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Kraken X15 F i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB 1TB NVMe SSD RTX3070 Gaming Laptop $1999 + Delivery & More @ BPC Technology


Good morning guys! How's your boxing day safari going!

It's been ten months since we launched the new krakenPower Gaming PC series, and We really appreciate your support for the Kraken Gaming Series this year. And today, we are happy to bring you the Kraken Gaming Laptop Series!

1. Kraken X15 F Gaming Laptop i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB(1X16GB) 1TB NVMe SSD $1999 + Delivery
We rec this model as the best value.

2. Kraken X15 Q Gaming Laptop i7-11800H QHD 165HZ 32GB(2X16GB) 2TB NVMe SSD $2499 + Delivery Now $2399
Decent QHD gaming but good value for design students as well.

And the series also come with RTX3060 Models as well:

3. Kraken M15 Q Gaming Laptop i7-11800H QHD 165HZ 16GB(2X8GB) 1TB $1599 + Delivery Sold out

4. Kraken M15 F Gaming Laptop i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB(2X8GB) 512GB $1499 + Delivery

And we have a limited gaming PC prize draw for the laptop purchase as well, don't miss it!

BTW, based on the courier service update, our shipping service will be back to normal from Jan 3th.

Happy Shopping!

BPC Team

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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    • +1

      This is the HWiNFO from my Kraken M15 Q. May want to download the file to view properly.

  • Is anyone having issues with their trackpad? Mine is a loose and registering unwanted clicks.

    • mine is fine

      • oh well I might have to get a replacement

  • does anyone else have coil whine on battery power?

    • Yes, do you know any way to fix it?

      • could you please confirm that the coil whine gets much quieter if you disable keyboard backlight?

        edit: I noticed that if I have the keyboard lighting set to Monocolor effect, and choose white color for the whole keyboard, coil whine is much quieter

        so now I have a custom profile for battery mode that is white for the whole keyboard, and a couple profiles that use mixture of colors on mains power

        • Yep can confirm it gets quieter without backlight.

          • @Person 1653: fantastic so we have a workaround

            try solid white backlight on battery

            • @shabaka: Not hearing a major difference, but it does seem a bit quieter.

              • @Person 1653: big difference on my end. sounds like quite a bit of variance in components quality (loose touchpad, now coil whine on battery)

                • @shabaka: Yeah. I don't mind the coil whine much since it's not that loud but this loose trackpad is super annoying.

  • +3

    Bit bullet and ordered a 3060/qhd combo, hard to disagree at the price for what you're getting

  • +6

    to keep everything in one place:

    • make sure you download and install latest BIOS and service from Intel support page, this fixes some of the glitches in NUC Studio

    • build is very solid, firm hinge, firm palmrest, great touchpad (although some people report their is loose, check yours when you pick up or receive). very nice to the touch. alloy could have been thicker, especially on the lid, but then weight would increase, so I guess it's the best they could achieve. base is rock solid, lid can be flexed (compared to Razer Blade 17 where there was no flex at all, but it weighed a fkin ton too)

    • great 240hz FHD screen, very quick refresh, I haven't had picture this smooth on my Razer Blade 17 (300hz FHD). 91% sRGB, brightness reported as around 270 nits or slightly higher

    • keyboard is great, but takes a bit to get used to, especially right shift which is shorter than usual. sometimes I hit the wrong button because I haven't got used to deeper key travel

    • keyboard backlight is great, but may cause relatively loud coil whine on battery power, unless backlight is switched to solid white (at least on mine)

    • Balanced mode is great for gaming (I have 3070), not too noisy, not too hot. although less demanding titles work fine in WhisperMode 2.0 which is very quiet and cool (need BIOS 0040 for that)

    • very easy to open and service. took 5 minutes to open up and add my second SSD and swap out RAM to my dual channel kit

    • overall the system is blazing fast, while keyboard and palmrest never get hot

    • make sure to disable passive cooling in NUC studio (once again, get latest BIOS and install service from the Intel support page)

    anything else? I am happy with mine touch wood

    will do a clean reinstall to W11 later tonight once I figure out how to boot from a USB

    • Good review.

      I gotten the QHD 3070. It was the x16 ram which I think is the slower one I think. Wonder how much can I sell this off second hand.

      • +2

        if you can, keep it. you'll put it into kids or partner's or relative's laptop, you got it for free

        you definitely won't buy one for what you'll sell it for

  • Bought the 4.Kraken M15 F for pick up, thanks!

