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InnoScreen Rapid Antigen Home Test KIT 2 Pack $15 + Postage @ Rapid COVID Response


OP unpublished it.
(They found it on finder.com.au)

If you need this product, I suggest using PayPal and share here how your delivery went.
For those that ordered based on the image of 2x kits, potential PP dispute depending on what you get.


ABN: 44 795 689 337

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    Is this the one that the OP said "have doubts about the validity of the website"?

    I wonder what their concerns were. Maybe dropshipping? Although it does say orders will be shipped 12th/13th Jan.

    • +2

      Yeah, I reckon OP was new and panicked? Perhaps drop-shipped/online-based biz.

    • the website says the kit is made in Australia.

      • +6

        Based on the TGA website, InnoScreen is made in Australia. Also it's acceptable sensitivity. And it says it's a pack of 2? doesn't that mean it's $15 for 2? that's one of the cheapest RAT kit so far…

        • +1

          Before all the crazy, that’s the price my local pharmacy had on a two pack.

        • Website says 1 test so $15 per test.

        • I bought this from my local pharmacy back in November (it was one of the first approved for use by the tga, according to the pharmacist). 2 tests inside for $15.

    • +5

      The OP found it on Finder.com.au and cannot vouch for the validity of the seller.

      OzB users trawled through the website, domain registration, etc. and all seems a bit dodgy. Not necessarily fake/scam, just presented as a very poor quality seller.

      The test kit itself is registered with the TGA (https://www.tga.gov.au/covid-19-rapid-antigen-self-tests-are...):

      Name of self-test* and how to use the test:
      InnoScreen COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Device (Self Test) (pdf,1.15Mb)

      Specimen type:
      Nasal swab

      Australian Sponsor (supplier):
      Innovation Scientific Pty Ltd

      Innovation Scientific Pty Ltd (Australia)


      Clinical Sensitivity:
      Acceptable sensitivity

      Date Approved:
      28 October 2021

    • +5

      No ABN, no contact details, website's only been created recently. The whole thing looks shady-as.

      There's no guaranty you'll get them, there's no guaranty you'll get real (working) tests.

    • +1

      There was a reputable ebay store selling these exact kits a couple of weeks ago, they had sold ta lot of, if i recall about the same price. But then ebay removed all RATS, makes me think this is the seller with new webpage

    • +1

      I'm going to steer clear based on the evidence provided by everyone.

    • +2

      I am amazed the customer reviews also appear to be valid OzBargain commenters weighing in:

      "Changed description after order!"
      "Inconsistent Info"
      "Might be a scam"

      and not a curated/fake list of positive testimonies

      • though one OzBargainer gave them (/the product) a five-star rating with their "Looks to be a scam" review
  • +2


    Website is 3 days old?

    • Seems like it can't handle the mild ozbargain traffic surge either

    • +6

      Registry Domain ID: D407400000107136424-AU
      Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.auda.org.au
      Registrar URL:
      Last Modified: 2021-08-24T21:59:43Z
      Registrar Name: GoDaddy.com LLC trading as GoDaddy.com
      Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
      Registrar Abuse Contact Phone:
      Reseller Name:
      Status: clientDeleteProhibited https://afilias.com.au/get-au/whois-status-codes#clientDelet...
      Status: clientUpdateProhibited https://afilias.com.au/get-au/whois-status-codes#clientUpdat...
      Status: serverRenewProhibited https://afilias.com.au/get-au/whois-status-codes#serverRenew...
      Status Reason: Not Currently Eligible For Renewal
      Registrant Contact ID: CR498603100
      Registrant Contact Name: Walid Jamal-Eddine
      Registrant Contact Email: [email protected]
      Tech Contact ID: CR498603101
      Tech Contact Name: Walid Jamal-Eddine
      Tech Contact Email: [email protected]
      Name Server: NS04.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
      Name Server: NS03.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
      DNSSEC: unsigned
      Registrant: Rapid Response Testing
      Registrant ID: ABN 44795689337
      Eligibility Type: Partnership

      ABN status: Active from 26 Aug 2021

      looks like active site since Aug 2021?

      • +4

        looks like its this guy


        • +3

          Id say its someone that has managed to get their hands on some cheap kits (or free) and has setup a website to take advantage of peoples 'needs' and fill their own wallet while doing so

          • +4

            @worthy1: I mean, if he really got his hands on cheap kits and then actually selling them cheaper than pretty much anywhere you can find these days, then kudos to him.
            The actual question is, do these kits actually exist and are going to be shipped?!
            Besides, I’m not sure why he’s calling himself a doctor, doesn’t bode well for the integrity of the deal.

        • +1

          using same old email fnfchiro from pre-rebrand

          https://www.facebook.com/firstandforemostchiro/ before ReviveHP

          team of chiropractors

        • He should be reported to AHPRA if he is splitting packs and selling tests individually. This isn't allowed.

          • @unity1: He's providing a cheaper product than other places right now, give him a break

            • @boomlogical: Doesn't matter if he's selling it the cheapest in the world. The TGA doesn't allow packs to be split and tests to be sold individually. Trade ethically or not at all.

