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Kraken X15 F i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB 1TB NVMe SSD RTX3070 Gaming Laptop $1999 + Delivery & More @ BPC Technology


Good morning guys! How's your boxing day safari going!

It's been ten months since we launched the new krakenPower Gaming PC series, and We really appreciate your support for the Kraken Gaming Series this year. And today, we are happy to bring you the Kraken Gaming Laptop Series!

1. Kraken X15 F Gaming Laptop i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB(1X16GB) 1TB NVMe SSD $1999 + Delivery
We rec this model as the best value.

2. Kraken X15 Q Gaming Laptop i7-11800H QHD 165HZ 32GB(2X16GB) 2TB NVMe SSD $2499 + Delivery Now $2399
Decent QHD gaming but good value for design students as well.

And the series also come with RTX3060 Models as well:

3. Kraken M15 Q Gaming Laptop i7-11800H QHD 165HZ 16GB(2X8GB) 1TB $1599 + Delivery Sold out

4. Kraken M15 F Gaming Laptop i7-11800H FHD 240HZ 16GB(2X8GB) 512GB $1499 + Delivery

And we have a limited gaming PC prize draw for the laptop purchase as well, don't miss it!

BTW, based on the courier service update, our shipping service will be back to normal from Jan 3th.

Happy Shopping!

BPC Team

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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        • +1

          Ok thanks. Will do this if I encounter any issues.

        • +1

          Hey johndoh89, thank you for your help. I got my laptop today and had the exact same issues as you, following the BIOS reset my fans actually started working, I would have been lost without all the info you have posted!

    • +1

      sadly I decided I'll go down the return path. got a return label from BPC, and will send it tomorrow most likely


      • Yeah, its a shame that it had to be plagued with reliability issues. The first sign of this failing again and its going. I just don't have the time to be without a computer now so if it's working I'm not going through the returns process.

        • I ran mine on mains before sending it back to reset windows, and it's been idling rather hot with no sign of fan spin up

          maybe mine is a dud

          at any rate, mine is going back and I am getting something else

          • @shabaka: Don't blame you, I was extremely kind to mine and gave it more than enough chances before it somehow came good.

            Pure stubbornness that mine is still here.

          • @shabaka: did u return it as the RPM doesnt go more than 2000? even at higher temps i.e., >70 degrees?

            • @khoed792: yes, even after restarting service, and regardless of setting to Balanced or Performance, it would idle rather hot, doing nothing

              • @shabaka: what temperature would it idle at? does your fan speed cap at 2000rpm?

                • @khoed792: sorry I can't provide this info any more as I returned mine

                  it wouldn't go above 1300+ on idle, and temps were around 60 I think

    • With your laptop flat on the table or angled up with a box?

      • flat

        • Ok. I was also replying to johndoh start comment. xD I forgot to mention.

    • @johndoh89 With your laptop flat on the table or angled up with a box?
      What's your current BIOS version? https://www.intel.com.au/content/www/au/en/support/intel-dri...

  • +1

    My new cooling pad arrived today.


    32 degrees at idle with it on max fans. The metal around the keyboard is now cool to the touch.

    Extra points in Cinebench as well, it doesn't even reach 90 degrees in benchmarking with it.

    • Cooling pad definitely helps.

    • Hey, could you please let us know whether the cooling pad is noisy not? Thanks for all the time and effort you have put in.

      • Not louder than the fans on full

    • I bought and just received the cooling pad white light model. I can confirm CPU mostly idles 32 degrees Celcius, cooling pad max level fans, with undervolt, passive mode off, balanced power mode, performance fan mode. I think I can feel that the keyboard is only a tiny bit warm. Typing this with only 1 Microsoft Edge tab on, the CPU stays around 36-38 degrees Celcius.

      YouTube on another tab, CPU stays around 37-39 degrees, moving the mouse around YouTube video stays around 38-42 degrees.

      Cooling pad fans at max do sound audible a little quieter than my Gaming PC with Noctua NH-D15 heatsink and 3 case fans.

  • +1

    Just picked my laptop up… Holy shit, is this what laptops are like now? I feel like I'm using some type of alien technology. This is crazy superior to my $2000 MSRP i7559 Dell which was pretty much falling apart in every single way.