  • Looks as though option 3, the QHD 3060 is sold out, any stock coming in soon?

  • @budgetpc would you recommend getting another stick of ram on the Kraken X15 F?

    If so, any recommendations as to which would be best? possible to get another stick of the 1x16gb already in there?

    • I just installed my set of Kingston fury 2x16

      they are about $230 for a kit and totally better than the run of the mill ram stick in there (I also got X15 F)

      • Have you got a link to the ram you went with mate?

        Not completely sure whether i’m better off to go 2x8gb?

        Going to be used for gaming and light productivity work.

        • +1


          you can get the same but 2x8 instead for total 16

          I do video editing so I prefer 32

          • @shabaka: My M15F idles at around 60 degrees C even when I'm not doing anything. I think I will undervolt the CPU a bit to help

            • @dnvrngts: disabled passive cooling? running in Balanced mode?

              I did undervolt -50/-40

              • @shabaka: I Disabled passive cooling and on balanced mode. Still hot. What's the best program to undervolt and does it affect performance?

                • +1

                  @dnvrngts: on this laptop you can do it in BIOS which is great.

                  restart, keep spamming keys F1 F2 Del one of them gets you into BIOS

                  under Advanced menu you will see Undervolting

                  I put in -50 and -40 as suggested by another ozbargainer above

                  • +2
                  • @shabaka: Yes! the undervolt did the trick, temp now at 40-41 on average. MUCH BETTER THANKS!

                    • @dnvrngts: credit to @Chemware who gave instructions above

                  • @shabaka: Hold F2 after powering on. Holding the keys works on pretty much any device rather than spamming.

                    • +1

                      @johndoh89: it's my laptop technician habit. f1, f2, del covers almost all models of laptops, so I just spam all 3 in quick succession and that takes me to BIOS or some sort of pre boot menu on any model

                      if I hold all 3 some of them might not register if keyboard has no rollover

                      • @shabaka: N-key roll-over on these.

                        I was forget about holding them myself and end up doing the tappy dance across the common ones as well when I'm unfamiliar with the model.

                • @dnvrngts: Tested mine and its within the margin of error on 3D mark when undervolted. Not hitting the thermal throttle helps keep the power up.

        • swapping out your 1x16gb for 2x8gb will have very little impact for the extra amount you are paying. Definitely better to buy another 16gb totalling 32gb rather than 2x8gb.

          • @CodeXD: going single channel to dual channel should have a considerable impact I think

            depends on the intended purpose I guess, can just get a standard 16gb 3200 and likely the timings will agree with the Kingston that comes in the unit, taking it to 32 total, fast enough memory for anything pretty much for the same price that a 16gb 2x8 kit will set one back, and good for anything you throw at it volume wise, including video edit

            but a good 2x8 kit is better for gaming and actually can improve FPS in some games, and work better than adding a stock standard 16 3200 to the one that's already there

            at the same time, I think the difference is minimal, so yes I agree adding a 16 3200 standard plank will be the best course of action

            • @shabaka: Thanks @shabaka @codeXD very helpful

    • +1

      btw here's the model number of the ram stick my x15 f came with:

      Kingston KCP432SD8/16

      looks ok to me, dual rank

      • Would it be fine to have 2 different rams? Like using my other ram from my old laptop. Thank!

        • +1

          for best compatibility I usually try to have two identical modules

          but in my experiences I mixed planks a lot and had no issues whatsoever

          so mix them now and get a matching set later on when you get a good deal

          that's assuming that RAM from old laptop is compatible (ddr4 3200hz)

          if it's ddr4 but slower, RAM will run at the lowest speed between the two modules

  • Anyone that got one of these able to load a Live USB of Pop!_OS and see how it goes?
    Make sure to get the download with Nvidia in brackets as it has the drivers pre-loaded with that

    Just want to check all the basic features are working and if you have time to check Sound via HDMI and an output of nvidia-smi command in terminal

    • Pop!_OS derives from Ubuntu. When Jarrod's Tech reviewed the Mag 15R version of this laptop he tested Ubuntu and found only one minor issue.

      • That's true but they are running different kernel versions most likely.

        Each distro has it's own so I'm interested in the current one Pop OS using

  • Is it possible to take out these mechanical key caps in order to clean the bottom part of the keyboard. There's already a lot of dust stuck up on the inside of mine.

