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Ryobi 18V ONE+ Compact Fan Kit $49 (Save $70) C&C/ in-Store Only @ Bunnings


Compact and lightweight design for portable cooling
Kit includes: RYOBI 18V ONE+ Compact Fan, 2.0Ah Lithium Battery, ONE+ Charger
Runs for up to 12.5hrs on an 18V ONE+ 4.0Ah battery
Attaches onto flat surfaces using an integrated rubber clamp
On hot days use the RYOBI 18V ONE+ Compact Fan Kit as a cooling solution for areas such as camp sites, patios, and sheds. This kit includes a Fan, 2.0Ah Lithium Battery, and ONE+ Charger. The compact and lightweight design of the fan makes it easy to carry around and set up anywhere like a campsite or work area when you need good air circulation.

Connect the fan to a RYOBI ONE+ 4.0Ah battery and enjoy up to 12.5 hrs off a single charge. With an integrated rubber clamp, this fan can be secured on a flat surface up to 38mm in thickness. To change airflow direction, adjust the fan head vertically or horizontally.

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    • I can't see why not, just for blowing the fumes away.

    • +1

      Consider in using a 120mm recycled pc fan and it does the job, this will definitely do it.

      • How would you use it for soldering?

    • Huge fan just to move some small fumes.

      You can buy a small desktop usb powered fan off Ebay for under $10. That'll do the job you want for far cheaper and more conveniently.

    • Unless you're venting to the outside, I'd suggest getting something with a filter

  • +9

    $49. Good price for spare battery and charger. Fan is a cool bonus

  • +2

    Bought 1 using powerpass, $46.55

    • +1

      That's odd. (But also good)

      Power pass doesn't usually give discount on Ryobi power tools

      • possibly because it is under L&E category instead of Tools

  • Thanks OP, scored one in Nunawading Bunnings just now, even though it says out of stock online. Still 6 when I left but wont be for long I reckon.

  • Thanks OP, scored one for $49.

    Worth trying a few stores, my closest bunnings C&C said $99 but when I selected a store only 15 minutes in the other direction it showed as $49.

  • All stores Out of Stock buy Hoppers Crossing still having stock.. if anyone still interested hurry up only few left..

    • +1

      are you associated?
      Is this is a promotional item?

  • +1

    $10 delivered.
    You'll spend more than that driving to the store to pick up.

    Picked a store that has it at $49 and purchased it.
    $59 delivered.

    • $10 delivered.
      You'll spend more than that driving to the store to pick up.

      what are you driving that uses more than 6L of fuel to get to a bunnings?

      at 10L p/100km you could do 60km on 6L. or 30km to a bunnings and back

      • +1

        And your time?

      • I did the same because my time is worth more than $10 for the hour round trip it would take.

        • Exactly!

    • Same here paid the delivery of $10 for me not to drive 30 mins.

  • I'm camping on the Murray River near Mildura, I'll pay someone $$$1,000 for this including same day delivery, if there's such thing as an A/C attachment I'll take that too, just name your price!!

    • DEAL!

    • Won't dehumidify unfortunately!!

  • Price back up to $99.

    • Still $49 here, some stores showing 99 just change the store

  • What is the difference between the predominantly back batteries and the grey/silver ones?

    • ok I just read the marketing material and I am still confused, it's Lithium vs Lithium Plus. It seems it's just more performance in the Lithium Plus.
  • Pricing error confirmed at Caste Hill Bunnings NSW. They’re letting them go at $49 until website is updated. Only 2 or 3 in stock

  • Got one.

    I've got stores 10km in either direction. Strangely Kembla Grange, NSW shows $99 and Shellharbour shows $49

  • Does anyone know how long they take to recharge wanting to use for camping in a swag

    MACKAY NTH QUEENSLAND has quite a few.

  • +6

    Ordered in Qld at $49 around 5 minutes ago.
    Don't really need it but worth it just for the battery and charger as I don't have any Ryobi tools as yet.

    • +2

      This is the way

    • You will want to get a better charger later tho

      • I'm invested in EGO ecosystem but EGO don't have any tools outside of garden tools really so this is to plan for occasions where I may need other power tools but don't want to fork out for the full kit. Don't think I'll need a fast charger for that.

    • Ye battery & charger kit is $89 at ryobi https://www.ryobi.com.au/garden-tools/products/details/18v-o...

  • I just bought one at Thomastown (VIC). There are many left there even online is not available.

