

    Your a Naughty Boy Eastern showing some what is possible .
    All it will do is close this down sooner .
    And because of that some Burner Boys who have already smashed it are going full bore losing their Xmas to Santa TikTok .

  • "Withdrawal method is not supported in this country"
    tried adding addresses with no success

    edit: ok literally i had to make the phone number a fake one. what the hell?

  • +1

    Now I'm getting "something went wrong, try again later" error!

    • +2

      That means you need to make a new account to refer yourself.

      • Any workaround for iOS users or does resetting only work on Android?

        • iCloud + gets me half the way …trying VPN now

      • Doesn’t work :(

      • what if the error is "can't participate on this device"

        • Found my old android and works if resetting, trying doe a third time but install takes 10 mins lol

  • Same problem with 3 accounts on 3 different devices. Just not my luck, I guess. But good on you naughty eastern boy, for trying to help others.

  • +1

    Looks like game over for me as "something went wrong" error comes up for me.

    Thanks to Easterculture, I was able to do $270.

    • What method did you use for all those referrals? I used another phone where I downloaded tiktok for the first time but it didn't work. Either I get an error or there is no section to input the referral code.

      • Use 1 android phone to do repeat factory reset and used other android phone as a hotspot

        • just curious I was sent this method, so you can make a new account once per day you say does it have to be a different ip address? and can you use the same amazon acc for all the accs you create?

  • Game over. Invite $0 for new user. It glitched out worked with a burn phone number that was expiring in 2 months.

  • I'm still waiting for the Amazon / Mastercard Black Friday promo to be applied.

  • +1

    Only 1 device worked for me - iPad.
    All the Android devices - phones, tablet, chromebook - none of them works.
    $30 in my Amazon account anyway. Cheers OP.

  • Up to 420, prob going keep it for a week to see what happens then spend it

    Got it down go a work of art other than making emails for tiktok

    • I think they are getting smarter. 2 Devices no longer working , just gives error "something went wrong" and then "did not pass fraud detection"

  • not work for me even if I reset with a new ip

  • +1

    up to $630 we balllin

    • Well done bro, I tried your method but couldn't get it work most time. It was like 3/10 success rate. I used one phone as hotspot and the other one reseting. Sometimes the new tiktok account doesn't have reward icon, sometimes when I entered referral codes my other accounts have it shown "something went wrong" error. Do you get it work every reset?

      • +1

        the something went wrong error for me only happend when I tried to stack my main over and over, and once i got to 120k points it showed that error, trying a different account fixed it.
        yes 100% rate (one fail idk why)

        try this
        1. reset phone fully
        2. on hotspot phone force stop tiktok, disable background data, never touch tiktok
        3. restart hotspot phone and turn on hotspot
        4. on reset phone setup the phone using any google account
        5. install tiktok and make new account using absoloutely new email

        tell me what happens, this is my 100% working method

        • Thanks bro, how did you create new email account? Gmail is asking my phone number now, I think I wasted too many accounts only 3 worked though. And do you need to click the activation email from tiktok?

          • +1

            @gao234: 1.no dont activate anything
            2. if your asking for gmail accounts to make a new one for phone setup, you dont have 2, i was wrong, use any gmail account for setup (id just prob use one without phone number prob)
            3.i have resolved the asking for phone number problem by setting up new outlook accounts on the reset phone, considering its on a new ip and reset phone outlook thinks its a completely new device and you can make 3 maybe 4 more accounts (ik places make burners for this shit but i cant be (profanity))

            • @abjsdhasehasee: Heaps thanks mate, will try it later today. Merry Xmas.

              • @gao234: merry christmas to you 2, tryna keep myself from spending it all on shit ive always wanted to see if bezos takes my money

                • @abjsdhasehasee: Don't think they could do anything after rewards are converted to Amazon credit.

                  And what is the interval between each your new tiktok account created/code claimed? I am thinking maybe I did it too fast so got failed?

                  • -1

                    @gao234: maybe 20 minutes a few times other like an hour, its so hard to stay focused its sooo boring. i recommend u daisy chain but leave the first one unclaimed so if one fails you can refer to the first one

                    • @abjsdhasehasee: Yes it is very boring and my 4g data got burnt fast. Every time after the phone resetting, it downloaded new system updates and tiktok via hotspot plus initial videos. So 300-400mb per reset.