    • I was pondering just vacuuming mine haha

  • +2

    I've got mine today.

    Comes in a plain Intel X15 NUC box, which has been opened and repacked so they can add in the memory and SSD.

    The laptop itself appears to be well built, with no branding or stickers. Everything is a single shade of black and looks quite nice. Metal body feels study with very little flex, screen can be flexed easily as it is quite thin. The hinges stand up well to typing while having the device on my lap and no wobble is evident unless I shake the device.

    Temperatures out of the box are bad, like really bad, just doing Windows updates and idling on desktop with the out of the box settings had the CPU sitting on 70 degrees, the exhaust ports and bottom centre of the laptop were uncomfortable to touch. Sides of keyboard over the fans stayed cool, centre and the palm rests got warm. Downloading 3dmark with a YouTube video running and it hit thermal limits at 95 degrees on the CPU and the bottom is so hot I can’t hold my hand on it long. hwinfo shows thermal throttling and the cpu usage is only at 20%… Strangely enough running 3Dmark with the computer in benchmarking mode resulted in temperatures that were perfectly acceptable and lower than I saw with basically at idle.

    Got my IR thermometer out, balanced mode with just the browser open, with passive cooling off.

    The CPU is sitting at 70 degrees, GPU 78 degrees, and it shouldn’t be doing anything, load even displays as 0%.

    The centre of the keyboard was 45 degrees, and the bottom centre was 52 degrees. Sides of the keyboard around 30 degrees. It was cooler in benchmarking mode while doing stress tests. Really need to find a way of taking control of the fan profiles or investigate further because it cannot be used on the lap to watch youtube unless I put benchmarking mode on.
    On battery saver mode with the defualt settings it reached 85 degrees doing nothing. I'm really not sure whats going on here.

    Windows is not activated, and you will need to use the included serial key in the cardboard pouch. Do this first or Windows update will fail to install Windows 11. The default scaling setting is set to 125% and some dialogue boxes may appear blurred.

    Screen is acceptable, not terribly bright, but bright enough.

    Don't appear to have the coil noise on battery which is nice, but I also can't touch the damned thing at the moment on battery because the temperatures keep going insane.

    Installing the Intel NUC Software from the Windows store allowed me to turn off passive cooling, but it is still sitting around 65 degrees with only Chrome running. Doesn't seem to have made much difference for me. It would be much improved if the software allowed you to create a custom fan profile as it has some powerful fans in it when you throw benchmarking mode on, I'd trade a barely audible fan for lower temps any day. At max speed the fans are quite loud, probably louder than my Alienware 15 R3 I'm upgrading from.

    Trackpad and keyboard are quite nice and feel study. No play in my trackpad at all. Keys are a little clacky and remind me of my Cherry browns on my Logitech mechanical. Overall, a good experience and I could use it to type as mine only device quite easily.

    Memory: Kingston 9905744-077.A00G 16gb

    Timing: 22-22-22-52

    Dual Rank

    SSD: Kingston SKC2500M81000G


    All benchmarks performed in Benchmarking Mode via NUC software using out of the box settings after upgrading to Windows 11 and installing all driver updates. Nvidia driver v511.23


    3D Mark

    FireStrike Extreme 12802 https://www.3dmark.com/fs/27022348

    Time Spy 9949 https://www.3dmark.com/spy/25675303

    Port Royale 6186 https://www.3dmark.com/pr/1400799

    SSD Benchmark:

    SEQ1M Q8T1: Read 3356.22MB/s Write 2571.89

    SEQ1M Q1T1: 2648.41/1855.67

    RND4K Q32T1: 559.11/451.23

    RND4K Q1t1: 53.36/120.10

    • Thermal issues:
      Turns out I don't have ANY fan profiles, toggling the passive cooling seems to kick them up to 1400rpm, but they go no higher on ANY profile mode. Confirmed by running another 3dmark test out of benchmarking mode, the fans never ramped up and the CPU hit 100 degrees. Surface temp of the keyboard hit 55 degrees and the bottom was 64 degrees.

      • Seems the uniwill service from the Intel site was causing the problems, removed it and the fan kicked straight in.

        Performance seems to be holding up against the Jared's Tech XPG, especially considering it is spec'd with a much better SSD and RAM.

        I'll probably grab a 32gb kit in a few months, but performance is good enough as is.

        • Intel NUC Software Studio (from Microsoft Store) says it won't work without uniwell, how do you monitor fan speeds then?

