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Knipex Cobra XS (100mm) 87 00 100 Pliers $25.01 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Got this to be part of my EDC and a second pair as a gift. Really great price and seems to be the lowest according to camel x3

About this item:

  • Optimum access in the narrowest spaces: an especially compact design with a very slim head
  • Single-handed fine adjustment by sliding for optimal fitting to various workpiece sizes
  • Long-lasting secure grip ensured by high wear resistance
  • Gripping capacity Ø 28 mm, width across flats up to 24 mm – at only 100 mm length
  • Box joint: high quality and durability provided by dual guide

Mod 7/2: Free International Delivery from Amazon UK & US with No Min Spend for Prime Members

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  • +1

    What's an EDC carry?

    • +2

      Every day carry

      • +20

        Every day carry carry*

      • +1

        You're not one of those EDC nutters I see on YouTube hopefully

    • +2

      What's an EDC

      Eau De Cologne

      • +4

        U surely like to waste time…

        • -6

          U surely

          No, I'm not.

          Are you?

        • -1

          We're on ozbargain… duh

    • +6

      Every Day Carry. A group of people that love geeking out over what's in their pockets to show off their knives, pens, guns, flashlights, multitools, prybars, knipex and little fiddle objects etc. Lately people claim to carry a lot more than they actually do just to flex and I hate it. 4 knives? Okay, bud.

      • +13

        Gotta have six different knives and two ways to make fire and an emergency flare and water purification tablets and spare inner tubes and a multi tool and a backup multi tool for your L2 helpdesk job.

      • +5

        I don't get it either….my "EDC" is my phone, wallet and keys and I'm still trying to downsize that. Half the time I leave my wallet at home as my phone does 9/10ths of everything in there. How often are these people getting in a situation where they require these things to warrant carrying them around literally every day? Do you carry the same toolkit for the odd job at work as you would going on a picnic with the family? That's how I see it, what you take every time you leave the house.

        • I think for some people, they work in a trade or as handyman and what they mean by EDC is what tools do they put in a little toolbox they take nearly everywhere while they're working. I hope so, because otherwise I'm imagining OP walking down the street, cargo pants full with an entire aisle from the tool shop at Bunnings.

          Edit: I just realised this pair of pliers is the size of my index finger. I guess you really can EDC it, on your keyring.

        • Never know when theres a nut that needs busting.

          said no one ever.

        • +1

          How often are these people getting in a situation where they require these things to warrant carrying them around literally every day?

          Never. It's a fantasy. See also: preppers.

      • +4

        american EDC is a joke, it basically always contains at least 1 handgun and about 30 rounds of ammo and 3 magazines….plus a knife, plus a zippo, plus the kitchen sink, spare tyre and a monkey wrench

  • +1

    Knipex are the top

  • How does this compare to a vice grip? What sort of job other than tightening the nut in plumbing?

    • +1

      Different tool. Both come in varying sizes. Vice grips are bulkier with a narrower opening range but lock. These are slimmer with a wider range.

    • +1

      It probably would've made life easier when assembling furniture for toddlers where there are nuts and bolts.

      The crappy metal wrench that may come with a flat pack doesn't quite fit and slips.

      I find that an adjustable wrench is too big.

      I haven't got any Knipex pliers. EDCing a tiny one seems a bit weird unless it's useful for your job.

      Vice grip locking pliers might cut into a nut and strip it.

  • +5

    Got this to be part of my EDC

    Must have a Batman like utility belt ;)

    I get stuff like compact torches and pocket knives….but pliers….youre putting bear Grylls to shame ;)

    • Folding shovel and hatchet in my bag handy in the office when the zombies come.

      • +2

        Well when they come just expect a lockdown.

      • I'd prefer a Glock 17 in that situation but this is Australia - zombies are gonna have no resistance.

        • zombies are gonna have no resistance.

          Though based on the intelligence of some I see around, the zombies may also starve out…

        • +2

          I'm glad you cant carry a glock.

        • +2

          Guns need bullets and a user who is accurate with preferably head shots. Guns are also loud as heck and will attract the attention of zombie hordes.

          Better off with a cricket/baseball bat, large knife/machete, axe, hammer, etc.

      • No duct tape?

    • Understandable, I carry around a sling bag with everything in it where I can grab and go or shove it into a backpack if I need to carry more stuff. Might be why I have more space for EDC tools than others.

      • +1


        • The start point for me is when the pant pockets are not enough, hope this explains

          • @Jozz: Sorry, question wasn't clear.

            Why do you carry that much crap around everywhere every day? I love my tools and gadgets but this edc fad is a bit much.