                    • @abjsdhasehasee: Are you claiming all the credit from the different tiktok accounts onto one amazon account or are you also creating multiple amazon

        • When exactly is the hotspot required? For setting up the Google account and installing/using Tiktok on the reset phone?

          I don't have a lot of data so I'd have to minimise my usage.

    • Do you use the same main account to send referrals? I saw that my new account doesn't have that promo

      • I used 2 daisy chain do
        1 does 2 2 does 3 3 does 4
        but now I give it all one account, my main account got to 150 but then stopped allowing me to refer so I set-up a new main and repeat

        • Lol we are becoming pros

        • I factory reset my tablet but it said device not able to claim or something like that. Will wait till I go to my parents next and install it fresh lol

          • -1

            @MeesusEff: New ip and new email registering on tiktok?

            • @abjsdhasehasee: i hotspotted from my main mobile and yes new email, first time i tried i didnt check my email for verification link, once i did that, it still said device not able to partake. but the 2 burner numbers i had worked easy.

              not sure why you got negged for your comment though, lol.

              • @MeesusEff:

                1. Don't activate
                2. Delete tiktok on hotspotting phone, restart to get new ip and then hotspot reset phone.
  • I got another $90 then stoped working. Seems I can only get it working twice on the one android phone after reset.

    • Yeh same

      • Same. Two referrals then need to set up new account to refer the reset ones

  • Seems mines not working anymore says "device cannot partake in this promotion" or something along those lines.

    • Same, 2 devices now with this message.
      I think it means device has been blacklisted.

      • @easternculture have you tried doing it with other devices? Sadly besides my main phone which I'm nit going to reset dont have any other devices. Wonder if they have finally put a limit om each device?

        • All 3 devices banned now

          Happy with $900

          • @easternculture: Fair enough, $900 is insane lol

          • @easternculture: How do you think they have detected your device when you are resetting it each time?

            To many referrals on each account?

            • @ilovefullprice: Probably a live dashboard showing where the newest/most accounts are being created since the launch of the marketing campaign. Make sense on my end to have a dynamic dashboard updating every 6-hour interval (similar to what some university hospitals did with covid early on in Asia).

            • @ilovefullprice: On Android, apps can't really access much info anymore. I wonder how they are doing this.

              • @DerpFactory: Hey mate do you know this? I’m pretty sure Uber eats knows each device even after reset.

                • @vinnychase: I'm an android developer but doesn't mean I know much.
                  Trying to work out how they would know.
                  Some possibilities are combining the accessible info (ip, device type, os version, manufacturer, name)
                  The other possibility is using the app data. This can be automatically downloaded via the play store but using a different gmail account should circumvent this.

                  I would try factory resetting with a new ip and network, new google account, and also reset advertising id

  • Has anyone gotten factory resets to work with iOS or any Android emulators?

    • +1


      Testing with newly store bought 2 iPhone 13s, my usual android, 3 iPads and 2 other iPhones. Tried daisy chaining, setting up with new details, new emails, set up the new account/phone that's on a hotspotted data. All get something went wrong or this has already participated. Gf 5 hours.

  • -1

    Waited for 4 days before negging. 'Something went wrong' for sure at their end. Tried on 4 different devices, followed all the suggestions from OP and in the comments.

  • $900 later and all devices banned lol

    • Lol

    • well done lmao

  • I had a try with factory resetting a device, no good. Ah well got $150 out of it, didn't take long and very happy with that.

  • I'm not sure if anyone tried but could you possibly go to JB hi Fi or any store and download tiktok through your link and get it to work?

    • You could, I suggested that early on lol

  • Checking in to see the stockpile claimed and see whether it has been patched. Only a couple of public individuals… for sure there was someone who did $2k+ without being public.

    • How is that possible. Take me about half an hour to reset a device.

      • Hypothetical, it could be possible either they refurbish devices surplus devices or being a collective enough with another person with multiple devices.

    • Its too time consuming.

      • If u have 4 devices before the patch u could clear $200 an hour I rekon. I only managed to get myself an android when it was too late XD

        • Nah , takes about 20 min each device. Il
          I could do 3 per hour but didnt want to raise suspician si was doing one per hour

    • +1

      2k is easily achievable if you were dedicated…. think about it you had almost 2 days to take advantage of this promo.

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