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Meross Smart Garage Opener Homekit Version $57.36 (OOS), Non-Homekit $44.60 Delivered @ Meross Direct via Amazon AU


Looks like cheapest price for the homekit version @ $57.36 (OOS)
Non-Homekit @ $44.60 here

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Got the HomeKit version two weeks ago. The sensors can be a bit tedious to set up depending on your garage door setup but once you’ve gotten the positioning right and have secured them with the provided double sided adhesive tape, it works extremely smoothly!

    Be sure to update the firmware using the app though.

  • Installed one a few months back, easy to use and works well!

    • Can this device report back if the door is opened or closed?

      • Yes you get notifications with time stamp of when the door was opened/closed. However you need to switch on this setting in the app.

      • Yep says if it's left open. Even get notifications for when its opening or closing

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    Recommend to get the Orion Grid Connect from Bunnings. Does exactly the same thing and easier to return . Bunnings is selling it for $46.

    • +5

      Unfortunately the product you’ve linked doesn’t have HomeKit support - it only has an iOS app (which is not the same thing)

      I’d recommend spending the few extra bucks to go with the HomeKit version. Well worth it, at least for future proofing purposes.

      • That item listed from Bunnings would be good if you just only wanted to use it for google assistant?

        • Even then the non HomeKit version from this deal is cheaper ($44.60) than the one from Bunnings($46).

          And returns with amazon are easy as.

          • +1

            @hashtagbargain: True I guess its the convenience of having the ability to get it in store and any issues can return it for a refund but on other hand with covid cases then delivery would be easier option too.

            Anyway I don’t think I need home kit as I’m setting up google nest so I’m just gonna use it via the google assistant I suppose instead of doing this homekit.

            • +1

              @prankster: Amazon is stating Brisbane Prime delivery for this is Monday. Hardly worth getting off my ass to get an inferior product from Bunnings. I've used Grid Connect stuff before and it is terrible so I was lucky Bunnings has a good return policy, I still think Amazon's tops it though.

          • -1

            @hashtagbargain: Can you walk into an amazon and get an instant refund?

        • Yea I got the bunnings one, works well. Requires a passcode entered through the app for you to use voice command for opening garage.

          • +2

            @R3XNebular: The Meross defaults to needing a PIN to open the door, which can be done verbally with the Google Assistant via Android Auto

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    This is a steal.

    Just nabbed one, get em while they last.

  • Assuming that I don't use voice commands on my phone because the technology is unreliable and I don't want to go in and open an app on my phone just to open my garage door, is there any point in me buying this?

    I think the timer settings and auto-close are kinda pointless, too. That just seems dangerous when you don't know if there are obstructions in the way etc.

    I would think the most useful setting that would enhance garage door use on a daily basis would be the ability to auto-open as you approach in your car or have dedicated hardware remote that can open it without line of sight (so you can open it when you're a minute away from your home, via button your car dash).

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      With Apple CarPlay when I approach home (~500m away) a button appears on my dash for my garage door and I just tap it. By the time I reach the house the garage is open.

      • Hey stickyfingers did you have to set this up or did apple kinda work it out?
        I’ve just got mine setup and going.
        Tried to ask Siri to open when I was in driveway and she told me she couldn’t while I was driving and needed to unlock the phone first.

        • +2

          Nope, didn't need to set anything up.

          Make sure you have your "Home" address set up in Apple Maps.

          Siri will always ask you to unlock but the button in CarPlay doesn't. I can't remember if activating Siri via CarPlay and asking it to open via that required you to unlock.

    • Yes that’s what this does with HomeKit.

      I also have a Bluetooth low energy button I can use if I want.

    • +2

      I just ask Siri to open the garage through Apple Carplay. If I don't have the phone linked I ask Siri on my Apple Watch. No reliability issues for me - it has worked flawlessly for the last 18 months. No need to get within line of sight or to push any buttons. I feel like Knight Rider talking into my watch as I drive into our street … also useful for letting family members into the house remotely when they have forgotten their keys.

      • I really wanted to do this. Installed the Meross HomeKit version and I can’t even open the garage door when standing right outside it. Because my phone hasn’t connected to the home wifi. Works when I’m inside my house, though.

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          You’ll have to set up Apple home hub with Apple TV, home pod or mini, ipad that should be connected to your wifi and stay at home all the time.

          • +1

            @PLIHA5: That is right. I use my Apple TV as a hub. You can then be anywhere in the world and ask Siri to open the garage door (as link as your phone has an Internet connection).

  • Does this have Android Auto integration?

    • +3

      meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote, Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, Multiple Notification Modes, No Hub Needed


      • +1

        Thanks, bought one

  • Ah got this a year a go non homekit version. Do i have buy the whole thing again if I want homekit?

    • Yup. Extra hardware in the applekit one.

