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Kraken X15 Q i7-11800H QHD 165Hz 16GB 1TB NVMe SSD RTX3070 Gaming Laptop $1,899 + Delivery @ BPC Technology


How's it going OzBargain?!?!?

Really good deal on a solid RTX 3070 laptop. Having purchased the previous deal's X15 Q w/ 3070 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/674128) I can personally vouch for the solid magnesium alloy chassies, mechanical keyboard with excellent travel and one of the best trackpads.

Key Specs:
15.6" thin and light magnesium-alloy chassis
11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060/3070 graphics
Narrow bezel, IPS 16:9 display with QHD 165 Hz
Up to 64 GB dual-channel DDR4-3200 memory — (1x16GB)
Support for Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (Intel® XMP)
PCIe Gen 4 SSD directly connected to CPU — (1TB nVME)
Thunderbolt™ 4 port, 3 USB 3.2 ports, full-size HDMI port
Massive 94Whr battery
Optical-mechanical keyboard with silent switches and programmable per-key RGB backlighting
Intel two-year warranty

Would have definitely picked this up over my $2400 X15 Q which just has +16GB ram and +1TB ram over this deal. Oh well, at least I get to make an OzBargain post about it.

Did see people complaining about issues with the cooling (possibly driver related, fans do not spin upon waking from spin), but aside from that, the laptop is amazing for the value.

Laptop is an unbranded Intel X15 NUC which is 'built' by BPC (They install the RAM + SSD). Windows is preinstalled but is NOT activated.

Full specs Here, be sure to look at the 3070 SKU, also remember that it is BPC's responsibility, not Intel's for the SSD and RAM so those specs are not listed here. Not sure what is in these laptops and if they are the same as what others have been getting in the other Kraken laptops.

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  • Good price. But should i wait for the new intel 12th gen CPU?

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      No if you don't want to spend more money. Yes if you want more battery life, performance and can wait for them to come out/reviews/sales.

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      You'll probably have to wait a year for a 12th gen deal at this price range.

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      You could wait for 12th gen at this price but by then 13th gen will be out and then you'll be asking yourself if you should wait for 14th gen

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    Purchased one. Seems like a good / much cheaper alternate to a Razer blade 15 for similar specs.

    • how did you pay? It didnt let me pay via visa so I had to bank transfer but its been pending for a while. I dont know what I should so

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    Placed an order for the previous M15 F deal on the 24th of Jan.
    The courier they use - SF express, is quite incompetent at their job.
    On their tracking website, it showed my parcel was out for delivery on the 2nd of Feb. A week later on the 10th, I missed a call from them at 5pm and apparently they just left. The day after, I received a call at 12pm to schedule a delivery on 14th of Feb. I asked if they can come before 1pm cos I needa head to work. They didn't come and I missed another call at 3pm, they just left again.

    But if they had just press the intercom at the front door, my parents would have came and received the laptop.

  • New Razer Blade 14 is coming with Ryzen 6900HX

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    Just purchased this model. It came with a 1TB Seagate BarraCuda Q5 ZP1000CV30001 and 16GB ADATA 3200Mhz. Downloaded the driver pack from
    https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download/649904/inte... and installed according to the instructions.

    Have yet to update the BIOS.

    This is machine looks really good and well designed. I am comparing this to the Acer Nitro 5 which I purchased 3 weeks ago.
    CPU temperature ranges between 55-60 degrees Celsius while surfing the web in "Balanced" mode on flat surface.

  • +1

    Review of the XPG Xenia (NUC X15) if anyone is curious. Not sure if its been posted here yet..

    GPU hits 125w-135w in testing, Rated to 145w.

    My only draw back is the single 16gb stick and lack of MUX switch. Ive emailed them to see if they can change the RAM or sell without, not holding my breath lol.

    The QHD 165Hz, no windows system is $1899, amazing value!


  • Anyone reckon its worth sticking in another RAM for dual channel?

  • I'm having terrible battery life on my X15 F model (3070, FHD). Even on the low power mode (the mode with no LED) I get maybe 90 minutes just doing general browsing. I've tried reducing my screen refresh rate to 60hz and turned the lightbar off but it didn't really make a difference.

