[Unobtainable] Free Sunglasses Delivered from QUAY Australia

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Free sunnies using AOFREE as the code, put 1 pair into your cart and checkout. Good luck!

Update: All orders cancelled for reason of "use of fraudulent code".

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    "Your order is confirmed!"
    wow, acutally?

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    Mine changed from free shipping to $5 shipping

    • Mine was free. Then Mum's was $5. Looks like it depends on type of glasses?

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      After you input the code during checkout page, go out to main page and go back into the cart again. This will get you the free shipping.

      • this worked for me

  • Yeah $5 shipping but still not bad.

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    Mine was free express courier shipping.

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    Cheers, wonder if this will be honoured

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      Make a wild guess

  • Mine was free shipping 1-2 days

  • Omg if this works…

    • it works, but you will not get free sunglasses delivered though!

  • $5 for me in regional Vic

  • Free courier shipping for me too

  • hope they dont cancel the orders

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    Gotta be in it to win it. Thanks OP!

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    Mate 100% this gonna get cancelled ( but jumped on… just in case lmao) and we’re going to see a huge rant post from entitled posters in forums.

    ( but jumped on… just in case lmao)

    $0 here

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      I seek bargains, but I hate the people that just complain all the time. They usually have zero balls to complain to the company but will whinge in here like there's no tomorrow.

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      The code is AOFREE. I'm guessing some sort of Australian Open promo and since it says free in the code, can't see why it wouldn't be honoured.

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        Probably because it is buy one get one free as stated on their website?

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          That offer doesn't require a code and is still available with the AOFREE code being disabled.

  • I doubt they’ll honour this but have a go , thanks OP

  • Mistake for sure 🙈

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      Call off Columbo, the case is solved.

  • A bit of fun but no chance of going through. Didn’t stop me ordering though!

  • lol this cant be legit but I am trying my luck. Cost me 5 bux delivery for some aviators

  • ids saying $5 for shipping now.

    • Anything over $60 is free shipping

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        But free is less than $60

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    The glasses cost between 2.50-$3.50 each wholesale anyway.

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      What's the source of your info? Thin air?

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        Go find similar from aliexpress etc

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          Best example of apples and oranges I've ever seen

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        Google "capitalism" it will blow your mind. Lol.

      • source, trust me bro

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      • @keegs What do you think the wholesale price of $65-$85 sunglasses would be? Genuine question.

        • -3

          $20 or so $75 sunglasses. Trade/wholesale generally is 20-30% less than retail but depends on the industry you're in. Sunglasses is not the product industry I'm in

          • @keegs: Read the article above, the margin are much much higher. On top of that, Quay are fast fashion Sunnies so they are clearly not spending money on good design, which means they are probably coming directly from Dong Guan or the like.

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            @keegs: Nalar is correct. I work in the industry and the margins on sunnies is insane, which balances out the fact they’re kinda hard to sell in bulk. How many people buy sunnies every week?

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    Ordered one. Let's wait and see

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    straightaway promotional emails..

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      You had the option to opt out of promo emails at checkout.

      • -1

        yeah did tht. I wonder if its a marketing strategy

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          A friend's brother is an "instagram influencer" and he stayed at a fancy Melbourne hotel and went and had dinner in a corporate box at Rod Laver, all paid for by these guys. They're 100% in growth phase with what I assume is insane financial backing. They want a customer base and compared to the aforementioned shit of sending them to the Australian Open, giving away glasses and getting contact details is pretty cheap.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Ordered. Thank OP.

  • Thanks OP.. boom.. fingers crossed

  • Thanks op!

  • Thanks OP

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    Maybe paying for shipping will help order not getting cancelled 🤷

    • Maybe not

  • Thanks op!

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    Free subscription to mailing list is likely all you'll get XD

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      Only if you check the box - worked without it.

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    Wow another way to have our emails leaked because some broden ordered 20kg of sunglasses ;)

    Fingers crossed though lol

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      I understood that reference.

      Hopefully Their social media guy does BCC when they send the inevitable order cancellation notifications.

      • I made an email specifically for these deals haha

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          The only thing I like about ios15 is they implemented 1 click throw away emails and integrated it really well into safari.

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    $0 ???
    If they dont honour this I will be outraged and demand a refund.

  • Thanks OP- std shipping $5 to QLD

    • It was $0 to Brisbane for me

  • 2 orders placed to the same address for different email addresses (and different people - not being greedy!), polarised lenses for both, both orders got free delivery. Can't complain.

    I think you must have to be in Melbourne to get free delivery.

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      perth too..

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        Sydney as well. I would love to be the fly in the wall to observe the poor employee that discovers this on Thursday morning. I presume systems will be flooded.

        • +3


    • Yup 2 free, and free ship in melb, that's ace!

    • Bris metro here

    • I think you must have to be in Melbourne to get free delivery

      Melbourne here. Had to pay shipping.

    • Metro Melbourne - $5 delivery for me.
      No point in paying for what is 99% likely to be cancelled.

    • Melb here and it’s showing as $5 delivery

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    Are they associated with the Aus Open? Free Glasses for AO ticket holders?

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      These are not questions that I ask myself, but they are good questions. I simply hold out hope for the potential of free sunglasses, with a distant consolation of at least causing minor chaos.

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        "distant consolation of at least causing minor chaos"

        Some people just want to watch the world burn Mr. Wayne.

    • Probably a promo code they gave out at AO leaked

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      I think there was a prize wheel or something at the AO for them (I recall wondering what Quay was when I was there). Unfortunately the code being leaked will probably just invalidate it for the legitimate prize winners

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        Pretty sure its not hard to generate a unique code or limit via shopify

    • Did a bit of research. They started in Australia but were bought by a big private equity fund that owns parts of other shit like Crossfit and Uber so it's just a marketing thing.



  • Got mine $5 to Gold Coast

    • Wow that was fast delivery!

      • Lol, Must've been teleported to Gold Coast…

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    Whether people order 1 or order 1000s, it doesn't matter. They will 100% cancel these orders, they will lose so much money if they honoured them

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    No chance this will be honoured.

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    RIP to whoever views their inbox

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    I better get a refund if this isn't honoured

    • it should be in your inbox already

  • I'm surprised their website hasn't crashed yet

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      Website testing by ozbargain = pass

      • Free ozb performance testing for sure

  • Thanks OP $5 shipping to QLD needed new glasses too!

  • Clicks per min clicks per min is off the charts!

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    Prepared for Drop Coffee V2.

    • Can I count on you to lead the mob again?

      Sharpening the pitchforks as of this minute.

    • Two spam emails from ‘Poke’ today, I’ll give this one a miss….

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    Now we wait for the cancellation emails lol

  • Pretty sure they won't honour it but still ordered one. Thanks OP :P

  • Got a pair…see what happens

  • How do you go into the cart, it just straight away says pay

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