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Foxtel Now Android TV Box $39.99 + Shipping ($0 with First) @ Kogan


2GB RAM, 8 GB ROM Android TV box running Android 7.0, the Foxtel Now Box is RRP $99 but on sale at $39.99 and uses a custom launcher that can be replaced with some tinkering. My first post here so please be gentle.

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  • +2

    Anyone jailbroken one of these, what can you do with them? - cant imagine there are many foxtel users at ozbargain

    • Wanna know too

      • +28

        I use mine to stop the door slamming shut on a windy day. Works well, 5 stars.

        • I agree, best use for one of these

        • Can you recommend the best firmware for this?

          • @pupdog: The stock, because it's the only option.

            Btw, you do get his comment is a joke right? He's not actually giving it 5 stars…

    • +6

      I have replaced the launcher with ATV launcher and works well. It does require a Foxtel Now trial account to unlock it. I have only had it for a few days and haven't really tested it out. The performance of it seems to improve once the defaulted Foxtel interface is disabled. I bought it due to having a DVB-T tuner inbuilt.

      • Agreed,
        Kayo can be downloaded, but not Binge.
        Otherwise once hacked, it does OK.
        Would still far prefer a Vodafone TV.

        • Nothing beats a Vodafone TV for price and customisation. I’ve travelled the world with one. It’s my second best friend.

          • +1

            @Bellyup: Not supported now though, so sad they’re not updating it anymore :(

      • So can you still use the TV tuner with a new launcher?

        I got one for free when they were and have never bothered with it after 5 minutes bc of how integrated Foxtel was to it (I know, what do you expect), but if you can basically make it more stock Android kinda thing, AND keep the FTA channels, that's pretty dope.

        • +1

          Yeah. There's an app for that

      • Oh right so my dodgy old Foxtel Now box can be upgraded to allow me to install Binge and Kayo? Interesting.

        • Not Binge…
          It installs fine, but when you start it up it recognises that "it's not a supported Device".
          The hacking is only skin deep so it's not possible to edit the system files to change the device identifier.

      • Any chance of pointing me into the right direction on who to do this?

    • door stop

  • +6
    • +5

      I have this, it constantly crashes, at least 2-3 times a day but I can't complain too much as it was free. AFAIA these may be the newer foxtel models compared to the freebies that foxtel gave away.

      • +1

        Only difference between Foxtel models was in layout of remote control.

        Ageee with other comments - for free might be worth it if you want built-in TV tuner, but there are a range of better options if paying.

        VTV is still the best in-built tuner Android box I've used (still using), but no longer for sale from Vodafone.

      • +2

        My free unit works reliably. I have hacked it to bypass the fuxtel launcher which probably helps.

    • -1

      Selling your soul to the devil is free?

      • +4

        Anything for daddy Rupert

      • If the other place is full of modern day progressives, I'd take roasting with ol' daddy Rupert any day…

    • +1

      That's how I got mine. Great little box for streaming, Chromecast and YouTube. I just put in a warranty claim cause the sound isn't working all of a sudden.

      • +1

        Warranty claim for a free product? Cool

        Genuinely curious to see how it goes

        • +1

          I'll let you know

  • +6

    I got mine free as well. If I have to drop some money on an Android TV box, this would probably not be it. My advice is to look elsewhere.

    Every once in a while about a week or so, videos in Netflix and Amazon Prime videos will not play, you will need to reboot it for it to work again. Sometimes apps gets stuck, and you will need to go into settings and force stop the app to get it working again. Also Kodi is somehow auto uninstalled, i have to run a Kodi fork called Wonderbox TV. It is the same as Kodi in every way, just the logo and app name is different. I suspect there is some security settings that constantly checks for "banned" apps on this device.

    • Does this occur using some of the ADB commands listed in Whirlpool?

      • +1

        Yes. I have disabled the Foxtel launcher and running Leanback launcher. The launcher makes it useable but the issues I mentioned still exists. I am only still using it because I didnt want to spend more money on another Android Tv box. The issues are more of an annoyance.

        • I have been unable to get leanback launcher working, and am using ATV Launcher in the interim. I can install it on google play, but can't find a way to open/enable it.
          Can you shed some light on how you got it working?

          • @NorthPort: I followed the instruction in the comments from the original deal. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10719732/redir

            I can't remember exactly. I remember I sideloaded the leanback launcher apk. I think I used the firestick version. What was the error when you tried to sideload the launcher?

            • @geek001: Ahh thanks.. Yeah I have been able to download the Android TV launcher straight from the Google play store. I can download it/install it, however I then only see the uninstall option, I cant see the option to open it. I'll try the side loading option you suggested. Thanks for the help.

