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Bowden's Own Happy Ending Sealant 1L $35 - Repco


For all of you Bowdens fans, this is the cheapest ive seen this sealant.

Appears to be $60+ everywhere else.

Show your card and save members get additional 5% off.


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  • Store in title OP!

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    The lady at my local Repco said…

    Can I help you or are you just browsing?

    I said I'm looking for happy ending for $35

    She told me to leave immediately or she will call the local constabulary.

    Then one of the big blokes who works there followed me out and said…

    I can help you.

    Realising my mistake I said get back inside or I'll call the local constabulary.

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      Hello jv

    • So how much does the "happy ending" you mentioned cost?

    • Not gonna lie, had me in the first half

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      He’ll mash you like a banana

      • Still having problems with your Visa? Have you considered switching to MasterCard?

        • Jeff Bezos approves this comment

    • Sounds like a wasted opportunity if you ask me!

    • MS paint or it didnt happened

    • So you gave the big black guy a happy ending?

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      Came for the jokes, left satisfied.

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      Might help if you have read the OP and dont get excited too quickly. It clearly says OWN happy ending.

    • Was there is a line up for price of $35?

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    For those of us that bought the Turtle Wac Hybrid Solutions Ceramic spray in this deal, how/would you use these two products together?

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      I would use the Bowden's first as is it's a spray on, spray off let it dry. Then the Turtle Wax one as it's a spray on, wipe off.

      Or personally, use the same amount the two products cost and buy a proper ceramic coat like carpro cquartz which lasts for 2+ years

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        I would suggest the opposite to this. You would be “topping up” the hybrid solutions with the happy ending.

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      I use this combo.
      I put 2 coats on of Hybrid Solutions on the paint initially.
      Now every time I wash my car (about once per month), I use Happy Ending to top up the coating.
      Works great.

      • Thanks for the thoughts Herbse and Trojan!

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      I'd recommend you use the Hybrid Solutions Ceramic spray, followed by the Happy Ending Sealant. However, I'm not entirely sure how useful combining the two would be considering the Turtle Wax is a 'hybrid' and attempts to do some of the things Happy Ending offers.

      Bowden has a super handy flowchart that outlines the general process, obviously it's intended only for Bowden products, but it sounds like the Hybrid Solutions Ceramic could be used to substitute Bowdens Own Lazy Wax.


  • $36 at my local.

    No 5% extra discount

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      I ordered click and collect using NRMA membership and it came to $33.25

    • Showing as $35 in Perth for me and not marked as being on sale so get the RAC discount as well. $33.25. Don't need any but too hard to pass up at this price!

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    Bought one, thanks op. Used this on my car about 3 months ago and still has the same effect as if I put it on yesterday, very happy with it

  • Can this be applied with the foam spray that comes with a Gerni? Or would you need a proper snow cannon? Thanks guys

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      This doesn't apply as a thick foam (unlike Snow Job) it's very watery, so you might be okay with the stock Gerni foam sprayer.

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        Thanks mate

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    I tried asking the masseuse last time to use this instead.

    Wasn't a good feeling

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      Once you use it, it will be the end.

      • Yep, don't think your end would be happy

  • I'm currently using wash and wax liquid for my car. wondering if this adds any extra glossiness on top of that…. Anyone?

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      You use this product once you have washed your car, then rinsed off the soap that was on the car.

      You spray this on, then rinse off immediately (def don’t let it dry on the paint, so be careful on a hot day), it will leave streak marks on the surface that look crap.

      But if you do it right, it works as a hydrophobic sealant, and will make cleaning the car next time easier as well

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        The Bowden video on YouTube says it works on-top of existing wax and ceramic coatings (or just wax, might have misheard). So would you wash, dry, wax/ceramic spray, then happy ending?

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          Wash, rinse, happy ending, sheet water off, then dry (with a big green sucker and fully slick if you want to follow their way)

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          Bowden's Own has a handy product use flowchart on their website, even if you're not using all of their products, the product types still apply.

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    LOL @ seeing this deal after seeing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDOXDX3KlKk.

  • Do you need to use a foam Canon with this?

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      Yes you do

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      No, but foam Epson works well.

  • My car got quartz

    • This can still be applied over the top to extend the longevity of the coating

      • Shouldn't do that. You end up change the hydrophobic behavior of the si02.

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          How so? Never had an issue from my experience but I'd trust the chemists developing the products rather than the armchair ones. Bowden's spend a crazy amount of time and dollars getting their products right, when they say it's safe or unsafe for certain situations, I believe them. Haven't let me down yet.