          • +1

            @Deal Hunter Go: I originally removed it and reinstalled it afterwards when I found there was no other way to set power states. After the reinstall it has mostly worked.

    • Time Spy Comparison between Balanced, Performance, Benchmark and Benchmark on an External Screen

    • Can you do a short review on Youtube so I can see the build quality in other laptops other than mine. My trackpad seems messed up, just want to make sure before I try getting a replacement.

      • I'm not really sure what I could show. The touchpad is rock steady and only moves to click.

      • same with mine, the touchpad is rock solid, with no play or give, with a loud and clear click

    • Hey

      How is the battery life for normal office/web browsing?

      • Mine seems to be maxing out around 4 hours, but I could pull some more out by using throttle stop to disable the turbo boosting completely and it would still be usable for that.

  • +1

    Mine (3060) was hot while it was initially doing Windoze updates, but now runs at about 50°C on my lap, 40° on a laptop cooler (passive coolingl off, undervolt -50/-40 mV). In 3DMark TimeSpy it runs at 72°-74° in Balanced, Performance and Benchmark modes, on the cooler. Some power throttling but no thermal throttling.
    Sounds like you might have a bodgey thermal paste job?

    • The benchmark mode runs fine, turns out I had no fan profiles, it wasn't actually changing the fans at all I could chose between passive, lowest or full on.

      I uninstalled the service that was suggested here and the fans are actually working now. Still seems to want to idle very high.

      The undervolt is my next step I just wanted to test it largely out of the box first.

      • Johndoh do you mind showing us your method of cooling down the laptop? note: im a total noob when it comes to computers…

        • +1

          I did what the others did, but mine bugged.

          First thing is to download the Intel NUC software from Windows Store. Just search the name and it should come up.

          Once installed open it and go to the performance tab, you will see the fan speeds and an option about Passive Cooling. Disable that option, it makes the machine try and cool without fans.

          If it is not working download the service from the link below. While you're there get the Lan patch and the BIOS and update both of those as well.


          Select the downloads option

          I had initially installed the service then had to remove it to make my fans work properly for some reason.

          Test a game or other high performance program like a benchmark and check your fans are ramping up and getting louder.

          Step two involves changing the voltage the device runs at, quite safe, but can cause instability. Myself and others have found a specific setting is stable for us.

          Power on the device and hold the F2 key. Select the advanced tab and then undervolting.

          In the top box enter 50, change the symbol to negative (-), in the next box enter 40 and again change the symbol to negative.

          Save and exit the bios.

          • @johndoh89: omg thank you so much!! i'll give it a go tonight and see how it is :) really appreciate your help

          • @johndoh89: question for the 2nd part - what do you mean by downloading the "service" from the link? I can see 4 downloads avaialble which are
            1. Bios update KCTGL 357…
            2. Patch for LAN issue …
            3. Intel NUC X15 laptop kits …
            4. Intel Aptio*V UEFI firmware …
            by service are you referring to the Uniwill service download? I think i downloaded this and have changed the voltage as you have told me to do so on the bios but my readings on the NUC software is CPU - 8% - 64 degrees + dGPU 0% 32 degrees

            secondly - once windows 10 is activated using the provided product key - when and how can we update to windows 11?

            thanks in Advance :)

            • @khoed792: The 3rd one, but just installing the NUC software and running it will prompt you to grab it.

              Windows update will offer Windows 11. I'd suggest holding off, myself and others have found Windows 11 to be lacking and a little unstable.

              I was hoping it would explain my performance issues, but they've held steady after downgrading. For some reason I'm getting a good 20fps less than online benchmarks, games that should be running at 100+fps are struggling to hit 80fps. Tomb Raider was tested on the Intel NUC by Jarrod's Tech and got 120fps, I'm getting 80. But I can't figure out which DLSS and AA settings he used…

              My synthetic benchmarks in 3D Mark have the GPU sitting in average range, but all my in game tests are way below. There must be something I've misconfigured somewhere but I can't find it.

              • @johndoh89: Are you using benchmark mode? Might help?

                • @dnvrngts: Yeah, in benchmark mode. Not sure what's going on.

                  Playing with throttlestop today.

                  Benchmark modes sets the pl1 to 100w and pl2 to 110w. But when stress testing it tops out at ~85w, but doesn't drop.

                  Performance mode sets them to 65/90 and bounces off the 90w limiter constantly until boost time is up then drops to 65w. Fans are very slow to react and it hits the thermal limiter as well.

