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This thread serves to let everyone know how much you have saved on your 7/11 fuel app. Please see the archived thread (January 2017 - January 2022) for previous discussions.

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  • Richlands QLD
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  • 111.9/litre

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Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods



Note: There's currently no APK or Android simulator available. (Nox simulator does not support Android 9.)

Credits to master131

Mod: Please do not ask for vouchers. Obtain the fuel lock yourself or make a request in the Wanted Classifieds.

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      For those in the Moorabbin area its $1.787pl for 98 at Costco.

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      not worth the risk to get your johnny burnt

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      I wouldn’t call this a deal, it’s ‘normal’ price cycle. The 22c excise cut was the deal.

      • +8

        Yeah but we don't live there. Just need it for a fuel lock

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            @b-radicool: Unspoken law of OzB. No one talks about it. But let’s say if you look hard enough you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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      🚁🙏 Thanks OP!!!

    • Cockburn 🤣

    • -1

      Can anyone help with a fuel lock?

    • And if you don't need fuel today, just do a fuel price lock within the app and pay for $1.659/L later. Fuel lock expires after 7 days.

      • How do you remove an old fuel lock?

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          The fuel lock is only for 1 transaction. To remove the fuel lock you either:
          1. Use the fuel lock or
          2. Wait for fuel lock to expire

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            @moomoosan: Or create a new account. I have like 5 accounts. Takes mere seconds.

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      Tuesday is Perths cheapest day, so unless you need fuel now, I would wait to see what tuesday has to offer

    • Good deal for those wanting to lock in, but for those of us who live close to Forrestfield Fast Fuel and Costco Perth Airport petrol, it's 9 times out of 10 cheapest there.

    • Damn I've got a lock already at 1.90. Could just fill a litre to get rid of it but a bit of effort. Would have to take my Macbook to the pump to re-fly my chopper over to WA

      • +2

        Make a new account? I've got like 12 accounts. When the price drops, I lock, if it drops further I go to the next account and so on.

        • Can you only lock once a week? Never done this before lol

          • @MeesusEff: yeah you can only lock when the last one expires, which is a week later

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      Happy to help if anyone needs a fuel lock for the next hr or so

    • These prices are good right now, but 91 petrol falling to $1.50 by the end of the week.

      • What about 95 or 98?

    • FYI it's cheaper tomorrow, 183.9, but if you are actually in the area tomorrow, South Lake woolies is 182.9 - 4c if you have fuel voucher

      • Yeah 91 would be 163.9 Tomorrow

    • cheaper at costco, 91 = 156.7

    • No point locking this in.
      Vibe near me tomorrow is 181 less 4 c IGA receipt = 177 for 98 %

      I don’t Think there’s any point locking prices in for the next week or two they are coming down every day

    • 7/11 Southern River and Forrestdale is cheaper tomorrow. U91 1.625

    • Like others, plus 1 for Cockburn…

    • Fuel is cheaper tomorrow!

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    Merged from 7-11 Mobil Unlead 91 $1.625 @ 7-11 Southern River
    Go to Deal

    Seems to be cheaper again on U91, thanks to the fuel excise

    location -32.107841914484,115.93976830758

    happy chopper locking

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      I'd confidently say don't use your chopper unless you're going to get fuel at the time. Price seems to be trending down and when comparing fuel prices on https://projectzerothree.info/prices.php other stores are within 2-3 cents of this price.

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      People need to stop spamming the deals section, I said this yesterday and repeating this today. This is the new normal, needs to be moved to the Fuel Watch thread.

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      Belongs in the fuel watch thread, similar price everywhere

      • not for VIC unfortunately, still hardly find below $1.7 at the moment (except costco)

        • -2

          Really you are pushing things, using a WA price in Victoria. Abuses like this are likely to see 7/11 can the whole price lock system.

          • +3

            @RockyRaccoon: Not if you work in WA and fly back to VIC on weekends.

            • @jv: i dont always agree with jv.. buttttttttt

      • +1

        It's a pretty good price for Sydney man, don't have to complain just cos it's not a good price for you

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                  @Maglia Nera:

                  yup, Queensland where the collective IQ is 200

                  Are you counting tourists again?

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                    @RockyRaccoon: I don't think there is a large Italian population there.

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      98 petrol is 182.5 aswell

    • -4

      still I rip off. If you're in Queensland you can get fuel for 1.55L at Metro Kuraby.

      • So if you are in Townsville, You'll drive for that price? Ridiculous.

    • thanks for this, what a legend,

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    Happy to assist with fuel lock for the next 1-2 hrs

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    Tomorrow's (5th April 2022) fuel prices thanks to Fuelwatch WA crystal ball:
    91 RON / 161.7cpl
    95 RON / 173.7cpl
    98 RON / 181.7cpl

    • +3

      Be nice if all states did this

      • +1

        Cough Vic with no fuel watch at all…

        • Thank Dan…

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      cries in diesel

  • After reading many hundreds of pages, would like to know if anyone has converted an "Ye Olde Samsung S3" sucessfully into a flying chopper?
    Have spent a few days/reboots so far, would just like to confirm it is possible, and I will persist.

    • +1

      Should be possible as long as you are running a ROM that meets the minimum version requirement which I believe is Android 9.

  • @thangcuoi
    Thanks. Have already installed Lineage 17.1 successfully.
    So will persists with Magisk 24 and its foibles.

    • +1

      Thanks. Have already installed Lineage 17.1 successfully.

      LineageOS 17.1 is equivalent to Android 10, definitely capable of running 7/11!

      Recently updated my instructions to include a Samsung S8 (using TWRP, Magisk 24.3, Zygisk, Smali) as an example

      Hope it helps

  • @cwongtech
    Aha! Was using V1 of the script previously, will follow this -thanks very much.

    • Magisk 24.0 was released on 26th Jan 2022

      V1 of my configuration guide was released on 1st Dec 2021 :)

      You should be nearly there if you were able to obtain lineageos 17.1!

  • +3

    Tomorrow's (6th April 2022) fuel prices thanks to Fuelwatch WA crystal ball:
    91 RON / 157.9cpl
    95 RON / 169.9cpl
    98 RON / 177.9cpl

  • +11

    Premium Unleaded 98 $1.619/L @ 7-Eleven Dandenong

    Coordinates: -37.98519269651, 145.22039000782

  • @cwontech
    No joy. Latest OS I can find that will install on i9300.
    Unfortunately the smali 24.3 will not install, as I have seen reported elsewhere.

    But many thanks for your assistance.

    • -1

      Send me a PM, I'll provide a potential alternate solution for you to fly

      • +5

        Send me a PM


        • +3

          Would you… Kindly take him back please? Under the change of mind policy?

  • I have 2 accounts on the 7-11 app. I have been using 2 of my ipads to fake the GPS. however one of my ipad cannot login anymore. the password and username are correct. the app shows there is a problem please check FAQ. however these 2 accounts both working on my other devices.

    I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled still the same.

    Any idea how to solve it?

  • -1

    Was just trying to lock myself, but looks like I'm receiving the A01 error. Looking at the history it looks like people had the same issue but not sure what the problem was. Anyone else facing the same issue ?

    • A01 = try restarting your phone, some network error glitch.
      I've resolved it by airplane mode on and off then relaunching 7/11 app

      My choppers are still flying fine, just carried out a lock to test for you.

      • -1

        Awesome, thanks for testing it out. I did restart the phone but still doesn't work. Since you mentioned it worked for you, I tried to lock on a friend's account, and it worked on his account.

        Really strange. I'm now thinking if the account has been flagged for misuse !

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