  • -1

    Nothing in SA….. I guess Bunning is being "Stat-ist" again

    • This is one of those Bunnings Treasure Hunt items … The website says not available in all SA stores but I walked into the Bunnings SA Airport store and there was 1 left on the shelf…. you might need to go a hunting!

  • +1

    In Tasmania,
    Mornington store = $49
    Kingston = $49
    Glenorchy store = $99
    Launceston = $99
    Out of stock in remaining Tassie stores.
    Grabbed one on Click-n-Collect from Mornington. Thanks OP!

    • +1

      I put in a C&C order for one at Kingston as soon as I saw this post today. I was immensely surprised when I checked the Bunnings website that Kingston (a) had stock and (b) had it at the reduced price, normally it's a "computer says no" on both counts LOL. I'd been wanting to get another small battery for my Roybi tools such as the staple gun etc, and couldn't get a 1.5 anywhere, so this will fit the bill nicely seeing as the 2.5 is $79.

      • Kingston never have stock. Almost tempted to drive there for it.

        • Just refreshed the page and it's showing 404 error, and from other comments seems like the deal/product has been taken down. I received an order confirmation, but nothing yet to say it's ready to collect - I see some others have had their orders cancelled as supposedly OOS.

        • Just checked the page link, it seems to be working again, and still shows Kingston as having stock - mind you, whilst I've received the email confirmation of the order, that was 5 hours ago and have had nothing yet about it being ready to collect, so I'm suspecting it might end up being cancelled.

        • Have just received SMS and email saying order is ready to collect.

          • +1

            @SimbaGirl: Nice work. I'm not going to bother with it because I don't need it.

  • -2

    That's a neat price considering you get a charger & a battery 2.5ah

    Charger alone at Bunnings is $79 https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-one-18v-fast-charger_p6210...

  • +1

    bought one, didnt need. had fomo

    • So many times I have said this to myself

  • Just picked one up from Smithfield (NSW) - there were 4 left on the shelf. They had already placed 6 aside for click and collect order as of this morning.

  • Can this run off a power plug instead of battery?

    • No, this is not a hybrid model.

    • The hybrid kit is $129 or $99 for just skin

  • Marsden park still believing they’re more special than all the bunnings around them, still sticking to $99 despite knowing about the discount.

    Whats the point? Do they really believe people will buy it from them at full price when its $49 everywhere else?

    • -1

      Whats the point?

      Maybe they don't want to lose money?

    • Shows as $99 at marsden park but $49 at my local.
      Posts above already indicate bunnings is aware of price error but still honoring until fixed.
      Not really too different so when select stores to run-out pricing on slow moving/discontinued stock. Price matches would be at store discretion.

      Whats the point? Do they really believe people will buy it from them at full price when its $49 everywhere else

      Well in a few hours it will be back to normal price, sooooo.

    • It was also showing up as $99 online at Marsden Park, however when I added it to my cart, it came down to $49.

      • +1

        Well look at that. Looks like they've finally decided to come down and walk amongst us plebs. They've changed their price to be in line with everyone else. Pisses me off as I had to drive to another bunnings to get one.

        I've encountered that a lot at Marsden Park - Bunnings floor staff being dicks and just saying "no" instead of using common sense or taking a bit of effort to verify any given information.

        …..Or Maybe I've been working in the wrong way my whole life. Maybe I should be saying "no" to everyone at work instead of doing my job. "Hello"….NO. "Could you help me with"….NO

        • Floor staff are probably

          • underpaid
          • overworked
          • abused nearly daily over shortages on top of the normal ridiculousness that is retail (ESPECIALLY bunnings)
          • dont have the authority to authorize even their own smokos let alone anything price related

          Floor manager probably handed out orders to just say no.

          • +3

            @Jimothy Wongingtons: If they can act like this because they perceive their job too tough then what luxury they work in.

            You just have to look at other professions to see that Bunning's floor staff don't have it tougher than others. For instance, nurses have to wear PPE all day, are abused, are working weeks without a day off due to shortages, work nights AND don't have the luxury to turn people/patients away whenever they feel like it.

            To be able to say "no", "don't want to help", "find what you are looking for elsewhere" and not have to deal with whatever, whenever they choose, now that's blissful work.

            I think you're right in that they get ordered to say no. Shoot down any excuse and they just blurt out another one without pause. "It's not the same item; oh Item model/In number the same? Well the other store must have a clearance price; oh price is the same at all other stores in the region? Well each store prices things differently; We don't price match; There's too much stock; There's too little stock; I'm just a robot with pre-programmed lines and voiced authority to sound like I know what's going on when I actually don't".

