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Oppo Reno4 5G 128GB (Space Black) $245 In-Store (Sold Out Online) @ JB Hi-Fi


Needed a new phone after my trusty Huawei took a swan dive into the toilet bowl. A little old, but well priced for a mid-range phone with 5G. Unfortunately this one isn't water resistant either…

Released August 2020
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G
Memory: 8GB + 128GB
Screen: 6.4" AMOLED
Rear cameras: 48MP + 8MP + 2MP
Front cameras: 32MP + 2MP
Battery: 4020mAh
Dual SIM
Color OS
2 Years warranty

Update 9am: Now in-store only

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  • +3

    Not too bad for the price.

    • does 765G support NSA network only or both NSA and SA network??

      • According to Oppo website it supports both. Interesting!

  • Any reviews? Looking for a new phone as my Note 9 isn't working well

    • +11

      Note 9 should be fine, try a factory reset. Otherwise root and flash it with Dr Ketan Rom should debloat the Samsung bloat very well. I went Note 9 -> Note 10+ 512gb second hand. Running Dr Ketan rom on my note 10+ and feels snappy as a factory reseted phone with 160gb of apps and videos. I'd definitely say a Reno4 would be a downgrade to a Note 9.

      • Do your banking apps still work after flashing Dr ketan? Curious to try.

        • Yeah they do, Westpac + Google Pay + Services Vic app all work. I use fingerprint for login. Just need to put the banking application into magisk. Once you watch a few YouTube videos it's pretty much self explanatory. It was my first flash and took me about 2.5 hours. Dr Ketan retains original look and feel and I wanted to be certain I would still have 4K60 video and functionality of my s-pen.

          LineageOS doesn't support 4K60 from what I've read. Best thing is YouTube Vanced is native. No ads no problems and the rom has an ad free option that disables ads in other apps.

    • Still using a Note 9 as my daily and its working fine. Probably due for a fresh Android install as I'm still on the same one from brand new. But yeah, it's still quite a relevant phone. I agree that something like the Oppo would be a noticeable downgrade.

    • +4

      Turn on the Developer Settings and reduce the Animations … Will be snappier thn ever.

  • +2

    thanks, grabbed one. although it could be a price error because the blue is $499

  • Great price, thanks OP

  • +2

    Thanks OP! Grabbed one. Almost the same price as what they quoted to fix the cracked screen on my Mi 9T.

    Now looking for a rugged case to prevent another cracked screen on this one…

    • Bought for my son. Please give suggestions on rugged case as well

      • +6

        Just go with a TPU case & tempered glass screen protector from eBay/Amazon.

        • +2

          While reading reviews, I came across someone mentioning that a simple TPU case is already included in the box. Not sure it is for Australian stock though. Maybe worthwhile to double check so no double buy?

          • +9

            @Dune: I have previously bought 2 Oppos, both had screen protectors pre installed and cases in the box.

            • @corremn: That is good. Being considerate for their customers! I will have to pay more attention to this brand in the future. Always find it a bother to have to buy case and screen protector right after getting a new phone. Thanks for your input.

          • @Dune: Got the phone today. Yes it came with a clear tpu case, but I don't think it's rugged enough to sustain a front / corner drop.

      • +7

        After years of trial and error with 4 boys, Spigen cases are our go-to

        • Yes. I have 3 boys.
          For my 15y.o, this will be his 3rd phone as the other 2 phones somehow died or the screens were shattered.

          • +1

            @woekoa: Sounds like somebody who needs a $49 prepaid until he works out how to look after them.
            Bet he'd learn fast!

        • +1

          Yeah I swear by Spigen, cases are relatively cheap and outlive the phone.

    • Your Mi 9T is a right off.

      Amoled displays are never cheap.

      • +5

        Write-off. As in writing the value of an asset down to zero in an accounting ledger.

        • +5

          "You don't even know what a write-off is."

          "Do you?"

          "No, I don't."

          "But they do … and they're the ones writing it off."

  • +5

    Compare to other sellers, this is roughly half price now. The reviews are generally, well, mildly positive for a phone that cost 700+ half a year ago. Good day time photos, mediocre night ones. Fast charger with 65w charger included. No headphone jack. Mono speaker. It is a mid range phone for sure. If the price is correct, it is really not bad at all.

    • Another plus, only 165 grams.

  • Nice

  • +2

    I have Samsung S21 Ultra that has mobile data issues (a lot of S21 owners complaining about the same issue online) it's likely that I'll return it to Samsung for either a replacement, fixing, or a refund. I wonder if it's a good idea to grab this one before it gets OzBargained. Damn! I shouldn't have traded in my S10+ that was in excellent condition for $235. 😠

    • +11

      S21 Ultra > this phone.

      • Definitely! The only issue is my S21 Ultra is effed! But I missed out on this one anyway, so…… :(

    • +1

      What are your mobile data issues?

      • As an S21 ultra owner, i would also love to know this

      • +1

        This is what I have been dealing with since I got this phone. I've tried all the tips and tricks mentioned online, including a factory reset, and I am still having the same issue. The damn thing is driving me crazy.

        • Man this is the exact same thing happening to me, I'm about to resort to submitting it to VCAT as I've been requesting for a refund for past 4 weeks with terrible response from Samsung! To be reliable I have to use the phone only on 3G mode.

    • $235 ripped off!