    The keyboard feels unreal to type on, as I'm typing now, it does not feel like it should be in this laptop housing. Build quality is amazing (or at least amazing compared to my Dell) and the overall size is 30% more compact than my Dell where the bezels take up all the space.

    Trackpad feels amazing too.

    Amazing first impressions, really hyped to use this beast.

    • Which one did you get? No issues like others mentioned?

      • I'll see if any pop up. QHD 3070

        It gets real toasty during games, but i'd expect all gaming laptops would do that.

        Praying that the fans don't die on me haha.

  • +1

    Just want to shout out to @johndoh89 and @shabaka for your testing and sharing of info, you guys are awesome! My 3070/FHD model is on the way and I have been taking notes of what to keep an eye out for and some changes to make.

    @johndoh89 also glad to hear your new cooling pad is making a difference, I've never used one but have ordered one Thermaltake Massive A21

    My outgoing PC is running GTX970 so I'm excited to be making the upgrade :D

  • Just wondering - can this laptop utilise gsync on a gsync compatible external monitor? From what I can see, it only works by displayport.

  • Just for anyone that's interested in running Linux on this.
    I've tried a few distro's and drivers but I can't get past the 80w power limit, I think because the drivers aren't yet capable of using the extra boost
    It severely limits performance at the higher end for instance I was using DoW III as a benchmark, max settings 1440p.. getting 40-50fps on Linux and 120+fps on Windows just with the extra power draw

    Serves me right for trusting Nvidia with Linux I should have stuck to AMD

  • Hey guys, did you all get the 110ish fps in TR benchmark? I'm just getting 80ish even in benchmark mode.

    • +1

      No mux switch is a huge bottleneck. Plug it into an external screen and it hits high 120s.

      In fact I've found it to be such a large bottleneck on mine that there is next to no difference between balanced and benchmark modes in practical performance in gaming.

      It is the high fps that struggles though. So while I'm only getting high 60s for Forza 5, I'm still getting the same fps on extreme maxed out as I do on ultra.

      • Thanks bro. 👍

        • +1

          Did you get the single ram stick 3070? I think a lot of the mux bottleneck is in the single channel ram. Which plays a bigger part when the graphics have to pass through the igpu which is sharing system ram to get to the screen. I don't know that for sure, but I did chuck in an old 16gb 2400 single rank kits from my alienware and saw some improvement despite the slower rated speed. Once the bank account has recovered and I'm sure my issues are fixed I'm going to grab another stick the same or a high speed 32gb kit.

          Jarrod's Tech has a good video showing the impact of ram.


          • +1

            @johndoh89: yes, that should be the first thing to do

            no laptop, especially gaming, should be left in single channel. it's criminal

          • @johndoh89: Yes. That's the one I have. Likewise I need to wait until the bank account recovers. Lol. Thanks for your help. @shabaka too.

            • @Vaynard05: Had the laptop die, git told I need a cpap machine and when my solar installers were on the roof they found that all the pointing needs redoing.

              I'm not a roof person, I like the ground so I'm probably paying someone for that if I can even find a tradie. All straight after Christmas.

  • Has anyone had any issues using USB-C connecting to a monitor capable of 165hz?
    I can't get mine to work. I can connect to a monitor only capable of 60hz and it works ok but I can't get it to recognise on my 165hz one

    I know the USB-c input on the 165hz one works because I can connect other devices via USB-c and they work fine

    • connecting my xiaomi 34" inch monitor and i can set it to 99hz

    • You might need a usb-c to display cable. Mine works fine on 165hz.

      • Oh i use hdmi cable.. Should I be using usb c to display?

  • Hi everyone - any recommendation on thunderbolt/usb type C dock for dual display? Can I get 3 monitors using HDMIx1 and 2xdisplay out with via USB c?

    • would like to know this too

      • Does gsync work over usb c to displayport cable?

  • I have the M15 Q. I get really strange display flickering sometimes, and sometimes it completely freezes all glitched out (see pics here https://imgur.com/a/s2enxaO). Sometimes pressing CTRL+SHIFT+WIN+B fixes it, but a lot of the time I just hold down the power button.

