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Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (4K Ultra HD, Extended & Theatrical Editions) - $48.30 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Back on sale at JB Hifi as part of their 30% off deal.

Hobbit, The Trilogy (Extended & Theatrical Editions) also available @ $45.49

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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    You have my axe

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    Great price for it! Been wanting to grab it for a while. Just got a copy and will sell the old Blu-Ray version.

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    Hows the 4k quality, if anyone has watched them before?

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      I’m no expert but it looks like roughly four times the resolution of 1080p

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      It is terrific. Fellowship is drastically improved from the original blu-ray version.

      • Nice, I'll grab one then. Quality 4k with this sort of style movie would be great!

      • why was the blu-ray edition so bad?

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      Having all the films re-color graded from the blurays which had color cast 'issues' they're looking a lot better, though I will say the overall image felt a tinge 'sharp' for my liking.

  • So gutted I missed out on the 4k bluray player, can’t find a decent one sub 200

  • Release the Sharkey cut!

  • Do you get access to download the 4K digital edition with this purchase ?

    • No it doesn't include any codes

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    I don't have a specialist 4k player, will a PS5 do it justice?

    • Yeah the PS5 is a good 4K Player. It just lacks Dolby Vision playback.

    • The ps5 is not even comparable vs a standalone 4K blue Ray player , the image quality just not up to the mark same with Xbox series x

      • I assume the One X, also. So what am I missing using one given that the video is stored digitally, sent to the TV digitally and displayed digitally? I have HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

        I can see post-processing making a bit of a difference when the disc isn't 1:1 with the TV but otherwise?

        My recommendation (so far) for a 4k player is a 2nd hand One X. It's quieter than the One S (I had both) and I've no complaints WRT image.

        But that recommendation can change. :)

        • No, he meant the Series X. Hence he said the Series X.

          Since you are using a One X, I'll comment on my personal experience with the standard xbox one vs my ub820, on the same TV, with the same blurays (1080p blurays, not 4k).

          Using theUB820 over the Xbox made a big improvement in picture quality, the was less "fuzz" and the picture was alot clearer and the colours were also alot better.

  • Whatever happened to the version that was supposed to come out that includes all the appendices and special features?

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