  • +3

    $46.55 with Powerpass click and collect

  • For these clearances, who bears the reduced revenue/profit - Bunnings, Ryobi, or both?

    • It depends. In this case, it’s likely a price error so more than likely Bunnings take the hit. They might ask for some relief from the supplier depending on circumstances and the relationship.

      For actual clearances it would usually be supplier (Ryobi) agreeing to fund most then maybe the seller (Bunnings) losing some potential profit to clear shelf space of slow moving or discontinued products.

      It really depends.

      • I don't see any way in which Ryobi gives Bunnings any money when Bunnings price something incorrectly.

        • well Bunnings kinda has them by the proverbial testicles. What's Ryobi going to do? Go to another national powerhouse of hardware distribution? …wait…

          Though Bunnings I'm sure can just cop it and move on.

          • @Jimothy Wongingtons: You think that Bunnings would threaten to drop Ryobi products if Ryobi didn't compensate them for stuffing up?

    • For clearances, there is usually an agreement for the supplier to fund part of it. If the markup is usually 100%, they might cover 50% of the different (so margin is the same).

      For promotions, usually agree a discount off invoice (this is what Bunnings does) or a rebate on each unit sold (more typical for other retailers)

      For pricing errors, the supplier almost never gives anything.

      Source: retail analyst working in supplier funding.

  • Thanks OP. Got mine for $46.55 (Powerpass)

  • Ashfield got 10+

  • Got one for $49 C&C at Griffith, NSW — not too sure what stock they have in total though.

  • Just got mine from Bennetts Green

  • +1

    If this is a “price error” how come it hasn’t been fixed yet? It’s currently business hours and would take 2 seconds to update.

    • I'm not sure why everyone keeps saying it's a pricing error. The Bunnings rep on the phone said it's a live promotion on their system, and it should be the same price all over…just that some managers are slow on the update and should be changing their prices when they realise it's happening.

  • Northland has stocks

  • +2

    $49 is price of battery alone… free charger and fan.

    Thanks OP.

  • Got one thanks op. Good for aiming straight at my face when in my shed and we can use it to blow flies and mossies away when we are eating outside.

  • My online order have been canceled by croydon.out of stock.

    • Just got a text message canceling my Order, money will be refunded in a few Days…
      Well that Sucks !

  • Placed my order just after 8:30am at Notting Hill, but my order has been cancelled - OOS

  • Order cancelled - had ordered from Northland

  • Placed order for 1 at Bunnings Scoresby at 8:10AM, just picked it up and the girl told me I was lucky as 12 orders have been cancelled so far. Happy I was able to get it!

    • Presumably once you get the notification to collect you're safe from a subsequent cancellation? Was planning to go in on the weekend to figure out what I need for my patio deck at the same time but now getting paranoid heh.

      • Surely that will be fine. I got my ready to collect sms within a few minutes of ordering and planning to pick it up later tonight

        • Sweet, quite looking forward to having some cooling while I mow the lawn now.

        • +2

          Once you get notification to collect it means that your order has been picked and is set aside for collection. i.e youre safe

      • +2

        I went to the store, refunded old one gave sms that I got for collection. No issues.

  • Looks like they fixed the pricing online, Hawhorn store was showing $49 this morning now it's $99.

  • Thanks OP. Almost purchased on 2 days ago @ $99. Cheers for the save! Available on the gold coast.

  • Op link is now 404'd!

  • Just walked into Bayswater (Vic) store, they have quite a few (around a dozen) with the prices marked as $49.

    • Bayswater shows OOS online?

      • +1

        I'm sure they've pulled stock from the site from all stores. Physical stores don't fully align with online inventory.

  • hmm $10 delivery..

  • Ordered earlier for click and collect at Northland, Vic, just got cancelled and refunded unfortunately.

  • Canberra Airport showing stock online, went in there and the guy said they haven't had stock for hours. Tradies bought most of them earlier he said.
    I reckon they've just withdrawn them from sale due to a pricing error. Stocks counts are normally pretty good with Bunnings, so I call BS.

    • +1

      Yea Gungahlin/Belconnen are also showing as in stock, but Gungahlin just refunded me my C&C order due to stock availability… Something weird going on.

      • I ordered one from Majura this morning for C&C and it's ready for pickup now. I think they just got slammed with orders all around the country, seeing at the link was clicked on nearly 12,000 times.

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