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Google Nest Hub Max $239 Shipped @ MyDeal

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239 shipped from myDeal.

10$ off for new users

2 colours available chalk and charcoal

Great for larger households, the Google Nest Hub Max Chalk provides help for your home, all in one crisp display. With a vibrant 10' HD touchscreen, use Nest Hub to stream your favourite shows or videos, listen to your favourite tunes, make video or voice phone calls to friends and family, display photos with Live Albums, create notes and even provide peace of mind by monitoring your home with the built-in Nest Cam! In a sleek and stylish design, the Google Nest Hub Max instantly turns your home into a smart one and helps your busy family stay in touch and on track. Available in Charcoal and Chalk colours.

Note: Please note that some users reported receiving the wrong model of the Google Nest hub. Differences:

  • The Google Nest Hub Max has a 10-inch touchscreen display.
  • The Google Nest Hub has a smaller 7-inch touchscreen LCD display

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    • +1

      And eyes

    • +4

      Name check out…

      "You think that's location based weather results you're receiving…?"

    • +4

      I bet you said the same thing when mobile phones came out as well and now you have a phone, right?

      • +1

        If your using the internet. There's no privacy.

        • +1

          Now someone in the web knows you can't spell

    • +2

      you can turn the Mic and camera off , just a helpful hint ;)

      • +4

        Might as well just buy a small cardboard box then instead of a Google Nest Hub…

        • How many of us turn the camera of the laptop off when not in use? Plenty of other features. Turn on camera when you need it.

          • +1


            How many of us turn the camera of the laptop off when not in use?

            Don't know.

            What is the answer ?

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: But the camera on your laptop is always off unless you are using it

    • +3

      I've got a feeling of déjà vu

      • That black cat is a dangerous omen.

  • +1

    Don't think i will go with Google again because of no new hardware and Software dub down on the Software (i think because of the Sonos Lawsuit)

    • Sorry just bought one of these at Xmas, what's the no new hardware news?

      • -1

        because of the Sonos Lawsuit , it may stop google from Selling their devices and maybe stopping them creating more devices because of the Patent ;)

        • +2

          Wasn't it just about the multi device broadcasting though?

          • +1

            @ShouldIBuyIt: It was about multi device master volume control. Google will remove this feature soon. It just means that you have to adjust volume of each speaker separately if you are broadcasting/playing on multiple speakers at the same time.

            • @Ace26: That seems a silly pattern. Doesn't Amazon have the same feature?

              • @ShouldIBuyIt: Yes, but Google pissed off Sonos by stopping collaboration on a project with it and Amazon. So Sonos took them to court over the patent.

                That's my understanding at least…

            • +5

              @Ace26: What a stupid anti consumer patent, such a basic feature to deny others using. Good time to boycott Sonos

              • @cook99: Agree with you 100%
                Bullshit patent. It's an "errrr derrr" one.

              • -2

                @cook99: but Google should not have been dicks about it
                Sonos wanted to work with Google, but google kept refusing
                both are equally Stuffed up

        • I think you have misread that. Its just about master multi volume control, hardly a dealbreaker though annoying.

    • +1

      Full details of the Google/Sonos clusterfk (including Google's half-baked "solution") can be found here.

      Plenty of people are pi$$ed as it's rendering grouped Google speakers completely useless and unable to accept voice commands to change the volume. Google are also suggesting people manually press the volume buttons and are calling it a day smh

  • Anyone have any experience syncing with other hardware such as Xiaomi vaccums, cameras? Or Ring doorbells?

    • It will depend on the other hardware. I've never had any issue adding new devices that say they're compatible with Google Home.

    • +2

      not compatible with ring doorbells or ring it self. I've tried even some odd way and it doesnt' work as I expected. Not recommended.

      • +1

        Same with eufy or wyze cams. For some reason the latency is absurdly high and takes FOREVER to load video feeds. Literally pointless

  • +3

    Should be able to price beat at Officeworks for $227.05.

    • +1

      can confirm that works NP, just picked one up from OW for that price.

      • Any chance you could share your receipt with me? They refused to match it for me over the phone because MyDeal did not publish a SKU or model number.


  • +5

    Made an account just to comment about my current experience with MyDeal.

    Tldr: I’m never buying from them again due to terrible and disingenuous customer service.

    Bought some mma mats through them but only about half were shipped (also took 4x as long as the quoted delivery time). Been a month since I’ve raised this and have been following up on average every 3 or so days.

    The vendor kept saying they were ‘processing’ the shipment and I should expect a tracking number within 24 hours. They said this every time I followed up for about 3 weeks. The mats were also showing out of stock on their site.

    I escalated to mydeal and got the same response (dispute the mounting evidence that it’s not in stock and they are delaying). As soon as I requested a refund, I got the cold shoulder. Literally just stopped replying to any emails lol. It was about about a week of daily follow up emails and still no reply to this date.

    I had to resort to getting my bank to raise a dispute to get my money back (which is currently in progress).

    Avoid this bunch.

    • Can you pay it using PayPal and make a claim through them instead? Or perhaps a bit too late now

    • Sounds like dealing with eBay support. They gave literally just stopped replying to emails and all their chatbots just say they gave escalated to the appropriate team.

      I hate shitty companies

  • +1

    Have considered returning mine. Issues with Spotify playback where it drops out every few seconds, so essentially unplayable. Tried every “fix” I could find online but no joy. Also I assumed the Max version to be snappy but have found it sluggish even with strong wifi signal to the router. /rant

  • +1

    I get the delivery today and they had sent the 7inch model!!!!!!!

    Anyone else have the same issue?

    • YES!! They sent me the same too. Not happy! Please let me know if they fix the issue for you, I’ve emailed them

      • So far they have sent me a return label and I have just returned it today free of charge. Still not sure when I will get the item I payed for

    • Yeah I bought it and they sent me the Google Nest Hub version which doesn't come with the camera. I bought it specifically for that reason so I can talk to my family. Now they are trying to rip me off asking me to get a refund of $50 which will mean that I paid $200 for a product you can pay $149 directly from Google. What a joke!!!!

      • That’s so disappointing, are they not offering to replace it? Or is it just a full refund?

        • After back and forth they said there was a problem in their warehouse. Sent me an auspost label to return it but no status for when I'll get the replacement. What a circus of a company. First and last time I get something from them

  • Thanks man. Bought one for my parents. They are fairly old and technology illiterate but I'm planning to share our photo album with them, and maybe attempt occaisional video calls.

  • NEVER buy from myDeal. Zero costomer service. Never arriving packing. Also "in progress".

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