    Any ideas? Do I have a faulty unit? :(

    • could be. QA might be a bit spotty? one member reported loose touchpad, mine would overheat all the time and won't hold on to color profiles

      • Sigh.. super disappointing. What's worse is the laptop is showing as sold out on the website so I might not even get a replacement, but a refund instead :(

        • Hey, what ended up happening with yours?

    • looks like bad display cable installation, my 3year old worn out laptop's taskbar flickers like that until i botched the replacement, have you tried to rotate the hinges see if it fixes or changes things? the display cable goes through one of the hinges so one tip for the future is avoid folding it too many times if you dont have to, ive got a bad habit of closing the lid at night to avoid dust falling on keyboard, totally unnecessary which puts stress on display cable

      might want to simply ask them to fix under warranty if you dont want to part with it

  • For anyone wondering, these mine ethereum at 46mh/s at about 80w reported
    Top tier efficiency, same as the Dell g15 ryzen 3060 model

    • For how many months it will breakeven? (Cost of laptop plus electricity)

      • 2 years

        • hmm sorry it was stupid question, obviously if ethe price goes 100x up then it will break even in weeks, but if bust to zero value then will never breakeven :D

          • @ChiMot: https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/calculator/eth?HashingP...

            Current value of Mining ETH for a year @ $539.37 USD Profit - $771.67 AUD
            So works out to be about 2.5 years

            Even if prices increase, its still a matter of year/s to get ROI, not weeks etc.

            Good luck having a laptop survive that. A quick youtube search of the comments shows a lot of peoples laptops dying after 8months.
            People get burnt out m/boards, fried capacitors etc.

          • @ChiMot: Also depends how much you pay for electricity lol

  • +2

    is anyone keen to start their own "brand" of gaming laptops based on X15?

    3060 FHD version barebone is $2079 for a pack of 5(!). about $400 per unit?

    3070 QHD barebone will set you back $2600 for a pack of 5. not bad huh

    just stick in RAM, SSD, add power cord and start selling like hot potatoes

    there also was a listing for 3070 FHD, but apparently sold out already

    • Surely that's an error?

      • +1


        not really, look under "ordering and compliance" that's how Intel is selling them

        if you google those ordering codes there are a few places in Oz besides Eyo where you can buy those in bulk

        I guess could be a great idea for a group buy, too. like 5 friends buying those together in bulk, supplying their own SSD and RAM and windows and being happy gamers etc.

        Hell, probably even good for 3 people buying a bulk pack, fitting 3 and using them, and keeping 2 as spare. $2600 / 3 is $900, that's a great price for a 3070 / QHD in my books.

        • good idea. im up for it (in sydney) we can buy bulk the components then meet at one place to assemble them together - kind of group study back in uni hahaha

        • Spares for broken-down pc's?

    • I would think that they sell the 5 pack, then "Recommended Customer Price" is for retail customers for a single unit? I think? It seems crazy that an i7 3060 laptop, even without RAM/SSD/OS, would come to $400.
      I'm thinking that the "5 Pack" on the Eyo listing is a typo or something.

      Regardless I just ordered a supposed 5 pack of the laptops so… we'll see!

      • "May I know if Uniwill service is a local computer shop/store that helped you with troubleshooting? If it is a computer shop/store - kindly share their findings."

        • Intel support

        reminds me of that GladOS song. "oh how we laughed and laughed, except I wasn't laughing" haha

      • eyo and a bunch of other places where you see this listing are B2B sellers mostly, but as far as I know normal people can buy there, too

  • Can anyone report the battery life on these? Wanting one for uni lol

    • +1

      Once undervolted to -50 mV my 3060 QHD reports 5-8 hours.

      • +1

        I undervolted both Core and GT, is it worth doing both or should I just do Core? I'll be honest I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to undervolting, but keeping temps down and battery high seems good lol

        • Just the core is best

        • Gt absolutely killed my performance but your mileage may vary.

  • +1

    I’m not sure what to feel after using mine for a couple of days now. For reference, I have the 3060 QHD model.