            • @OzBragain: I get you, I use to think the same thing until I carry a sling. Personally, I don’t think I carry that much stuff, this pliers is so tiny and light that it wouldn’t make a difference if it there or not in my case:)
              Before: wallet, phone, house key, car key (I hate how overstuff it feel in some of my pants, weighting my pant down, restricting my leg movement, hence I start looking for a small bag)
              In sling: wallet, phone, house and car key, pen, small flashlight, leatherman squirt, grocery bag, gym bracelet, and hopefully this Knipex pliers.
              But then again, i agree with you that I probably don’t need to carry this much stuff around everywhere with me. I just like the sling and it’s convenience. Your mileage may vary.

              • -1

                @Jozz: I had no idea that phone, wallet and keys could weigh you down so much.

                I get you

                I don't think you do. Not that it's any of my business but what sort of tasks do you carry out that require you to have a set of multigrips (and 420HC Clip Point Knife, Bottle Opener, Flat/Phillips Screwdriver, Medium Screwdriver, Regular Pliers, Scissors, Spring-action Needlenose pliers, Wire Cutters, Wood/Metal File, torch, pen and shopping bag (ffs)) with you everywhere every day?

                • +6

                  @OzBragain: you just listed out every tool in the multi tool to make it sound like he's carrying a lot and prove your point but really the squirt weighs under 57 grams and takes up no space..

                  not sure why you felt the need to add "ffs" to the shopping bag when of all items listed (besides essentials), its use is the most obvious (to hold groceries or anything you want)

                  he transitioned to sling bag because he didn't like having stuff weighing down his pockets but the slingbag can fit more than just the essentials so why not include a small selection of highly functional items that don't weigh a lot in the bag as well?

                  • -1

                    @Bacons: Thanks for chipping in champ but I was curious why Jozz needs all these items with him/her everywhere every day.

                    you just listed out every tool in the multi tool to make it sound like he's carrying a lot and prove your point

                    Yup, and also to point out that many of these items are redundant. I understand that the two pliers and multigrips have different purposes but seems excessive to carry three very similar tools every day…just like two torches.

                    not sure why you felt the need to add "ffs" to the shopping bag

                    Pack a shopping bag when you know you're going shopping and leave one in your car, home, office etc when you're not.

                    transitioned to sling bag because he didn't like having stuff weighing down his pockets

                    …and to look like a low level drug dealer.

                    so why not include a small selection of highly functional items that don't weigh a lot in the bag as well?

                    Because without the gadgets the bum bag probably isn't necessary. Have more space, carry more needless stuff.

                    If he/she really needs all those gadgets regularly then great but I've found very few people who really need their EDC gadgets on a regular basis.

                    • +2

                      @OzBragain: Shopping bag makes sense if you commute by public transport / foot / bicycle. It means you can easily grab some groceries or other shopping on the way home from work. Or if you go out to lunch and the cafe has a nice piece of cake you want to take home for later, etc. Definitely the most useful item in the 'EDC' collection.

                      Meanwhile me with a car, I forget to put a spare shopping bag back in the car half the time…

                    • @OzBragain: Office worker? Live in an apartment? Take the train?

    • -1

      I don't even get torches unless you're out in the sticks preparing for something. Most tradesman get by fine with a phone torch.

      • -1

        Phone torches are basically useless for inspecting things. Fine if you just want to light up a (very small) area out in the open, but useless once you're in tight quarters or need to look into a hole - the bulk of the phone blocks your view.

        Can get an Olight i3t eos which is much much brighter, and it's barely bigger than a AA battery (takes a single AAA)

  • +3

    It's tiny…

    • +1

      Almost keychain size.
      It is tempting tho.

    • Yes too small to be of any great use, even at $25 it's a bit much.

    • +1

      that's what she said

    • +2

      yep …… very tiny …….bought one …… just because i like knipex ….. can use for a prop in dolls house i guess ……. great for kids in kidnder …..use to crush fingers of kids that won’t hand over chocolate from their lunch box ….. must be left over from knipex kids play set …. i actually have one of the other small knipex pliers in my bike tool bag and it is handy …….

    • +1

      it's so cute i must have one

      • +1

        This is the only valid reason to get one.

  • Awesome. Hanging out for the Knipex smooth pliers wrench set

  • Bought 2 Hose Clamp Set for free shipping.

    • +1

      Can also buy anything and then cancel that item straight away.

      • But you lose cashback

        • No cashback on Home Improvement

          • @g1: I thought it was under tools?

