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[VIC] Tesla Model 3 RWD (Previously SR+) $62,193 Drive Away after $3000 VIC ZEV Subsidy (Was $65,193) @ Tesla


Just noticed a significant price drop for the 2022 RWD Model 3 drive away pricing thanks to VIC ZEV Subsidy ($3,000)

This pricing is for white colour and with black interior and no other upgrades/changes - Details below

This newer model (2022) comes with heated seats and heated steering wheel and car mats as a standard.

It has also been confirmed that all models ordered after November 2021 will come with an AMD processor instead of the older little less responsive Intel Processor.

Some inclusions and specs

Acceleration 0-100 km/h - 6.1 s
Range (WLTP) - 491 kilometres
Drivetrain - Rear Wheel Drive
Paint - Pearl White Multi-Coat
Wheels - 18’’ Aero Wheels
Interior - All Black

Basic Autopilot

Included with every Tesla, Autopilot enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within its lane. Advanced safety and convenience features are designed to assist you with the most burdensome parts of driving, alongside driver assistance features such as emergency braking, collision warning and blind-spot monitoring

Interior features

Audio and Media
Upgraded audio – immersive sound
Music and media over Bluetooth®
USB-A port in the glovebox with a 128GB portable storage device included
Power adjustable heated front seats
Heated front and rear seats
Heated steering wheel
Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection
Power folding, auto-dimming, heated side mirrors
Custom driver profiles
Center console with storage, 4 USB-C ports and wireless charging for 2 smartphones
Premium Connectivity, 30 days complimentary ($10 Per Month there after)
Live traffic visualization
Satellite-View Maps
Video Streaming, allowing access to content from Netflix, Youtube, Twitch, and more
Music Streaming
Internet Browser

Hope it helps someone :)

Zero Emission Vehicle Subsidy from Solar Victoria.

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      • +3

        jv is an institution and one day my grandkids will ask me if I was around when he was doing his thing on OzB, and I can proudly say indeed I was.

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          If it was jv then I would know it was a joke. lol. Also if it was true like… “Won’t take unleaded #moneyback”, then that would be funny…

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    Do you have a reciept so I can pricematch at officeworks?

    • +4

      or are receipt…

      • +5

        i before e except after c.

        I'm sorry JV, I have disappointed you.

        • But don't forget neighbour and weigh!

        • +3

          Would be a bad neighbour, if i did not weigh in that "i before e except after c" is not always true. Also it's spelt receipt?

          edit: oh two minutes late, let me add - seize, forfeit and weird.

          • +3

            @TheBean: The full saying (or more correct rule of thumb) is "i before e, except after c, only when the sound is ee" or another variation "i before e, except after c, only when it rhymes with (insert word that has an ee sound i.e. bee, key etc.)".

            • +2

              @beeeeeej: But seize (as in sees), forfeit (as in four feet) and weird (as in wee urd) have all ee sound, no?

              • +1

                @Sfh1975: hilarious…. who makes up these stupid rules….

              • +3

                @Sfh1975: I missed the last part of the rule "i before e, except after c, only when it rhymes with ee, or has an origin in old French… And weird is just weird." (I now feel at the bottom of this hole that I have dug, I have firsthand understanding of jv's gift to create controversy on OzBargain)

                • +2

                  @beeeeeej: the correct saying should be "i before e, except when it isn't"

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          i before e except if you're jv….

      • or the receipt

  • +17

    Great deal, you can even price match to Amazon's tesla model Y if you share them this link. But i think i'm just going to buy from amazon directly for the free delivery.

    • +1

      Not sure how I feel about being on top. Prefer the other way around

    • Genuine question
      Since it’s on Amazon, is it eligible for Cashrewards or ShopBack?

      • the one linked would get 6% cashback

  • +5

    Paid $69,925 in March last year (though with a $1500 upgrade), this is a pretty big discount in just a year!

    • +2

      This one has more range, although I'm pretty sure your 0-100 is slightly faster.

      • -7

        Faster is not always better

      • +4

        Yeah I believe mine is 5.6s while the new one is over 6s. I only drive 40km a day so I'll take the speed over range any day of the week!