    • Laptop gets hot despite only browsing the net (Reddit, YouTube, etc) where cpu goes up to 60C compared to my previous gaming laptop where it would range between 40C-50C
    • Gaming obviously increases the temp. Tried out Hitman 2 at high settings80C CPU and GPU. League of Legends will put it close to 70C. This is after undervolting the CPU and turning off passive cooling mode. Fans go up to 1600-3000RPM
    • I’m fine with turning benchmark mode on while only playing games to have fans full blast but not sure how sustainable this would be since i’m the type to play games for long hours (3-5 hours) in the long run. I notice temp goes ranges to 70C for CPU and GPU
    • As others pointed out, i wish we had more control of the fans because this is an amazing laptop and the only thing making me consider returning it is the temperature
    • I also notice that the laptop sometimes turns on Numlock which can get annoying but not dealbreaker.
    • Coil noise disappears if I set to Mono white and keyboard brightness all the way up
    • +2

      that about sums up my experience, although coil whine was still present in mono white full brightness
      also the color calibration profile won't stick, something in NUC studio and/or the Uniwill service is overriding that constantly

      I wasn't comfortable with the laptop running hot, and in games I noticed a certain delay before the fans ramp up, and sometimes they won't at all, in which cases there was noticeable creaking inside laptop, probably from something heating up..

      I tried a lot of things mentioned here if not all of them. undervolting, reinstalling everything, fresh install of W11 and W10, BIOS reset etc., and a few kinds of dark magic including manipulation of windows registry settings related to Uniwill service instead of running the NUC studio

      I have concluded that none of these things, including windows reinstall, BIOS reset, moon phase and positions of various constellations have no effect on the extent of my issues

      so I returned mine. sad but true (3070 FHD)

      BPC received my unit today, let's see how well refund goes.

      I hope mine was just a dud, and Intel eventually fixes the buggy software, and the rest of the units work well for my fellow ozbargainers.

      • Thankyou shabaka

      • I bought a laptop stand (one that doesnt block base of the laptop) + one of those direct coolers from Amazon. If it manages to cool down the temps even by 5-10C i’ll consider keeping it

        • +2

          Cooling pad makes a huge difference but unfortunately due to the lack of fan control you may find the computer still runs near the same temperature, just won't spin the fans as hard…

          This means less airflow inside the case. Benchmarking mode locks the case fans on high, but also allows it to use more power and run even hotter anyway negating some of that bonus. Your temps are going to be in the 70s pushing 80s regardless of cooling pad while gaming. I did get below 40 on Web browsing though.

          That said anything under 80 at full load is quite good for a full power gaming laptop in a case this small. This laptop appears to have been made to run at these temperatures. Your fans are running at 3000rpm, they can get to 5000rpm normally (never seen above no matter what my efforts to cook it were) and locked at 5500rpm in benchmarking mode. The computer seems to target 80ish when gaming and only jumps the fans up a notch whenever it hits around there. Whether or not you're comfortable with that is up to you. If Intel allowed custom fan profiles I could probably have mine running in the low 60s during gaming with the cooling pad, balanced mode and having the fan profile target it.

  • My model (3060 QHD) has screen burn-in on top of a loose trackpad. Eg. The app icons on the bottom taskbar are faded out and can be seen even if they aren't open. Going to get it replaced soon but if replacement unit has same issue will go for refund.

  • +2
    • Includes a "Touchpad FW Update-" which I have no clue how to verify it did anything.
      Adds 2 drivers, there is a firmware file, device manager lists "PixArt HID Firmware Updater"

      • +1

        nice. about time! the product has been cooking on the tables of customers for quite a while now

        it's good to know things need to be installed in a certain order haha

  • I have found somebody with a XMG Neo 15 (based on the same Intel/Tongfang laptop that the 3060 QHD laptop here is based on) who has had the exact same display issue as me:


    I think there is some kind of widespread fault with this laptop kit

    • I second that, we should highlight that on the deal - buy at your own risk

      mine is back at BPC let's see if I get full refund. I should

    • +1

      No display problems with mine yet. (Kraken M15 F)

  • +2

    to those who returned theirs (3070 like me) and are looking for an alternative,


    Alienware m15 R5 (Ryzen 7, 3070) is $2185 with code on eBay (2 years on site Dell warranty included)

    • Caution: "Contrary to the previous m15 R4, however, you can only use smaller M.2-2242 modules and the second tray was missing on our test unit":


      • they are slightly wrong, Dell is just playing dumb here

        one needs special mounting brackets, about $25 a pop on Amazon

        • Oh, I had the same problem with a G7 17. The real issue is their report of a 2242 being the only drive size that will physically fit. Try finding a 1TB 2242.

