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[eBook] The Real Anthony Fauci - Kindle Edition $2.99 (Was $22.99) @ Amazon AU


I was looking at this highly-rated bestselling book recently, and the Kindle price was about AU$23. Checked back now and it has dropped $20 to $2.99. For comparison, the hardcover price is AU$44.99.

Looks like an interesting read, for anyone interested!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +85

    Garbage book and on sale for a reason. Misinformation at best.

    • +4

      What is this trash book wow

    • +7

      Because you read it?

      • +10

        you dont have to have read it when you know the author is an anti vax conspiracy theory nutter who has been spreading blatant misinformation this whole pandemic, to know the content will be the same narative,

        • +1

          I'm hearing nothing but regurgitation from people like you.

          The most dangerous frame of mind is making a judgement on a material or topic that you haven't actually experienced - or in this case read.
          If you read the book and then say its trash then fine, I can respect that but dismissing something as "misinformation" when you don't have any information about it. Well… that's the stupidest thing you can do.

  • +17

    OP - Donald Trump is that you?

    • +12

      Haters? Have you seen any of his leaked emails vs what he told the public at the same time?

      • U mean Fauci?

        I've seen plenty of contradiction, Yes..

  • +20

    Get this Trump era propaganda crap out of here

    • +17

      The author is a Democrat…

      • +10

        Whether he's a democrat or republican doesn't matter, it's still bullshit misinformation that is just making the COVID situation worse, not better.

        • -1

          How is it making it worse and where is the better information?

        • -37

          The only ones making it worse are the governments who've taken advice from the likes of Fauci, they should have let it rip at the start and let "nature" takes it's course instead of trying to piss about with a new treatment that's being found not to work as they promised/ anticipated.
          After you've had your tenth monthly booster and refuse any more cos you're still catching "covid", all you (currently) pro-boosters will find the government will treat you just the same as the untreated.
          Has your fear of something that is 99+% survivable really let you believe these big pharma treatments are the only solution, and how many boosters are you going to accept being put in your body 10, 25, 100?
          Come on the Injected, I'd really like to know how many boosters you'd be happy to take or foist on your children (when no one knows their long-term effects), or is that a question you haven't asked yourself yet?

          • +42

            @alidli: I take offence to this sort of narrow minded BS from tough Keyboard warriors. How well are you positioned to comment on letting ‘nature’ take it course.

            I work in an ICU and it’s obvious that it’s the unvaccinated who are on the greatest ICU supports and who make up the greater percentage of deaths. Does that mean nothing to you? These are people with loving families.

            The intense workload on the staff in my hospital as we are trying to cope with covid patient after covid patient is absolutely brutal. Elective surgeries are being cancelled. That’s people who may have waited years to be operated cancelled due to covid patients filling up the wards.

            One of the reasons why it’s 99+% survivable in Australia is because of ‘vaccinations’. Additionally, thinking that the 99+% who survive somehow are able to get back to 100% normal life is completely false and something that someone with no idea would say. Lots of survivors have a significant morbidity associated with infection. This morbidity is lessened if vaccinated.

            Sure vaccine effectiveness wanes over time, that’s why we have boosters. Here is a good (and new) peer reviewed article in a highly respected journal to look at if you’re interested in this

            • @flashi007: The article uses data collected between December 8, 2020, and October 1, 2021 which is really no longer relevant in the day of omicron in terms of vaccine effectiveness against infection.

              • +5

                @djlee: You ever done any scientific research? Good research is bloody hard - it takes time and resources. The research on omicron will come in due course. However, looking at the bigger picture - delta is not dead. It’s still around. Also omicron wasn’t around when you wanted to ‘let it rip’ at the start.

            • +5

              @flashi007: needing a booster for a jab doesn't mean it doesn't work, in the same way that needing to refill the fuel tank in a car doesn't mean that doesn't work….

              • +1

                @AdModnar: Of course. Waning effectiveness does not mean effectiveness is now zero. You’re in a much better position having had a vaccine than not having one.

            • +5


              The latest data published by the UK Health Security Agency shows that of 3,726 COVID-19 deaths over a three-week period to November 21, 2,903 were people fully vaccinated against the disease, compared to 708 unvaccinated people.
              Source: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/...

