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[Kogan First] ASUS RT-AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Dual-Band Gigabit Router $189 Delivered @ Kogan


Great price for AX-3000 router. $250+ elsewhere. Non-Kogan First customer is $194.99 which is still reasonable. 3 Years warranty from ASUS. It might be possible to price match to OfficeWork to bring it down to $180.49, see comment below from TechNerd

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  • +2

    This is an awesome price on this router

    Ive seen it before and it hasnt been getting much cheaper… People suggested that waiting for the next wifi 6 standard would drop prices but neither has really happened yet.

    However consider this router also;

    asus ax5400 gaming tuf $265



    Ive been following the prices and features on the asus rt-ax routers because of the reported stability with gaming, streaming, quest 2 etc. There have been some awesome deals on here

    Thanks OP

  • Sorry for the noob question but there isn't any way to use my mobile data/connection to transmit its signal through this, is there?

    • +2

      You can do USB tether as a backup WAN.

      • +1

        I've done this for a week on an AC68U with a 4G modem while I had an nbn outage. There's an option there for an Android phone as well.

    • You can but it defeats the purpose of buying a fast router


      Go into the setup of the router and set the bridge up as hybrid mode which will turn the AP into a repeater of your mobile hotspot.

      59• HYBRID: Enables the Wireless Bridge feature and allows other wireless devices/stations to connect to the router.NOTE: In Hybrid mode, wireless devices connected to the ASUS wireless router will only receive half the connection speed of the Access Point.

  • +1

    will this make me win warzone games?

    • +1


    • +1

      Yes.. Go for it!

  • +2

    Can someone explain why certain routers can be better than others besides speed in simple terms? I’m confused on why some routers are more expensive especially when most people just use an Ethernet cable. Thank you in advance :)

    • +1

      I think its just stability and longevity but some people will pay extra for features that wont concern the average user

      Some brands will have the specs but not the cooling or ongoing support.

      You get what you pay for in terms of specs but speed is not something you are concerned about on an unstable network.

    • +4
      1. Faster wifi speeds(that you cannot use since nbn is shit)
      2. Better wireless coverage.
      3. Better stability (dealing with multiple connections at the same time)
      4. Extra features (that an average user won't use)

      Unfortunately most of them are irrelevant because nbn is overpriced garbage. We pay too much for too little when it comes to internet, in Australia.

    • +2

      Stability is no.1. Some router require restart everyday as the network jammed up.

  • +4

    Good price but Kogan First, no thanks.

  • +1

    I am assuming this will not act as a VDSL modem for those who don't have FTTP or FTTC

    • +2

      Correct. Would need a seperate modem and to be run in bridge mode for FTTN.

    • Thanks for asking, in the same boat and was half tempted.

  • +10

    Negged for Kogan. No warranty support, customer support is horrendous, impossible to exercise your ACL rights as not in Australia, impossible to refund. Buy from an Australian retailer instead for slightly more to save yourself the headache.

    • +2

      Kogan are an approved Asus reseller

    • +3

      Kogan sell both imported goods ( mentioned for each item) and local products as Approved Aus reseller. Warranty isues in the past for item I purchased was handled in very good way. It was DLink smart switch which stopped working after 9 months. Contacting them was seemless and they sent me a new item.
      Being in Australia they come under ACL. hat was your issue?

    • What was your experience? I hear you but I haven't been gotten any but good customer service and warranty has been good. From my end it has been fine. However, I'm aware they have issues such as modern slavery and mistreatment and have been fined multiple times by the ACCC. I'm doing my part in minimising purchases from Kogan.

    • For those that don’t want to use Kogan, it’s $217 price matched at office works with Bing Lee.

    • Which item you had issue with? So far my experience has been good and has claimed warranty once (not this item) on which they send me replacement item after I sent them the video of the item stopped working. This one has ASUS local warranty which should be easier to claim if something goes wrong.

    • +3

      I bought from Kogan an item sold by a third party in its marketplace. Item was DOA, Kogan asked for videos and seller was unresponsive until I escalated with their team. Continual waste of time asking if I would accept $10 or $20 credit instead of a full refund when item didn’t work on arrival. Kogan team would just spam me with “the seller seems to have messaged you please respond” instead of actually being helpful. Ended up doing card chargeback. I can’t imagine what it would be like trying to exercise your ACL rights on a product out of official manufacturer warranty.

      On another time I preordered an item from Kogan for Christmas in August. After being initially advised October delivery, it was then pushed back to November and after passing the initial promise date in November, I raised a case only to be told they couldn’t supply the item and just refunded me. Wasted my time again. If I didn’t raise the case I probably wouldn’t have got a refund with this mob.

  • +1

    Needing a router for a 3 story townhouse, anyone know if the range on this is good or something that would be more appropriate? Aussie broadband suggests google nest wifi 3 pack

    • +1

      Tenda mw5 3 pack for less than $100

      Might be overkill and easy to install.

      • Silly question but can I buy a 2 pack and distribute throughout the house? Or do I need an extra unit to connect from the router to this?

        I’m not sure how these mesh units work if it’s just plug and play but assume there needs to be some form of setup so then it strengthens the wifi signal?

        • They support each other and you dont need to worry about signal strength unless you want to reduce it.

          If you unplug one, another will seamlessly continue the connenction to your devices

          Just need to plug in a LAN cable from your broadband.to any of the units and they work out the rest.

          • +1

            @PlaunsJanus: Do they seamlessly connect with a router/modem combo? I thought I remembered reading somewhere you might need to set your combo device to modem only for it to function?

            • @Wildesy: These will replace the router in your current combo.

              Remove your router
              Place one next to a modem and connect it with a network cable.

