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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max $59 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Check your emails from JB for the coupon code.

Amazon’s most powerful streaming media stick | 4K Ultra HD
Dive into 4K Ultra HD cinematic entertainment with a new quad-core 1.8 GHz processor that brings a 40% more powerful experience compared to Fire TV Stick 4K, plus faster app starts and more fluid navigation while switching between apps and searching for content. Enjoy vivid, life-like colours with support for Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR10+, and the immersive audio of Dolby Atmos.

Notice: The coupons are unique and one use only.

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    • Thank you for the code.

    • Thank you so much! This one worked :)

    • Used the code. Thanks.

    • Thank you.

    • I dont know how but that code worked on my cart as well

      • +1

        I got that magic code :P

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    I think the codes are taking awhile to come online, I used the above one(dashek) ok. so here is mine, I was getting invalid but it might start working soon. 92HDFUQE25W4ZX

  • I already have one so here is mine. And yes it is a good product.

    Please respond to this entry once the code has been used.


  • I passed this to someone that asked earlier but they said “coupon doesn’t exist”. Not sure how or why, but it should end up working for someone, hopefully.


  • i have 2 of these. i run Kodi on it with addons. i have no issues with the speeds

  • Ah, time to use 30% off zip gift cards.

  • Any codes left? PM pls? Seems like I haven't received any JB hifi promotions since end of last yr.

    • 92J8PC4HSII8GL

      • Thank you however I get code does not exists.

  • Got one already. They are good.
    Sharing my code

  • Enjoy 92V06A2LUTKU5T

  • 92WSHBLLX8J162

  • how do you get these voucher codes via email? you need to subscribe?

    • Scroll down to the bottom of the JB home page and put in your email.

  • Any codes left? PM pls? Seems like I haven't received any JB hifi promotions

    • Check inbox

      • Thank you however I get code does not exists.

  • I would love a code too, thanks!

    • +1


      • Thank you so much, ordered one with your code!

  • If anyone wants to use mine PM me

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    PM me if you'd like my code. 1st in best dressed. I'll reply back here once it's taken.

    • +2

      Taken. Went quick.

      • +1

        I just pressed sent lol.

        Thanks for sharing

      • +1

        Thanks for sharing. Got 'Coupond doesn't exist' error.
        Just called up their sales team only to find out that there's some issue going on with the codes online.
        Suggested me to walk in store as the 40% discount is in store as well.

  • PM me if you have a code. Much appreciated!

  • If someone could pm me a code it'd be much appreciated. I've tried every code posted here

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    • Worked. Thanks. :)

  • 920XC543MQEVP8

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    Here's mine 92BAC8DZCEX1XC

    If you use the code please respond to this comment to let others know its been redeemed.

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      thank you so much, redeemed

      • +1

        No worries :)

    • +1

      Thanks - used!

      • No worries.. surprised it worked for you because others have used it ahead of you.

        Either way, happy to help.

    • +1

      Claimed thanks mate

      • +2

        Lol.. I dont know how all of you used same code but happy to help :)

    • +1

      Used thank you, the one sent to my own email was unable to be used

      • Any time :) Enjoy!!

    • +1

      Got it thank you so much! Great avatar too :)

      • No worries, happy to help :)

        Hahaha.. and you have great taste in Anime :P

  • Please PM me a code if you have one to share. Thank you!

  • Need code too. Pls PM if you have one.

    • 925YU262FDZYS1

      • Tried them, codes does not exists.

  • Would appreciate a code if anyone could PM me, thanks!

    • Sent.

  • Weird how some of the codes posted were used multiple times. System slow to realise they've been redeemed I guess?

  • +1

    PM me for a code if anyone wants one

  • Here’s mine: 92CS6A45ONI66N

  • Please pm me a code thanks

  • Sorry I only had one so it's gone now

  • Nice.. I already have 4x Firestick 4K's in the house but happy to upgrade my main one to this for the extra performance as well as that PIP feature. I would imagine the wife rolling her eyes at me if I upgraded all of them though..

  • Would somebody mind me using theirs please? Have tried so many and PM'd a few, too late.

    • Sent.

  • +1

    Here you go. Please make sure you reply if you used a code.


    • Thank you rokufan!

      Used: 92O8JPMKFOFQNH

    • Thanks for that, used 928X8H35U1I3Q1

    • Thanks - used 92O8JPMKFOFQNH

      • Thanks. I used this too?

  • Please PM me a code if you're not using yours :). Just bought a 75 inch Hisense and not a big fan of vidaa.

    • Can't PM you, you have it turned off in settings. See my post above for codes.

  • 92Z7OX0AH7WAIV

  • I have a lot of issues streaming 4k content (H.265 MKV files) from my PC to my TV using Plex over 5ghz wi-fi. It seems to constantly buffer or freeze at random time using DirectPlay. Would buying one of these or a Nvidia Shield potentially solve this issue?

  • Can someone with a spare code please PM? Thanks.

  • If anyone has code they don't plan on using, please shoot me a PM. It'll be much appreciated :)

  • +1

    I have a fire stick and google TV. The fire stick is just nonsense… limited apps (can't even get binge), laggy and buggy interface, and it is almost impossible to cast to. I bought the first stick for integration with Alexa, but it is absolute dog shit and doesn't work beyond the main menu.

  • any codes please thanks

    • 92CMTD0T52B0Z5

      • oh sorry.. looks like someones redeemed it

  • PM me a code please… Thank you.

    • 92CMTD0T52B0Z5

      • oh sorry.. looks like someones redeemed it

        • That is alright…Thank you.. Used Abadabbas code

  • Here's mine 9266R4OT2XXWKT

    If you use the code please respond to this comment to let others know its been redeemed.

    • Used your code. Thank you

  • +1

    And here's mine…

    • i used 92EFBXTF8ZAGRV, thankyou

  • 92OFX70UACYMC1
    Comment once used please.

    • Thanks, Used

    • Used 92OFX70UACYMC1 too. Thanks


  • +1


    • I grabbed your one, thank you!

      Sending karma your way! <3

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