              Yes this is "older" data, but the data speaks for itself…

              In NSW

              According to that data, 2,030 COVID-19 patients were hospitalized in New South Wales. Of those patients, 28.8% were unvaccinated and 68.9% were fully vaccinated. (The data does not include information about whether the patients had received vaccine boosters.)
              The same data reported 159 COVID-19 patients in intensive care units. Of those patients, 49.1% were unvaccinated and 50.3% were vaccinated.
              (The data from the New South Wales government was current through Jan. 9. )
              Source: https://aci.health.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/69...

              Not sure where you're getting your numbers from (if at all), but what you said in your previous comment is factually wrong.

              Also, people who contracted covid pre-vaccines were still 99% likely to fully recover…

              • +5


                the data speaks for itself…

                The data doesn't speak for itself. It's incomplete.

                Vaccination isn't an impenetrable shield - you can still catch it. It can still knock you around. It could still kill you. The likelihoods can be severely decreased, but generally not to zero. Especially if you have other issues/conditions.

                We're generally seeing more of the older populations being hospitalised than the young, who are less likely to suffer enough from the virus to end up in hospital. Both UK and NSW have highly vaccinated populations, especially in the more vulnerable older populations. This speaks for itself - older (50+) populations more likely to need hospitalisation + older (50+) populations more thoroughly vaccinated = more vaccinated in hospital than unvaccinated.

                Sure, you can look at the figures and say more vaccinated in hosptial than unvaccinated. But the numbers by themselves don't tell the whole story.

                • @Chandler: My comment was directed @flashi007 who said they are seeing way more unvaccinated patients in hospital with covid…

                  I agree more people vaccinated would equate the more likely to have more patients in hospital who have been vaccinated, but is that statement alone an oxymoron?

                  • @Danstar: Sorry, I've just seen those sorts of figures used a fair bit in anti-vax arguments. Also flashi007 wasn't actually saying there's more unvaccinated patients in hospital (at least in the comment you replied to): (emphasis mine)

                    Of course. Waning effectiveness does not mean effectiveness is now zero. You’re in a much better position having had a vaccine than not having one.

                    Better position doesn't necessarily mean you don't end up in hospital. It might mean you don't end up in hosptial; might mean you don't end up in ICU; might mean you don't end up dead.

                    You could be one of the unlucky where the vaccine makes no difference. You could be one of the lucky where the vaccine means you don't even realise you got it.

                    You could be one of the unlucky where the vaccine itself hurts you. You could be one of the unlucky where the vaccine results in you having worse symptoms than you would have without it.

                    But in general, vaccination helps. It helps you suffer less. It helps others by reducing transmission. It helps the healthcare system (and by extension yourself and others) by having less infected/severely infected to deal with.

                    Back to vaccinated vs unvaccinated figures - we've accepted that the current makeup is likely due to vaccination rates resulting in a higher ratio. What would the situation look like if those people weren't vaccinated? Would they not have ended up in hosptial at all, or would they have ended up in ICU or dead instead?

                    • @Chandler:

                      I work in an ICU and it’s obvious that it’s the unvaccinated who are on the greatest ICU supports and who make up the greater percentage of deaths.

                      • +1

                        @Danstar: Yea well - I think its crystal clear from the comment of mine which you quoted that i didn't say what you think i said

                        My comment was directed @flashi007 who said they are seeing way more unvaccinated patients in hospital with covid…

              • +5

                @Danstar: Some good points and some not so good - my opinions are from purely from what's happening in my ICU, however it is backed up with data worldwide.

                If you wanted to look at the data, its a little bit simplistic to discuss vaccine effectiveness based on absolute raw figures. Usually the high risk populations of elderly or those with significant medical conditions get vaccinated - and by doing so, there is a cohort of the vaccinated population more likely to do worse given they are at such a high risk. You really need to compare the differences in risk in the vaccinated vs unvaccinated population with some (far too clever for me) statistics to come up with a figure that is more accurate. However in really simple (and inherently incorrect) terms - if we look at the NSW data:

                - 2030 COVID patients hospitalised
                - 28.8% unvaccinated (585 patients)
                - 68.9% double vaccinated (1399 pts)
                The community double vaccinated rate (in >12yo) is 92.5%.
                As stated this oversimplifies the data - but if the vaccine was not effective, then the number of hospitalised would be closer to 1878 (92.5% of the hospitalisations). There are a number of caveats to this which I won't go into here (and probably would be better commented on by a public health physician) but its a strong signal.

