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Gigabyte GeForce RTX3070Ti Gaming OC 8GB GDDR6X Gaming Graphics Video Card $1499 Del @ gg.tech365 eBay

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  • +1

    HODL fanboys want to buy 3080 under $1500, so this might not be a deal for em…

    They might 'consider' buying 3070Ti for $499.

    PS: being sarcastic…


    • +2

      So… FHR?

      'Cause I didn't think the 3070 Ti had a full hash rate version.

  • +3

    holy moly .. so many card listings popping up in OzB all of the sudden.. fire sale!!!

    • desperate to make hay while the sun shines. If current crypto crash continues prices should come down significantly.

      • yes! .. Me thinks my $700 3060 purchase is about to become a dumb ass move ..lol although the 1650 i sold for 400 makes some of that look a little less dumb ..hehe

      • People have seen price drop and grow back. I don't think they will stop mining. Wait for Eth 2.0 and get a 2nd hand one

        • +1

          They might not stop mining, but they will certainly reconsider additional purchases at current prices, especially with the end of ETH mining on the horizon.

        • I had a discussion with someone selling a mining rig, and you can mine other coins but you have to have buyers for them.

          ETH is the 2nd biggest coin, mining some shitty new coin ain't really a comparison….hence people are beginning to offload some mining rigs.

    • Not really!

  • Prices continue to trend down, been happening last few months - who knows what will happen with Crypto in the short-term but it's looking good for gamers.

    • Price goes down meaning miners will buy more too. ETH pos might get delayed till 2026, ask @rektrading.

  • Hurry up and mine that crap until it's not worthwhile. New coins will be trash, legacy coins only valuable

  • All of a sudden, start flooded with GPU deals today, this is a really good sign.

  • +5

    Well…Russia did just propose a ban on mining

    • might be why ethereum plummeting

    • Russia's Finance Ministry Opposes Central Bank Call for Crypto Ban
      Anna Baydakova Wed, January 26, 2022, 12:31 AMĀ·1 min read

      Russia needs to regulate cryptocurrencies, not ban them, according to the head of the financial policy department at Russia's Ministry of Finance, Ivan Chebeskov.

  • Great deal!

    Better get in before COVID re-strikes and the market plummets.

    Fortress Australia yeah?

  • Over 250,000 top end ex mining GPU's are coming on the 2nd hand market soon they reached the end of the 2yr replacement cycle and in 6 months they will be worth 1/2 they are now, im seeing tons of decommissioning going on will be mostly be non standard websites because no warranty. I know of one mob in vietnam that just bought 30,000 ex mining 2070's to resell, not sure where yet.

    • probably to manuf companies, those components are highly sought after maybe and lower the cost of producing newer models. recycling is the cheapest way to manufacture.

  • The review for this card is pretty solid. Is Gigabyte still a good brand?

    • My 1070 giga card bought on release still going strong. I'm finally upgrading to this specific card, so happy I cancelled my PLE preorder of 3070 now! Price probably still at a premium but like you said its solid card with years of life so worth it!

  • +1

    Two thumbs up for this seller. Ordered tuesday night and despite the public holiday card arrived friday! No waiting for weeks like many other sellers or trickery selling stock they dont have! Thanks!

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