  • Shipping is $15 to metro Melbourne for 5×2 pack, kind of kills the deal

  • Acceptable sensitivity. $10 shipping to Melbourne for a single pack. Standard shipping 2-8 business days.

  • +1

    Pricing is not very clear- the pack says it contain 2 tests, thats $15, but when you select pack of 5, it is 67.50$, or is it 5 packs of 2 tests each?

    • I assumed 5×2, but shipping is $15, so $8.25 per test

    • +2

      Ah they just changed the description, it says box/ pack contains 1 kit.

      • Box still contains 2x tests

        • +6

          Yea, but the description says this

          "Box contains 1 test. Each test includes:

          Single use swab
          Test Cassette
          Extraction Tube
          Waste bag


          • @Darkspirite: Hmmm good catch..

          • +2

            @Darkspirite: I have a screen shot from my order that says, "Rapid Antigen Home Test KIT - 2 Pack 5 Pack (Save 10%) 1 $67.50."

            Based on that information I am expecting 10 individual tests.

            Site now says.

            "Box/package contains 1 test."


            • @ilikeit: Yeah, I saw that too, that's why i was like… this is the cheapest I've seen. then I saw that it changed to "Box/package contains 1 test" and I don't think I've seen an InnoScreen kit with only 1 test in the box… super sus

              • @Darkspirite: Very sus… I have paid with PayPal. Will be interesting if they send 5 indiv test.

            • @ilikeit: I also found it very confusing but didn't think to take a screenshot in case I get fewer than I expect - the images said its 2 per pack

              Are you able to upload the screenshot somewhere to share?

    • If "1 Pack" contains 2 tests, then should be the latter I rekn

  • It comes up as $15 shipping for me. Interesting watching the 'Items in Stock' counter. Started at 599 units in stock and i kept refreshing to see some big drops. Closed the site and went back it and the counter goes back to 599 in stock.

    • Yeah when I started looking at it earlier today it was 918 and stuck there despite 2000+ clicks in the OG post.

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing. just noting to everyone this is only "acceptable sensitivity" according to TGA

  • These are lower end tests on the scale - Acceptable sensitivity - clinical sensitivity greater than 80% PPA

    • InnoScreenTM COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Device has an
      overall sensitivity of 89.47% for symptomatic patient (within 7 days of
      symptom onset) and 68.75% for asymptomatic patient. The specificity is

  • +1

    Bought some with paypal, got an email etc, we shall see.

  • +1

    Says 1 test per box in the description multiple times so I'm not paying that much.

    • +3

      All mentions of it in the description used to say it was a 2 pack but that's all changed in the last 10 minutes - super dodgy.

    • yeah, this one seems dodge

    • Yeh thats dodgey because it did say 2 tests

  • Description when this was posted said 2 pack (i.e. 2 for $15, 5x2 pack for $75, etc. + post).

    Looks like they've updated the website to say 1 kit per pack now (i.e. 1 for $15, 5x1 pack for $75, etc. + post).

    Either way, I ordered with the original description and the Paypal and their email confirmations both say 2 packs.

    Edit: and looks like it has all sold out.

  • +3

    Box shows 2 tests but description twice says box contains 1 test.

    • Order summary email from an hour ago says

      Rapid Antigen Home Test KIT - 2 Pack × 1
      5 Pack (Save 10%)

      • Hopefully you receive 10 tests in that case. Please report back.

  • About 400 packs sold since posted previously
    Suspect or not it’s being OzRRP’d

    Now it’s mysteriously gone from 450 left to sold out with a quantity change per pack…

    • I wonder how many bought up to then sell for 2-3 times the price

  • +3

    Saying sold out now for all stock

  • Now listing as Sold out?

  • +4

    Very dodgy. Changed the description.. Box shows 2 test per box

    So they are contaminating the product by opening and selling separately 🙄

    • +1

      My order confirmation says:

      Rapid Antigen Home Test KIT - 2 Pack × 1
      5 Pack (Save 10%)

      To me that means 2 x 5. If it is not then they are price gouging.

  • there was 950 x 50 packs 5 mins ago.. now sold out

  • +4

    While I accept that all businesses need to start somewhere, can we not post dodgy just-registered COVID-profiteer "deals"?

  • +3

    This 'deal' should never have been re-posted. Looking at the editing of the products as identified above, this seller is at best dodgy, and at worst a total scam. OP was right to remove it.

    • +10

      Since it's now OOS though, it would probably be good to keep this here as a record (and to allow members to post results of the transaction).

      • Agreed. Good luck to those who gave it a shot through PayPal. I'm just genuinely concerned for vulnerable people who may have been sucked in to spending $300+ without protection.

      • +1

        We think alike

    • Wouldn't have reposted if they didn't have PP method tbh.

  • +7

    Well either I received my 2 test per kit Rapid Antigen Test, or received 1 test per kit, open a dispute with PayPal and get my money back plus I get to keep the test kit. Either way, I'll get either a test kit or my money back. Thank you PayPal.