                - 159 COVID patients in ICU
                - 49.1% unvaccinated
                - 50.3% double vaccinated
                Almost 50% of the ICU population with COVID are coming from almost 10% of the general population who aren't vaccinated. This oversimplifies things, not taking into account kids, high risk cohorts, etc - but this signal is worrying.

                An icu admission is not a homogenous treatment - different people are given vastly different therapies. When looking at our ICU data, I can tell you:
                - the vaccinated population is needing mild-moderate amounts of extra oxygen
                - the unvaccinated population is needing moderate-high amounts of extra oxygen. These are the ones needing the breathing tubes and proning.

                Anyway, I wouldn't say any comment I made earlier is factually wrong. I was never talking about raw numbers and I stand by my comment

                it’s obvious that it’s the unvaccinated who are on the greatest ICU supports and who make up the greater percentage of deaths

                All I can do is try and explain the data you've posted. Ive also added a few things on my experiences as well. Its up to you to decide what you want to do with it. Most people who comment with your sort of prose aren't going to change their minds about COVID or the vaccine.

                Also this comment of yours (below) is vastly incorrect

                Also, people who contracted covid pre-vaccines were still 99% likely to fully recover…

                Here is an article from another well respected journal to have a squiz at

                • +1


                  I work in an ICU and it’s obvious that it’s the unvaccinated who are on the greatest ICU supports and who make up the greater percentage of deaths.

                  It's easy to quickly judge someone who argues the MSM POV, the Governments agenda, etc, as an anti-vaxxer, I'm not saying you're doing that, but the majority quickly do as soon as someone brings up a differing opinion/data.

                  I believe Covid exists, I just think the media has used fear as a driver to get more viewers/clicks and the Governments worldwide just want to be seen as doing what they think is best to ensure they get re-elected. We live in a world of corruption.

                  The hospitals I've been involved with in Victoria have basically told me they've wasted so many resources on "Covid", that so many departments have overwhelmed, but it just gets reported by the media and govt. that "HOSPITALS ARE OVERRUN! COVID CASES SOARING" Sometimes you have to read between the lines. I haven't been in the loop since this "omicron" variant has been booming in numbers, but from what I can gather is it's not as bad as being as we have numbers not seen in Australia before and we seem to be handling it ok….for now.

            • +2

              @flashi007: Well said flashi007.
              My wife is a nurse and our friend works in ICU.
              I agree with all your points.

            • -1

              @flashi007: How many tiktok videos have you been in over the last two years?

            • @flashi007: So so true.
              Tired of all this anti vax rhetoric.
              Even having some DH tennis player think he can skip cues of refugees to get a visa even without getting vaccinated.

              Not had to learn how to. And why you need to wear a mask, but I still see chin strappers evryewhere.

              DH truckies who think that the country would stop if they stopped, and trying to hold the country at gun point by refusing to vaccinate. Only later to see several of them now infected, passing this on to trail staff that don’t take the proper precautions and thus now supermarkets near me with empty shelves.
              No.. they have the stock. Just no staff to restock them apparently.

              I think many take this free Heath in Australia to lightly.
              Thinking they measly Medicare contribution will solve it.
              Hospital staff not able o take holidays or time off, working harder than ever, taking in greater and grater workloads and thus putting people at more risk of injury and death.

              Why.. because DH who think they know better than the science.
              Peopl who are convinced t world is flat, or Covid doesn’t exist, etc.
              Thank god we didn’t have the same ease and access the the internet back in the 80s when AIDS first hit.
              As there’s still groups of people out there that refuse to believe AIDS is real, but thankfully in the 80s you had to be smart to use the internet to spread information, and thus thus reduced the amount of idiots spreading bs.

              Even heard that when the volcano near Tonga erupted, there were groups of people who actually headed to the beaches to see if they could see a tsunami.
              Like wtf people…

              So… just because you heard it on YouTube or some social media about Covid. Please stop and think before spreading stories without thoroughly fact checking them first.

              In fact.. as th majority of people aren’t versed in critical thinking and how to decipher a good article from a bad one, I’d suggest just leave this to the experts.