            • @bargainshooter: Not sure in that case.
              Amazon shows them to be under:
              Home Improvement › Power & Hand Tools › Hand Tools › Spanners & Wrenches
              I thought that made them under Home Improvement but I guess they could also be under Tools?
              CR cashback rate for Home Improvement is 0% but for Tools is 4% .
              Would you or someone else be able to confirm if you get cashback?

        • Oh damn. ah well like $1

  • +2

    Bought at $35ish a while back and have been surprised how much I use them. They're a great stopgap for the things requiring more than a Leatherman to achieve but not the leverage or other features of a bespoke tool.

    Their size also means I have them around way more often: they stash easily in a bike bag, and their light weight and easy pocketability mean I often grab them 'just in case' when grabbing other tools from the shed.

  • +2

    These will be good but the very small size will limit their usefulness IMO.

    • +1

      In some scenarios, yes, in others it will add to their usefulness.

    • +2

      i also ordered the 10” version which is also on special from an ozbargain deal do got me over the free postage limit …..

  • Ordered! Thanks OP

  • +5

    This should have been the cover image: https://ibb.co/VtQ5MMc

  • EDC for plumbers right? I'm not really sure what I can do with these.

    • +1

      adjust nuts

      • +3

        Very gently

        • some nuts take a bit of effort, and some come undone with gentle force… depends on the nuts…

  • +2

    How is this an EDC? Since you're going compact, don't forget to put in your knife, bottle opener, screwdriver and aim to make it as lightweight as possible…oh wait…its called a leatherman.

    • I do carry a leatherman… real reason I get them is just to play around and test the tool as I’ve been hearing about this brand quite a lot in the EDC community. Want to see what the heap is all about

  • +2

    Good, this would be the second item to get me over $49 with the other Knipex.

    • +1

      Yes, that’s what I’ve just done.

  • i'm not getting free delivery over $49… any suggestions?

    • Do you have prime?…

      • nope… but i thought it was - free delivery w/ prime, OR if order >$49 (without prime)??

        • +1

          Need both for international

        • "FREE delivery: … on Prime International orders over $49.00"
          Without prime there will be delivery charge on international order, even when that order is over $49.00 . That's the case here. And, I personally haven't seen free international delivery for orders over $49.00 without prime.

  • +2

    These are really popular but I swear anyone who EDCs one of these must really love rounding off bolts!

    • being 28mm open means can use to open bottles ……. without getting out the bigger pliers….

      • Oh God.. that would make a perfect Khaby Lame video

    • Thanks!

    • +4

      Mine was marked as shipped very early Sunday morning with a tracking number for an item that was delivered back in December.

      I don't think this TALISH seller is legit.

      Edit: This is the reply from TALISH "Hello dear customer. The program automatically adjusts, apparently any error occurred. I'm sorry. The new year will be replaced soon."

      Doesn't look good.

      • Same here, got a tracking number for an item delivered last year. That reply looks very dodgy, don't think they can replace a new year.

        I am tempted to order again through Amazon UK especially there is no minimum spending for free international shipping now, but too late to cancel this order.

        • Update: TALISH refunded me with the this message "Hello dear customer. You have been misinformed due to an error in our program. It will take a long time to fix it because it happened in our faulty system. That's why your money is refunded. Thanks."

          Buying it again directly from Amazon.

          • +1

            @ktml: I contacted Amazon support after getting the nonsensical reply from TALISH. At this point I believe the scam was up, they cancelled and refunded even though the items were supposedly already sent.

            Be sure to leave feedback for the scammer.

  • Is this strong enough to pull off teeth? Asking for a friend…

    • yes and small enough to sneak into aged care homes ….. someone needs to make sure they get the dental care they need ….

  • who the fuk would EDC a pair of pliers.

    • +1

      Knipex Cobra XS owners :)

  • +1

    EDC community is ridiculous. It's mostly a bunch of nerds getting hard ons for gear they order in the office during their lunch break while they eat alone, watching 20 different YouTube reviews for the same product, for occasions and uses that w̶e̶'̶l̶l̶ they'll never encounter in life. Sad, really.

    • Hey…

      How did you know 🤔 ❓️

      • I don't, I was trying to be vague but was just describing myself tbh

  • +2

    I would call these multigrips, rather then pliers.

  • Followed link and came through at $23. Free postage without the $50 minimum?

    Hope I got the correct tool?

    • The seller only has 3 reviews, interested to see if they are knock offs. I took a punt as well, it was the same tool.

    • I ordered too… hoping the seller isn’t a scammer

  • -1

    Prepper: It’s’ my EDC officer!
    Police officer: We write that up as going equipped…

  • Looks great for edc 👌 👍 👏 🙌 😀 😎

  • Back in stock at $23 it seems

  • +1

    Arrived today - they are tiny

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