                  Balanced sets them to 45/65w

                  Battery saver is 30/60w.

                  It also effects the power level of the GPU.

                  Benchmarking allows the GPU to hit 145w which I'm guessing is why the CPU won't get past 85W, 145+85= 230W which is the power supply limit… There doesn't seem to be a dynamic balance as even with the GPU idle it won't go past that 85W mark.

                  In performance mode the GPU is limited to125W.

                  Time Spy shows my GPU is hitting average or above, but my CPU is tanking bad.

                  • @johndoh89: Is there any harm in using benchmark mode all the time while gaming?

                    • +1

                      @dnvrngts: Honestly you're better off using it whenever gaming if you can put up with the fans.

                      The performance mode knocks quite a bit of speed off and the fan response to high temps is really slow, the CPU hits the thermal limit and throttles right down if it's worked hard. The full throttle fans never let it get that hot.

                      • @johndoh89: Yeah the fans don't bother me on benchmark mode, as long the cooling is fine and benchmark mode doesn't do any long term damage - I'm happy

                        • @dnvrngts: Have you ran any benchmarks?

                          • @johndoh89: to chime in I never did any sort of benchmark in my life, just don't trust them

                            but I can compare to previous 2 machines I used: Acer Nitro with a 95w 3060, and a Razer Blade 17 Pro with a 2080 Super Max-Q 100w

                            running Mordhau 80 fps maxed out X15 is not even breaking a sweat judging from the sound of the fans in Balanced (plugged in)

                            blade 17 and Nitro 5 would go much louder and less smoothly doing the same thing

                            I am happy with that

                            • @shabaka: I should just play and be happy, it runs everything I've thrown at it including Ray Tracing in a more than acceptable fluid rate from a game play perspective. I'm coming from a 1060 so huge improvement. I'm more benchmarking to make sure it is performing as expected though since I was getting 3060 level figures.

                              The benchmarks are driving me crazy, I jumped back on today without changing anything and now I'm getting better than reviewed gaming performance… My synthetic 3dmark still for some reason won't hit the straps but gaming is flying today.

                            • +1

                              @shabaka: After much testing, I've ditched the undervolt on the second box, which is the igpu. Now I'm getting almost excactly the same in game experience as the reviews online.

                              • @johndoh89: that is a very valuable observation! I shall try on mine and report

                          • @johndoh89: No I haven't ran any benchmarks but in the games that I play - PUBG, AOE4 etc. I'm really happy with the performance.

                    • @dnvrngts: I seem to have mine running properly now. I ended up ditching the undervolt on the GT (2nd box) and now my performance is much better.

                      Here's what I'm getting in Shadow of the Tomb Raider now:

                      I'll probably be playing on balanced just to keep things cool now it's running properly. I was only pulling 84 FPS in Benchmarking mode last night, getting 110fps in balanced now, vs 121fps in benchmarking.

                      • @johndoh89: yes, similar findings here, much smoother experience now that only CPU undervolt is applied

                        • @shabaka: So I'm not crazy ;)

                          In this case anyway. Seems to show up in games more than 3D Mark which made it harder to figure out (especially when my uniwill service was also playing up not applying fans or power limits properly). Testing 3D mark with the undervolt was in acceptable range for the GPU, but as soon as I loaded a game I had 3060 level performance. Seems it really doesn't like the iGPU being down.

            • @khoed792: Hi if you followed those instructions go back into the bios and get rid of the 40 undervolt. It kills in game performance badly.

          • @johndoh89: Skip entering the 40, it kills performance

            • @johndoh89: oh really?? damm thanks for letting me know my dude. Btw i did some windows update but it did not prompt me to download Windows 11? do we have to download and install windows 11 manually?

              • @khoed792: Yeah if not offered you can do it manually, but as I said, I wasn't happy with mine on Windows 11 didn't feel stable and just all round not a good experience compared to the mature platform of 10.

