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Free International Delivery for Prime Members from Amazon UK & US with No Minimum Spend (was $49 spend) @ Amazon Australia


Previously $49 spend requirement for Prime members. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

We are excited to share a new shipping benefit on eligible items sold by Amazon US & UK for Prime and non-Prime customers. From 12am AEDT 7th February to 5:00am AEDT 5th April 26 July, Prime members will receive free international delivery with no minimum spend (previously $49) while non-Prime members can also benefit from free shipping with a minimum spend of $69.

Screenshot here. T&Cs here.

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  • +11

    So many items on my list at Amazon UK site, thank you TA

    • +10

      any good items to buy from your list?

      • +3

        Amazon UK Mainly tools and garden items in my list. Footwear and clothing.
        Amazon US some supplements and Johny's seasoning

    • +225

      If you had so many items on you list then it shouldn't have been hard to hit the $49 threshold 😜

      • +6

        If you had so many items on you list then it shouldn't have been hard to hit the $49 threshold 😜


        • +3

          Amazon UK as a seller doesnt give free shipping after $49. Perfect example the recent Asic Kayano 28, this morning I ordered them for $99 sans $27 delivery fee

          • -2

            @777: check again, looks like free shipping from Amazon UK now.

            • +5

              @Jdog88: No, what what I am saying, before this deal (usually), you have to pay for shipping regardless it is $49 or not

              And now it is Free

      • Exactly! Though, a couple of times I have forgotten that it's off the total order and not individual items.

    • +13

      Can you suggest something.. I want to buy something 😃

    • Share your list plz~~~lol

  • +81

    It's great they've removed the $49 limit but this is likely in prep for raising Prime subscription prices like they're rolling out in the US now.

    • +6

      might also be a shift in what items get free shipping ….. i have some items on my list and they are over $50 but no free shipping for prime …… hopefully we don’t see more items exempt from free prime shipping that are over $49 combined …….

      i have noticed at times an item as free so i buy it, when i go to buy the item again later it’s no longer free shipping ……typically bulky items like paella pans, large frypans ….. amazon must be working out that some items loose money if shipped globally for free with prime ……

      • what are some good items to buy from amazon US AND UK?

        • +3

          There are many games that aren't released in AU but only US or UK e.g. ones published by Nacon or Merge Games like Warhammer Chaosbane Slayer Edition.

          External hard drives are usually much cheaper imported from US or UK than local AU ones.

          Plenty of books that cannot be found here too. Occasionally some cosmetics too.

      • True, I have seen items on the weekend that are on Amazon US or UK, which then says to order via Amazon AU, but the price is jacked.
        ie. AU$286 on the US site, but then clicking through to Amazon AU is mysteriously turns into AU$350

    • +8

      Considering our household saves at least 4x the subscription fee on postage alone, not adding that prime as one of our most used streaming services in the house, I'm not concerned for a $20 price rise.

      • Agreed. With free delivery, a great streaming service and some solid games now coming through, it's by far the best value and have no issue with the price increase.

        • +54

          Ok Jeff.

          • +2

            @Chinaforever: I'd prefer it wasn't his but can't ignore the value.

        • +2

          Only if Amazon keeps free shipping for the items you want to buy from UK/US (and even AU lol).

          Like garage sale says above, "…hopefully we don't see more items exempt from free prime shipping that are over $49 combined."

          If more and more things are not included in the Prime free delivery service, the value of Prime just drops like a cannon ball dropped into the ocean ;)

        • +1

          Only if you actually use all that.

          I just want the damn free shipping, I don't watch their streaming thing, and I want all my games on Steam only. Definitely a value downgrade for me.

      • +7

        How good is Reacher!

        • +6

          Yeah, agreed.

          I just feel kinda sad that because of how the books go, Roscoe will only be in this season. I think she's written and portrayed very well.

          • @tebbybabes: Her acting/dialogue….yeah that's all ;)

        • +2

          Binged it over the weekend and I can’t get enough!

          So much more faithful to the books than the movies Tom Cruise did.

          Hope there will be many more seasons to come!

