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Ollee 11.6 inch Celeron N3350/4GB/64GB eMMC Laptop $198 + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ C&C) @ Harvey Norman


I haven't been able to find these specs for cheaper anywhere else. Harvey Norman, of all places!

The 14.1 inch model also available for $248 https://www.harveynorman.com.au/ollee-14-1-inch-celeron-n335...


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          We have multiple people commenting how similar specced laptops are problematic for users. We have users with experience with similar device(myself included). You've listed workarounds which are not practical for many users.

          No workarounds are needed. These are optional. We have self-professed experts and others whining about a brand they don't know & don't trust, primarily. Keyboard warriors with very little experience, a lot of herd mentality responses, peen-waving and ludicrous assumptions that get it so wrong, I can't help but be amused.

          I think the down votes are completely valid. If you took a slightly different tack, your deal would have likely been better received.

          I don't care about how well (or not) my posts are received. But thanks for caring. Those that have a clue have bought one. The peen-wavers can spout their ignorance and I will respond. Not my job to convince anyone: just more stock for those who can benefit and appreciate the deal.

          You can keep updates on all you like. Nobody's stopping you. I am well aware of both hardware and software threats, but thanks for the peen-wave.

          • +1

            @wiffy: This is not a peen-wave. You are straight out giving bad advice that would get users into trouble.

            You're talking about the NSA to sound knowledgable, that's a straight out peen-wave if i've ever seen one. I've just taken you deeper down the security rabbit hole to see where we end up.

            Do you have anything beyond your own experience to suggest that "all you can eat security updates" are problematic? Do you have any evidence of security updates introducing more security holes?

            Those that have a clue have bought one

            Yeah, if you know what you're buying that's fine - i've already clearly stated this. The problem is users who buy these who don't know what they're buying. I have helped clean up many of these low-end devices. They're an absolute pain.

  • I'm just going to note that a customer review of the least expensive Ollee laptop, on that Harvey Norman sale webpage, points out that there's an M.2 solid-state drive bay. That customer review predates this entire thread.

    Yes, you do have to expand the review section to read the review. Yes, the seller's listed specifications should call out there's an M.2 bay; it's significant, and a major selling point. I'd like all laptops to feature bays for removable drives like this. (Well, Apple won't…)

    To some other objections raised: the laptop does not ship with bloatware; it's a clean Windows 10S manufacturer install. The laptop does not have or need a fan. I've found it runs linux well for my needs. Those commenting most loudly in this thread do not speak from experience, even as they thank each other for sharing knowledge that… they don't actually have.

    My experience working with these laptops has been positive - other than interacting with ozbargain commentators, of course - and is documented at

    which contains more useful and relevant knowledge than this entire thread. If you're considering buying this laptop, that page will be more helpful than reading this thread.

    • Buy the Microsoft HEVC video pack from the App Store, for movie playback

      Why do you recommend this over VLC?

      • The Ollee's Intel HD 500 graphics supports HEVC decoding in hardware. With the Microsoft codec, HEVC playback in many apps (including both the bundled Films & TV and Edge) can take advantage of this, giving smooth playback at low power consumption, instead of simply complaining about an unknown codec and not playing at all. (Encoding can also benefit, but that's less common as a use case.)

        While VLC now claims to support HEVC and to have hardware support, I've consistently found that VLC's HEVC playback to still stutter annoyingly, even on platforms that are higher specification - a problem fixed with Microsoft's HEVC codec from its store.

        But if you want to save a dollar and a half (split across all your Windows machines) to continue to use VLC, be my guest.

        • Ahh, guessed it was to do with VLC's support. I personally wouldn't buy it until I knew I needed it.

          I mean, sure if you want to playback HEVC content or stream 4K. I'd imagine that the average user doesn't need this. I guess if you're dealing with iOS content as I believe that defaults to HEVC.

          But if you want to save a dollar and a half (split across all your Windows machines) to continue to use VLC, be my guest.

          I have the codec pack, which I got for free, for my Windows machine, but I don't make too much use of it as I'm not a fan of the interface of Film and TV.

    • > If you're considering buying this laptop, that page will be more helpful than reading this thread.

      No, the comments have been a great experiment in herd mentality and 'pc knowledge'. Haha.

      Especially when the 'experts' encounter an unfamiliar brand, they are really out in force. The so-called experts must perform the essential role of warning the public against buying these machines. After all, every PC user should want what they want, and everyone else should envy their knowledge.

      If only I could respond to more of these 'experts' dishing out their knowledge, but the cat is out of the bag. Hah.

        • -1

          The herd of 'experts' have moved on. They have nothing more to say here.

          They are looking for their next circus, where they can puff their chests out some more (er, I mean protect the public from making a bad purchase).

          Thankless work, but they feel compelled to do it. We are so lucky they are looking out for us.

  • What a crazy coincidence! I JUST went to help a woman with an Ollee laptop today. What a piece of garbage! Good Christ— the touchpad and keyboard alone would send you screaming.

    Say no & thank me!

    • Which (older?) model Ollee was that?

      I like the keyboard on this model - more key travel and a better feel imo than a Macbook's, I can touchtype on it - and I also like the trackpad and its physical tilt click.

    • Say no & thank me!

      Thanks! More stock for those who could use one.

  • It looks like Harvey Norman has now sold out of the $198 Ollee snowbook with the full HD screen - it's no longer listed as on offer.

    The larger 14" Ollee with the poorer lower-resolution screen and worse ports (one USB 2.0) is still available for $248

    • Marked as expired. Thanks!

      • I don't think marking as expired immediately was the right thing to do, as:

        • HN confirmed to me that they do still have some stock of the 11.6" model in physical stores. it's discontinued, so once they're gone, they're gone.

        • the larger, lower res, 14" model also mentioned is still available. the only benefits I can see there would be slightly less memory used for graphics, perhaps more battery life.

  • Now officially out of stock. Those of you who missed out, I feel your pain.


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