        • +13

          how many times and where do you use that 0-100 in 5.6s
          Not picking on you or anyone - but a general question. I have seen these reviews that do 0-60, 0-100, whats the point in day to day driving on congested roads?

          And paying a top dollar to get that?

          • +21

            @dragonfly090: The acceleration isn’t why I went for the LR (4.4 sec to 100), I used to agree with you completely. But now I have the car the answer is almost every time I can, its very addictive and so so much fun. Passengers don’t appreciate it so much so its normally when I am alone in the car. Also via the car stats I can see my wife also hits max acceleration quite often.

            • +11

              @bluey47: I like your wife!

              • +1

                @8200: Good thrusts Thrustmaster !

            • +4

              @bluey47: Hahaha, that is a fantastic random statistic to discuss around the dinner table. "So, honey.. I see you had an interesting day…"

              • +1

                @GenghisGun: That exact conversation has happened multiple times. :-)

            • @bluey47: Wouldn't you get wheelspin if you floored it???

              • +2

                @Naigrabzo: The traction control on Teslas is amazing, its just so much easier to modulate power output in an EV. I have the Model 3 Performance, which is 4WD, but coming from a VW Golf R which is also 4WD, the Tesla just has FAR quicker acceleration in the wet. It just never slips no matter how crazy you get on the accelerator, no matter how wet the road is.

                • @dtpearson: Agreed, clearly you still need to worry about traction while breaking and cornering but never while accelerating.

            • -3


              But now I have the car the answer is almost every time I can

              My car does 1-100 in just over 5s and I always try to race Tesla's to see how they go, but it always seems to be nerds driving them who never want a race. Despite Tesla having the performance specs on paper it seems like they are the new Volvo :)

          • +2

            @dragonfly090: Top dollar? This is the cheap entry level model. But honestly I use it almost every day off the lights. I live in Docklands and have a few red lights before hitting the freeway each day.

          • +4

            @dragonfly090: Model 3 Performance 0-100 in about 3 seconds, and I use it every single day. Its a lot of fun, makes overtaking a breeze (and safer) and is great for jumping into a gap when merging into fast moving traffic. I don't get why anyone would want to drive a slow car, they are just boring to drive.

            • +2

              @dtpearson: there will be no such thing as a gap once these things are majority on the streets and the selfish dicks are able to speed match

          • +1

            @dragonfly090: Most people don't, but it's a natural benefit of electric motors. They can do it faster so much easier than petrol cars just by their nature. That's why $150k electric cars are matching or even out-performing $2m petrol cars.

            People aren't paying a top dollar for it, in fact the base Model 3 is cheaper than the Hyundai Kona, Kia e-Niro, and Nissan Leaf e+ but it has better acceleration.

            It's also something that Tesla in particular wanted to do to shut up the "hurr durr they're golf carts" morons. Just gets that entire argument out of the way.

          • @dragonfly090: Coz speed go fast duh

      • +2

        M3s manufactured in Oct 2021 has both 5.6s and increased range

        • +1

          Win/Win! Nice. Would have been great to get an Oct 2021 build!

        • Pretty sure the M3 does it under 4s

    • -2

      Competition is coming. They need to lock you into the Tesla ecosystem fast.

      • +2

        Been coming for years…. Still waiting on ID3 or Cupra.

        • The same complacency the PC crowd had about Apple 1980 - 2000. Now 20 years later look who is laughing!?

          • @netjock: Me, Apple is still for lemmings… the massive market cap is proof there's an endless amount of idiots willing to pay the idiot tax.

            • +3

              @ProlapsedHeinous: This kind of attitude comes from ignorance and lack of information, or even jealousy. Apple has made some incredible products, with great services, year after year, and people bought them. End of story. Just because they may not work for you, or you have an unjustified or biased dislike for a company, doesn't make everyone else idiots or lemmings. I used android for almost 14 years now, and I feel like a lemming for not jumping on iphone earlier. Proving the point, I was an idiot back then for not buying Apple, just because I thought they were expensive pretty objects - and looking back, all that happened, was that I missed out.

