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Google Chromecast with Google TV White $89 Delivered ($10 off) @ MyDeal


Turn your TV into a smart TV & binge Netflix, Stan, Prime Video, Disney+ and more with this slim yet multifunctional smart TV dongle!

As mentioned below, if you install the MyDeal App & use SHOPAPP as a coupon code you can get $10 off so $79 delivered.

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    Please note : The Chromecast with netflix credit is no longer available so this is the current best price for the device. RRP is $99

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      Yep, got my 3rd one for only $29 just before Xmas…

      • How did you manage to score that?

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          He's subtracting the value of Netflix from the price of the device.

          Only works if you were actually going to pay for Netflix in the first place.

          • @PainToad: Thanks!

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              @NelgCip: I also got sent a $10 voucher from Google for some reason. I get a few each year…

              I ended up paying $39 for one (no voucher) and $29 for two (with vouchers) over the course of last year.

          • @PainToad: You know anyone who has this and doesn't have Netflix?

    • Boo, right when I remembered to make use of that deal!

      Was such a good deal for Netflix subscribers.

    • +2

      Oh what? That sucks. I've been slowly getting new ones every 6 months with the goal of converting all my old chromecast gen 1 dongles via this method. Damn.

    • Yeah still got a spare sitting around, 1 March coming up.

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    BTW if you install the MyDeal App & use SHOPAPP as a coupon code you can get $10 off I just ordered one for $79 delivered

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      Thank you kind stranger

    • I don't know why it says "no longer valid" on my side

      • "No longer valid" for me too. Nevermind, I got the small consolation of a $2.02 cashreward for not using a coupon code!

        • I realised that you should always get a new Mydeal account to use that code on App lol

    • Thanks for that. The extra $10 made me pull the trigger!

    • Worked for me, thanks!

    • thank you @ravinderkk

      …..and now I wait for the new toy :)

  • Dumb question possibly but this versus Firestick 4K recently posted, which is better?

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      This has chromecast and probably more apps.

      • +1

        one of them being Kayo Sports

        • Do you hand problems with kayo? , I currently have an ultra and it buffers every minute for like 1 second

          • @frazel: I get the same problem when watching the cricket. I find that if i select the channel (501) instead of the game it runs fine again.

            • @canny: Yeah, I had it really bad with the cricket. In particular with the nz v Ban game recently.

              I'll try the channel next time. Thanks for the idea

    • +3

      I think ui is also cleaner and good cross app recommendations. I believe fire tv mostly promote prime content.

    • Big issue these seem to have, that maybe doesn't affect all use cases though, is the severely limited memory on them. For use with Plex and large files, this thing shuts down regularly and has to doa full reset. I ended up replacing my two with Apple TV's because of that flaw.

  • Thanks for the reminder! I just jumped onto the Google store and the Chromecast with GTV + Netflix was still in my cart. Order successful!

  • Got it for $79.

    Bought for the UI.

    Already had the foxtel box and Telstra TV box but found cross app recos seriously lacking

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      How did you get $79?

      • +1

        Comment above:

        BTW if you install the MyDeal App & use SHOPAPP as a coupon code you can get $10 off I just ordered one for $79 delivered

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          Sorry missed it - thanks!

      • @Sapiens: Liked for your display pic LOL

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      App code SHOPAPP as specified in description above

  • Just pulled the trigger on one.

  • Can this be used for retro gaming purposes for those who are too poor to afford a PS or Xbox and want to play games like Streetfighter and Bomberman? Anyone knows what else I need to complete such a setup? I have a Hisense U8G smart TV.

    • Yep just need to add a SNES

    • +2

      A controller, USB C hub and card/reader/external drive/thumb drive. You can run everything up to N64 and Dreamcast for those arcade ports. Not having a console, but being able to play literally thousands of games with a palm sized, plug and play device for under $100 is BETTER than the last 3 generations of consoles. Here's a little run down on it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZNQ5ceYZMI

      • Yeah need more storage than the 4gb, pretty limited with tinkering unless you get a USB C hub and SD card etc. Still been meaning to, but have the Google ethernet adaptor so that would go to waste

    • +1

      Buy a raspberry pi and install retropie.

      • +1

        For twice the price?

  • It can be used with the TV remote right?

    • If your tv supports hdmi cec, but even then, no guarantees.

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      the IR blaster can be set to any TV / soundbar / receiver

    • +2

      Works with my 5 year old Panasonic, but I usually end up only using the Chromecast remote anyway (works for volume and turning on and off the TV)

  • can this setup Netflix with VPN ?

    • You can run netflix on it, and a vpn. I used a vpn with some US streaming services, so would probably work with netflix and a vpn.

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    Firestick + Kodi + Syncler+ all day everyday

    • You can do kodi on these too.

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    This one or Firestick 4k max with wifi 6?
    I just bought the Firestick for AUD 59.

    • Firestick. I have heaps of reliability and space issues with GCWTV. Also Bluetooth audio in Disney+ and Apple TV is a major issue.

      • Ok, thanks. I have a mixed ecosystem, with more Google devices, but the reviews and comparisons with Firestick favor the latter. Thanks.

    • +1

      I have both. For mine the Firestick 4K Max wins hands down. I have Kodi sideloaded on the FS. Rock solid, although I am using mysql on a NAS to feed kodi.

      The set up, FS plugged into a Yamaha receiver, was a doddle. Now everything works off the FS remote.

  • Is this superior to the Chromecast 4K from a couple of years ago? What's changed?

    • I think they havent updated it after 2020… Only software changes…

  • Our of interest, can you turn the TV that you plug it into on and off using Google Assistant, and get it to stream something using your voice?

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      When I yell at Google to play something, my TV goes from standby to on and to the Chromecast HDMI channel. But, I guess it depends on the TV and TV settings. Btw, the included remote works with a lot of TVs.

      • Awesome - thanks for the reply. I guess I was curious to know if I could avoid using a remote at all.

        I have the old Chromecast and can turn it on and off manually using the youtube app on the phone, for example, but I can't turn it off and I can't use Google Assistant to control it.

        • I use Google assistant to turn on the tv and Nvidia player- using smart plugs controlled by Google Nest Max.
          Have the old Chromecast and recently, Firestick 4k max ( haven't opened the latter).
          However, have to upgrade to a tv that can change channels using voice commands.

    • Yes

    • +1

      Yes you can turn TV on and off with Assistant, but I think it depends on your TV. Mind didn't used to work on my Panasonic TV, and then I was surprised to notice it was working on my mum's even older Panasonic TV. I couldn't get mine to work for the life of me, then one day randomly about 6 months later it started working.

    • +2
  • -1

    Will wait for cheaper offer.

  • Just bought one for $79 from MyDeal. Looked at the Firestick Maxx deal for $59, and while it looks cool, I'm buying this device for my parents and cant afford any hassle with sideloading etc.

  • -1

    myDeal is extremely dodgey. It's a marketplace. You have no idea who you are buying from

    • In the bottom of the page it says…
      Seller Information
      Shipped & Sold By MyDeal

      Reference ID: 6684433

    • Same as Amazon, same as Catch, same as eBay

  • +1

    Just be aware if you want 5.1 sound the Google TV won't output it, even after selecting it in the settings. I had to buy the fire stick to get properly encoded surround.

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