      • Sure. But the then again there was a $500 discount, plus $200, plus another $50 (and the S21 Ultra was already discounted). So with the trade in value, the S21 Ultra cost me $625, and that's why I didn't mind to return the S10+ for $235. If only it didn't give me a headache! It looks a lot of people are having mobile data issues with the S21. I thought a software update might fix it, but it's still there.

        • +1

          pretty sure that's why I stopped buying Samsung… issues

          have a S10 returned it to authorised repairer 4 times because it was always suddenly restarting and all they could give me was "all the hardware tests ran fine" and gave me back the phone. good thing I bought it on clearance for like $200 at at shop still under warranty, going to return it for a refund

  • if Reno4 Pro 5G will get andriod 12 then its a good deal.

    • +6

      No, it's a good deal either way for $245

  • I'm tempted to get one for the price but don't really need it as I already have a spare phone which is decent quality

    • +1

      Buy it and think later :)

  • +4

    Thanks!!! Always want to have a spare mobile. Never use Oppo before but this price with the tech seems no brainer.

    I am glad to join ozbargain. Always get the good deal (need to be quick 😀)

    Remember if you have Suncorp egift card, get another 5% off. I always miss 15% off gift card deal at Coles, otherwise, even sweeter.

  • +1

    Love my Oppo! Best smart phones around

    • Me too!

      It's a shame I love wallet cases so much because I got the Reno Z in purple and it's so pretty

  • Was about to checkout now it says item unavailable 😕

  • +1

    Delivery not available. Looks like ozbargained.

  • +1

    Says "in store only" now

  • I can definitely vouch for this phone. Been using it for two years never missed a beat.

  • Was about to recommend this to a friend but they need sd card support, oh well.

    • -1

      need sd card support

      OK 128GB without SD Card hmm…

  • -1

    where can we price match? need this phone.

  • in store only now

    • +2

      This locks out all those in isolation (including myself).

      • +1

        Reminds me of very JB & EB deal for Victorians last year. How are these retailers still so non-digital.

  • Still listed at $699 on Oppo's own website;

  • +1

    How's the camera on this guys? Got a pixel 3 on way out but don't think I'd cope with a major camera downgrade!

  • oppo is an undercover record label, the Reno series have a few theme songs and they all sound pretty good…this one I like the best [youtube] https://youtu.be/pgoprkYsby8

  • Is it better choice than Xiaomi Mi Mix 3?

    • Where can you get that for $245?

      • +1

        That's my current phone so wondering if it's worth upgrading to Oppo.

        • This one is better than mi mix 3

  • +1

    For $245 this is an absolute steal!

  • Even my Z Fold 3 is water resistant… Not sure I'd buy a phone that wasn't, for precisely the reason the OP encountered! Aside from that though, this is a good deal

    • +2

      Yes let's compare phones thst are 10x the price and show how the cheaper one is inferior.

      • -4

        Maybe try firing some neurons before responding next time - I mentioned the Z Fold 3 because despite the fact it folds, its still water resistant. Ordinary candy bar phones have come in water resistant variants for years now - this isn't a cheap phone at RRP and it should be a feature that it has.

  • No stock available and it can not be delivered.. there is no option to add for delivery..

  • This is a great phone in terms of performance and price. I'm literally using this phone to comment.

    The only Con is its heating issue. Cant really use this phone inside my car during summer.

    • How's the battery? How long have you had it?

      • +1

        Im quite a heavy user and it's been about 1.5 yrs so only last for less than a half day.

  • +1

    12 is the last update, with another 2 years of security updates

  • +2

    Instore at Fountain Gate
    Instore at Chadstone Shopping Centre .
    Instore at Brighton Home

    • Brighton have one on list BUT they can't find it ……

  • Already using TCL Plex, similiar spec only stucked at Andriod 10, wondering should I buy it? No need for 5G

  • +2

    None in SA

  • +1

    Have stock in my local store for $499 not $245.

    • +3

      Have stock in my local store for $499 not $245.

      Black should be $245, show them the site.

  • This or POCO X3 Pro
    which one is better? was able to get one.

    • +1

      Was just looking at this comparison, to replace my Poco x3 NFC. the X3 NFC appeared to be better in most ways (spec for spec, expandable storage, headphone jack, battery life), so I can only assume the X3 Pro would be even better.

    • Poco X3 pro is much faster but they should be using the same camera sensor. This phone might be better for software and updates I did see the X3 pro for $200 USD on banggood probably trying to clear them out before the redmi k50 launches.

    • This one if you want full Australian mobile network compatibility. Many grey market imports don't work on Telstra VoLTE/VoWiFi.

      • +1

        I have a X3 NFC and VoLTE and VoWiFi work fine.

        • Very interesting! Are you on Boost (Telstra)? Did you have to change any settings to get it to work?
          I couldn't get it working on Telstra or Optus networks.

          • +1

            @vrsac: Totally doable, just search for a YouTube tutorial

          • +1

            @vrsac: Yea I'm with boost, I enabled it on my SIM options, then I entered a number on the phone but if you have developer options enabled I've seen it in the option menu.
            Got it working on my mi mix 3 5G and also a mi 9t pro and the Poco .

    • Got the x3 pro 256 for $325 delivered from Banggood took 2 weeks to get it from Sydney

  • Has the oppo os (color?) improved over the years?

  • +3

    Reno4 sounds like lenovo

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