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[Back Order] Vodka - Grey Goose 750ml $59.99 and Belvedere 700ml $56.85 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Vodka seems on special, good prices on Grey Goose, Belvedere, Skyy and others

Mod Update 19/1: All on back-order. Temporarily out of stock.

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  • Normal price for Grey Goose on Amazon.

    That said, it's a great drop for less than $60 and the bonus 50ml is always welcome. Have ordered it half a dozen times from them whenever I haven't been able to quickly find a litre bottle for under $80. Always well packed and quickly delivered…

    Oh - and notwithstanding the extra mouthful, always pay the small premium for Goose over Belvedere. Money well spent…

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      Disagree re Belvedere UncleRico, but each to his own

      • +6

        Good Lord! Mrs Rico would retract all benefits were I ever to turn up with a bottle of Belvedere rather than the Goose under my arm!

        Still, if Mr Drummond and Alan Thicke taught me nothing else - and they didn't - the one thing I did learn from them is that the world don't move to the beat of just one drum and what might be right for you, may not be right for some…

      • I vote for Stolichnaya. Granted, I only use it for cooking.

    • +1

      I feel to drink neat, belvedere has more of a flavour whereas grey goose has less taste and therefore better for mixers.

      • +2

        I always thought that the less flavour in a Vodka, the better quality it was?

  • Is there something you both can agree on regarding Vodka?

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      That it contains alcohol

      • +7

        I respectfully disagree.

  • 60 is pretty typical for Grey Goose 700ml

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      Amazon is selling a US-dictated 750 ml bottle ("fifth"/US metric "quart").
      Dan Murphy's sells an EU-dictated 700 ml bottle ("European spirit bottle"/European metric "quart").

      You get 7.15% more from Amazon.

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    FYI if anyone wants a nice vodka, this is a great drop. Well worth it, give it a try.

    Green Mark Russian Vodka @$33 from Dan's and/or other places.

  • Has anyone tried some of the Japanese Vodka that is currently on the market?

    Any thoughts?

    • +1

      Sounds expensive

    • +3

      Nothing beats a good Polish vodka.

  • Can anyone recommend some nice gins.

    For reference, my fav is Hendricks.

    But looking to explore more options.

    • Bombay is nice and dry.

      • Patient Wolf is also good.

    • +1

      Malfy pink grapefruit is a good alternative from hendricks (I love both). It's especially good with this heat

    • +6

      Four Pillars.

      Locally produced, recently swept some international awards and currently on special at Ebay for under $58 delivered with code "PLNYDEAL".


      If junipers are your thing, of course…

    • +1

      Try Gordon’s. Only buy a small bottle though because after one sip you won’t want it again.

    • The bar I worked at had some nice local aussie gin like Four Pillars, Brookie (NSW), The MGC (VIC), West Winds (WA) and Never Never (SA) on their shelf if you want to start with those. Also here is a list of some more local aussie gin that you might want to try that I haven't mentioned: https://www.theurbanlist.com/melbourne/a-list/best-australia...

      Surprisingly, there's also some good irish, scottish, american and japanese gin

    • +1

      Four pillars both original and navy strength.
      For a bargain price, Roku is quite smooth too.
      Archie Rose is also a must try.

      • +1 for Archie Rose - super nice

    • Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin, a slice of navel orange, tonic. Bliss.

    • +1

      The Botanist - hands down favourite.

    • Roku or Beefeater

    • Roku is great for the price

  • +1

    All the rappers talk about these drinks. Must be good.

    • Aint it the truth!

      Without their sage recommendations, I may never have acquired my show-stopping apple bottom jeans…

      • What about the boots with the fur?

        • Oh yeah. The man knows what I'm talkin' about…

  • How much do you guys drink or take to finish a bottle?

    • +1

      Ordinarily, all of it…

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    Good deals aside, if you're a vodka drinker - I recommend trying Beluga for a similar price point, and also White Birch vodka.

    • +1

      Yeh I have been drinking Beluga and its good. I rate it.

    • Absolutely. Great drop!

  • +1

    Skyy FTW. Very nice and very affordable to boot.

  • +3

    IMO, a fairly average vodka for the money. Personally, I much prefer "Russian Standard", which can be found at $36 for 700ml.

    • Very good and underrated vodka, was the daily drinker of choice for me and the housemates for a good while - when it's found at that golden mid 30s price. Places have a tendency to charge 40-45 for it.

      • +1

        Definitely not a daily drinker of choice for me, but it works the best with savoury dishes, such as Russian-style dumplings dipped in a sour cream.

        • +3

          WIth a Polish vodka I'd recommend Polish pierogi instead or simply a slice of fresh, crunchy sourdough rye bread with smalec and sour pickles. Na zdrowie!

          • +2

            @polstralian: Ah yes, that too. I want to try Zubrowka very soon!

            • +3

              @jettim76: That one goes beautifully with clear (no pulp) apple juice and ice. In Poland it's known as 'szarlotka' (apple pie).

    • +1

      Have you tried Russian Standard Platinum? Not many stores seem to be stocking it. Dan Murphy at once stage use to stock it but can't find it anymore at Dan Murphy.

      • +1

        Yep, it's great - but all the Russian Standard varieties are 👌

      • I have and didn't find it to be much different from the Standard (pun intended) one.

    • +1

      +1 for Russian Standard.

      • Does the job for normal mixes, pretty cheap. Then again only a bit more for Absolut

  • +5

    finlandia is a good well priced vodka - worth trying!

  • what's the difference between $30 vodka and $80 vodka?

    • +26

      About $50

      • -1


  • +6

    Belvedere > Grey Goose.

  • +1

    Liquorland + 20% Cashback probably the way to go if buying today.

  • Belvedere Temporarily out of stock.

    • +1

      Looks like all 3 on back order

  • +1
  • 2x Russian standard vs 1x Greygoose is a no brainer, unless you are drinking it straight

  • Belvedere 1L is $80 everyday price at Costco.
    Last time I bought 700ml from some Coles 20% off offer for less than $50

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