  • +1

    Nice. Grabbed the HomeKit version. Was going to buy a couple of extra remotes for the Merlin garage opener but this ended up being around the same price.

    Let’s hope it works

    • I've never paid more than $10 for spare ebay remote control buttons… Usually between $5-10… Just make sure you enter merlin and your model number….

  • +1

    Did anyone had success with stoddart unit?

    • +1

      You talking the centurion model that Stoddard rebrand. I don't have one of these garage openers installed yet but the centurion takes the inputs required to activate the opening and closing. There is a 4 pin block which has the com (common) plus the activation wire

      • How did you wire it inside? Could you kindly show us?

        • I have the same centurion model. Note the round led light is also a button that allows you to open/close garage. Follow the button's two wires within the case and connect your meross ones to the same spots and you are all set. Don't worry about wire colour, it works either way you connect them.

          • @kulprit: Does it have stop option work or just open/close with meross?

            • @Mckenzie: Only open and close. Can't stop it halfway with the meross.

      • Thanks for that. Bought the non-homekit version.


        from the manual , it seems com and no. will try today

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    Wow this is an all time low, the camel says so 🐪

    • What do you mean by the camel? I'm interested in tracking prices in the future for other products!

      • +1

        In every deal post sold on amazon, you’d see

        “Price History at CamelCamelCamel”

        Above the Facebook twitter and other share links.

        Click that to see price history of that product.

  • Will it work on any brand of garage doors? I have B&D

    • As long as your garage door unit accepts aux input or has a slot to accomodate a wall switch.

      Personally used on my b&d, works charmingly.

      • Thx, will check it out

    • +3

      Follow compatibility check @ pic #3 in the Amazon listing

  • +1

    Am I right to assume that the Homekit version is primarily required if you have Apple and that if you are Android based then you would just use the non Homekit version?

    Or have I missed something else between the two versions?

    • +3

      Yes if you don't use Apple eco-system go for the non-homekit version

    • +1

      Does homekit version also support Android? I am an Android user but my wife uses Apple.

      • +1

        Yes the HomeKit version does both.

  • +1

    Have had the HomeKit version for a year. SUPER happy with it. Very reliable and works exactly as intended.

    Highly recommend especially at that price!!

  • Hey guys, I've got 2 garage doors at our place. Obviously I would need 2 of these, however how would the app pickup on 2 doors? Would it be Door 1 and Door 2? Or would I allocate custom names for them?

  • +2

    Got non homekit last deal. Love it.
    You need a pass code for it to open via Google home. Can close without.
    Very happy with it. The alert that the garage door has been left open is great.

  • +7

    For those not interested in utilising HomeKit, get the wofea equilavent ones that you can get on AliExpress at a fraction of the cost. I use them, works exactly the same and is fantastic.

    Links to last two deals posted

    AU $25.54 50% Off | Wofea WiFi Switch Smart Garage Door Opener Controller Work With Alexa Echo Google Home SmartLife/Tuya APP Control No Hub Require

  • -3

    What’s with the Apple tax on all these HomeKit products? Apple users are wealthier?

    • +4

      HomeKit products need to include the Apple MFi chip on the PCB, and need to be licensed through Apple’s MFi program.

      This is why there are far fewer HomeKit products.

      • +1

        Furthermore by not making an open standard (HomeKit only talks to Apple operating systems), Apple have repeated the same mistake (strategy?) they have made many times before. Apple accounts for only 13% of mobile devices worldwide, and 7.4% of computers worldwide. Having far fewer users (in global terms Apple operating systems are nearly a niche product), automatically leads to higher prices due to not reaching true economies of scale. Furthermore it guarantees that everyone else must use a different competing standard, and there's a reasonable opportunity for that to either become a multitude of competing closed and open standards (eg in video messaging, when FaceTime was released it was promised by Steve Jobs to be opened to all, instead that hasn't happened, and now we have WhatsApp video calls, Zoom, and google duo), or a widespread open standard with vastly better economies of scale that outcompetes the closed Apple alternative (eg USB C versus lightning cables).

        • +1

          Apple accounts for only 13% of mobile devices worldwide, and 7.4% of computers worldwide.

          While true, that's pretty misleading. In the big western markets iPhones make up about 50% of all phones. Here in Australia they make up > 50% iirc. The bulk of the Android market is in third world countries and places where people are buying $100 phones. They likely won't be buying any sort of smart garage door opener.

          Apples results speak for themselves, hard to argue that they've made any sort of mistake.

      • +3

        I am pretty sure that the chip requirement was dropped several years ago.

    • +2

      Apple tax

      You've already answered your own question.

  • I can’t see whether this comes with infrared sensors to fit across the garage door opening to prevent the garage door closing on an obstruction such as a car or a child. Can anyone confirm?

