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[Preorder] Ecotest COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test 24pk $304.99 Shipped @ AutoRepairsDirect


These tests are on the government list as 80%+ accurate.

Also selling 2 pack for $24.95 - LINK HERE

And yes I know - an auto repair shop selling RAT's? No idea why myself but they look like they are available so why not.

TGA - Acceptable sensitivity - clinical sensitivity greater than 80% PPA

Mod 12/1: Price updated from $314.99 to $304.99.

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Auto Repairs Direct

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    God bless you autorepairsdirect

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    too expensive

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      especially for low accuracy ones.

      • sensitivity accuracy

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          correct, thus my comment about 'accuracy.'

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    How do we drive traffic to our website, I KNOW COVID TESTS

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    I'm at a loss for words.

    I thought the local party supplies/$2 shop selling RATs was already random enough.

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      Party store selling RATs actually kind of makes sense.

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        Wait till Maccas's starts putting them in McHappy Meals

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    Oil filter, check.
    Fan belt, check.
    RAT test, check.

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    Seems to have gone up since https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/676127 where people already downvoted it more than upvoted

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      Even though that previous deal got voted down into oblivion, there's around 2k recorded click-throughs.

      I think they must've had an uptick in sales to justify the price increase.

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    Dispatching January 17

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    'Now $290' - have they been reading our comments?

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    You know it's sad times when a friggin auto parts shop selling RAT kits.

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    or get the rat kits for free at the hospital to take home

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    Price Gouged - Seller like these trying to make profit in Pandemic.

    NOT A DEAL !

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      For me it's a deal as they are in stock and shipping soon. Try buying them elsewhere at the moment…

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        Try buying them elsewhere at the moment…

        You can get them for free at the state vaccination hubs

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        They aren't shipping for a week. Doesn't sound like it's in stock to me.

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    Not a deal!!!!

  • Overpriced and low accuracy

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    $150 for 20 x pack COSTCO if you can get any. https://www.costco.com.au/Health-Beauty/Health-Medicines/All...

    • I'm waiting for them to come back in stock. 👍🏻

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    Shameful (profanity).

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      Kents? OzB filter won't stop that one.

  • SPAM

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    Totally disgusting 🤬

    You have to wait until the 17th January for them to be posted 🤣

    Should only be Sold when you have stock on hand! (Not that I'm buying any anyway!)

  • Thanks (",)

  • price gouging

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    Price gouging plus they don’t have stock.
    Shipping starts from 17th so basically you are pre ordering a supply .

  • Bad deal, low sensitivity, price gouging

  • Price gouging.

    • $12 a test isn’t prove gouging?

      • Yea its pretty annoying that Aussie Government didn't clearly define price jacking.
        They really should have simply said "A test should cost $7 and if you charge over 25% of this cost then we will fine you".
        But they didn't really define any of this, so if a Manufacturer RRP says a test is $20, you really cant do much under law.

        There is reasonable limits e.g. not selling for $50 a test, but still allows for companies to charge $15-20 per test with no laws broken.

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    Availability does not equal bargain

  • These saliva test kits don't specific evidence of performance against Omicron if you seach on the TGA site (https://www.tga.gov.au/post-market-review-antigen-and-rapid-...) but their nasal swabs do.

    Does that mean this will show negative for those who are positivie with omricron and don't know it? Or is there a chance to still get a positive?

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