    I'm on Windows 11 by the way. Any others having similar issues, or suggestions for things I can try? I was going to try a fresh install of Windows next. The laptop is great apart from this issue.

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      I have been using my X15 Q for a week now and general browsing I get 4-5 hours on battery saver mode (no LED). No other tweaks set (brightness left standard etc)

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        Thanks. I reformatted my OS this morning and it seems to be better so far… Fingers crossed it stays this way

  • Just wondering if anyone noticed any creaking/crackling noise near the T and Y keys. Only audible if you go real close to it. Laptop in Passive Cooling mode with no fan running. CPU temperature around 50 degrees C.

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    Had mine from the previous thread (3070, FHD) for a bit over a month now.

    After some initial teething issues with thermal controls not working at all requiring a lot of troubleshooting and a BIOS reset it has been great. Using it to browse the net etc it is sitting on 40 degrees. I did get a cooling pad which puts it up on an angle with four large fans, without it and just flat on the desk it does get quite hot when gaming in the performance/benchmarking modes, but it keeps itself under control and the performance doesn't suffer a noticible amount. The cooling pad makes it barely break a sweat though, especially if in balanced mode which unless every frame is crucial I don't bother going above.

    Battery was terrible to begin with, I've been using it on Battery saver mode for a bit over an hour and have 73% remaining with Windows reporting that it has 7 and a half hours left. Although if you do the maths that is more in line with a 4 hour battery life which I tend to get pretty reliably with a mixture of content consumption. Backlighting on 50%, screen brightness one tick off minimum, refresh rate at 240hz, mild undervolting via the bios.

    If you don't intend on adding an extra 16gb (it was a Kingston branded stick in mine, appears to be ADATA now so it's likely whatever they have stock at the price point for) I wouldn't bother with this. Adding another stick added a huge amount of performance in gaming at least 50% faster in games in my testing, especially when using the built in display rather than HDMI out (by passing the igpu). Still gives a decent boost to the performance while using HDMI as well.

    Coil whine occasionally comes on while using certain colours/combinations/brightness on the keyboard while on battery.

    All up I've added an extra 1tb sdd I had from my old laptop, an extra 16gb stick for $120 and a $50 cooler.

    • Thank you for the update. It does sound like a capable machine especially after a few tweaks.

      I'm thinking about grabbing one of these for some decent gaming while i wait a year or 2 and maybe build a gaming pc with a next gen gpu.. And hope it's a relatively sane gpu market…

      Pity about the ram right now… I presume it's this https://www.bpctech.com.au/product/ad4s320016g22-rgn-adata-1...

      This is x16 based RAM while i believe the Kingston is the faster dual rank x8 based RAM (I'm not hugely tech savvy but think it's the case, although correct me if I'm wrong)

      I was going to do what you did and buy the extra Kingston 16gb stick but now I'm a bit unsure what the best option is..

      Is 2x16gb of this x16 ADATA RAM going to result in much of a performance loss with games when compared with Kingston x8 RAM in dual channel? or even a good 2x8gb kit?

      • +2


        Jarrod's Tech has a pretty good video comparing a bunch of ram combos. Biggest difference was single to dual channel. The memory round up misses 2 x16 sticks together though unless I missed it.

        I believe there was another video where he upgraded a Lenovo with x16 sticks to dual rank x8 sticks that had a good improvement.

        • Appreciate that.. I followed up on the other Lenovo video you mentioned. It is significant when using low graphics settings.. And yeah, i have yet to see any objective data on 2x16gb x16 configuration unfortunately..

          If it's a bandwidth thing then maybe the extra memory will mitigate the loss in performance when compared to the 2x8gb x8 vs x16 scenario.. No idea..

          Think I'll just go for the cheaper option and grab another adata 16gb stick.. And hope i don't regret it

          • @Sublimit: Hi mate, just wondering if you want with the second adata stick in the end? I'm about to do the same but thought I better check your results first.