              • +1

                @onlinepred: Shame about their computers. Which was what you were talking about.

      • +1

        Tesla's strength is their automated driver system, competition won't be able to replicate it so easily, they may end up leasing / buying it.

        • Tesla's strength is their automated driver system

          You know no one is classifying it as FSD only Tesla and the people who fell for it.

      • +2

        Wow, I have been reading about these so called "Tesla Killers" for about 10 years now :-)

        • "Tesla Killers"

          Nobody needs to kill anybody. There just needs to be competition to keep prices honest. If it was Woolworths having 99% of the market what would you think prices for groceries would be?

          Don't blow things out of proportion.

          It is like price drops on Ozito PXC gear at Bunnings when Aldi has cordless tools on sale. I don't see the "Ozito Killers"

          • @netjock: Tesla set the price, and it's honestly quite good considering the prices of EV's coming out in the future. You could save a few thousand dollards and buy a Nissan Leaf though

            • @onlinepred:

              honestly quite good considering the prices of EV's coming out in the future

              Apparently everyone who buys a Tesla has a crystal ball.

  • +2

    Can we buy in Victoria for the sake of the rebate then drive back to NSW if we live there?

    • +9

      Then come back to VIC to pay the 2C "EV" tax. ;(

    • Cannot see why not, Although the vehicle will be registered in Victoria and if you want to register it in NSW need to then pay RWC/Stamp Duty.
      No doubt still a saving to be made.

      • If converting rego to NSW you'll need a blue slip but shouldn't have to pay stamp duty again, because it will have already been paid in Victoria on the purchase.

        • but shouldn't have to pay stamp duty again

          Not sure about that. Stamp Duty is state based, so NSW will charge stamp duty upon initial registration regardless. Stamp duty and rego on a $60k car will be pretty close to the $3k you're trying to save.

          • @1st-Amendment: Not when I've transferred cars between states in my own name. NSW should give you a stamp duty waiver if you buy in one state and move it thereafter.

            • @xyron: Oh right, I've only ever bought cars from interstate from someone else. Good to know.

    • NSW has the same rebate.

      • +5

        Doesnt NSW govt offer more cash in rebates/stamp duty? why buy in Vic?

    • +4

      NSW has a rebate as well as waived stamp duty.

    • +1
    • NSW has $3000 rebate too, plus stamp duty exemption. Not sure you save anything.

  • +56

    Waiting for Aldi special buy version - Tosla

    • +4

      Or Telsa

      • +1

        Government will sell it off and bleed it dry :(

      • That is the telstra version

    • -2

      More humorous than other silly comments. 👍

    • +4

      I have checked there are none in stock as always

    • +20

      Waiting for the IKEA version - Tëlså

      • +11

        6 months to put together plus numerous missing parts.

        • +4

          mine your own lithium, save $10

      • +7

        And you assemble it with a single allen key

      • I will be waiting on bargain corner then..

    • +8

      Or the hot hatch, the Salsa.

      • +6

        Or the the even more eco friendly version made from wood - balsa!

    • +1

      or the Scott Morrison version - Tossa

  • +8

    It's great to see that the prices aren't increasing like all the ICE manufacturers are doing at the moment, it makes this electric car a more compelling case

    • For model S and X they arent showing prices so likely will be increasing.

    • +2

      prices aren't increasing like all the ICE manufacturers

      When the news said "electric cars will reach price parity with petrol cars about 2025", I didn't expect that would happen by petrol cars increasing their price. Disappointed.

  • +4

    Tesla delivered brand new car without brake pads and when buyer contacted their support, they initially claimed that weird noise, when brakes were used, was totally normal - ah those corporations /shrug/

      • +3

        The cars definitely have some qa/qc issues but they are still very nice to drive.

        • +3

          the reality is that every conventional car company is a pile of shit too

          do you think supporting toyota ford gm hyundai vw is supporting a company that all on the up and up?

          how soon people forget the VW emissions scandal - all these multinationals are a pile of turds

          • @tonyjzx:

            all these multinationals are a pile of turds

            It's the monkeysphere in action

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