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            I'd trust the chemists developing the products rather than the armchair ones

            And therefore you should trust the chemists behind the more expensive and developed Quartz coating. SiO2 coatings are far more hydrophobic than any traditional sealant or wax. Why spend hundreds or thousands on a sio2 coating to just diminish its behavior? It will also not bond properly because the nature of SiO2. I'm not saying you won't see a possible gloss increase but the water behavior will be far worst than before. Best to use a SiO2 Spray Sealant if want a topper. Eg Nova Lustre, CarPro Reload

            Bowden's spend a crazy amount of time and dollars getting their products right

            I don't see them recommending it for SiO2 coated vehicles. It won't cause any damage but you won't get the best of either coating

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              @4agte: They don't recommend it? Not sure where you're reading but the product page and How to are pretty clear to me

              Boosts and maintains the protection of professionally applied ceramic coatings/paint protection


              It's also amazing for maintaining cars that have been professionally ceramic coated/paint protected, boosting the crazy water beading to how the coating was when new.

              This finishing foam can also be used by itself as a one-step system if you already have a professionally applied ceramic coating, to keep it working like new.

              Pretty much all companies that do ceramic coatings say you will increase the lifetime of the coating using a topper. I'm not sure why you think this can be something from Bowden's.

            • @4agte: Anecdotal I know, but my car has an excellent ceramic coat (Opticoat) that was put on 2 years ago and it is still working fine if I just do a regular spray foam/rinse/dry of the car. But I often add the final step with the Happy Ending, and the car is noticeably easier to dry due to the extra beading, and it is noticeably glossier once dry. It also stays cleaner longer.

              SiO2 coatings are great, but they are not magic, they do break down over time (Especially never use automatic carwashes with high PH soaps) and they do benefit from protection from other products during their working life.

              I have great visibility of what my car would be like without the Opticoat, because the installer "missed" a panel. I left it to see how the beading would change over time, and 2 years later, that section still beads water far poorer that the rest of the opticoated panels.

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    Perfect product for someone who can no longer be bothered with hand waxing. Thanks for triggering impulse car care product spending spree.

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    Ugh I got $200 worth of Bowden's 5Ls not long ago, I really don't have the budget for this ****

  • Does anyone know if this completely replaces the need to apply wax? Currently using meguiar's hybrid ceramic wax but find it is quite time consuming to apply by hand

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      Yes it can be used as a stand alone product. Because it only takes 60 seconds to do the whole car I usually apply it once a month.

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      Yep it can be, here’s their flow-chart of products.
      Lazy Wax another good alternative to the normal waxes and then use happy ending over the top


      • Thanks guys

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    Pricey for a happy ending

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    You guys are missing out on Nova Jet and Nova Lustre. Much high concentrates of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), the chemical that bonds to paint making it hydrophobic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swevTDrC7Q8

    • Is this what you use?
      Where do you buy it from?
      What is a good ozbargain price to buy at?

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    • @antik, where do you buy your Nova Jet and Nova Lustre?

      • Waxit.com.au

  • $35 for a Happy Ending?
    Is that cheap? I don't know.

    I've noticed its been costing be more recently - perhaps expensive choices as I've gotten older.
    3x Dates, Dinners, Drinks, Drivers… then maybe, just maybe I'll get D1(ked… hahahhahahaha

    I've been using the Meg's Hybrid Silicon Wax (in the blue spray bottle) for the past 12 months and think its pretty good $#17. I also used some Meg's Poly Sealer I have from sometime ago - expensive stuff that is!
    Not sure about this stuff though. Anyone used both and rating this?

  • 'Happy Ending'

    • Yes?

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        Must of been hell getting it into the bottle.

  • Use with our Snow Blow Cannon at the end of the wash, by foaming it on, and pressure washing it off right after.
    Perfect to maintain and top up the protection of our Bead Machine super hydrophobic spray sealant.
    Boosts and maintains the protection of professionally applied ceramic coatings/paint protection, vinyl wraps and Paint Protection Films (PPF).
    Can also be layered safely on top of our other waxes and sealants.
    Safe for PPF covered cars and vinyl wrapped ones as well.
    Leaves a stunning gloss & nice slippery feel to the paint, with protection for up to 2 months.

    9:1 ratio, with water.

  • Cheers OP, after a lot of. Ummimg and awwwwing I picked one up. Used the NRMA discount too.

    The store had about 7 bottles lined up to go for their click and collect.

  • closest stock is 96km away, think I can pricematch with SCA though. Thanks OP

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