          • +1

            @zzzman: I'm 4 episodes in and loving it. I've never watched the movies or read the books so have no reference, but they've done a great job with this series.

        • Agree.

        • +1

          Best show I have ever watched.

          I wish there was more but the length seemed perfect.

          Great show.

          • @AlienC: Yep. They would be crazy not to do a second series.

      • With record profits from last year there is NO REASON to increase the price of Prime. Why slug the subscribers more while making astronomical profits.

    • +13

      Keep in mind the standard of shipping is way higher in the US, and that's something they've tried to maintain through the pandemic.

      Their wages are also atrocious.

      • -27

        American wages are atrocious? Are you sure? I would have thought they'd think that way of us.

        • +12

          The federal minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 per hour.
          The last time it was revised was in… July 2009.
          Okay, about 90% of population make more than federal minimum because of states minimum. Still, the effective nationwide minimum wage (the wage that the average minimum wage worker earns) is $11.80 as of May 2019 which roughly equals A$16.5 per hour.
          Not very impressive.

          • +4

            @Azro: True, but the product shipped from the US was probably made somewhere else, where wages are even lower.

          • @Azro: I don't know how relevant the conversion is for folks on minimum wage as their disposable income would be so low as to have little capacity for directly purchasing from, or traveling to, Australia.

      • +6

        Retail workers in Australia get paid double that of US. However, most professional jobs are comparable if not better paid in the US. Professionals get screwed in AUS and pay all the tax.

        • +3

          Imagine getting taxed more when you typically ride on the backs of more people to do so…

          I'd imagine America would be in a much better set of circumstances if all the rich people weren't paying virtually zero tax.

          • +1

            @jasswolf: Same for literally every country on the planet. Australia's not really affordable to live unless you've already got your slice.

        • But then it’s cancelled out by the huge student debt they have. Even with a law or medicine degree, it’s a quarter of the debt of the US.

      • +1

        My PS5 game shipped today and arrives tomorrow.

        If this was AusPost, I'd be waiting 3 weeks if I'm lucky.

    • Would the subscription increase for current members too ?

      • +1

        If they do increase it then yes at next renewal goes up too.

    • Is there a way to buy Prime for multiple years?

      My current yearly subscription goes till August but if they're likely gonna raise the price I'll buy for a few years at the current rate if it's possible but I can't see the option anywhere.

      • No, and that's intentional

      • I realise it's late, but you can buy a year's worth of membership for a discount… I did it in anticipation of a price rise, and saved some money to boot

    • Do you know why prime costs so much more in the US? Apparently they’re going up to 140 usd/yr while in Aus we are paying 60 aud/yr.

      Guessing they offer services over there?

      • That’s $200 a year, or probably $20 a month if paying monthly.

      • +1

        Still fairly new to Aus, and as such they are in competition with eBay and other online retailers.

        Once their market share reaches a critical mass the price rises come thick and fast.

      • +5

        US Prime has so much more on offer.
        Free same day or next day delivery
        Some cities they offer 2 hour delivery
        They own whole foods which includes groceries and the like also available to be delivered in 2 hours.
        They have a massive fleet of their own vehicles too which is another reason the costs are higher.

        Prime video also has 10x the content easily.

        • I don't think that the fleet of vehicles would be there if it wasn't for making profit. I.e. if the cost of running a large fleet was not offset by a commensurately large profit…I think Jeff would be smart enough not to offer the services behind the fleet.

  • +23

    Shopping to save shipping. I need help.

    • No help for you as you are in a place where you buy first and never think!

  • +4

    Thanks OP, great news!

    Time to get on this deal boys, still same price but without the min spend requirement now!


    • +1

      Thanks for the reminder, just ordered my pair. Love knipex tools

      • I've only had reason for their side cutters and cable strippers in my trade, but the ones I've used have been top notch!

    • +1

      Thanks for the reminder. Just ordered a pair. My 180mm cobras weren't quite big enough for the job yesterday!!

  • +29

    Inevitably, I reckon I'll buy < $49 stuff and get free shipping, but then I buy this and that, and by the end of the promo period I've spent > $49 and would've gotten free shipping anyway.