              • @PlaunsJanus: Oh so I would remove my existing router and use this then? I actually just wanted wifi extenders to extend my current to router but doesn’t look I can just do it with this mesh units unless I remove the current router?

                • @prankster: Sorry if my replies are confusing.

                  These will work like wifi extenders. Just plug one of them into your modem

            • @Wildesy: If you have an existing wifi from your setup you can disable it and just use these to distribute the connection

          • @PlaunsJanus: So I do need one to connect to the modem. Thus I’ll need 3, 1 to connect to current router and then the other 2 will connect via the 1 unit connected via the router?

            Isn’t it easier if I just buy wifi extenders instead of those mesh units?

      • +1

        Looked it up, looks good! Cheers

    • +1

      Get 3 of this is better. AiMesh is better than google nest.

      • +1

        Don't really have 600 to spend on home wifi setup unfortunately

        • Get ASUS AX55. Wifi speed is still good. Last time it was discounted to $130.

      • +4

        If you’re tossing up between “do i need a new router or a mesh router system”, start with an AiMesh compatible wi-fi 6 router like this. Then, if you need additional coverage, add more. Versus splurging on the Google Nest Wi-Fi which is only wi-fi 5…

        • What do you mean referring this router as “ AiMesh”?

          • +1

            @prankster: AiMesh is a software feature built into most asus routers. It means that you can connect multiple asus routers and turn them into a mesh network.
            The benefit is that you can mix and match different asus router models, and make a custom mesh network. This could save you money, as you don’t need to buy a mesh only product like Orbi or Google Nest Wi-Fi, etc.

  • This or tplink archer ax73? (6 antennas)

    • +4

      I bought this one last week and I’m very happy with it. Was going to go the ax82u or the ax86u, but went this one as the 82u couldn’t get the Merlin firmware and looked like a spaceship and 86u was double the price of this.

      A couple of points of going with this over TP-link. The firmware gets updated on a regular basis and the software interface is one of the best I’ve used. I bought a tp-link X20 mesh system and sold it almost straight always the interface and settings were lacking and coverage was average. Can’t comment on the ax73 though.

      I’m on a single story 500msq property and have a d-link DVA2800 dsl modem bridged to this. I used to get WiFi drop outs, that’s all been fixed with this. I can now get coverage across the street whereas could barely get out the front door with the DVA2800.

  • Does this support all isps including tpg? And can I use openwrt?

    • It's a router so will require connection to some sort of modem. What modem will depend on your nbn connection - the modem is the part that you need to make sure is compatible with your connection

      • I know, there is a NBN communication device. I jsut need a router. But I remember earlier thread that TPG required something special.

      • +1

        And I dont see this router mentioned on OpenWRT table.

    • Asus is compatible with all ISPs and has VLAN ID settings required for TPG.

      • +1

        Cool, Thanks!

  • How does this compare to RT-AX55?

    $169 at Amazon, although I've seen it for $139 on sale.


    • +1

      This has faster Wifi (AX-3000) instead of AX-1800 on ASUS AX-55. However, in the real-world, not many clients are able to support the AX-3000 yet. But, for $20 difference, I will get this one instead (the Amazon showing as 1-2 months before they are able to ship out)

  • Is this overkill to be used as a WiFi repeater for airlink for quest?

    • Not sure what is airlink, but if you have ASUS router, you can mesh it using ASUS aimesh and create faster and more stable wifi for your guest. I am sure they will appreciate it :D

  • Is VPN Fusion available and working properly on this router?

  • +2

    Price match by calling officeworks. Comes down to $180.49, and don't need to sign up for Kogan First.

    • I doubt you'll be able to price match. Officeworks has is as the RT-AX58U and kogan has it as the ax3000.

      • +1

        I already ordered one this morning through officeworks by calling them. They just asked for the product code, competitor name and price. They said that it was all good and they can price match it.

        • But Officeworks doesn't even sell the RT-AX3000 model. How can they price match a model which they don't even stock?. They must have incorrectly price matched against a different model but appears the same in looks as in the RT-AX58U model which they do sell.

          It sounds like you may have accidentally ordered the RT-AX58U model from Officeworks which looks identical to the RT-AX3000 model but it's not the same. RT-AX3000 appears to be a newly released model.

          Good luck with that.

          With that being said. You will probably actually receive the RT-AX58U model from Officeworks. Whereas with the RT-AX3000 model that people have been ordering from Kogan it looks like those orders are being cancelled.

    • thanks bought 3 to add to my mesh system

  • I currently have a Comnect DS244WTV MODEM, can i buy this and just put away my current modem or do i need to connect the router to the modem?

    • Depending on how do you use the Modem, if you use it by connecting it to the VDSL (telephone line), then no, this does not have a telephone line.

      • The current Modem is indeed connected via the DSL port to get access to NBN. Would it just be cleaner for me to just buy a wifi 6 modem router with DSL Port, or to connect this router to my current modem? I am also currently using a switch to get LAN for my house

  • +1

    saying sold out now on Kogan

  • Guys another question, i just connect tpg fttb plan with free modem. I know it also have inbuild router. How good is this, do i need seperate router?

    • Usually, the Router that comes with the ISP is a basic one without external antennas. This one will be more have more range and able to have multiple devices connected to it.

  • +1

    Received my cancellation:

    "Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to supply your ASUS AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Dual-Band Gigabyte Router (RT-AX3000) as originally expected."

    • It sounds like to me "we are cancelling orders due to a price error" but making it seem like it's a circumstance out of our control.

      • FWIW, I don’t think it was a price error, I ordered and didn’t get a cancellation.

    • Sorry to hear that. That is not good.

  • +1

    So did any one actually get theirs?. Or no one got one.

    It's just it seems no one came forth and declared that they received it. After all it's been nearly 2 weeks later.

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