            • @johndoh89: additionally a few things I would like to ask if possible:

              1. Right fan is always 0 RPM whilst left fan is 1392RPM on idle .. is this normal?
              2. At idle , CPU usage at 1% with temp around 56-60 degrees while dGUP at 0% whilst temp ~32 degrees .. this normal?
              3. What is the best way to preserve lithium battery life? (leave it unplugged until near 0% and charge it to 100% and repeat)?
              4. BIOS version KCTGL357.0040.2021.1126.1843 the latest BIOS version?

              thanks in advanced Johndoh

              • @khoed792: I believe the right fan is for the 3060 which wouldn't be in use when using the igpu, which is why the right fan would be a 0. I'm guessing the cpu generates enough heat that it carries over to the gpu thermometer which is why it says 32 degrees when not actually in use. In the NUC studio software you can limit the battery charge limit (mine is 65%). Not sure about bios

                @johndoe89 o.k. I will change that second undervolt back to 0. thanks!

                • @dnvrngts: i see , so if you're using ur laptop as a "permanent desktop" you leave your battery charge limit to 65% and keep the ac plug in all the time?

              • @khoed792: 1, 2, 4 Yes. One fan is on the GPU side, it doesn't need to be on when that side is cool.
                2. They share the 3 heatpipes in the thermal design, heat can transfer a bit between them.
                3. Use the battery limit in the NUC software as suggested by dnvrngts. Only charge to 100% when you need it on battery.

            • @johndoh89: -40 may be too much for your CPU. It will only have a minor effect on battery life anyway; the first -50 will have a far greater effect on power consumption, heat and battery life.

              • @Chemware: It all comes back to the silicone, all CPUs aren't created equal in the tweaking world so your mileage may vary. Mine had a huge effect on performance and shabaka noticed the difference changing it back. If you're running it with no issues that's great.

  • I'm doing engineering at uni this year and I was looking for a decent laptop, would this be good? This laptop also is quite heavy, should I buy this or wait for more deals? Thanks so much.

    • 1.9kg isn't too heavy, but my previous laptop was 2.7 so depends on what you're comparing to I guess :)

      1999 for a full power 3070 graphics is a great deal, if you need raw graphics processing power

      otherwise 1499 for 3060 and 8core 11gen cpu with a great screen is also a great deal

      well that's my take on it

    • If you are going to game then it's fantastic.

      If you are not, get something with a low power CPU about 1.2-1.5 kg, preferably business grade.

    • This packs a lot of power into not much weight, you'd actually be pretty hard pressed to find a lighter full power i7 with full power 3060/3070 gpu.

      Once you take price into account it is a very hard to beat deal since it is also the cheapest 3070 build I found, full power or not.

      I'm coming from a 3.5kg laptop with the same screen size, but a massive footprint so this seems petite.

      That said I don't know that this is a great uni laptop unless you really want something to game on in your spare time. Battery life would be my main concern here, all the processing power comes at a cost in terms of power. Ryzen based laptops perform as well or better AND have much improved battery life in tests. I haven't tested the battery in mine yet.

      Something to consider for engineering may be the lack of a numberpad on this model, they can make entering lots of numbers a little more friendly, but finding that on a less than 2kg model may be difficult.

      As someone else suggested if you're not gaming and don't need the huge processing power, look at the more business based models like a Lenovo Thinkpad, Dell Latitude, HP Probook (I have a recent model of the Latitude and it is quite nice as a 2-in-1 with touch, pressure sensitive stylus, all day+ battery life, light well built etc). If you have an education email address check out the Lenovo Education store, it usually has some great deals. Dell Outlet can get you a Dell for a fraction of the new cost if you don't mind open box, refurb etc.

      • someone else suggested metabox it has numpad from the photos and can be charged by usb C, i think they are interesting. not sure if using nuc x15 or not ?

        • is there a good deal on Metabox? last time I looked (a week or so ago) it was around $2k for well specced 3060 config, while here you get a 3070 at that price

          • @shabaka: agree more expensive and only 3060 for the model that i am interested (alpha S)
            Starts $1,799.00
            Model No: NP70HP
            NVIDIA RTX 3060 6GB GDDR6 110W
            Intel i7-11800H 8-Core
            17.3" FHD IPS-Grade Edge-to-Edge Matte 144Hz
            16GB DDR4 2666MHZ (2 x 8GB)
            500GB PCIe NVME M.2

            • @ChiMot: yeah, see you need to pay extra to upgrade to 1tb SSD and 3200 RAM, and also inferior screen and graphics, so I think this deal is still better

              I am getting really used to the mech keyboard! I love it.

            • @ChiMot: That is a light 17" at 2.4kg with brick. The 17" would probably be good for engineering if you're needing to model, map etc. But I'd probably start wanting a higher resolution than fhd as well.

              I used to do surveying cad work on a 15.6" and it was pretty cramped.

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