              • +1

                @NorthPort: I also suspect you have already set ATV launcher as the default launcher, maybe thats why you cant see any other launcher. Try going to Settings > Apps > ATV launcher > Clear defaults.

                See if this will force the prompt to choose launcher to come up when you press on the Home button.

                I am only guessing, doesnt hurt to try.

    • I have both the Foxtel Now box and the Vodafone TV box. With custom launcher, the VTV box is fast and much more responsive.

      • Agree, I ordered one of these to replace VTV device that died. Faster and Android 9.0

      • Can you let me know how to get the custom launcher?

        • +2

          From whirlpool:

          On the device:
          1. Go to Android settings > About > Status - Note down your IP address
          2. Enable developer mode - Do this by clicking on build number 7 times
          3. Enable USB debugging in developer options

          On a PC download Minimal ADB and Fastboot - https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=962187416754459552
          Extract it to a folder. Then from the command prompt

          adb connect YOURIP (where YOURIP is the current WIFI IP address)


          adb shell pm disable-user —user 0 foxtelnow.box.setup
          adb shell pm disable-user —user 0 foxtelnow.box.oba
          adb shell pm disable-user —user 0 foxtelnow.box.security

          Disable the foxtel now launcher only if you have installed another custom launcher first:
          adb shell pm disable-user —user 0 foxtelnow.box.launcher

          Hope that helps.

          • @NorthPort: @NorthPort: It's a bit more dusky, but you can also do all of it in box with a terminal application installed

      • +1

        Every other media box on the planet is faster and more responsive. I've owned 5-6 different players over the years, the Foxtel Now box never ceases to let me down, it finds new ways to force me to restart it almost daily.

        • I’m using a modified ATV launcher and every now and then it does this annoying thing where it skips all the apps very fast in the middle when you press up or down or left or right etc try to select a different app. Drives me insane and the only way to fix is a reboot

  • +4

    Foxtel Not Now Not Ever


  • +1

    Foxtel NOPE. more like it.

  • +4

    For this price, I would recommend either the Google Chromecast with Google TV + Netflix bundle (if you are already a Netflix subscriber) or wait for the Amazon Fire TV to go on sale. The main downside to the Fire TV is casting on it is a little more complicated.

    • Netflix bundle expired 31/12

      • Cheers, I was about to say where the hell do I still buy this!!!

    • I upgraded my Foxtel Now box with a Google TV and it is so so much better. I also got the Foxtel Box particularly for the tuner but with the streaming apps I found I really don't need it

    • I use my chomecast with Google TV and this for Kodi. The foxtel box is capable of playing 4k content that just won't play on the google TV.

  • +5

    I must be the only one who likes this box. I enjoy the few foxtel channels and the free to air is integrated nicely.
    Does crash every now and then when left on but there's worse things in life.

    • +6

      Still use mine on a tv at the far end of my house that has poor fta tv reception. It’s tuner is phenomenal. The rest is a bit slow and clunky but workable. I got mine free but I’d pay $40 to get one if I needed it

  • Android 7 is pretty old. How long until prime etc get removed like the vodafone box?

    • +2

      Side load/Aptoide.

      • +1

        Been using this to watch Prime. Bit fiddly but a good work around.

  • For mine would be heaps better off putting that $40 towards a Chromecast TV. Great piece of kit well worth the extra dollars and should be good for many years to come.

  • +1

    Waiting for next gen google tv with more internal memory

  • Lol I got a freebie through a previous deal on here, I would never spend money on buying one much better options out there, chrome cast comes to mind.

  • I lent mine to a friend as his TV tuner broke in his TV. It's one of the good thing about it i.e. has a built in Tuner like the Vodafone TV.

  • +2

    I have one of the free one of these, but it was constantly rebooting.
    Tried the warranty process via the foxtel website twice, it says you will be contacted etc etc, but nothing happens. Hey, it was free.

    Anyhow I found them fairly easy to take apart, so I removed the heatsink, and applied some thermal grease instead of the dodgy looking plastic thermal pads, and seemed to be better.

    Just a heads up, be aware these are running Android 7 so I imagine will be vulnerable to many network exploits

    • +1

      Hey that mirrors my experience. The box was doa, tried contacting Foxtel number of times, they logged a warranty claim but never sent a replacement.

  • +2

    Foxtel + Kogan = Red Flag.

  • Does anyone else have trouble with this box? I have it along with an Apple TV and Sony TV. When CEC is turned on on the Foxtel box and I switch to Apple TV box it will go for less than an hour then switch back to Foxtel box. Turning off CEC stops that but is inconvenient.

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