          • +2

            @alidli: Why is it that the people who fall for this kind of BS are the kinds of people who you’d never listen to in real life and take any sort of advice from. What line of work are you in exactly?

  • +24

    Could you be any more cringy, OP?

  • +20

    Alternative facts, previously known as misinformation or lies…

    • -23

      I know masks on is misinformation .

    • +6

      And now you have to pay to consume it. Not really a deal.

      • +4

        I can get nonsense much cheaper than this. Any of Murdoch's rags…

  • +20

    my dad is currently brainwashed by this scam artist. avoid.

  • +2

    NPC's, assemble!

    • +9

      Didn't know ozbargain had so many of them.
      These people don't know how to think for themselves.

    • safe and effective
      safe and effective
      safe and effective
      beep boop beep boop

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  • +8

    JFK Jr is a quack and shill for bs

    • +15

      How did the 1 million people die? I thought Fauci haters considered Covid to be a minor flu.

      • -3

        I believe CDC has come out discredit g the data and admired that 75% of reported death had 4 or more co-morbidities. I think the issue is most want a simple black and white split, like hate or love or it’s either worst killer know to man or a minor flu. anyways, I really just wanted to mention the CDC’s position

        • +2

          Real health professionals with medical licenses signed off on those 1 million death certificates. Each and every one of them.

          If some one with heart disease and diabetes dies of respiratory failure and is COVID positive, they died due to COVID. It’s not complicated and it’s not some conspiracy, it’s thousands upon thousands of individual medical professionals caring for their individual patients and making an informed decision about the cause of death as a result of their personal experience.

          • @truemana: mate that’s literally CDC’s new position, I wasn’t interpreting or reading between lines. I don’t have a “belief” one way or another. my explanatory comment (with no political side to it) gets a reaction says more about the state we are in.

            • +1

              @Danielj: Yeah, and you’ve misinterpreted their position entirely and misrepresented it as meaning something that it doesn’t.

    • +11

      1 million died because Trump said Covid was a joke and not to take the vaccine. Fauci was the only voice of reason saying to take it seriously at the time..

      • Turn off CNN. It will do you wonders.

        • +22

          CNN? Do we live in the states do we?

          • +7

            @bradenpd: Given the role Sky plays in Murdoch's global propaganda network, is probably easy for Sky News viewers to forget.

      • -1

        If you don't like misinformation, please stop spreading it

        Trump has not said not to take the vaccine.
        In fact, he has pushed it quite strongly, mainly because it was made during his presidency.

        Also, more people have died of covid under
        biden than trump, and biden inherited 3 vaccines.

        Fauci took it so seriously that he told people not to wear masks.
        He took it so seriously that he told people not to go to see their dying relatives, to funerals, schools or nursing homes etc, but he had nothing to say about thousands gathering for BLM riots…

        • +8

          You do realise you can be critical of Fauci for things such as not recommending masks and not support disinformation of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

          • @yanyan1: @rc12

            If that comment was directed at me, I absolutely agree.

            Nowhere have I supported this book or author.

        • +6

          Now who’s spreading misinformation.

          Fauci has restated his view on masks since that initial announcement. Why did you intentionally leave that out?

          • @XCOM v2: @xcom

            I did not leave that out. Perhaps it should have been worded better. I did say Told, I should have said Told initially.
            But the truth is initially (first few months) he said masks were unnecessary. The reason he said it was not science based. He said it as he feared stock shortages for hospitals etc. He did not openly say this.
            If he was honest about his reasons, you could give him a pass, but he purposely misled the public on the effect a mask could have.

            If he cannot be trusted on that, and on top of all the other missteps and politically motivated comments he has made, how is he to be trusted?

      • +2

        Huh? Trump says he created the Vax, also tried to stop travellers from countries with the virus. Fauci told the US not to wear masks, then months later to double mask. Then we learn he was the mind behind funding a Wuhan lab that studies Covid viruses.

      • -1

        Wasn’t Trump one of the first to say a vaccine was coming and the left wing media doubted it?

  • +14


  • +20

    Why is this site becoming so politicised? Honestly…

    • +19

      Perhaps because people are negging for political reasons?

  • +13


  • +15

    lots of negs. is it available cheaper elsewhere?

    • +9

      Goes against the 'Narrative'..

