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Ollee 11.6 inch Celeron N3350/4GB/64GB eMMC Laptop $198 + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ C&C) @ Harvey Norman


I haven't been able to find these specs for cheaper anywhere else. Harvey Norman, of all places!

The 14.1 inch model also available for $248 https://www.harveynorman.com.au/ollee-14-1-inch-celeron-n335...


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    The gift for those you hate

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      Even If this was $20 I would feel too much guilt giving this as a white elephant gift

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        Trying to make anything load on it is like me trying to run a marathon on New Year’s Day with a hangover

    • The gift for those you hate

      You must be from the other side of the tracks. In any case, can I please be someone you hate?

      • +3

        I’m not trying to be a jerk… but I’m downvoting this just so unaware people don’t actually buy this pile of crap

        • -3

          Unaware people will get a perfectly acceptable laptop.

        • Unfortunately i bet that the OP did.

        • I bought two.

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    Hot garbage tech

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    Far too potato

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    Life is too short for a computer this crappy.

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    No offence OP, but I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole. That CPU was anaemic when it was released, and it has definitely not improved.

    For a rough example, in some (certainly not all) benchmarks it gets beaten by a Raspberry Pi 4. They were generally used in embedded devices or NAS style systems on unix for less overhead. Add to that the lack of ongoing manufacture support or compatibility with Windows 11 and it's just not worth it in my opinion.

    You'd get much better bang for buck - and a much more reliable/supported device - with either a second hand or manufacturer refurb laptop from within the last 5 years.

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        A quality ex-Corp laptop won’t have any of those issues. Many are still under warranty!

        I picked up two Lenovo ex-corp laptops with 7th gen i5 CPUs and SSDs for the same money as this, and they had two years warranty remaining from Lenovo. Both have been perfect for my mother and mother-in-law for over a year.

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          Same experience, but with Dell laptops. Built like tanks and still performing very well. OP is clearly very biased.

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            @Omk4r123: Yep, they’re definitely the way to go over this trash.

        • can you give me links?

        • Good luck getting guarantees of battery life on nearly all second-hand laptops. Let alone getting something light and small for everyday tasks with a decent warranty.

          Completely different needs and.wants.

          • +3

            @wiffy: The battery life on this new garbage will be rubbish, so hardly the big plus you’re trying to paint it as.

            This sort of crap is a total waste of money, and not even suitable for everyday tasks. Windows Update will cripple this thing before you even load any other apps.

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            @wiffy: You sound upset… are you the inventor of the celeryon stalkmaster 6000 series processor?

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          Nothing for nanna?

        • You said it… Dell are like the Camry of laptops, may not be the most stylish but it’s good to use and will keep going forever

          • @Z80: I would have compared the Camry to the Lenovo T Series.

        • Where did you find?

          I'm looking for a Lenovo ex corp

            • @Mitch889: I don't know how you picked up one @ $200 with warranty.

              Can't find shit for 200bux

              • @Bretttick: you're saying you can't find anything for $200… in a thread about a laptop with warranty that costs $198?


              • @Bretttick: I was comparing more like-for-like with the ~$250 14-inch model.



                I picked up two Lenovo L450 refurbs for my mum and mother in law, both had about two years left on their 5 year on-site warranties. According to the Lenovo support site, both were purchased with the extended service package. Certainly a YMMV situation, but both of the units had only ~100 cycles on the battery too.

                Neither have had any issues with either machine in the year since purchase.

                • @Mitch889: those secondhand Lenovos are good value if those came with the 1920x1080 screen option (the 14" Ollee doesn'!), and Lenovos are often modular, upgradable and repairable; a new battery would be $40.

                  The drawbacks for me are that the Lenovo is twice as heavy as the Ollee, a good bit larger, not silent, and less likely to spend time sitting coolly on my lap. I view netbooks as laptops and laptops as desktops.

                  • @mantichoral: I’d be surprised if those Ollee’s sit coolly on your lap with no fan. They’ll be light because the mainboard is tiny and has a very small cooling solution. The CPU will always be working hard considering the low performance potential.

                    The Lenovos don’t have to work hard under normal conditions, and seemed to run quite cool when I was using them.

                    But to each their own, I would rather a performant refurb over these Ollee’s every day of the week.

    • Curious to know, what do you think is the cheapest price for a decent new laptop?

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        Depends on what you want your laptop to do. Gaming? You can get an okay-ish one for $1000 to $1200. General productivity? Maybe around $800 to $1000. Extremely basic stuff? $600 to $800.