    • Can confirm no infrared sensor to look for obstructions.

      • Thanks. So non compliant with current Australian standards? (

        I guess it’s like the scooter deals and similar. Available to purchase but not necessarily legal to use.

        • +2

          I don't know if this affects DIY installs, only if other companies are installing them. The site you posted only lists a standard and doesn't show any legislation they are referring to? And I couldn't access the standard without paying for it.

          I also don't know how a safety beam should need to be installed for a smart opener only but not a normal garage RF remote opener when the dangers would be the same? I can still push the remote button when inside and can't see the garage door closing for safety (which I'm guessing is why they are concerned about safe remotes)

          Do you have anymore info about it?

          • @poiterbad: You’re right, you can push the garage remote from a non line of sight location but I think there’s a line that had to be drawn in the sand somewhere, and having a door that can be operated from far far away was the line that was chosen.

            Some jurisdictions outside Australia require the IR beams for all auto doors, even those with just the wall switches only.

            I found this, but yes, the actual standard requires payment, like all Australian Standard documents.


          • +1

            @poiterbad: Australian Standards are not what the name implies.
            Australian Standards are formulated by a private entity and not formulated by the Australian Government as most people think (including myself at first)
            As such an Australian Standard has no force at law UNTIL the standard is picked up by State or Federal law.
            So if for example a State law on electricity puts in the legislation that all electrical work must comply with the Australian Standard then that Australian Standard becomes law in that State.
            One State may pick up part of an Australian Standard while other States may pick it up in its entirety and other States not at all. I only have limited knowledge of this situation but it seems to me that his type of situation is not common.
            As the Australian Standard is provided by a private entity then you have to pay to buy a copy, and they are not cheap. The price is probably OK for a professional using it everyday but a bit daunting if you just want to have a look out of interest.

            • +1

              @zuby: Yeah that's why I was asking about any legislation that pointed toward the standard. Interested in which states implemented this standard as law.

              If a standard is used in a law for requirements of work, shouldn't the standard then be free? You'd think you shouldn't have to pay money to access something that is required of you when installing something in your own home that could get you in trouble. It's daunting as you mentioned.

              • +2

                @poiterbad: Exactly
                You should be able to freely access all laws that affect you.
                And even if it isnt for work there are times where you need to access the law. For example if an electrician installs a gpo for you and you are not sure if it is too close to a handbasin then you should be able to read the law to see if its correctly installed.
                So really i think the Commonwealth government and not a private entity should formulate Australian Standards then make them australia wide and publish them for free access
                To me that would make more sense.

                Lastly as you have found out it is hard to find any legislation that picks up this standard. Or even know what state or states have picked this standard up.

    • Sensors would need to be the right brand/model, not just generic like this deal.

    • +3

      Your garage door will stop and go back as soon as it touches something on the way down.This doesn't need to have it's own sensor, you still need to tell it to open and close just like you would with a normal garage door remote.

  • +1

    What is the risk of this being hacked and opened by intruders?

    • +2

      I would imagine the risk is similar to an intruder opening the garage by using the radio signal of your remote.

    • +4

      The crims around here would just smash a window and not bother with hacking something like this.

    • -1

      It's connected to your wifi, so they'd have to hack your wifi.

  • Voice command to open is not supported by Alexa AU. It only works closing the garage.

  • Get keys to new house tomorrow, will be straight to the garage to check the device compatibility :D

  • +1

    The Bunnings kit is great I have two kits on garage doors and another wired up to open solar gates 100m from router and they all work great.

  • I miss this from our old house..
    We moved and have a rolladoor with the motor on the side of the door, pretty sure we cant use this now as there is no separate inputs to open the door.

    • +1

      On mine there are connection points. Maybe it’s behind a plastic panel?

    • +2

      Mine is motor on the side it's a bnd and it's not on the compatibility list . But you open the inner inside panel alot of them have a connector for it. maybe have a look

  • Not sure if my system is compatible?

    Any wisdom would be appreciated.

    • +1

      Looks like your Securalift garage door is incompatible. Go to FAQ section as you might need an accessory:

      And check instructions here:

    • +2

      Looks like you have a osc input in theory it you should work,
      "O/S/C INPUT is used for the connection of a wired switch (momentary contact). This switch can then be used to open, stop or close the door. Install the wall switch in a location where the switch is out of reach of children and the garage door is visible"

      • Yup, O/S/C is the normal connection point for these third-party devices.

  • Can you use this or something similar on a sliding gate opener? And do you need 240v at the gate or is 12v fine

    • It uses USB so you can use a 240v outlet. You could also get a 12v to USB adaptor and use that. I did the same with 24v that my garage door has.

  • Got HomeKit version last week. Works great with Apple CarPlay.

    • Do I need to have AppleTV as hub?

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