          • @Chemware: yes. notebookcheck cooked a doozy there sure, I could see the mounting brackets for both nvme on the photos

  • Anyone happy with their laptop / no overheating issues?
    Contemplating getting the 3070 FHD..

    • +3

      I did end up deciding keeping mine (3060 QHD). I don't know what would classify as overheating issues but mine hasn't really overheat to the point of the laptop shutting down due to high temp. My fans are working properly and funnily enough, i'm able to play Cyberpunk (Ultra settings no ray tracing) with my cpu and gpu temp averaging between 70-80 (on Balanced mode) but with CSGO (high) it can get up to 90C so I end up turning benchmark mode on to lower the temps….. When browsing the net, I keep my laptop on Battery Saver and it's much better and more comfortable to use (temp 50C). It does also seem like it's built to withstand the high temp.

      FYI - things I did were: undervolting the CPU, updating my drivers w new driver pack that came out the other day (not sure if helped or not?), turn off Passive Cooling mode, Kmart laptop stand (https://www.kmart.com.au/product/aluminium-portable-laptop-s...).

      • Thanks heaps, my 5yr old laptop is slowly breaking down and would like to get a replacement but seeing all the comments about fans not wanting to kick in making it go up to 70C or so on idle got me second guessing.

        Think I might just pull the trigger!

        • +1

          I got Kraken M15 F on 20th Jan, I think installing the new driver pack and latest BIOS helped with temps: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11711944/redir
          https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11686378/redir I didn't do the recovery just downloaded latest BIOS installer.

          I set my settings back to standard like Power mode: Balanced, fan mode: standard, Passive Cooling on, no undervolt. laptop laying flat on a Lifetime bunnings plastic table, and plugged in with the AC adaptor.

          ~36-37 degrees Celcius at idle from a cold startup with NUC studio on for at least 3 minutes.

          ~47 while browsing through email, then Ozb on single tab Microsoft edge.

          ~51 with added notepad on.

          ~55-56 playing youtube for at least 2 minutes video, no fans on yet.

          Fan turned on at around 60 coasting around 1390 rpm at around 55, very quiet.
          Typing this after at least 30 minutes of laptop usage fans coasting around 1390, temps ~51-53, the keyboard feels only slightly warm.
          Idling ~50 and slowly reducing temps, the fan still coasting ~1380. The left fan was on 99% of the time since it turned on.
          Using 50% keyboard backlight the whole time, and turned off the lightbar.

          Before updating the drivers and bios, the temps would always rise to 50-65 and fans would go ~2070rpm to bring it down to 50, never going past 50, with balanced mode, performance fan mode, passive off, undervolt, laptop rear propped up with my intel CPU box. Internet and Youtube only.

          I'll try to see how turning off passive cooling, undervolt, and fan mode performance makes a difference now.

          • +1

            @Deal Hunter Go: Thanks for sharing - I just ordered the X15F and will probably need to play with the settings like everyone else here.

            If the fan kicks in at 60C and tries to bring the temps down to 50C, I am guessing that is ok? Correct me if I'm wrong - what temps do laptop fans normally kick in at and what temps do they normally hover at with normal browsing/YouTube?

    • +1

      No issues with mine but only pushing the gpu for Eth mining
      Played around with fan speeds, run on cooling pad and happy with the temps

  • +1

    Ordered two, just recieved the 3070 one today.

    Looks amazing, runs great. only complaint is audible coil whine when using other keyboard lighting profiles. can't hear it on monocolour as others said.

    Waiting for the 3080 to arrive!

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