    • You are a poet.. maybe “some offence intended (to the hardware)”

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    Instant ewaste
    Probably ok for checking emails but anything more, even web browsing, isn't going to be pleasant on this thing

    • +1

      Nonsense. Web browsing is fine. Plus a lot more besides.

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    Or buy an abacus. With a bit of practice, it will probably be faster than this

    • Or buy an abacus. With a bit of practice, it will probably be faster than this

      My sides are splitting!

      In the meantime, millions of users are buying cool-running entry- level budget laptops that can outlast their more expensive heat monsters precisely because they stay cool. No early heat-related death. No early disposal.

      Laptops that are perfectly capable of the tasks their users expect.

  • Is this okay for kids watching youtube and such?

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                For ~$89 more than this laptop, you can get a Realme 6(wireless1.com.au) from Wireless1, which has 8gb of RAM.

                You are comparing RAM size between a phone and a laptop. Stronly suggesting more RAM = better. Why don't u spend $89 more and buy a phone then?

                Should I point out the absurdity of comparing 2 devices with different architectures, different OSs and different use-cases?

                You have just outed yourself as an enthusiast out of touch with everyday computing. We can go back and forth like this trying to prove one or the other is better. The laptop will win in some areas. The phone in others.

                And then what? I run a phone using the latest LineageOS with hardware from 8 years ago and 3GB of ram. It runs superbly. 32-bit ARM. Must be trash…

                • @wiffy:

                  You are comparing RAM size between a phone and a laptop.

                  No, I'm not. @Jaduqimon is.

                  Stronly suggesting more RAM = better.

                  It is better lol.

                  outed yourself

                  What is this, some sort of undercover mission? I was never trying to conceal it lol

                  I run a phone using the latest LineageOS with hardware from 8 years ago and 3GB of ram. It runs superbly. 32-bit ARM.

                  Good for you, glad it's working out. You seem to be happy with it, but would someone else be happy with it? Probably not.

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      Only if you hate the kids. Or their parents

      • -1

        Only if you hate the kids. Or their parents

        In my world this is a great gift. More than I would spend.

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      Having used the same processor in a smaller NUC style device, avoid if possible for this purpose. For 1080p YouTube, I was dropping around 20% frames with the CPU pinging. This is due in part to the lack of hardware support for decoding any recent video codec. In a faster CPU you can manage with software decoding, but not this. You may find it "ok" with 720p and below, but it's not going to be enjoyable, and certainly not if multitasking.

      If you're hoping to use Netflix/Disney, I'd do further research to confirm that this chipset can even handle the DRM requirements these days. Far more trouble than its worth.

      • This model's Intel HD 500 graphics chipset supports hardware AVC, H.264 and HEVC decoding, per its specs.


        There's a lot of difference between chip hardware released in 2016, and in, say, 2006.

        (I have no idea what hardware support for codecs has to do with DRM, but then, neither does the post I'm replying to.)

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      Just use a cheap tablet or phone. My mum got a similar laptop and it couldn't handle streaming video without dropping the quality. Was a complete waste of time, her phone was faster in every way.

      • Absolutely this. At least a modern Android tablet will have far more comprehensive hardware codec decoding and proper DRM chipset support.

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    Not worth it. Even at $200, running Windows these things are SLOW AF.

  • +3

    If fossil fuel is being used, at least produce products that are not trash.

    • +1

      One man's trash is another's bargain cool-running perfectly fine treasure.

      • +1

        I feel like using the term cool running in this thread is slighting the Jamaican bobsled team.

        • this Ollee laptop is, with good reason, called a snowbook.

          Looks cool, runs cool.

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    Be sure to grab one of these at the same time to put it in:


    • Omg

    • +3

      Actually should be sold as a bundle

    • This made my night omg thank you

    • Be sure to grab one of these at the same time to put it in:

      Extended warranty has been binned. Thanks for the tip.

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    As a general rule IMO if it's slower than a Dell Optiplex 9020 avoid! This laptop is a $198 paperweight.

    Intel Core i5-4570 - Average CPU Mark 5163
    Intel Celeron N3350 - Average CPU Mark 1142

    • +1

      Strange comparison.

      • Agreed.

    • Good benchmark, because you can get these rock bottom in ex-corp. probably $200
      It feels like the OP is having us for a lark trying to prop this thing up…

      • It feels like the OP is having us for a lark trying to prop this thing up…

        Not at all. My posts are sincere. Feel free to buy your second-hand laptop. I prefer to buy hardware with very low TDP processors that perform the everyday basics well enough for me to use them daily, in a small size and with light weight and no heat-related early death, preferably.

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