    • -7

      What promo period? This sounds like the new norm. Definitely prime membership will be at least $10 within a few weeks.

      • +4

        From … 7th February to … 20th March.

        They do this free international shipping every so often. Each time people start saying it's permanent. But shipping fees come back.

        Definitely prime membership will be at least $10 within a few weeks.


        • +2

          I dare say this person pays prime monthly… fees increased in the US recently.

    • +5

      True, but sometimes you can't wait to reach the $49 threshold. Like when a <$49 item is posted on ozbargain…

      • This happens often, and these items sell out quickly. Sometimes too quickly to even find a second item to reach the limit.

    • Exactly my thoughts.

  • +2

    I have feeling Amazon Prime fees will increase soon.

    • +3

      I wonder if they offer free shipping to Kyiv?

      • +2

        only on helmets from germany ….knives which could be used for lethal purposes no free shipping ….

    • The current prime price is a steal. It's completely changed online shopping for us with how quick and reliable delivery is. They've even started delivering over the weekend lately. Sitting at 107 packages delivered in the last 12 months. Would happily pay twice the current sub price.

      • Yes we're getting parcels on Sunday. In fact i got one delivered at 8.30pm.

      • +15

        What bizarre logic.
        Why would you want to pay more for something you're already getting at a "lower price"??

        • +8

          i guess what he s trying to say is that even if the price has increased by double, he would still subscribe to it? No one s asking for price increase on the consumer side.

    • To be fair, it is very very cheap as is… the streaming service alone is worth what you're paying…

    • +1

      they just bumped them up $20 in the US. thanks for paying for the expansion guys! warning, price jack ahead,

  • +6

    I honestly don’t even mind if they put the sub price up. I’ve gotten such good value out of Prime over the years, and will probably do so even more now. I mean Jeffy B is evil but as we get busier and busier in life, having shit delivered to home so I don’t have to spend two hours of my weekend going to get it, is a big help.

    Makes sense for them to do this too, as not like it was hard to use the “hack” to get free Intl shipping anyway.

    • Can u explain more about the hack?

      • +6

        Buy items so its over the $49 limit then cancel item/s not needed straight away before they ship.

    • +1

      Exactly, free shipping for international prime has been available all along
      This just legitimises it

    • +8

      I also reuse the boxes to ship out my customer orders in my small business. Feel bad chucking them out (even if they are recycled)

      I have my own branded packing tape so no worries.

  • Does anyone know if Amazon will give a prorated refund for the remaining period of your membership if you were to cancel early?

    Ive only got a few months left so I'm thinking I might cancel and sign up again so I get another full years membership before any potential increase in fees.

    • If you do, let us know. Was wondering the same.

      • +1

        Yes they do

      • It wouldn't let me cancel "early". All it would let me do is cancel the yearly subscription but my prime membership would continue on until the end date.

        I got this message before the final cancellation step
        "Your benefits will continue until DD MON 2022, after which your card will not be charged."

        • +2

          you have to speak to someone, they can cancel and refund the balance. can’t be done online.

    • +1

      A few months ago I was 1.5 months into a yearly membership and asked to cancel and they gave me a full refund instead of pro-rata.

      • +1

        If you have not made any purchases, they refund in full.

  • +1

    What’s some good things to grab on uk/us listings?

    • +12

      I don’t recommend the politicians. They’re just as bad as the ones here…

      • +5

        Username checks out

        • Getting salty for not able to play AO eh?

          • +2



            Todays comments are brought to you thanks to that particular spice

    • Branded photo paper.

    • Check out the reccs in NYTimes wirecutter

  • +3

    Great, can purchase the Knipex Pliers now…. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/681215

  • +1

    Free shipping has always ben available under $49. Just buy two items together and make sure one has a long backorder and just cancel the one you don't want after the first one ships :-P

    • You can even cancel the unwanted item straight after ordering. Have done this multiple times.

  • +5

    Hot Wheels Id Tesla Cybertruck https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08QCYVGLF/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

    This is cool

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