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Samsung Galaxy Nexus $409 + $19 Shipping from Kogan


Perusing the site for something else but noticed the price for Samsung Galaxy Nexus has dropped to 409 + 19 shipping. Sorry if this makes you plunge for an unnecessary purchase ;)

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  • getting closer to the 400 mark !

  • it was $529 two months ago mate , so it has not been $430-440 for months.


  • Ordered this on Saturday when it was $429. Have heard people people in the past been successful getting refunded for a price drop soon after placing an order, so will be sending Kogan an email.

    • You want a $1 refund?

    • I rang them, not emailed, when it went from $449 to $429 two days after I ordered. Call took 2 minutes. Aussie call centre (for those that care about that sort of thing). I bought mine a month or so ago now, so I won't bother to try and get this extra difference again now, plenty happy with the price I got it for. But yeah, if you have ordered more recently, give 'em a call.

  • WTF is it with everybody and their $400 mark obsession?

    • Once it'll be below 400, ppl will obsess with $300….

    • It's more like people not really needing the item but if there is a good bargain they will buy it. $400 is the tipping point.

    • I was holding out for $500. but I still held off for a bit since it was moving a lot at the time it went below $500. I can totally understand people hanging out for $400.

  • +3 votes

    I've had the phone since launch on contract, but it's great to see options for top-of-the-line handsets at lower prices. It's always been ridiculous that a phone could cost $800 - more than we need to spend on a decent laptop.

    • The cheapest iPhone 4S is still $799 on Apple Store website. I think the price is just set at the point where people are willing to fork out their hard earned money (or their parents' hard earned money). There are people willing to pay $800, and there are certainly also people who won't be happy until it drops below $400 :)

  • Can someone explain why my vote was revoked?
    It's not a bargain or best deal?
    Who revokes and WHY?

  • Ahhh I neged myself because I thought that Neg the poster Whoops!

  • Sorry if this makes you plunge for an unnecessary purchase ;)

    Have resisted so far. But if it drops to $288 like the N9 from HN, my willpower may crumble.

  • Same at ShoppingSquare.com.au

  • It's a great phone, I don't regret paying $448 for it!

  • Just got mine from Kogan, reasonable delivery time. The only fault to pick is that the handset starts in Russian. Having to figure out how to enter details and then change the language took time. The phone is excellent. Be aware the warranty is only through Kogan.

  • I am still waiting for Shopping square to refund me. Paid $489 for this phone on 14/3, requested refund and was approved on 15/3 but today I still have not received my refund yet.
    Wish they have a phone number that I can call.
    Anyone has any experiences or advises on how to deal with Shopping square?

  • 2 days ago I got an email from Shoppingsquare about this phone being $399.95 with $1 shipping. I'm not sure if the $1 shipping deal is still up, but the price is still the same. I'll admit the email was misleading so maybe I misread it.

  • hey guys on the site it says Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Silver) - Unlocked. is the phone black or white or silver? because i thought this phone only came in black and white

    • There is also a titanium / silver version. In fact I think most are this colour.

      The front of the phone is always black.

  • Hi everyone these are the same price as the Ebay group deal at the moment. http://groupbuy.ebay.com.au/