    • +10

      Lots of invalid negs with no reason given for negging it. Most of these idiots have no idea why they are even giving it a neg.

      • +5

        Because it’s misinformation?

        • +10

          Explain one thing in this book, which you have obviously read, that is misinformation…

          • +9

            @Shaun Prawn: That the response to the pandemic was designed to destroy free speech and critical thinking, is one.

            • +3

              @bradenpd: What chapter was that covered in sorry? I can't seem to find that part.

          • +1

            @Shaun Prawn: He claimed Fauci is an investor in Moderna which is false.

    • +5

      There a National Geography documentary I'm sure everyone wants to see how he saved the world from Ebola and Aids .
      Don't forget Fauci Day Dec23 .

  • +14

    If you don't like the book that is fine, what good does it do to trash talk the op or anyone that might enjoy the book? also please stop parroting MS with "misinformation"

    • +3

      Because users need to post a comment to unlock the ability to negative vote this post.

    • +10

      Because incorrect information can be dangerous and the consequences of direct action arising from such disingenuous information is not normally a bargain.
      The author, the OP and others may be free to project their opinions, but they are not free for the consequences of it.

  • +15

    Why does partisan propaganda pass as a bargain?

  • +4

    Because the vaccines are working.
    Arrest Fauci

  • +17

    Another 14 vaccines, sorry boosters to go

    • Any other solutions ?

      Or just join the approaching unvaccinated ( 98-99% ) mil US deaths .

    • +11

      Yeah there’s no other medicines out there that require multiple courses…

      • +4

        There are vaccines such as for hepatitis B that are 3 doses. However the difference is that it works, with very little in the way of severe side effects.

        The current covid vaccines are experimental vaccines that are used under emergency use authorisation, which the vaccine makers are profiting from with impunity.

        • +4

          wow a real doctor on ozbargain! i have so many medical questions for you. how much do you make a year?

        • +9

          You know the vaccines have had enormous resources thrown at them. The Pfizer vaccine trial contained over 40k people in it before it was approved for use (here’s the paper https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejmoa2034577). It’s now been given to hundreds and hundreds of millions (if not more) people worldwide and it’s short term safety profile is clear. It’s safe. Major side effects are rare. It works.
          I’m not even sure what an ‘experimental Vaccine’ means and I think you don’t know either. All vaccines are trialed in this way, and in a sense all vaccines continue to be researched regardless of how old they are. Side effects of vaccinations are collected to further improve and research their safety profile. So If by ‘experimental’ you mean they have ongoing research - then all vaccines and all medications are.

          • +3

            @flashi007: The covid vaccines only have provisional approval by the TGA. They're not the same as 'all vaccines and all medications'.

            • +6

              @djlee: I’m not sure what you know what you are talking about.

              Here is a quote for you:
              The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) provisionally approved these vaccines after a complete assessment of all the available data. This is the same process as any vaccine approved in this country.

              The TGA will only register and approve a COVID-19 vaccine if it is safe and effective.
              No part of the process has been rushed, and there was no emergency authorisation granted. The TGA does not have an "Emergency Use Authorisation" pathway for COVID-19 vaccines

              That is from the dept of health website

              ALL vaccines go through provisional approval.

              • +2

                @flashi007: It does not yet have full approval

                Provisional approval
                We can give provisional approval to medicines which provide a promising treatment for a serious or life threatening condition. This makes the medicine available for a limited period while the pharmaceutical company completes final clinical trials.

                Under the standard pathway, a medicine is not available until after all clinical trials have been completed, so this can make a medicine available up to two years earlier than normal.

                In order to do this, the sponsor must apply and we must be satisfied that the benefit of earlier access for patients is greater than the risk of not yet having all of the supporting evidence that we usually require.

                As a condition of provisional approval, the company must agree to continue clinical trials and submit comprehensive evidence for review. If they do not follow this plan or submit this evidence, we can cancel the approval.

                When the limited provisional approval period is up, we review of all the evidence. If we find that the benefit of the medicine to patients outweighs the risks associated with its use, we give the medicine ongoing, full approval. If after the review, or at any other stage, we find the risks outweigh the benefits, we cancel the approval. If the medicine is cancelled, health professionals will discuss other treatment options with patients taking the medicine.


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