  • Seems many people bought when the description was: Rapid Antigen Home Test KIT - 2 Pack. On my receipt(s) it's listed as: Rapid Antigen Home Test KIT - 2 Pack - 5 Pack (Save 10%)

    Which clearly indicates a 2 pack of tests (product) with a quantity of 5. Guessing the seller would be wise to cancel/refund those whom purchased when it was the above if they are intending to ship a different product and/or quantity than the one the majority of people have purchased.

  • Not sure why everyone is so worried about credit card vs paypal.

    Credit cards have incredibly strong protections in place about fraud and scam etc.

    I am hoping my order comes through but if not will make a claim with my cc. Not too worried either way

    • +3

      In my experience, if something goes wrong: product not as described, not shipped etc - PayPal are just easier to deal with than when I've had to do the same around a direct CC transaction.

  • +1

    The website seems ok it's looks like just another "covideer" captailising on the situation, eg sanitiser etc. How many Walid Jamal-Eddine are there? Unless some bastard's "ID thieved" him. Use paypal, worst case lodge a dispute and wait 7-14 days.

    Given previous encounters of this nature it would be presumptuous and pretty stupid to have deals put on here with the varying intelligence of the user base. I mean, if something goes wrong [email protected] probably will be unusable…for a start.

    What is concerning is the package content change from 2 to 1. Even more concerning is (if) the test package (which clearly states 2 tests in the green circle on the packaging) is sealed that means someones opened it and removed one test for some reason(insert speculation here).

    Not to fan flames but if you receive the package and it is opened and/or only contains 1 test hopefully common sense says throw it in the bin. It's weird that they would do this, I can't imagine the legal repercussions and backlash they would receive for doing it.

    Fun times.

    • (ID email comment)
      They would need to change registration information on multiple services if they wished to continue

      [email protected] email address was used for their previous brand of chiropractor clinic which has been updated to ReviveHP (registered differently; though with still the same forefront team member as the founder/director)

      • +1

        Yep. Unlikely.

        But I think people may be missing: tampered packaging, containing instruments that you have to stick in your gob/nose/an orifice to use to check to see if you have caught something you don't want inside of you…red flag.

  • +12

    Hi folks,
    not sure if this link will work but shows googles cached version of the page as at 10 Jan 2022 20:54:46 GMT.

    Grab a screen shot in prep for PP dispute.


    • MVP!

    • Legend

    • Cheers @baseboot, the site is now showing

      -per test


      Box contains 1 test. Each test includes:

  • Am I screwed because I paid using a debit card instead of PayPal or Credit? It was early and I didn't think to change payment method to PayPal and now it looks like we've potentially been scammed. Sigh.

    • +3

      Visa and MasterCard has buyers protection so you could lodge a transaction dispute with the bank for a refund if the seller doesn't ship you the goods. Debit cards are protected by the same buyers protection.

      • Great that puts my mind more at ease. Thanks for replying!

        Love the name by the way - hope this seller doesn't turn out to be a smeghead =D

  • Feels a bit dodge that this was repostable after OP unpublished (and we lose the value of previous comment threads)

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/676885 by Hils https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/56151

    A bit strange that the website seemed to have been registered by a doctor (chiropractor?) reselling their cheaper supplier supplies for profit—and disorganised, at that

    • Assuming it's the same guy as previous posts have identified, he runs businesses in health sector, including a complimentary health services practice by the looks of it. Obviously somewhat of an entrepreneur. I really don't think there is an outright attempt at fraud here…just an opportunity to turnover some stock in a climate of desperate consumers (who either have to wait all day for a test, or have trouble buying them through normal channels).

      To be fair, the original pricing for a two pack is fine. If it's only a one test box, then that's double the original market price and I hope ASIC takes them (and all others) down for price gouging (but I think ASIC is only interested in big fish).

      That's not to say they haven't screwed up on the ordering anyway…but need to wait and see I think.

  • +1

    Potentially that’s why they pulled the pin at 500-400 stock left. Knowing they need to double what everyone’s ordered because they can’t get away with splitting a 2 pack (which is still even in the picture). I hope. I’ve sent them an email to confirm as well. We’ll see if they come back or else I am disputing the transaction before shipping tomorrow

    • +2

      Before they pulled the pin, the stock levels were quite different depending on whether you selected 1 pack, 5 packs, 20 packs, or 50 packs.

      They had about 900 units of the 50 pack quality available towards the end.

      I think what happened is they didn't configure their stock quantities correctly. And so had:

      • 1000 units of 1 pack (1000)
      • 1000 units of 5 packs (5000)
      • 1000 units of 20 packs (20000)
      • 1000 units of 50 packs. (50000)

      So they needed 76000 units to fulfil all the possible orders. But it's likely they only had 1000 in total, then panicked and tried to change the quantity of tests per pack.

      My guess is that they will be doing a lot of refunds.

  • That didnt take long. Brand new websites claiming to sell these.
    At least its not an auto parts store this time……

  • Has anyone actually emailed the seller?

    • +3

      I’ve emailed them to give them the benefit of the doubt. But will be cancelling the order if I don’t hear back by end of day.

      • Please keep us informed if you hear back & what the response is.

    • +1

      I emailed requesting to cancel my order, will let you know if I hear back.

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