            • @downhillar: No, I decided to hold off buying anything for the moment.. Falling desktop gpu prices have made me re-evaluate my options..

              The RAM situation (along with the hdmi 2.1 ambiguity) was annoying when considering this and L5pro deals.. At 1080p there is a 10% loss in performance (if MY memory serves) and without knowing the answer to my original question I had to factor in the cost of replacing the adata ram to these deals

              Anyway I'm still keeping an eye on laptops and interested to see what sort of deals come out in the next few months

              • @Sublimit: Thanks for the detailed response. I had been holding out for a L5Pro deal for a couple of months and finally decided to get the Kraken 3070. A couple of days later the L5pro with the Ryzen 5800 went on sale for almost the same price after cash rewards, bugger!
                I'll stick with the Kraken and will probably just go with the 2nd stick of Adata.

                • +1

                  @downhillar: You're welcome

                  Ah yeah, I know the deal you're talking about.. I think the kraken still looks like a good deal overall, hope it serves you well!

                  Let us know how the 2x16gb of adata goes.. If you have a game or 2 to compare with Jarrods benchmarks that'd be cool to see your results

    • Hi John I'm having a hard time deciding between this Intel NUC and Lenovo legion 5 pro 3070, which does not support "full" HDMI 2.1 apparently (4k @120Hz 10 bit RGB).
      This Intel NUC is advertised with full-size HDMI port, any chance you know it could output 4k @120Hz 10 bit RGB?
      Thanks in advance!

      • It claims to be a 2.1. Full size just refers to the physical size of the port not the standard it supports.

        • Thanks!

  • Has anyone looked into buying a second power supply for these yet? I've emailed BPC support and they said they don't offer one for sale - only a replacement for warranty. I've emailed Intel directly and they said to "look for something on Amazon or eBay". Thanks, guys.

    The specs on the Intel website for the LAPKC71F are: 19.5V 11.79A (230W) with a 5.5mm plug diameter . I can't for the life of me find a power supply with these exact specs..

  • I owned one of the laptops in this kraken series but sent it back due to nasty screen flickering which was likely caused by hardware (cable) problems. Would recommend everyone to keep an eye out for that in theirs and I would be curious to know if anyone else has encountered this issue.

  • I bought one from the older post… this is a weird one, my son just noticed what looks like burn-in on the task bar. We can see ghost images of icons, has anyone else noticed the same??

    • This happens on almost all IPS panels, it should just be temporary image retention. If it's still there after a min, then there is a problem.

    • I had the same issue with my previous one (3060) but now I have the one with the 3070 and it hasn't been an issue so far. This is probably because of the different panels (FHD and QHD on the 3060). If it doesn't go away, I recommend you try and get it repaired.

      • Ok thanks for replying peeps. Yeah the slightly ghosted icons are still there when we change user…

  • Turns out you can pretty easily remove the keycaps on the laptops keyboard for cleaning.

    • Very cool! Was scared that if I tried to pull the caps, the whole mechanism would crumble, like with some traditional rubber dome laptop keyboards.

    • Hey guys how's the mech keyboard on this? No way for me to try it as BPC is offering click collect orders only.
      Having hard time considering this NUC or Legion 5 Pro, which is slightly cheaper after cashback.

      • The mechanical keyboard is fine but it does take time to get used to because they keycaps are not fully in the frame therefore being a bit wonky (which you will only notice when fidgetting with them) and travel distance is limited, it is however a mechanical keyboard so you will get that satisfying click. I'd say go for the Legion 5 Pro because of its better QC and being from a more reputable brand (not saying this Kraken series is bad deal at all though, I just think the legion would be better off in the long run).

        • Thanks mate!

  • I bought the x15 q 3070 32gb ram a few days ago, and the 230w charger came faulty; it makes a clicking noise when it is plugged into the power but not the laptop, and when it is plugged into both, it makes a high pitched whining sound. I have been advised that I SHOULD NOT USE the charger as it may damage my laptop, so I need to get it replaced, which will probably take 1+ week.

    BE WARNED when buying this laptop; you may get a faulty charger and not be able to use it for a long time while you get a replacement…

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